tagMind ControlStarry's Dilemma Ch. 2

Starry's Dilemma Ch. 2


The Adventures of Starry Chapter 7: Starry's Dilemma Ch. 2

Starry's master returned to the room about an hour later. He leaned across the bed to Starry, kissed her softly and told her to get up and follow. Starry rose and followed her master down the hall towards the punishment room. She looked anxiously as they approached the door, trying desperately to remember what it was she had done wrong and what was in store for. He unlocked the door and opened it for Starry, she walked through uncertainly, her knees always weakened whenever she passed through this door.

Starry entered the room and stopped in her tracks. She looked back at her master who nodded to her and pointed to the table where all the implements lay. In the middle of the room, stretched out naked and gagged, were the two girls who had treated her so cruelly before, and manacled in the corner, guarded by dogs, were the two guys who had raped her. Starry looked back at her master once more and got the words that she hoped to hear.

"They're all yours, do with them as you like" he said, and sat in his chair to watch the proceedings. Starry walked over to the table and saw that everything was there at her disposal, whips, paddles, dildos, vibrators, piercing equipment, brands, every thing that she had ever been put through was there for her use as she saw fit. The two girls could do nothing but stare at her, wild eyed with terror. The guys, chained to the floor like the dogs that guarded them begged her for forgiveness. Starry just smiled her most wicked of grins. She looked at all the tools, not sure where to start, but knowing where she would end.

She ran her hands over the dildos and grinned. She'd noticed how tight the ass of the girl was earlier so she selected the largest dildo and forced it into her ass. The girl cried out desperately from behind her gag as her ass was stretched, then ripped to accommodate the huge dildo. The second girl watched in terror as her friend squirmed helplessly in pain. Starry approached the second girl and listened to her whimpering before doing the same to her, tearing her tight little ass with an intrusive dildo. Starry smiled maliciously as she heard their muffled screams. She smiled again as she looked over at the 2 guys and told them not to worry, she would give them attention later. Starry now leant over the girls and bit their nipples hard, drawing blood from each. She laughed as they tried to scream again.

"I think your pussies are jealous of your asses. I'll just push another dildo in for you. Please tell me now if you don't want me to do this" she said, smiling to herself the whole time.

Starry continued to grin as the girls made muffled sounds behind their gags.

"No response, ok - here we go then."

Starry then forced a vicious looking studded dildo into each girl's pussy and laughed viciously again. Starry looked over at her Master and smiled, hoping for his approval.

"I think they need to be wearing some more jewellery master".

Starry stared at them as she reached for the piercing equipment, she wanted to see the terror in their eyes. "I'll give you a chance to say you don't want your nipples pierced. All you have to do is say the words, please don't pierce me Starry"

Starry laughed as they cried into their gags, nothing more than a muffled noise coming out. She looked across to her master and shrugged "They must want me to do it Master".

Starry picked up the needle and walked over to the first girl. She bent down and sucked on one of her nipples making it erect, she them very slowly pushed the needle through and inserted a ring into the nipple. The girl's face turned red with pain as she screamed into her gag.

"That's much prettier now"

She hooked the chain onto the ring and closed the nipple ring.

Starry grinned maliciously at the second girl, enjoying the terror on her face before leaning over and repeating the process. This time though, taking the chain attached to the first girl's nipple and connecting that to the ring.

Starry looked down at crying faces. "Now for the other nipples."

When she was finished both the girls had tears streaming down their faces and were firmly attached to each other by the nipple rings.

Starry grinned at her Master. "I think their clits look very bare don't you?"

Starry proceeded to shave their pussies before teasing their clits with her finger, getting them all sensitive and erect, then holding up the piercing needles so they could see what was about to happen. The terrified looks on their faces showed Starry they knew what was coming and their muffled screams confirmed it. Starry turned to her Master and offered the pleasure of inflicting this pain on them.

He looked across at Starry and smiled, then stood and walked over her. He took the piercing needle from her hand and looked at the girls, noting the terror on their faces. He went to the first girl, took hold of her clit and pushed the needle through slowly. The muffled scream from her gagged caused Starry to smile wickedly as she handed her master the ring. He pierced her twice more, each time slower than the last and only when she had all three rings in place did he step back to let Starry admire the work. Starry gave each ring a little tug, bringing more muffed cries from the girl, and then leaned down and teased her clit with her tongue, causing the girl to involuntarily inflict pain on herself as she became aroused.

The Master then turned his attention to the next girl whose muffled plea for mercy was wasted. She too screamed out in agony as her clit received a triple piercing, and she too suffered the taunts of Starry. He then attached a long chain to the rings, threading them through and attaching them to the other girl. He then took each of the girls and pierced them between their nostrils and attached the chains to them, making sure each had their head bowed and the chains were tight. Now every time one of them tried to move her head upright the chain tugged on both their clits, causing them immediate pain. They had to remain bowed to Starry and endure anything she chose to dish up with subservient obedience. Starry smiled gleefully as she whipped first one then the other across the ass, each stroke causing the girls to shriek behind their gags and their heads to jolt upright, causing them even more pain as the clits were pulled hard by their rings. The Master strode back to his chair and watched with interest as Starry continued with her work.

Starry was delighted with her Masters work. She laughed at the girls, knowing they would think twice before doing anything like they had again. Starry whipped them some more before deciding it was time to have some more fun. She untied them from the table, cuffing their hands behind their backs, then letting them stand up. Starry placed blindfolds over their eyes and clapped her hands with joy as she watched them trying to get away. She chased after them, whipping their bare asses again and again watching them hurting each other as they tried to escape the whip. Starry then signalled her Master that it was time to brand them. She selected a brand with the word slut on it and placed it in the fire. Starry then rounded up the two girls and attached their chains to a hook on the roof so they couldn't run away. She then looked once more to her master and offered him the brand.

She heard a cry from one of the guys tied up in the corner and walked over to warn them that if they tried to warn the girls they would get it far worse. They remained silent.

He took the brand by the handle and walked over to the two girls who stood there, confused, frightened and sobbing. They would know not just the wrath of Starry, but the wrath of her master as well. No one touches his property without his permission and this is a lesson they would remember forever. He branded the first girl on the thigh, her piteous scream through the gag was enough to set the other girl screaming as well. The second brand was down her torso and this time she just groaned with the agonising recognition of what was happening. The second girl was whimpering, begging and trying to back away, oblivious to the pain she was causing herself, but there was nowhere to run. She too screamed out it agony at the bite of the brand, she too felt the complete loss of all will as the second brand bit into her torso.

Their blindfolds were removed and they were both hosed down, the cool water easing their pain and cleaning away the blood and mess that they had left behind them. They stood there, partly in shock, partly in obedience for they had both been broken and now just stared ahead and waited for whatever was next. He unchained them form the roof and ordered them to crawl on all fours behind Starry, they were now her pets and were to do as she ordered. The two girls did as ordered and, chained together as they were, made for a strange sight crawling beside the smiling Starry

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