tagMind ControlStarry's Trip Ch. 1

Starry's Trip Ch. 1


The Adventures of Starry Chapter 9: Starry's Trip

Starry was free from her servitude, no longer did she have to perform at the will of her tyrannical master. He disappeared one day never to return and Starry was now free to do as she liked. Sure she still carried the scars that read slave and the property of Curtis tattoo, but she didn't care, she carried them like a university diploma. The first thing she did was to go out and find herself a guy she could manipulate, someone who had no idea how to dominate her. This proved easier than she would have imagined, there were few men there capable of commanding the respect that Starry was used to affording her master. She selected the pleasant but meek Andrew who she found sitting at a bar one night. Andrew thought all his Christmases had come at once. He immediately fell under the spell of the beautiful Starry, with nothing more than a smile and a flick of her red hair. Once she let him he see her in all her naked glory she knew he was hers to command. Starry found her new man interesting at first, he made love to her attentively and softly and spoke to her affectionately, but she soon bored of him. Starry wanted more, she wanted to see the world, experience other places, exercise her new freedom. So she told Andrew that she wanted to go on a trip, and like a love sick lap dog, he immediately quit his job, bought a convertible and together they headed out onto the highway.

Starry was rapped, she sat in the car with the wind blowing her hair, giggling and laughing as they drove through the city and out into the country. Once they hit the open road Starry decided to have some fun. She took off her top and sat bare breasted in her seat, her pierced nipples erect with excitement as her lover tried to watch the road and her as he cruised down the highway.

She laughed as cars slowed when overtaking, the drivers desperate to get a better look, much to the annoyance of more than one partner. Starry loved to tease and this was proving to be the biggest tease of all. Along a particularly deserted stretch of road a truck pulled along side and sounded it's horn. Starry stood in the car and shook her firm breasts, which brought another immediate blast from the truck. She giggled and wriggled as Andrew sat nervously, trying no to crash and wishing she'd just sit down. Starry had no intentions of behaving and as the truck dropped in behind them to enjoy the show, she began to play up to her spectator. She unbuttoned her shorts and slid them seductively from her body, nearly losing her balance as Andrew, now sweating profusely, nearly lost control of the car. This was met with three more blasts on the truck's air horn, and when Starry slid the panties down her legs, the truck also swerved across the road as the driver became transfixed by Starry's naked beauty.

Just then the sound of a siren caused Starry to immediately drop to her seat as the truck slowed dramatically. Starry's strip tease had meant the truck driver had failed to notice the cop on his tail who decided that the swerving truck driver was obviously drunk. As the truck slowed to the side of the road Starry and Andrew drove off into the distance, laughing wildly. This was going to be a fun trip, Starry thought to herself as she settled into the soft leather seats and stoked Andrew's hard on through his pants. After another ten or so minutes of this stroking and teasing Andrew looked across as Starry and suggested he needed to pull over to get petrol. Starry looked down and the fast forming patch between his legs and knew it was more than petrol he needed and smiled. She slipped her pants and top back on as he pulled into to a service station and rather sheepily headed to the toilets clutching a pair of fresh pants. Starry just sat and waited until she became of someone standing next the car. She gazed up at a large man dressed in old shorts and a t-shirt. "Yes" said Starry, disdainfully. "Can I help you with something?"

"I suppose you're the little girl who like to strip tease on the highway?" said the guy. Starry smiled. "Maybe."

"Well you just cost me a ticket and some damage" he said a little more gruffly. Starry shrugged " what do you want me to do about it? And what damage?"

"Come and I'll show you" he said, opening her door. Starry sighed and followed the truck driver, more out of boredom than anything. He led her around to the back of the truck and opened the door. Starry stared but could see nothing. Just as she was about to turn around and ask what it was she was supposed to be looking at she was grabbed roughly and thrown into the back of the truck. The door was slammed shut and before anyone had noticed anything the truck was driving off into the distance.

Andrew returned somewhat embarrassed from changing his pants and filled up the car, waiting for Starry to return from where ever she had gone. After about ten minutes of waiting he began to worry and started looking for her. After another 10 minutes of looking he became frantic, but by then Starry was miles away and well out his reach.

The truck drove on for half and hour with Starry kicking and screaming in the back, when at last the driver thought he had found a safe haven he pulled over into a deserted stop and opened up the back of the truck. Starry started to back away as the driver entered the back of the truck until she was hard against the end of the trailer with nowhere to go. The driver just looked her up and down, then grabbed her by the arm.

Starry didn't scream or fight, all her conditioning suddenly kicked in and she immediately dropped to her knees with her head bowed. The truckie immediately let go, confused by her reaction. "So you are going to cooperate are you?" he asked. "Yes master" came the automatic reply. The truckie looked in disbelief "you kidding me?"

"No master" said Starry, immediately hating herself for being unable to resist. The truckie laughed loud and pulled down his pants, revealing a raging hard cock and told Starry to strip. She obeyed removing her top and pants and waited for the inevitable. It was long in coming. The truckie didn't care much for the subtleties that existed between master and slave, he grabbed Starry roughly and bent her over. Grabbing her smooth, firm thighs from behind, he drove his cock into her pussy and began to fuck her hard and fast. Starry's body adjusted quickly, years of training brought an immediate response as her juices began to flow, despite the harshness of the assault. The truckie didn't notice Starry's response, not would he have cared, all he knew was that he was fucking this beautiful vixen and she was letting him. He drove his cock into her body faster and faster, her breasts shaking with each thrust, her mind and body wanting more from her lust crazed assailant. It didn't take long for the truckie to come, unloading himself deep inside her as he buried his cock in her warm flesh. Starry groaned, not out of pain or exhilaration, but frustration, as she remained sadly unsatisfied. The truckie pulled out of Starry and pulled up his pants. Looked at her still bent compliantly and laughed. "That'll teach you to tease a truckie" he snorted. "Now get dressed and get out, I have a pick up to make." Starry obeyed and was soon sitting by the side of the road, watching the truck disappear, wondering if she'd ever again be satisfied again the way she used to be.

Starry waited about 10 minutes before a car came finally came up the road, she waved at it as it approached and it pulled over to let her in. inside was a family off on holidays. Dad driving, mum next to him and their two sons in the back seat. Starry squeezed in the back between the two boys, their attitudes suddenly going from bored to excited. Starry smiled to herself as she noticed the two teenagers catching furtive glances at her legs and breasts, she did love to tease young boys. She also noticed their father catching the odd glance in the mirror, so did his wife, her attitude slowly changing from annoyance to hostility the longer the trip went. Starry explained to the family that she had been dumped by the side of the road by her ex-boyfriend who had driven off with all her clothes and money. The father automatically offered to find her accommodation for the night, which drew a withering stare from his wife. After a couple of hours they pulled into a motel and booked in for the night, the Parents in one room, the boys in another and Starry in a third. The parents quickly retired to their room, mother not even waiting till they got in there before launching into a tirade at her husband. Starry giggled at as she headed towards her room she asked the boys if they had a spare t-shirt and some underwear she could borrow, so she could go for a swim. They almost fell over themselves as they ran for their bags. Starry thanked them both with a kiss and went off to her room. About half an hour later there was a knock at the door and the father was standing there. He asked Starry if she would like some dinner and she agreed to join them. When she got to the restaurant it was just her, dad and the boys, apparently the mother had a headache and decided to retire early to bed. Dinner was a strange affair with everyone, except Starry shifting nervously about on the bench seat that surrounded the table. She learned a little more about the boys, Pete, 19 and Tod, 18 and also that the father Tom had been with his wife since high school. Starry felt sorry for them, they all seemed so staid and bored with their lives. She suggested that they all go for a swim after dinner. They all agreed and dinner was over 5 minutes later.

Starry went back to the room and tried on the t-shirt, it was very tight across her breasts but she was sure Tod wouldn't mind if she stretched it a little. She tried on the jockey shorts and they fitted a little better, if a bit loose and she decided that that was good enough. When she got to the pool all three of the others were already in there, just wading about, trying not to look too excited. Starry just jumped in and when she came back up the t-shirt had immediately contoured itself around her body, exposing not only the full comely shape of her breasts but also her pierced nipples, which stood out erect and firm. Tom immediately sucked in his breath as he took in the full beauty of Starry, his attention drawn to her firm breasts and the brand that sat so prominently on her thigh. Both Pete and Tod headed for the deep end, as they tried to hide their obvious excitement. Starry hopped out of the pool and walked around the outside, the wet clothing clinging to her. She went to the end and prepared to div e in, giving the guys a huge grin before diving into the pool. She emerged the other end of the pool right next to Tom, the underwear that had covered her ass was floating down the other end, having come off as she dived in. Tom's mouth was hanging open but nothing came out, the boys eyes were bugging out as they strained to see her bottom half the under water, Starry just shrugged and floated across to the offending clothing and tossed it out of the pool.

It took Tom all of a couple of minutes before he could react, telling the boys that they should go to their room and get some sleep. Despite all of their protests they finally obeyed and slunk out of the pool, both trying desperately to hide their bulging swimmers. Starry watched them disappear with a disappointed look on their faces. While Tom waited until they were safely out of sight before approaching Starry. He swam across slowly to where Starry floated and cleared his throat hoping not to show his nervousness. "Yes Tom?" asked Starry in a somewhat vacant way. "Ummmm, Starry, I was ahhhh wondering about your marks..the ummm ones on your leg." It was the best he could manage. " Ohh those" said Starry, "my master put that there when I was bad."

"Your master!?" blurted Tom incredulously. "Yeah, my master" Starry looked at him like he simple. "I was bad so he branded me, want to see the other one?" Before Tom had time to answer she had whipped off the wet top and was standing before him naked. Her second brand and tattoo clearly visible. Tom stared, unable to help himself, his eyes slowly drawn over her beautiful body, her pierced nipples, her tattoo and brandings until at last they spied her pierced clit. Starry paraded her body proudly, she had always been aware of her beauty and she liked to show it off. She giggled as she saw Tom transfixed by her and her hand slipped down under the water to his hard cock, straining hard beneath his trunks.

Tom snapped out of his trance and looked at her shocked. "No, we can't. I mean not here, now" he was a complete bundle of nerves. "Aaaawwwww" Starry whined disappointedly. "Ummmm...oh god" muttered Tom. "Later, after my wife is asleep, I'll come around to your room, in about 2 hours?"

"Ok" said Starry. And with that she got out of the pool. Picked up the wet clothes, wrapped a towel around herself and wandered back towards her room. Tom stayed in the water, waiting for his body to settle down before heading back to his room. Starry decided she wanted some fun so instead of going back to her room she went by the boy's room. Pete and Tod were wide awake, talking feverishly about what had transpired in the pool. Both were in their beds nursing rock hard cocks when they heard a knock at the door. Neither was game to go open it, just in case it was their mother, but luckily it wasn't locked. "Come in" said Pete. Starry sauntered into the room and smiled. She held out the wet clothes and thanked the boys for the loan. They just stared and secretly prayed her towel would slip off. Starry asked if she could use their shower as hers wasn't working properly, the boys just nodded dumbly and watched as she dropped the towel on the floor as she walked into their bathroom. Pete's eyes suddenly took on a whole new look as he got out of bed, all self consciousness gone as he locked the door to the room and stood at the bathroom door watching Starry shower. "What are you doing?" Pleaded Tod nervously. "I don't know" said Pete "but I think I'm going to screw Starry"

"What? Are you mad?" Tod was frantic "She doesn't want a kid, and you wouldn't know what to do anyway" Pete just stared coldly at his brother. "Well I think I know what to do, just never done it before." And with that he took off his pyjamas and went into the bathroom.

Starry turned off the shower and stepped out to see Pete standing there naked with his cock standing hard to attention. She smiled as she looked at him. "You want me to help you with that?" She asked "Yes" was all that Pete could muster. Starry lead him from the bathroom and into the main room, her body still dripping wet. She got down on her knees in front of Pete and stretched her lips around his hard cock, sliding it all the way into her mouth. Pete groaned and Tod almost came in his pants as he watched. Starry sucked Pete's cock hard and deep as he stood there unable to move. She then signalled for Tod to come over and motioned for him to get undressed. Tod didn't need to be asked twice. It took all of two minutes before Pete shot his load inside Starry's mouth, pumping out years of frustration as she sucked and swallowed. He groaned long and loud, happy to at last have the release he craved for. Starry then swapped to Tod and repeated the process, taking his cock deep into her mouth. Pete watched, his mind swirling as he saw the beautiful Starry sucking his brother's cock. Starry pumped for mouth back and forth along his hard shaft as he also fired off his load deep into her throat. Starry finished Tod off just as quickly then got up and lay on one of the beds. "Now it's my turn" she said. The boys looked at each other and then back at Starry. Starry sighed and propped herself up. "Pleasure me boys, suck my nipples, eat me out, fuck me if you want, just get on with it" With that the two boys descended on her like a couple of wolves. They push and growled at each other as they got in each others way, squeezing and pawing at Starry's naked body. Her nipples were sucked long and hard and her pussy stroked and probed by their curious fingers. Starry just closed her eyes and let them have their way. Before long they were both hard again and eager to fuck Starry. Pete was the bravest and therefore the first to finally get on top of Starry and nervously but eagerly slide his hard cock inside her dripping sex. He began to thrust as if on automatic pilot, driving his cock inside her, hard and fast. Starry smiled to herself as she felt his cock sliding against her hungry pussy. She new that sucking them off to start with would mean they would last longer inside her and she wanted to enjoy as much of this as she could.

Pete was driving his cock as hard as he could into Starry who began to moan from the pleasure she felt at having his young cock deep inside herself. Tod watched excitedly, nervous that they would be caught and he would miss out. Starry just smiled at him and told he she wouldn't let that happen. Pete began to drive his cock in more urgently, Starry's breasts bouncing as he thrust his hips against her, his balls slapping against her with each drive. Starry urged him on "harder! harder!" She cried as she felt herself begin to orgasm. Pete needed no urging as a deep seated groan came from his mouth and he felt like he was ready to explode. Starry cried out as she began to cum, her body shaking with the lust that coursed through her body. Pete could take it no more and shot his load deep inside her, his face a mixture of pleasure and animal lust as he drove his cock in hard and deep. Tod could wait no longer, almost pulling his brother from her body and entering her fast and hard. Starry was lost in her own world, her body was being used the way it had been trained to be, and she was in a state of orgasmic ecstasy. Tod continued what Pete had started, pounding Starry's body with raw lust, his aching cock being driven into her like a turbine. Starry just lay there, legs spread, moaning softly as she felt Tod taking her, using her, making her his fuck toy. She came over and over as he pounded her compliant body until he also came, filling her again with the seeds of lust.

They all collapsed exhausted but satisfied, then after 30 minutes Starry picked herself up, wrapped the towel around herself and headed off to her room. The night wasn't over yet.

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