tagGroup SexStaycation Ch. 01

Staycation Ch. 01


Last year, we bitched and moaned over the fact that we couldn't afford to go away anywhere on our summer vacations. This summer we still couldn't justify spending a fortune on a trip anywhere, but we decided to make the best of it: we co-ordinated our vacations with our neighbors Jim and Michelle, and planned a handful of short day trips -- but mostly, just hang around and take it easy. We had a huge pool, and Jim and Michelle had an entertainment room most people would kill for. That's one upside of a bad economy: we might all be just a couple of years out of college and completely cash-poor, but we were able to buy really nice houses at bargain prices.

A couple days into our staycation, Jim and I were drinking a couple of beers alongside the pool, debating what we were going to grill for dinner (two weeks of barbecues was not going to be kind to our cholesterol levels), when the girls came back from their morning jog. They were as close as sisters -- they'd been roommates through all four years of college -- but couldn't have been more different physically: Tina was Greek, olive-skinned, and curvy in all the right places. Michelle was slim, with "bee-sting" breasts. Both girls were wearing running shorts, but Tina had on a black sports bra on top while Michelle wore a thin t-shirt. She was sweating enough to make it apparent she wasn't wearing a bra; then again, I wondered whether she even owned one.

Michelle looked longingly at the pool. "I should have stopped off at our house when we passed it, and grabbed a bathing suit."

"You can borrow one of mine," Tina said.

Michelle looked at Tina's body, and then back at her own. "Yeah," she said. "That'll work." Tina gave her a good-natured smirk, then headed for the house to change into something more comfortable than her sports bra. Michelle kicked off her sneakers and socks, sat by the edge of the pool, and dangled her feet into the water. "Ahh," she said. "My doggies needed that."

Jim bent down behind her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Mmm," she said. "But be careful, I don't want to get knocked in. We don't want to give Bob a wet t-shirt show."

I hoped they couldn't see me smiling at the thought. In fact, just a day earlier, I'd gotten a pretty good look at Michelle's little breasts: we'd all been in the pool together and when she dove in, her entire bikini top had lifted up almost to her neck. When she surfaced just about a foot in front of me, her hard little nipples were close enough for me to taste. I pretended to be looking the other way, and she quickly realized what had happened and fixed her top.

What I didn't know at the time was that less than an hour earlier that same day, Jim had gotten an accidental peek at Tina: while Michelle's bikini top had been too loose, Tina had been wearing an older one-piece from her less busty days, which was now to small. It looked great on her, but I'd even mentioned while we were changing that I hoped it would hold everything in. Turns out after one of her dives, her top had shifted down enough that both of her nipples were exposed.

Tina came out of the house wearing denim shorts and the same bikini top she'd worn the day before, and sat poolside next to Michelle. "I hope that's going to hold everything in," I said to her as she passed by me -- unaware that yesterday it hadn't -- but there was a part of me that wouldn't have minded seeing both girls fall into the pool and expose themselves.

I couldn't get that thought out of my mind, and when Jim and Michelle finally went home, I wanted to rip off Tina's bikini top and shorts and fuck the hell out of her right there at poolside. We'd never had sex outdoors before, but lately we'd been talking about finding ways to spice things up sexually. Tina must have been reading my mind, because she said "not in the daylight, stud" before she walked into the house to shower.

An hour later (she takes long showers), she was dressed and ready to go to Jim and Michelle's for dinner. It had taken me about three minutes to throw on a nice polo shirt and a pair of khaki shorts -- and with the time I knew I'd have to kill, and given how horny I still was, I'd been sorely tempted to jerk off once or twice.

She looked real good, which didn't help my situation: a half-shirt that stopped a few inches above her belly button, and which flattered her lovely breasts, and what she called her "flouncy skirt," a skirt that I always thought looked like a tennis skirt.

We walked down the block to our neighbors' home, and found them already out on the patio. Michelle was pretty easy on the eyes herself: she was wearing a black "wife-beater" t-shirt, which was snug enough to show that she wasn't wearing a bra, and a skirt no longer than Tina's. Jim and I exchanged glances, and clearly we were both thinking the same things: we were a couple of lucky bastards.

By the time we'd finished our steaks and salad, and a couple of beers apiece, it was getting dark and a little cool, so we made our way downstairs to their entertainment room. Jim had downloaded a movie that had just hit the theatres last week, which we'd heard was pretty steamy. Oh yeah, I thought. I really should have jerked off when I had the chance.

There were two couches in the room, side by side with a small table in between. While Jim set up the movie, Tina made a last-minute visit to the bathroom while Michelle made a huge bowl of popcorn and set it down on the table. When Tina got back, she joined me on one of the couches -- I was on the "popcorn side" of the couch at it happens -- and Jim used his bigass remote control to dim the room's lights and start the movie going.

It was everything we'd heard: it was nominally a whodunit, but it opened with a beautiful woman sneaking into our hero's bedroom at night, stripping down, and sucking his cock. Tina snuggled close to me as we watched, and I put an arm around her. Feeling like a teenager sitting in the back row of the local multiplex, I let my fingers wander down for just a moment and brush across her left breast. Yeah, we'd been married for three years, but it still felt naughty to "cop a feel" -- especially with our friends not ten feet away.

Tina looked over at me and smiled as I realized she'd obviously removed her bra when she was in the bathroom.

We'd hit a boring part of the movie. The reviews had been right: the storyline was nothing special, but the frequent sex scenes made it worthwhile. Then our hero visited the murder victim's sister, who'd just come in from the rain, her sundress soaked and clinging to her skin. Her breasts were gorgeous but do you know what? Tina's were better. I glanced over to make sure Jim and Michelle had their eyes on the screen, and then I gave Tina's left breast a quick caress. And a quick pinch to her hardening nipple.

Tina lifted her legs off the floor and stretched out on the couch, resting her head on my lap. Her squirming about, trying to find a comfortable position on my lap, certainly didn't do much to relax my cock. Neither did the fact that on the screen, our hero had the sister's dress lifted above her waist and was fucking her from behind. And ten feet away, Jim and Michelle were kissing pretty passionately.

Tina settled her head into my lap, the hero went back to investigating (boring!), Jim and Michelle came up for air, and all was peaceful again. My cock even stopped trying to burst out of my shorts. My left hand was resting on Tina's belly, the bare skin between where her shirt ended and her skirt began.

I looked over at her skirt, hiked up a bit and just covering her panties. At least I assumed so. Making sure our hosts were otherwise distracted -- Michelle seemed to be whispering something in Jim's ear -- I lifted Tina's skirt until her panties came into view. Her eyes opened wide in surprise. "Just checking you hadn't lost them as well," I whispered.

"Would you like me to?" she whispered back with a smile.

I had to admit it was tempting. I smiled back, and smoothed her skirt back down over her panties.

She put her hand over the zipper of my shorts "Maybe I should check whether you're wearing underwear," she whispered.

"You do, and things are going to get really messy really fast."

She giggled softly, gave my crotch a pat, and then settled in to watch the movie. I put my hand back on her tummy, and she lifted the bottom of her shirt about an inch higher, to just about the underside of her breasts. I got the hint, and moved my hand up to the bottom of the shirt.

On the screen, the sister and the murderer -- at least I assumed she was going to be revealed to be the murderer -- were having an all-out brawl, with clothing ripped at every turn. If I was following the plot correctly, the two of them were also ex-lovers. Slowly, the anger was turning into lust, and the fighting into foreplay. Tina grabbed my hand and pulled it under her shirt. "Tina! Jim and Michelle are right there."

"Look at them," she said.

Michelle was on her back on the couch, her shirt on the floor, Jim kissing her nipples. "Wow," I said, lifting Tina's shirt over her breasts.

"That's the spirit," she said. She grabbed the zipper of my shorts again. "I never did check on your underwear."

"Go ahead," I said.

Jim and Michelle were looking over at us now. Tina saw them, and responded by pulling her shirt over her head and off. Then she unzipped my shorts, unsnapped the snap, and reached into the slit in my boxers to pull out my cock.

As if not to be outdone, Michelle pulled off her panties. I realized, and I'm sure Jim did too, that the girls were in control here.

Tina pushed me down on the couch, straddled me, pulled the crotch of her panties to one side, and lowered herself onto my cock. The last thing I ever expected, I thought as I felt the warm wetness of her pussy surrounding my cock, was that we'd be fucking in front of our best friends. Tina shuddered. She was already having her first orgasm.

When I looked over, I saw Michelle standing in front of the couch, her hands braced on the back of the couch, offering up her pussy to Jim. He dropped his pants and briefs in a single motion, lifted up her skirt, and quickly took her from behind.

I couldn't stop looking at both Tina's breasts swaying above me, and Michelle's cute, tiny tits and her facial expression as she was being fucked hard by her husband.

Tina came again. "Cum inside me," she said loudly.

"Don't you want to wait?"

"No, don't hold back. Cum right now."

No problem: I'd been holding back all day.

I came in three or four massive spurts. During the final one, Tina screamed as she experienced the most intense orgasm I'd ever seen her have.

Moments later we heard a similar scream from Michelle, and we saw Jim's knees begin to buckle a little and his cum drip out of Michelle's pussy.

We all took a moment to catch our breath, while Jim picked up his briefs from the floor and put them on. Then we all collapsed onto our respective couches. The women were still topless and even in the dim light, they had that sexy just-been-fucked look about them.

Nobody spoke for a minute, until Tina said "Michelle?"

"Yeah," Michelle said. "Okay, you won."

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