tagLoving WivesStella and Sean Meet Again

Stella and Sean Meet Again


Stella Ryan meets Sean Again.

This is the second part of the story - "Was she really Hypnotised" -, which should be read first to appreciate this continuation. It was not meant to continue but I have been encouraged by certain e-mails, and one in particular that I have received asking for more of this story.

When Thursday came round again I was intrigued to see how Stella would behave when she gave Sean his private lesson. For one thing she brought forward asking me to shave her pussy before she went out for her teaching sessions, although this act was usually undertaken at weekends.

Secondly I was interested to see how she would dress for Sean, as she had three other lessons to give prior to his.

It was when she was dressing that she brought out a postal package which so far she had not yet opened, explaining that she had searched the Internet and had found a site, called "Climax fashions", which offered sexy underwear for sale, and which she had bought.

Quite unconcernedly she unfastened the packet and I was fascinated to see her purchases. Firstly she brought out a black wide-meshed blouse, if you could call it that, for it was sleeveless and consisted only of web-like netting with gaps about an inch wide. I only knew it was a blouse when she held it up in

front of herself for my approval as she said "Imagine this without a bra!"

Next she brought out a tiny scrap of black nylon, a triangle some two inches long by half an inch at its widest end, attached to which were two thread-like strings, which were themselves attached to a similar thread-like elastic.

"Guaranteed by the store to be the tiniest thong ever made," she laughed. "I wonder if it will stay in place or will my pussy swallow it?"

Next came a pair of meshed black stockings matching the top. "Self-supporting," she explained.

Finally she brought out another spider's web scrap of material which when she held it to her front turned out to be a micro-miniskirt as equally revealing as the top was!

"And you intend wearing those this evening?" I asked her, to which she replied, "No. Those are for when he asks me out again. When he does I intend bringing him here and I will put those on for him as a surprise. Before then I have other lessons, so I shall wear stockings and suspenders, a fairly short skirt, but no bra or knickers. And as a reprisal for him watching me on closed circuit television I think you should rig up our camera in the lounge and tape the whole thing in the spare bedroom. We can do that by linking the camera up to the video recorder and recording it on long play for up to eight hours!"

She told me more of the story, as far as that day's happenings were concerned, in bed that night.

"I went through my usual lessons," she told me, until Sean came in, and with him was a very attractive blonde whom he introduced as his wife, Kerry. Firstly she thanked me for acting as her substitute at Sean's company's dance, saying that she really appreciated what I had done. She then told me that Sean had progressed now beyond her capabilities and she wished to book me for a course of lessons so as to be able to catch him up again. I said that I was willing, and that she should wait for now and I would fit her in after Sean's lesson, after which we would discuss future arrangements."

"I quite forgot she was there, though, as we progressed through the lesson, especially when I told him that we would practice some jive. This meant that we could part company at times when I could twirl and spin quickly round and certainly be able to show him my stockings and suspenders and, hopefully, a

glimpse of my bare pussy!"

"It was only when I was about to speak to him at the end of the lesson, putting forward my proposal to treat him to a meal in my own house that I heard her cough and remembered that she was within earshot. I played it coolly and told Sean to sit down whilst I went through a lesson with Kerry. She seemed to be quite a good dancer and with no effort at all I was able to progress to the stage that Sean as already in."

"I wickedly decided to give Sean another treat, as from his position sitting down he would be able to see more, and so I asked Kerry if she could jive.

"She looked me fully in the face as she replied that she could, but it might prove a better arrangement if she were to take the place of the gent and that I now became the lady. 'After all,' she laughed, as she quietly said in a low voice so that Sean would not be able to hear, ' I have tights on, and he

can see my legs any time, but it would give him a thrill if you spun round again like you did before and showed him what you showed me!' "

"I was a little taken aback with her forthrightedness, and quickly had to think of my reply. But she forestalled me by saying, 'It would please him no end, as he has had to miss out on his sex for the past two or three weekends, and will have to do so again next weekend. So a display from you might give him something to dream about when I'm away.'"

"I began to wonder how much she had seen, but before I could come back with any retort she actually told me! 'I don't think he realises yet that you have no knickers on,' she continued, 'but when he sees that you have none on it will mean that he'll have me undressed practically before we get home. Now, shall we dance?' "

"Almost immediately she started my twirling, and as I felt my skirt rise, (helped by my swinging my hips to make it rise even more), she grinned at me and winked, and softly said, 'If he enjoys the view half as much as I did he'll have to put his hands in his lap to cover himself. Look! He is doing already!' "

"As the music finished she looked me fully in the eye and said, 'I am going to wash my hands and I would like you to come as well so that we can speak privately. Will you?' "

"I followed her and as we stood side by side in the washroom she said, 'I really do want to thank you for looking after Sean at his company dance. He told me that he had never expected to enjoy himself so much even though I wasn't there. He ought to repay you some time by treating you out to a meal or something, and I think I'll suggest that to him. Would you be free on Saturday if he agrees?' "

"I was a little wary about how to answer her. Did she know about our last meeting? Was she prying? Did she suspect something? But before I could think up a satisfying answer she continued, 'Mind you, I would not be asking you like this except that I was wondering why you were so unconcerned about dancing and showing your complete lack of knickers. Because I'm afraid Sean can sometimes get a little carried away and upset new acquaintances by being, shall we say, a little forward sexually. But judging by the way you seemed to be deliberately flaunting yourself I was hoping that if he did treat you to a meal you would not take too much offence if he did make any lewd suggestions. Do you mind my speaking to you like this?' "

"I was relieved to hear her talking like this, but I still wondered whether or not I should confess that I had already met him socially other than as his dance teacher or his partner at his company dance. I decided not to do so as yet, but would see how she would take it if I agreed to her suggestion of him taking me out with such an implied sexual follow-up.

"So I simply told her that I would probably not be too embarrassed now that she had forewarned me, and told her that I would assume, therefore, that she herself would not be too disturbed if he did try something on and I did not fight him off. She laughed and said that she would not be offended in any way whatever we might get up to, as it would salve her own conscience! She then confessed that although she was supposed to be visiting her sick mother each weekend she actually had a lover whom she was meetingin a motel each Saturday night! And what was more, Sean knew about this but kept up the pretence of the sick mother as far as other friends, work colleagues and neighbours were concerned."

"However, I still decided to keep secret the fact that Sean and I had already been more than just friends, especially because of the way it had happened. We were just about to leave the washroom and return to Sean when she whispered, 'I don't mind how provocatively you dress for your date, though. He fucks better when he has been previously stimulated, which I why I only ever wear the briefest of bikinis or thongs. And I don't have tights on, even though I told you earlier that I did - they are stockings!' "

"So we crossed over to where Sean was still seated, his hands crossed on his lap as if her were still covering himself up, as Kerry told him that he ought to thank me properly for having partnered him at his company dance, and that he should ask me out to dinner in order to say thanks, making no mention of the fact that she and I had already had a conversation."

"Sean's face lit up enthusiastically when Kerry suggested that he should invite me out for a meal, and his eyes met mine as if he were asking me to remain quiet about our last meeting."

"Then Kerry said she would go for the car whilst Sean and I made our arrangements for Saturday night. As soon as she had gone he blurted out his thanks for not disclosing our previous encounter, but I hurriedly told him that Kerry could think he was taking me out for dinner, whereas, in fact, I would like to entertain him in my own house, as I said that you would be out until just after midnight. Mind you, he still thinks we are brother and sister!"

"There is just one other thing, too, whilst I remember," she continued. "Don't set the video camera up in the bedroom - do it in the lounge, but have the recorder somewhere else in the house. The lighting will be better and it will be a better place for the type of sex I have in mind!"

Stella said next morning that she felt almost sore from the way we had gone at each other all night, manly as a result of her telling me about the forthcoming arrangements.

But Saturday came round, and I answered the telephone when it unexpectedly rang to find that it was Kerry, as she introduced herself. "I am one of your sister's dancing students," she said, " and I would like to talk to her, if it is possible."

I explained that Stella was out shopping, but would be back later, to which Kerry said that she hoped I would not mind, but that my sister had arranged a date with her brother for that evening, and she was just ringing to confirm that he would be driving round to pick her up at around eight o'clock. She apologised for him not ringing himself, but she explained that he was a little shy and had asked to ring whilst he was out.

Her 'brother!' As much her brother as I was Stella's! She probably did not realise that Stella had already told me the whole story. Anyway it meant that I had until eight o'clock to prepare the video cameras and then I would go out ostensibly, although in actual fact I would be sitting in the spare bedroom with an extension video and television set wired up to the main camera in the lounge, which I would set as soon as I heard the doorbell.

Stella and I had some small fun in preparing her for her date, although there was no way I was going to overexcite her too early, in order to leave her energies for her date. She allowed me to give her a final shave even though she had shaved the previous evening, so that now she was so smooth that her skin felt like silk. I also carefully painted her nipples and pussy lips with an indelible lipstick, making both regions focal areas to the eyes. This would be important when she finally put on her spider-web like costume.

Stella helped me with the intricate positioning of the camera, which had to be quite inconspicuous yet able to view the whole room. Luckily I was very friendly with an electronics expert who had once set up a radio-controlled unit for me which he had invented for his hobby of bird-watching, so that he could be quite some distance away from the camera whilst taking close-up shots. I was now able to utilise this system so that the controls were with me in the spare bedroom and from which I could operate the camera by zooming in and out, and by actually turning it from side to side on a small turntable.

We were able to have a quick trial and Stella pretended to be entertaining in the lounge whilst I made sure that all the controls were working properly, and Stella was able to confirm that she was not able to detect any sound or movement except when she looked directly at the place where the camera was hidden because she knew where it was, and only then did she detect a slight sound because she was listening for it and was being absolutely quiet.

Finally we were both satisfied, and I retired to the spare bedroom as soon as we heard Sean's car driving up to our door along our lengthy driveway.

I heard her greet him with a passionate kiss, then heard her explaining to him that she did not intend anything remotely naughty until after they had eaten.

"That's why I intend changing into something slightly more sexy for you later on," she said, "so until then I am afraid you will have to reply on your memory from Thursday. Which reminds me - I hope that Kerry did not notice that I had no knickers on when I flashed for you!"

"Well, I suppose I ought to be truthful," he answered shyly. "She did say that you were showing your thighs above your stockings tops and that I was lucky getting such a view! But she did say that it was probably accidental!"

"It was deliberate!" laughed Stella. "As you well knew. But so, long as she thought it accidental that leaves me free to do it again some time, doesn't it?"

I then saw them on the camera coming into the lounge. I pointed the camera straight at them as Stella closed in for Sean to give her a passionate kiss as her tongue sought his and his hands automatically cupped her breasts. I'll let you do that with no dress in your way afterwards," she reminded him. "And you won't need to drug me or hypnotise me to do so. Remember my promise to you when you were leaving here last week - I said 'Just ask, and I'll agree to anything.' And I meant ANYTHING! So I am about to make you a challenge. If you can shock me either in word or by deed, or you can come up with a suggestion that I am unable to fulfil you can have the rest of your course of private dancing lessons for free, and continue to have them free for ever! But only later on when we have eaten and I have put on a slightly shorter skirt for you!"

Again she kissed him avidly, pulling his hands towards her firm breasts, which I knew were temporarily covered by a bra. Not that Stella usually wears a bra, but on this occasion she had put one on in order to contrast completely with her intended mode of dress which was to follow.

When they finally broke away she led him into the dining room where she had laid out a sumptuous cold buffet with wines. I was unable to see what went on in there, although I could hear, via the microphone of the video recorder, some of the conversation.

Mind you, there was very little to get excited about in their conversation, especially as every time Sean said something a little raunchy Stella would intervene, and remind him that such talk should be delayed until they were back in the lounge, where she would be showing him her shorter skirt and possibly let him see her new knickers, although that would depend on how he behaved. When he asked what she meant by that she reminded him once again that she was prepared to do anything he asked, but that he would have to ask! And again she reminded him that there was a challenge at stake, inasmuch as he had to try to shock her by speech or by deed, but that she would show him that she could not be shocked or embarrassed!

Eventually they must have finished their meal, for I heard and saw them come into the lounge again, both carrying glasses, and Stella reminding Sean that this time she would guarantee that the drinks carried no extras such as he had tried to put into hers last week.

I watched her motion Sean to sit down on the settee, telling him to relax and finish his drink whilst she fulfilled her promise to change into a slightly shorter skirt. "The challenge will only come into effect when I come back," she told him. "And I am not wearing my new knickers, yet. See!" she told him, as I saw her raise her modest skirt to her waist to reveal a pair of heavy green cotton knickers, which I last remembered her wearing as part of her school uniform when we were both at school, and we used to meet behind the bike sheds.

I watched her as she knocked back completely the glass she was holding, then she said, "So I'll just be a minute or so changing. Why don't you look through some of these magazines my brother keeps in this cupboard?" And she directed him to the cupboard where we keep all our extremely porno magazines and videos.

As soon as she had gone out of the room he picked up one of the books, and I could see immediately that it was really affecting him. He started to rub himself through his trousers, and then actually unfastened them sufficiently to be able to reach inside and fondle his growing cock. If only he knew that he was being videoed!

I could see he was getting quite worked up, probably as a result of the books and also by the thought of what Stella would get up to when she retuned.

Then came Stella's voice from outside the door. "Ready?" she called out. Then, as she casually made her entrance she said, "I hope this skirt is shorter than my other one. As for my knickers, I hope you can find them so that you can see them properly!"

Sean seemed flabbergasted! He stared in amazement at her shameless display and was temporarily speechless!

Stella broke the silence. "Come on! Shock me! Call me a fucking slut! Tell me what you want me to do, or what you want to do to me!"

"Bloody hell, Stella," he cried. "You're the slut I've always dreamed about! I'm going to tear those things off you and give you the fucking of a lifetime!" (He was really getting into the swing of what Stella had challenged him to do.) "I'll ravish your cunt until you are too sore to piss!"

But Stella interrupted him. "I'm ready for all that except I think we should not tear these things off - when we have finished with them tonight you can take them home for Kerry and she can wear them next Saturday when she 'goes to visit her mother'!"

This stopped Sean immediately. He was again at a loss for words, until Stella said, "I know all about Kerry's visits every Saturday - she told me the full story. And she told me that she likes dressing in sluttish thongs and things, both for you and for her lover. But she thinks that we are eating out tonight and that you will possibly try to seduce me, or so she warned me. She didn't seem in the least jealous, even though she knew that I had been deliberately flashing my cunt for you when I was dancing with her. So when you take her these things and tell her that I was wearing them for you it will give her new ideas about me, although I have the feeling that she will be far more pleased than unhappy. So let's wait for a few minutes whilst your eyes take in all they can to be able to remember this outfit, and then, after you've firstly undressed and then carefully taken all my garb off, the challenge can really start!"

I watched as my slut wife paraded shamelessly for him, making sure that she faced the camera whenever possible. Then between them they carefully unfastened the web-like top, followed by the almost non-existent skirt, finally appearing in front of him in just her meshed stockings and the miniscule micro-thong.

"My cunt's nearly swallowed this scrap of nylon's pretence at being a thong," she laughed. "Can you get it out again with your tongue? Mind you, it will be wet!"

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