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My name is Steve Broughton but some people call me Stevie. Actually it's been a while since anyone has called me Stevie and I find that I miss it. I was married and have two teenage children. I have a good secure job that I keep at the sufferance of others. I work in an office where I am pretty much solely responsible for the day to day operations for the company.

There is one person that I used to work with; his name is John Havens. I used to call him my closest friend but our relationship had changed and I would have to call him "Sir" when we are out in the world and "Master" when we were behind closed doors.

The office that I work out of has a tight knit group of people working there and a lot of us live in the same neighborhood. John Lived across the street from me. My problems started a few months ago; my wife and I had been drifting apart and I think she was seeing someone on the side. I needed some type of release from my daily grind and when I brought up sex to my wife it always turned into a drama session so I stopped bringing it up.

I started visiting an adult book store by my job. It was out of the way and on the way home. The first time I went in I was in awe of everything about the place. After a few visits I went from a deer in the headlights to a kid in a candy store.

I had become a regular window shopper and one day the sales clerk "Ralph" started chatting with me. He showed me the video booths and the backroom theater and also the bathroom stalls. He said that the stalls locked from the inside and if I wanted to rent any of the magazines on the clearance rack I could bring them in with me.

Ralph also showed me around to a couple of the regulars who were sitting in the back lounge area smoking.

At the time I had thought about talking to my coworker and friend John about this place because I knew that he and his wife were having their own problems. John has hobbies though; he is always on the computer or playing with some type of electronic device.

One of the things that John Havens did at my place of employment was the electronic security. The building and surrounding buildings are all owned by my employer and the system records 24/7.

Our office building is located in an industrial complex so there isn't much traffic after hours; also the book store is located further into the complex so no one that I work with would travel in that direction. Much to my chagrin I was mistaken.

A few months ago I had started finding porn in the parking lot at work. Being conscientious I had been picking up the various magazines and video box covers that had apparently been discarded and that the wind carried over.

I was embarrassed at first because I didn't want anyone to see me with this material. However while picking up this material I couldn't help but notice the images. All the magazines and illustrations were of men with men. I had seen this type of material in the book store but stayed away from it. I was embarrassed that someone might label me gay or something. When I saw some of the explicit pictures on these trash magazines in the parking area something immediately started stirring inside me. I couldn't believe it; I found it repulsive but at the same time I was getting really anxious and aroused.

Every couple of days there would be more porn in the parking area and it was always something new; but it was usually men with other men. Every day I would pick up the magazines and other stuff and place them in a trash bag, then throw it into the back of my pick-up truck. If anyone saw me, I would be being a good citizen.

I would take the bag home and into my garage, lock the doors and look at the pictures or read the stories. This went on at least once a week and usually ended up with me pulling out my four inch cock and jerking off onto the floor.

My friend John periodically would stop by my house on his way home from work. Sometimes we would drink beer and bullshit about the assholes in our day. One day I had just gotten back from the adult store and I arrived home much later than usual. I pulled into the drive, grabbed the bag from my truck and bolted into the garage.

One minute later I was in the garage jerking off to a spread of two gay guys fucking and sucking. I was about to cum when there was a wrap on the side window of the garage.

The windows were blocked by cabinets; I knew no one could see me but I got freaked out just the same. Then I got pissed that someone was interrupting me. I stuffed my erection into my pants and opened the side door. I knew it had to be John so I grabbed a case of water to bring into the house and held it in front of my crotch hoping to hide the bulge in my pants.

I opened the door, saw John and said "Oh, hey John I was just doing some inventory of the food supplies in the garage. It looks like it's time to head over to Costco again. What's up?"

John had a sinister look on his face as he was eyeing up the case of water. I had noticed he was carrying a bag and a six pack of beer. "Let's have a beer. Go and pull down that bottle of whiskey you have in your kitchen cabinet. I could use a drink."

I had felt uncomfortable because he seemed more bossy than usual; but I got the booze anyway because I needed a drink too.

John pulled out a Magazine from the bag that showed two guys lying on their sides head to toe with their hands tied behind their backs. They were sucking each other's cocks while they were being whipped on their asses by another man who had tits. He was dressed in leather shorts and a halter top. He looked like a woman except for the bulge at his crotch. John handed it to me and said. "Steve, you forgot this."

I recognized the magazine cover immediately. My jaw dropped and my eyes shot wide open and I began to sweat. "Nna nna, no way man, that's not mine."

"Well, Ralph from the adult book store said you forgot this in one of the rear booths. Seems you were having a little party in there with a couple of the regulars. When Ralph described how you were on your knees blowing three guys and begging for their cum I didn't believe him; I made him show me the video.

"The video?" I was getting dizzy and sweating profusely; I knew it wasn't from the one beer I had drank. I was caught and couldn't speak. When I turned around John was at the DVD player putting in a disk. "Hey check this out." John said as the TV screen came on and it was clear that this was a video recording from the store. "Steve, take a seat on the couch;" he said and he placed his hand on my shoulder and pushed me down onto the couch.

I chugged my glass of whiskey and sunk into the couch.

"Here is how it is going to be from now on." As John was speaking I was dumbfounded looking at the screen trying to hide my growing erection and wishing I could do it all over again.

John saw me fidget on the couch and cover my crotch with my glass of whiskey.

"First off you are going to suck my cock whenever I want and you will beg for my cum or I am going to beat your ass."

I was sitting there in a daze while my friend was telling me his rules. Suddenly he grabbed me by my ear and pulled me forward and shoved me down on the floor. In a blur of a second I was face down with a knee on the back of my neck. John had my hands zip tied behind my back in three seconds and he was yelling at me.

He was punching me all over and then turned me over and started slapping my face and pulling my hair. When he stopped I was relieved that it was over, and then before I When he had my undivided attention he spoke in a calm tone.

"You will do everything that I say and you will learn to love doing it or it's going to hurt a lot worse." With his other hand he grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked my head to the side as he was glaring at me. Then he said.


My eyes shot open and I started to uncontrollably shake my head yes as I was speaking the words.

"You're my bitch now. You are in my world now, mother fucker. Get up on your knees; you are going to worship my cock and I better be impressed with your effort."

He unzipped his pants and began feeding me his cock. I sucked and slurped like a pro as I impaled myself on his impressive five inch cock. As soon as it touched my lips I knew that I wanted this.

John grabbed my head with both hands and pulled me onto his cock. "Look at me when you worship my cock bitch" When I did I could see that he was a different man than the one I knew as my friend. He was fucking my face wildly and he started to grunt. "Don't spill a drop bitch or it's your ass." John let go of my head but continued to look into my eyes. "Come on cunt don't stop now, suck that cock till it shoots; you know you want it"

He was so right; I did want it and the more helpless I felt the more aroused I got.

I knew what I had to do and within a minute he was shooting his load into my mouth and I was eagerly swallowing it. When he was spent he released my hands and told me to lie down on my back pull my pants down to my knees and start masturbating.

John's pants were around his knees and his cock was dangling as he moved back and forth giving me instructions.

As I was jerking off John kneeled at my head. He reached out and began pinching my nipple. He told me to let him know when I was ready to shoot my load and when I let him know that I was ready he stood up.

John kicked me in the shoulder and commanded me. "Open your mouth bitch;" and suddenly a warm golden stream began falling onto my face and neck. As the stream was raining down on me; in my hair in my mouth and running down my neck. My mind went into overload. My heart was racing and my hand was a blur on my cock. I felt this turning in the pit of my stomach and my legs started shaking. I erupted and the first spurt hit me on the chest, followed by another three spurts on my belly and finally oozing onto the back of my hand.

John aimed his final seconds of streaming piss over my cock and balls. He commanded me to scoop up the cum from my chest and put it in my mouth and when I finished licking my hand clean I could get up and get him a beer.

I stood and began to remove my clothes that were soaked with piss but he slapped my face and told me to go and get the beer the way I was. My hair was matted and my clothes were soaked and my pants were around my ankles.

I shimmied to the kitchen and back with his beer. When I was coming out of the kitchen I saw that he was recording the scene with his phone. I handed him the beer and he told me to kneel in the wet spot on the floor until he was finished with the beer.

As he was leaving he said; "Keep the CD there are plenty where that one came from. If you want me to send it to everyone you know don't bother coming to my house tomorrow at 7pm." Then he tossed me the bag he had brought and said. "There are some items in the bag and written instructions for you to follow. You will be all cleaned out, shaved and wearing the outfit. You can wear it under your sweat suit but as soon as you enter my house you will remove the suit and immediately drop to your knees. Follow my instructions to the letter if you don't want me to ruin your life and career."

So that is how it was for several months. I would come over to John's house to be tied up, humiliated and abused by him and his friends. His children were away at college and his wife was apparently screwing around so the house was always empty. I would strip down to whatever lingerie he wanted me to wear and he would command me to do to him whatever he wanted.

Once a week he would command me to come over for a BDSM session in his basement. He had a bedroom in his basement with a very large bathroom. In the bathroom was a very large shower. There were no partitions in the bathroom or between the bedroom and bathroom. It was just a very large room. The Basement room had no windows for prying eyes and on one wall there was a bank of several switches that controlled the lighting.

One night john had tied me up and whipped me hard, he told me over and over again what he wanted me to say and do while I was taking a shower downstairs.

After John was satisfied that I knew what he wanted, he cut me loose and sent me down the stairs. John proceeded to repeatedly sodomize me on the bed as he had me recite everything that I was to do. He gave me a bag and in it was some shaving cream, razor, body oil, 9"dildo with suction cup.

I poured myself a glass of wine and emptied the contents of the bag on the table. I sat back in a chair and began sipping my wine as I was staring intently at the dildo. I reached for it and licked it and put it in my mouth then gulped the rest of the glass down and poured another.

I was to be a woman preparing myself for my date. When I was done I was to make love to the dildo. It was warm in the basement because of the bright lights that were blinding me when I looked out. I licked the cup and stuck the dildo onto the table. I sipped wine in between practicing shoving the dildo into my throat and shaving my body from head to toe.

Two bottles of wine later I was shaved except for the hair on my head. I brought the dildo into the shower and slapped it to the wall I lathered and rinsed and then dropped to my knees. I began to suck the dildo like a woman who's life depended on it until I could deep throat without gagging at all. I got off my knees and turned my back to the wall and nuzzled the dildo up to my asshole. I reached back with both hands and grabbed the grab-bar on the shower wall. I bent forward at the hips and pulled myself back onto the dildo.

I was pulling backward and the tip of the dildo was pushing at my anus. I stopped and turned around facing the wall and dropped to my knees again. I engulfed the dildo with ease this time and brought my lips to its base. As I was doing this I grabbed the tube of lube from the floor and inserted the tip into my anus and squeezed a generous amount into my ass.

I reached back and started finger fucking my asshole trying to insert my whole hand into my ass; all the while sucking on the dildo in front of me. I stood and turned again and this time when I pulled back to the wall the dildo slid into my ass with ease. It was bizarre because it was such a great feeling having control over my own pleasure.

I started humping back harder then harder and faster. My cock was hard and twitched every time I pounded my ass into the wall as I buried the dildo deep in my bowels. My leg started to shake; I pulled back and impaled myself, holding myself at the base of the dildo. My cock started spurting and twitching I threw my head back. I couldn't stand anymore and dropped to my knees and moaned out in disappointment when the dildo slid out of my ass.

"That was beautiful, that last scene is going to be the cover" As John was speaking I could hear clapping and cheering from beyond the bright lights. Then Gary from the office came into view, grabbed my arm and pulled me over to the bed. Gary was followed by a small meek looking man. He was not tall and had a thin waist but appeared to have tits. I could see his tits giggle as he walked and his large nipples pushing out through his shirt.

Gary commanded me to a doggie position on the bed; I was weak and spent from the shower. This meek man they called Bobbie Walsh. At second glance was very unattractive. I guess you could say he had a face only a mother could love.

Bobbie started sliding his hand along my back and around the curve of my ass and down my thigh; and then back up again. Gary pulled his pants down and stood in front of me. He grabbed a hand full of hair from both sides of my head and pulled me onto his cock.

He just held my head in place and told me to make his cock wet and use my tongue. Just then I felt a slap on my ass, followed by a series of slaps in succession. Between the commands, pulling of my hair and the hard slaps on my ass my cock was beginning to get hard again.

"You see I told you" John said, "Stevie sucks and fucks like a whore and then wants more.

Gary began fucking my face hard; he would forcibly pull my head onto his cock as he was thrusting forward. He came in minutes and I was rewarded.

Bobbie spoke; "You were right John; Stevie is going to be a hit."

Several times a week after that day, whatever they did to me or made me do to them it was always preceded with a dose of BDSM and I was made to ask and sometimes beg for it. It wasn't until after the first couple of sessions that he started to introduced me to his friends as the entertainment. I surmised that these people were potential clients. I was made to dress up in lingerie, wig and makeup and as I was doing this I had to tell whoever was in the room how I love my red ass spanked and how I loved being tied and helpless with a big cock in my ass. Then I had to tell them how I wanted them to fuck me.

The first couple of times I learned to be enthusiastic because there was no conversation; just the whip. It was in those early sessions that I noticed the specific lighting and the cameras that were partially hidden by furniture. It was then I realized that my life as I knew it was over.

John's wife finally left him and soon after that he was very excited about an investment he had made. He said that he had been collaborating with a Producer at Bobbie Walsh Enterprises who was with Lone Wolf Productions. He had submitted about 350 videos that he shot and they made him a partner. He sold his house and moved to N.Y. within a month.

Now I am alone craving cum and a stiff cock in my ass with no outlet for my desire.

One afternoon on a Saturday I was home on my computer viewing some of the DVD's that john left me "of me". I was standing in front of computer; I had a dildo with a suction cup on my chair. I was wearing one of my wife's bra's with some red lipstick while continuously dropping myself onto the dildo; saying "fuck me, oh yeah, fuck me."

I was jacking my cock furiously wanting to cum when I heard my wife screaming at me from the bedroom door. I hadn't seen her after that moment until I signed the papers. Now I am renting a one bedroom apartment hoping I am not recognized by anyone. I don't even know how many CD's I am starring in and I am sure I don't want to.

I had been posting on Craigslist looking for a DOM, someone with similar interests and I finally connected with someone. We chatted, via email and finally made arraignments to meet. Then after meeting we made arrangements to meet at a his place. Wish me luck.

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