tagErotic CouplingsStranger in the Dark

Stranger in the Dark


Tension filled the spaces between them in an ugly, quiet, patient way. Sonya actually envied couples who had fiery relationships in which they routinely butted heads like spring rams. At least their feelings and emotions were released and not forever caged within. No, their situation was much more like a dark, malevolent spider crouching in its web. Forever waiting and forever patient. A stagnant hurt that never seemed to heal or be resolved.

They were on their way to see a movie, something they hadn't done in years. It should have been a novelty and more than a little exciting. When they had first met, it was something they did regularly and really enjoyed. A hint of a smile reached Sonya's lips as she reminisced, the pair of them sitting in the back row like naughty teenagers, a mountain of popcorn and a bucket of cola between them. And after they were satiated, it was always wandering hands, quick kisses and muffled cries. At least one of them always enjoyed an orgasm, to emerge from the dark all rosy cheeked and bleary eyed.

That seemed like a lifetime ago to Sonya as her mouth returned to its grim line. As she reached for their ticket vouchers in the glove box, she let out a small grunt of pain as her finger caught on the jagged piece of metal that had been plaguing her for nearly a year. She sucked the crimson drop from her finger as she peered at her husband from the corner of her eye. Her heart felt dead in her chest at the lack of his response, but it had felt that way for a long time now.

Benign. She nearly giggled out loud at her cruelty. Yes. Benign is the perfect word for you, David. You are positively benign.

Sonya was glad they were nearing the cinema. The ridiculously short skirt she had donned and the equally ridiculous high heels she wore were already becoming uncomfortable. She accidentally scoffed out loud at her vain attempt to rekindle some sort of fire between her and David. "What?"

"It's nothing. I'm just not sure I should have worn this."

"You look real pretty, darling," but the words did nothing to soothe Sonya. All she could think about was the fact that he didn't even glance her way as he complimented her.

There was a fire that was starting to kindle. It astonished Sonya as she recognized it as anger. She had given up and almost died within their relationship so it was quite startling to feel her frustration and fury building up and causing such a physical response. It felt molten hot as it coursed through her veins and her chest felt like it was restricting and suffocating her fast beating heart. She was usually torn when it came to her feelings regarding David... he was so well meaning and naïve that when he committed acts that, unbeknownst to him, hurt her feelings, she always ended up feeling like she was the bitch.

In some ways, it was her fault. When they had first met they had fallen utterly in love and couldn't keep their hands off each other. Their sexual styles had perfectly matched one another's, so vital and raw. Just to feel his tongue against hers or his hand on her thigh had once elicited an automatic response from her body, her panties immediately damp. But times had changed, or rather she had changed... and David hadn't. Instead of excitement at his intensity, she now felt constantly rushed and pressured in the bedroom. No wonder she had trouble cumming with him... she was suffering major performance anxiety. And it isn't like she hadn't told him. Sonya couldn't remember exactly how many times she had said "Slow down David. The secret is to make me want more, not less." Her anger was mounting and making her temples thud with a dull ache.

No, it is your fault David. And fix that damn piece of metal that I am always cutting myself on. As she looked out the window, she saw the cinema complex and was glad. Sitting next to David in the car felt constricting and she had the overwhelming impulse to physically move and breathe in fresh air.

Her restrictively tight, short skirt was preventing a graceful exit from the car and even that intensified her anger at David who was distractedly looking at the elevator whilst waiting for her. No David, I don't need your help. He finally glanced back as she was attempting to pull down her skirt and rearrange herself.

"Are you ready yet? The movie I want to see is about to start."

"Yes, let's go," Sonya said resignedly and he started making his way without stopping to accompany her. Why do I bother? She felt awfully bitter and they shared the elevator in their familiar, dead silence.

"I'll go and buy our tickets. I'll be right back," David informed her when they reached the foyer. "Oh... would you like anything?"

"No." That is what I will always be... an after thought. Usually the prospect of a good horror movie and the smells of a cinema were a comfort but the popcorn smelled greasy and it was starting to make her nauseous. As she glanced over to find David in a special designated line for ticket purchases to see the new horror film he chose for them, she swore her headache worsened substantially. The mere thought of sharing a cinema with so many others was making her feel claustrophobic.

The cinema was already dark as they entered, an usher waiting to guide them with a torch. Sonya looked around and saw a mass of heads and fervently hoped there would be no seats left for them. They were led to two empty seats up the back in the left wing and in the dead centre of the row. The prospect of being so close with so many strangers was a little distressing to Sonya. "Perfect timing," said David as they sat down and she could see the gleam of his teeth as he smiled.

That he was so oblivious to her discomfort was adding to her already existing fury.

He must know by now how much I hate crowds. I think I might hate you, my benign husband.

The cinema was pitch black, a stark contrast to Sonya's anger which felt white hot. Her temples throbbed and her mind was working overtime, analyzing her and David's relationship and justifying her resentment of him. He was not a mean-spirited man and nothing he ever did was with vindictiveness or spite, but that did not lessen her pain. So consumed was she that at first she was barely aware of the touch. She sat deathly still and focused, to be sure it wasn't her imagination. Yes, there is was again. An almost imperceptible touch against her upper thigh, a feather light brush that was further muffled by the fabric of her skirt.

Sonya peered sideways but could barely see the person sitting beside her. The horror movie was all dark places and night so no light was escaping from the screen and a vague black profile was all that she could make out in the dark. There it was again. She looked down and was sure she could see a finger gently swipe the side of her upper thigh. She could have sworn she saw the figure turn slightly toward her, a man judging by the size of the silhouette with two little pin pricks of light where eyes should be and a tiny shimmer where teeth would be if he smiled. She sat stock still and nothing further happened, Sonya wondering if it was all her imagination's doing and she brought her attention back to the movie playing.

Sonya was growing bored of the movie and her discomfort. She kicked her shoes off and wriggled her skirt up high so that she could move her legs freely. She was horrified when she looked down and could actually make out her white cotton underwear but shrugged and decided she didn't care. That is when the touching began again. She felt the stranger's fingertips on her bare skin this time, her upper thigh completely sensitized. He was discreetly brushing the side of her leg and Sonya glanced at her oblivious husband to make sure he wasn't noticing. The thrilling sensation of being touched by a stranger was mounting and his touch was ceaseless now. Just those delectable light brush strokes of his fingers against her thigh were enough to arouse her and warm her crotch.

The stranger cupped his whole hand on the side of her thigh and slid it down. His fingertips were under her leg as he motioned upwards slightly a few times. Sonya responded by leaning into her husband and crossing her right leg over her left, effectively raising her right ass cheek off the chair. She was so turned on that she didn't even think about it as she changed her position. All she knew is that she didn't want it to stop. The stranger slid his hand underneath and gently kneaded her ass cheek outside her panties. He was moving painfully slowly toward her pussy, massaging her with his fingertips.

And then it happened... all of a sudden he was brushing against her pussy with oh so light strokes, instantly starting a fire in her groin and causing a soft groan to escape her lips. He was softly stroking from her clitoris down the length of her lips to her vagina and back again. Her underwear was now sticking to her pussy with her wet juices.

Oh God... I haven't felt like this in so long. Damn it, I deserve it. His fingers were relentless and continued to lightly brush back and forth against her pussy until she was fighting the urge to rock her hips against him. He started adding more pressure as he reached her clitoris and as he moved down and reached her vagina, he was pushing gently inside her lips.

Sonya was absolutely throbbing and was hornier than she could ever remember... and all this from a stranger touching her on the outside of her underwear! She was sure that her pussy had swollen to twice its normal size and she was longing to feel him against the bare skin of her pussy. The stranger deftly moved her panties to the side of her vagina, exposing her wet, sensitive flesh to the air and sending a spark of pleasure throughout her body. She waited for what seemed an eternity until finally his finger made contact with her clitoris. Sonya nearly convulsed with ecstasy, as he started to gently rub her engorged clit. His finger easily slid over it with her spreading wetness and he began to swirl his finger around in maddening circles.

Her hands were gripping the arm rests now and Sonya was finding it incredibly difficult to contain herself. The stranger was still rubbing her most sensitive spot in circles when he abruptly stopped. With skilled hands, his two fingers slowly moved down from her clitoris and spread her lips. Lower he moved and wider he stretched her, exposing the pink sensitized flesh at the entrance to her vagina. Sonya gasped and felt her juices run down the top of her thighs. Waiting expectantly and beyond any control, she quivered and quickly covered her mouth as he plunged two fingers deep inside her pussy. He pushed them all the way in as she moved back against his hand, her body welcoming and wanting more of him.

The stranger was slowly fucking her with his fingers. Sonya had always been tight and needed a lot of foreplay to loosen up, but she was so aroused that the stretching sensation that his two large fingers elicited felt amazing. His slow, deliberate and firm thrusts sent waves of pleasure though her body, each one bringing her to the brink of orgasm. Her limbs felt like quivering jelly as he thrust faster and she wasn't entirely sure but it was becoming so intense it felt as though he was parting his fingers and stretching her even wider.

And then it came.... he put pressure on her clitoris with his thumb and made a beckoning motion deep inside her pussy as he finger fucked her. The complicated finger play took merely seconds before her entire pelvic area clenched uncontrollably and became almost frighteningly tight with orgasm. Sonya bent down, effectively sitting on the strangers hand while his fingers remained trapped inside her, trying to control her orgasmic convulsions and feigning a search for her handbag. Wave upon wave encapsulated her body, her vagina rhythmically squeezing the stranger's fingers as he continued to move gently inside her. The intensity of her orgasm was shocking in its severity and it seemed to Sonya that she came for an hour, her groin pulsing with a burning fire that radiated out to her extremities.

Finally she sat back up, all too aware of her flushed face and the perspiration that covered her entire body. She was quivering still and felt so honey limbed that she was sure if she had to stand right at that moment she would just collapse in a heap. She was thankful for the darkness in the cinema and she snuck a look at David.

That is so like you David. Your wife just had the best orgasm of her life and you are right next to her and you didn't even notice. Despite her feeling of bravado, she was all too relieved that he didn't seem aware of what had just happened. Sonya leaned back in the chair contentedly, stretching her arms, and then suddenly realized the stranger's fingers were still inside her....they had become so still and she so satiated and numb that she had entirely forgotten. Leaning to the left and raising her right buttock, the stranger withdrew his fingers slowly and almost reluctantly from her pussy. She felt her hot, wet cum ooze out as he did so, and when she lowered her ass back down on the seat it was positively sodden.

Having lost all sense of time, Sonya thought it pertinent to go and clean up. Besides, what was nice warm cum a moment ago was now an uncomfortably cold and wet squishiness between her legs. Waiting momentarily for the bright flashes to fade into the darkness that pervaded the movie, she rose and told David quickly "I have to go the restroom... I'm busting". He curtly nodded and she sidled past making sure she faced him, hiding the wet mess that was the back of her skirt. All the while, David was attempting to look around her so she didn't feel worried about him seeing her soaked behind as she quickly made her way down the steps.

I am so sorry for the inconvenience David... missing what must have been 2 seconds of the film, she thought but she was no longer angry. She smiled and felt like she didn't have a care in the world.

Sonya squinted as she exited the cinema, the bright fluorescence far too illuminating. It made her feel exposed and vulnerable, and it dampened her mood. She was suddenly humiliated by her wet skirt which must have been far more obvious in the light.

Perhaps that is why so many things deemed sinful are done in the dark, she mused. David and I always do it in the dark, she thought and laughed out loud. With her hands behind her rump, she quickly shuffled toward the restroom, her legs sliding past one another as she walked, literally bathed in a wet slickness. As soon as she entered the cubicle door, she breathed out a sigh of relief and went to the task of wiping up her juices. Her panties were soaking wet so she disposed of them in the sanitary disposal unit. As for her skirt, it was drenched and pressing the horrible cinema toilet paper against it was doing nothing but leaving tiny white flakes stuck to the fabric.

Hearing no others in the restroom, Sonya made her way to the hand drying machine. She turned it on and faced it down, sticking her ass out in an attempt to dry the material and all the while keeping an eye on the entrance door. She looked at her butt in the mirror, dismayed at the faint rings of white but pleased they were barely perceptible. Her face looked obviously post-coital to her, her lips crimson and her cheeks still flushed. Her blue eyes seemed brighter and her damp long hair clung to her scalp. She was pleased with the sudden realization that she looked beautiful.

Wow... I am still horny. I am so satisfied, but God I want that to happen again. And now! She gave a smug smile to her reflection and left the restroom with a noticeable bounce in her step.

Sonya startled and gave a tiny jump, a hand suddenly clasping hers and pulling her into the large disabled toilet. The man quickly latched the door and turned to face her. He was large... very large. His crisp white shirt clung to his broad shoulders and she had to turn her head up to view his face. He was an older man and clean cut, almost a middle-aged Clark Kent which she found very pleasing. He was openly appraising her, drinking in her body in a possessive way, and a slight snarl curled his lips.

"I know exactly what you need." Being trapped inside a room with a powerful, commanding stranger was scaring her, but she was also aware of the instant warmth and wetness in her groin. "I am going to fuck you now," the stranger intoned. He must have seen Sonya's fear, because he then gently added "Don't be scared my little lamb. You are going to love it." She could barely speak and was visibly trembling, and she felt glad when the man took control, firmly holding her shoulders and kissing her mouth. She kissed him back with a ferocious neediness that shocked her, their tongues meeting and twining. Sonya thought it was the most wonderful kiss she had ever had and she moaned softly as his hands drifted down her sides to the small of her back and then her ass.

She could feel his member pressing against her, so big and hard and she thought of how uncomfortable it must be for him to have his swollen cock restricted by his jeans. Overtaken by the uncontrollable urge to please this man, this attractive older stranger, she gently withdrew from his kiss and went to her knees. Sonya started to slowly unbuckle his belt and when she glanced up she felt her heart soar when she saw him smiling at her. He looked so pleased with her and it just made her so happy, so she went to her task with gusto, ripping his jeans down and then gently pulling his red briefs down over his fully erect cock which seemed to bound out from its confinement.

Sonya was impressed as she gripped his hard cock and having never been duly impressed by male anatomy, she grinned. It's perfect. It was on the large size and stood tall and straight. He was immaculately clean and perfectly groomed, and the soft skin that covered his swollen member was stretched taut. She squeezed her hand, noting that its girth was definitely bigger than average, and she was filled with a longing to have his cock inside her. She started slowly stroking the stranger's dick and as she moved her mouth closer, she saw the top of his beautiful, pink knob glistening.

Softly she licked his head whilst gripping and stroking the base of his shaft. Her tongue fluttered against the top, and then followed the ridge around to the sensitive underside, her touch as light as butterfly wings. The man groaned and placed his hand on the back of her head, gently pulling her closer. Sonya licked her lips, placed them against the top of his cock and slid her mouth tightly down, taking in his swollen knob. He groaned again as she kept him just inside her hot, wet mouth, her lips firmly holding him while she lashed his head with her tongue. Slowly she slid her lips down nearly his entire length, marveling at how rock hard he felt.

"That's enough my little lamb" he said, slowly extricating his penis from her mouth. "I didn't pull you in here so I could get a head job. I told you I knew exactly what you needed, and that is what I plan to give you." He helped Sonya to her feet and produced a condom from his wallet which he quickly put on. Watching him slide it down the length of his long, hard shaft was completely alluring to her.

"I am glad one of us has some sense," she said, wondering why she hadn't thought of protection at all and where her sensible nature had gone. He smiled and cupped her face as he kissed her deeply. He ran his hands down her sides and hitched her skirt up high, and when he reached down to feel her pussy he have a small grunt of surprise at having his fingers meet bare skin.

"You are a lovely little lamb, aren't you? You have no idea how much this pleases me." Sonya pulled him close, hungry for his mouth and tongue as he began to stroke her twat, her warm juices already running freely. He reached down her back and lifted her up by the buttocks, pushing her against the bathroom wall. Her legs were spread wide and they wrapped around him, her pussy pulsing with her desire.

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