tagSci-Fi & FantasyStranger to a New World Ch. 02

Stranger to a New World Ch. 02


All characters involved in sexual activity in this story are at least 18 years old.

This is the second part of a continuing story if you haven't read the first part you should do so before reading this part. Hopefully you will enjoy what I have written so far...

* * Alexius * *

After a day's walking and then a night with Mira and Kitra, I am slow to wake up in this morning, but wake up I do with one of the sisters riding my cock and the other rubbing her pussy on my face. Now I am not sure as to which of the sisters is where but I figure they must have worked out the arrangement between themselves, they seemed to have picked up where we left off and I will find out for sure when my vision isn't blocked.

Once I realize what's going on I start licking and reach up and position my pillow to give me better control. I reach up with my hands and grip each lady by a hip, rubbing my thumbs over the hip bone on each of the sisters. The rubbing on the hip bone if you know where to apply pressure triggers a nerve cluster that sends shocks through the woman's pussy.

Reaching up between the sisters and play with their breasts and nipples, sometimes playing with two nipples at once as the ladies are pressed against each other to keep balance on top of me, I can't see if they are doing anything else because my vision is blocked and I can't hear much either, so just have to go on feel and try not to drown in the fluids being released.

I reach up and grab the ass that is on my face and lift the owner a little so I can get a breath or three, and blow on her pussy when I exhale, watching her pussy buck a few times before lowering back down again. I spread my legs, planting my heals and ram my cock up into the sister riding it, lifting her up, making her fall against her sister more, pushing her back hard on my face, as I fuck into her pussy as fast as I can, my cock running like the needle on a sewing machine.

She has to hold tight to her sister to stay on that ride and has no chance to thrust back actually no way to thrust back all she can do is hold on and ride the piston till I lower her back down, which takes a minute or so of high speed fucking. I can feel her spasms around my cock, unable to move at first, then she slowly starts to ride my cock again. The other sister is quaking on my face and I have to lift her ass again to get another breath.

Starting to thrust gently with my hips, feeling the tingle in my groin the precedes ejaculation and I start to cum, grabbing the hips of the sister that is riding my cock and pressing deep as I can inside her, I explode, filling her pussy with hot semen till it starts running down the base of my cock, mixed with her juices running over my balls and onto the sheet below us.

The sister on my face lets go of her sister and falls over to her side. I can breath again, at least through my mouth as my nose is clogged with pussy juice (pussy juice is a great way to clear out the sinuses). I can finally see who is who.

I look down at the top of the head that is laying on my chest with all its red hair I see that Kitra got her ride and realize I must have been asleep when she gave up her hymen to me.

"Good moaning girls, what a wonderful way to greet the day." I say with a smile

Kitra and Mira in duo "mmmm" giggles "Yes too bad we can't wake up like this every day."

"If we did this every day we might not get much done in a day" I laugh "plus I am not as young as both of you and need time to recharge in between, at least a half hour or you ladies will wear me out and end up having to satisfy each other."

Mira laughs and replies, "We wouldn't want to wear you out."

I tease, "Well I might need a break now and then, but you girls could go without me if that happens." chuckling

Kitra naively answers, "Am I missing something, we don't have a cock?"

"You have tongues, you seem happy to make use of mine" I laugh "and you have already had a taste of each other, from me kissing you both after I used my tongue on the both of you. You have also tasted my cum when I dipped my fingers into Mira's pussy and fed it to the both of you. Mira you could try getting some from Kitra's pussy and feed some, to both of you."

They both look at me a bit shocked. I reach out and tickle them both, I don't know what time of the day it is, I do know it is shower time. I go put some coffee on, "have fun ladies."

Mira yells "Hey wait for us you aren't getting away that easy."

Kitra adds "I need to use the bathroom and the bidet."

After starting the coffee, I head for the bathroom to relieve myself, shave, shower and dressed for the day. I grab a cup of coffee and head outside to see how high in the sky the sun is. Mira comes out a short time later, looks around and says "It is still morning, late morning. So what plans do you have for today?"

"I think that depends on Kitra and your plans. I don't have any plans all I remember is what happened since I woke up yesterday, so I am flexible as far as plans go." I chuckle, "I think my only plan is to meet people, learn what I can and see what place I can make for myself here." I smile "all I have is a future and no plans."

Mira answers, "It must be strange having no past, no idea where you came from. As far as a future I think Kitra and I can help with that at least for awhile, until you decide to move on you are welcome to travel with us." she smiles

"Now that sounds like a plan, but right now I think we need more than coffee to start the day. You ladies probably need to look after your animals. I will make us something to eat while you see to your team." We head back inside , me to start a meal and Mira to get Kitra to help take care of what needs doing with their team and wagon.

When the food is ready I set the table fill a pitcher with juice put the eggs and potatoes, on a big covered platter and put that in the center of the table with serving spoons and our meal is ready. I fix another cup of coffee and head outside to check on the girls.

I yell out "Mira, Kitra the food is ready to eat, are you about done."

Kitra pops out from inside the wagon and Mira calls from where the team is tethered "Be right there we are just about finished here, just a couple more minutes."

Sitting down by the ash and coals of last night's fire, I drink my coffee while I wait for them. When the girls are finished, we go inside to eat. Amazingly, the platter has kept everything hot. As we enjoy the meal we make plans of sorts.

"Since we are going to be traveling together for some time, if there is anything in the wagon you want to put in your rooms, feel free to do so. It will make more room in the wagon for three people on the road and you two are welcome in my tent for as long as we are together. If the time comes to part ways, if we meet in the future, you will always have a place to stay with me." I smile "Even if I have other companions, you will always be welcome." I give a lighthearted chuckle.

Mira smiles "I think we will stay here three more days before we hit the road. That will give the team a good rest. After we finish eating I think we will move them to the coral/field just the other side of these trees, plenty of grass and water for them there. These well sites are set up well for travelers you will find them all along the roads. In a days travel on foot or slow moving wagon you will pass three to four of them. These well sites are ancient no one living seems to know how old they are or who made them, but they are everywhere the traveling families have gone."

I ask, "Where are you two heading now?"

Mira "Where ever the road takes us. Every traveling family has its own territory. When we left our mother's family, we were at a gathering of the traveling families. There were a couple other new families starting up also."

Kitra continues, "So all the leaders of the families meet to decide where the new families should start exploring new territories, outside of the territories, already being held. The leader, set a starting point for each new family."

Mira says, "If no new start points are available or not enough are available. The new families that don't receive a start point have to stay with their old family and wait for the next yearly meeting to find out if any start points are available then."

Kitra clarifies, "Start points are established at the first well site outside the borders of an established territory. Start points cannot be set too close together, because each new family is given five years to explore and establish their territory. At the end of five years what is explored becomes their territory. The boundary of the new territory is used to set up new start points for other new families."

Mira adds, "The new families create their own markers to place at well sites and unmarked sign post. Once the markers are approved, they draw lots on the available start points. This well site, is where our territory starts. We will set the first of our marker, when we have made sure there is no other family marker placed here. We have five years to place as many of our markers as we can and return to one of the yearly meetings of the families."

Kitra continues, "At that time, our territory will be recorded on the master map of the families which will update all family maps with current information. Not all the families can make the yearly meetings but all most all make the major meeting every five years. New families are expected to miss meetings for five years, even if it is a major meeting because they are establishing new territories."

"That is good information but it doesn't answer my question." I laugh

Mira smiles and adds "Since this is a new territory and it took us about six months to get here, that leaves us about four and a half years to establish our territory. Since this territory isn't on the traveling families maps we have no idea what's in this area. We have to set our markers and map as we go. We map along the bordering territories first, then expand from there until we have to leave for the meeting.

Kitra expands, "When the place of the meeting is announced, a temporary marking will appear on our map and one of us will take a riding beast and leave of the meeting place with time enough to get there before the meeting begins. The other one will continue exploring and setting out markers until the last day of the five years time limit is over. The one that goes to the meeting will sign the family records and our territory will be sealed."

Mira giggles "So in answer to your question we really don't know yet as this area isn't on the family maps until we seal the territory at the end of the five years."

Kitra states, "We only place markers at well sites and unmarked sign post, not inside the borders of population centers, they are all open for families traveling through for the meetings or to establish new territories, to do some small business in passing."

Mira adds, "That doesn't happen often though especially in a new territory without bordering territories on all sides. We have at least four and a half years before any family has cause to cross our territory."

I laugh "So for the next four and a half years we are all pretty much lost and just wandering, finding new things."

Mira teases, "That is if we stay together that long." she laughs

Kitra pauses, "hmm I wonder how many babies we will have by then." smiling "and how many wagons will join our family."

I laugh, "Babies" I chuckle "you are going to be busy with exploration and establishing a territory and you want to stay pregnant all the time. What this about more wagons joining the family?"

Mira in a serious tone, "The family has to grow, two women don't make a complete family without children." she pats her belly hopefully "We are going to have to fuck some more to make sure you planted your seed and it sprouts." she giggles "It has only been since last night for me and this morning for Kitra."

Kitra adds, "Families grow in more ways than having children. As we explore, we meet the people. If we meet women that connect with us and our way of life, if they have a wagon and skills, we will invite them to travel with us for a time. If they fit in they will be invited to join the family. If not the family will politely part ways with them."

I say, "Kitra you snuck up on me while I was sleeping this morning, not complaining, mind you, but I missed you loosing your cherry, when I woke up Mira's bottom blocked my view. I think you must have given it up before that though." I laugh "I hope you took your time and enjoyed the ride."

Kitra blushes "I took as much time as I needed and the ride was glorious."

I laugh, "Well you have little to compare the ride too, after all you both have only had one pony so far."

Mira "The women of the families only deal with one man at a time to keep the blood lines straight. Once we have parted ways with a male there is a two month celibacy to insure no further pregnancy has occurred."

Kitra "So even though two or more women sharing the same man is a rare occurrence, I think you are stuck with us for awhile." she laughs

I chuckle "Be that as it may, our plans for at the near future are to travel the road, and post your markers. Is that correct?"

Mira says, "That is the main purpose, for us to explore and create our territory. Also to talk to other people along the way gather information so we don't wander uninformed and pass the news along."

Kitra adds, "The families are known to be one of the best sources of news available, there are a few wandering bards as well, if you played an instrument you might do well as a traveling bard." she smiles

Mira continues, "Most bards carry arms such as you have, bards and the families in general get on well and most bards are always welcome to travel with the families."

Kitra states, "The map you have above the fireplace shows the route you have traveled so far, our map doesn't show that side road you came out of when you got to this road. According to our map there is nothing but forest where the road is."

I look at them and say "That is curious, the road is there, but it's nothing special, not a road like this one that is for sure, but there is at least one well, between where I started walking and this road."

Mira pauses, "I wonder why it's not on our map. That is a bit odd."

I add, "It maybe just an old farm track it was barely a wagon track across fields, but it did have the one well, on the stretch I traveled."

Kitra exclaims, "I have an idea! We are supposed to explore everything in our territory and that road looks to be in our territory. If we all agree lets pack up in the morning and back track to that road and start our exploration there. If it is just and old farm track it should not take that long to explore, it might even be a lost short cut to someone else's territory or to unexplored territory for us. It won't hurt to check it out and map it for ourselves."

I say casually, "I don't mind it is not like I am in a rush or have any place to go. It was just the luck of a knife spin that sent me in this direction in the first place." I laugh "Though that spin has certainly been a pleasure so far."

Mira "Definitely it has been a real pleasure and I think for all of us." she says with a big grin

"So you think we should stay here three more days, and what are your plans for those three days." I laugh

Mira "Well, why don't you take care of the clean up here in the kitchen and Kitra and I will go and move the team to the corral. Then we can talk about the next three days." She says with a sly grin and a big wink.

I laugh "So I get kitchen duty."

Such is the way of life we are dropping into, the team and wagon are theirs after all. They are more used to taking care of their responsibilities than I am. Though I am guessing I will learn more about the ways of the traveling families the longer I am with them. I also have my ways, I am learning or re-learning as I go. I suppose in re-learning my ways as I learn theirs a blending will be reached.

So we pass the next few days tending to the animals, making meals, relaxing and having sex which just gets better and better the more we get to know about each other. Mira and Kitra are constantly wondering if they are pregnant yet or if they will soon be, but they love the practice and I thoroughly enjoy it myself.

I tease them, telling them that inside the tent we are, my type of family with my rules, outside the tent, for as long as I am with them, it is their type of family with their rules. Either way inside or outside the tent, I will do what I can to help make their family successful. I tell them I have decided that inside my house/tent they have chosen to be my wives as long as they chose to stay with me. They laughed a little at that and smiled at me.

I look at them, "I know that as long as you are trying to get pregnant by me, I will be the only man in your bed." I laugh

Mira in her serious voice, "You got that right, we have to know who the father is for our records." she laughs "Now after we are pregnant we can have pleasure sex with whoever we want." She chuckles

I in my slightly serious tone, "You can have sex with anyone that is a guest in the tent if they are willing, in their room or in your room. If they are not a guest keep it outside the tent, the wagon is yours" I laugh "and I decide who is a guest. Is this agreeable with you ladies?"

Mira "Yes, not that it is likely to happen, I don't think you are going to invite all that many men to be guest," She laughs "the tent is your house so your rules."

Kitra chuckles "Yes I agree also." She grins.

Seriously, I say, "I am new to everything, but I trust my feelings, the longer we stay together and truthfully, I hope it is a long time, a very long time. I don't know if I am from this place or was brought here by someone or something beyond my remembering. The only thing that might change things for us if that same force decided to act on me again."

Kitra pauses, "Do you think that could happen?'

"We have to consider the possibility. On a lighter note, I have thought of a new rule," I laugh "inside my house no clothing is to be worn, with the following exceptions, We get dressed in our rooms to go outside if we want to or have to. When we come in from outside, we get undressed in our rooms. Ladies can wear panties/bloomers during their monthly cycle. These rules apply to all guests, as well as any visitors."

Mira smiles, "Why not we have seen everything each other has, so no need to hide it. "

Kitra pauses, "During our bleeding time we use small cloth bags filled with herbs and absorbent materials that are held in place with cloth straps. What are panties/bloomers?"

I say, "Panties/bloomers are different names for undergarments and they come in a wide range of styles. Lets go into one of your rooms and I will find some to show you."

We go in Kitra's room and I open drawers till I find some panties. "This drawer has some panties in it several different styles." I open another drawer, "There are some more in this drawer along with some thongs. Mira you will find more in drawers in your room."

I hold up a pair, "These are panties also but they are pretty much just eye candy." I laugh "they are crotchless and really serve no practical purpose. They are used to give a show to arouse your partner. This draw has bras, they are supposed to help support your breast, but I don't think you ladies have any problem in that area, maybe after you become pregnant you might need a little support. They make some especially for breastfeeding that help absorb leakage and have panels that open to expose the nipple for feeding."

I look through a couple of drawers of bras, to find a peekaboo bra and a shelf bra "This is a shelf bra or a quarter bra, it lifts your breast and pushes them together to create cleavage that certain gowns expose for viewing. This is a peekaboo bra its a bit like the crotchless panties mostly eye candy to expose your nipples to arouse your partner without exposing the entire breast."

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