tagExhibitionist & VoyeurStranger's Kiss

Stranger's Kiss


I love the idea of exhibitionism and being gangbanged but I am really scared of the Idea of actually being recognised as one so I don't do anything about it. And I only found out I liked it after I experienced it accidentally.

One such experience was when I was going for a date. I decided to wear and of shoulder dress that ended exactly where my finger tips reached if I stretched my arms. Midthigh. It was sunday and we were meeting around midday. There was plenty of day light. The location we decided to meet at had a park nearby which is pretty well known and I knew it was big and had gates in many locations so I decided to take a short cut through it. It has enough trees but it's not the kind of place you can hide in.

But since it's big I decided to ask for the gate to the place I needed to be at. I saw a guy who was going somewhere and decided to ask him for directions. He started to give directions, pointing in the direction of the gate. Just to confirm if I got him right, I pointed in the direction and asked, "There?" But instead of answering me he stood behind me a if to point where to go from behind me. But he stood pressed against me. His chest against my back and his groin against my butt. I tried moving forward and away from him. but he grabbed both my shoulders pulling me back. His hands lightly pressing and releasing me in the way someone humps. He moved his head close to me ear, lips almost touching my neck and whispered what I thought were the directions. But I didn't hear it.

"What?" I asked. He took this opportunity to press his lips against my neck and literally spoke with his lips moving against my shoulder and neck and then started to kiss my shoulders. I was getting wet. I was really enjoying this but also slightly hesitant. I tried to move away again but he moved his hand in front of my neck. His left hand over my right chest.

While still kissing my shoulder he grabbed my face with his other hand and pulled it back to face him and pressed his lips against mine kissing me passionately. I could feel lips swell and become red. He started inserting his hand inside my dress. Slowly from where my boobs started to just above my nipple. Then to the side of my boobs and under them and even between my boobs as if carefully avoiding my nipple. Just going close enough to it and then moving farther. The idea that he could touch my nipple any moment drove me crazy.

And then he filled my mouth with his tongue which turned me on even more. Right then I opened my eyes. I saw him looking right in my eyes. His eyes were probably open the whole time. I kept my eyes open allowing him to enjoy my body.

I noticed then that a few other guys were also enjoying the view. A few taking pictures or videos with mobiles in hand. And instead of scaring me it made me even more horny. I looked right at the men looking. I could see the look in their eyes. I knew in their mind I was already naked right here in the park and their dick inside me.

The strangers hands enjoyed my boobs.. moved up my thigh exposing all of my leg to the viewers. He pulled up my dress and underwear higher exposing the side of my butt and pulling my undies against my pussy.

I looked at the men viewing and imagined being naked right there, with his dick moving in and out and in and out again and again.. Harder and harder, violently. And the other men surrounding us waiting for their turn fuck me. I imagined them fucking me one by one. And being filmed being fucked by multiple men.

But As I thought about this I realised I didn't want this to be true. I pushed him and started to move away. And As I moved away I felt someone lifting my dress from behind. I looked back to see one of the viewers was rubbing his hand against the back of my thigh. He moved his hand between my butt cheeks moving it to my pussy from behind. Right then I felt another set of hands on the front of my thigh. Two men whose hands were now competing to touch my pussy at the same time. In broad daylight and in view of a lot of others.

I am surprised how something can scare you and still turn you on. I was wet. the guy in front smiled. I tried to push him away but he grabbed me and started to eat my lips. The guy behind me pulled my dress down exposing my boob to anyone who could see and started squeezing it.

I somehow pushed them both and ran. When I reached for my date I was still wet, so I went took my undies off in the washroom when I got the chance. My date chose a secluded section of the restaurant covered on four sides with an opening to enter. He sat besides me and could see my exposed legs as my dress rode up to my pussy. He started groping me as soon as the food came and his hand hungrily moving up my thigh. and pressing my hard enough to hurt had I not been turned on. He quickly noticed I was wet was wearing no undies. He started fingering me...

But ready as I already was. I started to unbutton his jeans.. He understood what I wanted and turned my around. My hands against the wall. His hand on my mouth to stop me from moaning loudly and fucked me.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous01/16/18

I liked it, as a woman, it resonated with me...

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by Anonymous01/14/18

I agree

Total crap. To her 2 guys is a gang bang? She's as dumb as the writer! Lame.


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by Anonymous01/13/18


Atrocious grammar and nothing remotely interesting in the story line. Sorry, but it is really that bad. Try another hobby perhaps?

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