Stuck Ch. 01


Donna was a good girl. She did well in school, she was liked my her peers, and nice to her family. She was happy, except for one thing; Gavin. Gavin was a year older than her, and lived next door. He was friends with her older brother, Josh, and would constantly be over at their house. He was a jerk. He was rude, out spoken, and disrespectful; Donna hated him.

She tried not to give him the time of day though. Whenever he was around she would ignore him, which was not easy to do. Gavin had at least 6 inches on her, and was well toned. He had dark brown hair down to his shoulders, and always wore a smirk when he saw her; he made her feel very small.

To distract herself, Donna shopped a lot. She loved to buy new clothes, especially jewelry, which led her to the mall, for the big summer sale, in the bracket section. She spotted two matching bangles, dark grey, wide and thick, with amazing carvings. She had to buy them. Walking out of the store, she put one on each wrist, feeling there weight. She would have to get used to them, but they looked amazing.

She arrived home to en empty house. Her parents were at work for the day, and her brother must have gone out, yes! She immediately took her pants off, unhooking her bra as well, leaving her in her panties and a summer tee, and settled into her bedroom to get started on some homework. About 10 minutes into studying she began to notice an annoying rattling sound. She got up, and followed it to the laundry room. Looking around, she noticed a bolt was loose on one of their water pipes, and was rattling around. She grabbed a wrench from the shelf, and reached up to the bolt. It was pretty high, so she had to stretch on her tip toes. Just as she got close enough to start tightening it, she felt both her wrists fly towards the pipe, and stick to it with an out clang. Oh crap, she thought, these bangles are magnetic.

Donna pulled and twisted her wrists, trying to free herself from the pipe. After five minuets of no luck, she then tried to remove the bangles from her wrists, but they were too small. Great, she thought, now I'm stuck here, in my underwear, and no one will be home for hours. Could this be any worse?

"Hello! Anyone home?"

She froze. Oh god. That was Gavin's voice. No No No she though! This is much, much worse. She couldn't let him see her like this, she began pulling harder on her bangles.

"Josh? You here?" Gavin called, his voice getting closer.

He would have to pass right by the laundry room to get to Josh's, and she had left the door wide open. Donna turned around to face to door way, her wrist now twisted over the other, still stuck. Her breath quickened as she heard Gavin's steps coming closer.

"Gavin you jackass, you told me you'd be home" He called, "Now what am I gonna.." He walked past the open laundry room.

He felt his dick instantly wake up, his eyes pouring over the tastily treat stuck before him. A huge smile broke across his face as he slowly entered the room.

"Well well well... did you do all this for me?" He said, his eyes running wild across her body.

Donna was petrified, her body completely stretched out and on display for him. She backed up as much as she could, wriggling.

"L-listen Gavin, I'm stuck ok? These bracelets are ma-magnetic, and I can't get them off." She swallowed and looked down. "C-can you ple-please help me?"

Gavin could not believe his luck. No one home, his friends beautiful 18 year old sister, stuck half naked and begging. Would could be better? He stood directly in front of her now, his hands reaching out to touch her waist.

She gasped, feeling his cold hands wrap around her, his fingers fluttering on her skin, tickling her.

"P-please!" She gasped, "Just help me get down!"

He traces her hips, the small of her back, his hands finally settling on her ass, giving it a nice, hard, squeeze.

"Of course I'll help you get off Donna" He smirked, his hands sliding up to her perky breasts. He watched as her face grew more worried and tormented, noticing her pulling hard on her wrists.

"That's not what I sa-" She started, immediately being cut off by the feeling of his lips on her neck. She exhaled loudly, feelings his tongue slid up her neck, making its way her her earlobe. She felt her knees go weak, hearing his heavy breaths in her ear was too much for her. She's never experienced anything like this, she'd never even been kissed for christ's sake!

"Please G-Gavin, stop. I don't want this, just let me down!" She cried, tearing her neck away from him.

"Do you really think you're in a position to give me orders?" He chuckled. "Look at you. You're like a my own personal play toy." He said, grabbing her by her hips and moving her side to side, "I can make you do whatever I want. And even better, I can do whatever I want." That said, he pulled her close to him, her feet off the floor, and kissed her viciously.

As she opened her mouth to protest, he slipped his tongue inside, wrapping around hers. She felt completely helpless, squirming under his touch. She was so angry about her first kiss being stolen, she swing one of her legs out and kick him on the gut. With a thud he stumbled back, seeming more stoked then hurt.

He dusted himself off, and started at Donna, amused.

"So you wanna do it the hard way, huh?" He said, coming back to her. "You are so convinced you don't want this, aren't you. How about this, lets make a deal?"

Her heart was beating fast, adrenalin rushing though her body. Anything to get out of here he thought.

"What?" She spit.

"Hah" he chuckled, amused by her spirit. "I'll tell you what, I'm gonna reach down into your panties, and play with you. If you can manage to cum in the next five minutes, I'll let you down."

She thought about it for a second. Thats ridiculous! She thought. I can't let him touch me. But I guess it's just his hands...

"Fine" She said, eager to get out.

"Oh? Agreeing already? And you haven't even heard the best part." He grinned.

Shoot, she thought. I didn't hear the last part, she kicked her self for being too eager.

"That's alright though," he murmured, bringing his face closer to hers. "If you do cum" he started into her ear "I get to fuck you till your parents come home from work. What that, about three hours away?" he heard her gasp, pulling hard on her wrists again. "Good thing you already agreed, shall we begin?" He smirked, sliding his hand down her stomach and into her panties.

"No! No that's not fair!" She cried, squirming like mad. "Don't you touch me you sick pervert!" She felt his fingertips at the top of her pussy, slowly sliding down her lubricated slit with ease.

"My god.." he moaned, feeling how drenched she was. He took a deep breath in through his nose, smelling her, tracing his fingers back and forth across her drenched slit. "This should be fun" he said, making eye contact with her. And with that, he began.

Donna had never felt anything like this. She had barely touched herself, and had not really discovered all the spots in her body yet. One things she had not done fore sure, is play with her clit. It always felt weird to her, like it was too much. She couldn't think when she touched it, and she didn't like that. She hadn't played with it in years. This was too much for her.

Gavin started off strong, circling her clit, but not touching it. This made Donna mad, she squirmed and wriggled like mad, making the most arousing noises. He picked up on the fact that she wasn't one to play with herself, reading her reactions. His cock ached in his pants, watching this amazing beauty writhing under his touch.

"P-please...Ga-gavin...I-I can't." She whined, her head unfocused and fuzzy.

He smirked, watching her intently as his middle finger ran over her clit. She jumped and cried out, puling down hard on her wrists. he did it again, back and forth and back and forth, slowly, but with pressure.

Donna couldn't stand it, it had only been a minute and a half but she couldn't held it any longer. Gavin watched closely, bringing his middle and pointer fingers over her clit, pressing it down and holding it firmly.

That was it for Donna, her head flew back and her eyes rolled back, her body in spasm as she came the hardest she had even cum. She orgasmed for 20 seconds, eventually falling limp, leaning on him. She was out of breath, gasping, small beads of sweat starting to form on her back.

He let her lean on him, his fingers still resting on her clit, applying no pressure. She stayed like that for a minuet, regaining her strength, when cuddly she shot back up.

He began to move his fingers again, very slowly.

"No no no.." She slurred, still recovering. "S-stop that, you... I mean, I...already...or..." she trailed off, feeling a finger slip inside her.

He studied her face as he began to slowly finger fuck her. First one finger, then two. Finally he managed to fit three in, stretching her tiny pussy. "You already...what?" He provoked

She shook her head, unable to process the pleasure she was feeling. "I already...y-you just have t-to stop..." She gasped, feeling a finger tracing her clit again. "You can't ke-keep doing this! I-I can't take it... I d-don't want it..."

"Oh?" he grinned. "You don't want it?" he began to circle her clit fast, harder, still finger fucking her. "You don't want this?" He asked, his fingers now curling and wiggling inside her, and his thumb rubbing circles on the tip of her clit.

"No!" She cried out, feeling her body spasm and ache as another orgasm ripped through her. She felt her pussy tighten and release quickly around his fingers, as his thumb pressed harder on her clit. Another shock ran though her, what was happening? Was she cumin a third time? All she knew was that she had never felt like this before.

He smiled wide as he watched the confused pleasure run across her face. With a twisted grin, he moved his fingers up her G spot and began to rub furiously. Her eyes shot open, her jaw dropped as she felt yet another orgasm overtake her body.

He loved this, he could watch her cum all day. He was being extra cruel today, moving his fingering quickly and roughly inside her. He stayed like this for a while, watching her cum over and over, never giving her even a seconds break.

He got lost in his own sadism, and realized Donnas orgasm count was now approaching 15. Well, four more, he though, then the finally.

Donna felt completely useless. He limbs dangled off her, her tongue hanging out slightly, and she barely had the strength to lift her head. She had lost count of how many times she had cum, but her entire body was on fire. She screamed as another one ripped through her, her whole body shaking and her pussy confusing wildly. Suddenly, she felt a weird feeling deep inside her. She began to get nervous.

"W-wait!" She cried. "N-no more Gavin. I..I feel weird..." She shook her head back and forth.

Gavin smirked, massaging a certain spot deep inside her.

"How do you feel?" he asked, purring into her ear.

She gasped, trying to catch her breath. "I think...I t-think I need to..." She blushed madly, looking away.

"Yes?" coaxed, massaging harder and faster.

"I... I... I think I need to pee!" She exclaimed, embarrassed.

Gavin began to laugh, knowing he was close. "It's ok honey, you're supposed to feel like that. Im gonna make you squirt now." He declared, looking into her eyes.

"What!?" Donna yelled, "W-what does that mean? What are you doing, let me down! I feel weird.." She squirmed and pulled on her bangles, feeling like she was about to pee.

Gavin moved to the side of her, his fingers moving roughly inside her. "Are you ready?" he asked, grinning at her.

"No! No let me down! Let moe down right now I swear to god I will- Ahh!!" She screamed as he finally hit the perfect spot, pulling his hand away just as a waterfall erupted from inside of Donna.

She cried out in shock and pleasure. She could no nothing but gasp, moan and twitch...

To be continued...

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by Anonymous04/02/18


oh my god. this is perfect. it’s almost an exact fantasy I have. I really hope you make a second chapter, I need more of this.

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by nadeenhansen8802/24/18

Super hot

I love it hope you continue with more chapters

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