tagBDSMSub Ramoya and the Hairdresser

Sub Ramoya and the Hairdresser


This is a work of erotic fiction. Though this is fiction, it is based on events that actually happened and that I was involved or have personal knowledge of but is written as a piece of fiction to make the story a little hotter.

While this story stands on it’s own, it makes complete sense only if you have read, “Sub Ramoya Meets Her Master”.

I called Ramoya and told her that I had arranged session at Samantha’s Beauty Parlour for her and that her appointment was for three and that she was to talk directly with Samantha. I knew that she would have to move quickly to get there on time.

Ramoya presented herself to Samantha “Call me Sam dear.” She replied, “Your scheduled for a massage and mud wrap, hair wash, trim, and conditioning, facial, pedicure and manicure.”

Ramoya was surprised and delighted. She was stripped, massaged and given a mud wrap, and after a shower, was dried and given a soft warm robe to wear. Her hair was washed and then given a hot deep conditioning. She was moved to a barber chair were it was gently trimmed. Simultaneously, she was given a manicure and pedicure. As Sam wrapped Ramoyas’s hair in towels, she applied a facial gel to her with large cuts of cucumbers for her eyes. She told Ramoya that she would have to remain that way for twenty minutes.

By then it was closing time and most of the customers and staff had left. Ramoya and Sam were the only people left as Sam began to close blinds and secure her counters. That’s when I slipped in. Sam and I know each other well and had played games with each other before. I sat quietly in a chair and waited.

After twenty minutes, the facial was peeled off and light makeup was applied. For the first time, Ramoya was allowed to look into the mirror. She was very pleased with what she saw, as was I. Sam turned Ramoya’s chair toward me. I watched as her eyes flew open when she saw me sitting there.

“Stand and remove your robe for your master,” Sam ordered. Ramoya’s head snapped back to look into Sam’s eyes. She saw the sudden hardness there.

“Sam and I are old friends,” I told her from where I sat, “She is the most truly bisexual person I have ever met!”

With another look at Sam, Ramoya stood and let her robe fall to the floor. Speaking softly I told her to turn around for me. She did as instructed and for the first time, Sam got a truly good look at her. I watched as she took a long critical look at Ramoya’s nakedness.

Ramoya is tall and slim, but with curves in all the right places. Her breasts stand out almost straight from her body. They remind me of the 50’s sweater girls. They have large areola capping them and long, now stiffened nipples. Her hips flare out beautifully, showing an ass that looks almost meaty on her, though it is not an exceptionally large ass. Her long, silky black hair hangs down almost to the bottom of that exquisite ass. There was a light downing of hair all over her body that thickened at her crotch. The only place that she didn’t have hair was on her breasts and legs.

“She is exquisite!” Sam told me.

“She is isn’t she. But there are some small things that I don’t like.” I was of course speaking of the hair. Ramoya shaved her legs because they fit better in nylons but let the hair on the rest of her body grow).

“Yes,” Sam replied, “Knowing your tastes I can appreciate the things that you wouldn’t like.”

Again Ramoya looked at Sam.

“Lower your eyes,” I snapped at her, “Sam is placed above you this evening, and you have not been invited to look at her!” Ramoya immediately fell to her knees and asked my forgiveness.

“Come and greet me as I have taught you.” I commanded. Ramoya immediately crawled over to me and kissed my feet. I stood then and ordered her to remove my clothes using her mouth. Having already gone through this once, she was much more accomplished at it this time and I was soon naked. As Ramoya was doing this, Sam was also removing her cloths. I watched as she slowly and seductively removed her blouse and bra, her skirt, pantyhose, and finally her panties. It always fascinated me to look at Sam when she was naked. She sat in the barber’s chair and strategically placed a towel in her lap.

When Ramoya was finished stripping me, I sat down and had her lick my cock and balls for a bit. When I was as hard as I could get, I reached down and grabbing her by the hair, pulled her head up to look at me.

“Go to Sam ad greet her properly.” I ordered.

Ramoya turned around and crawled over to Sam. She kissed her feet and then licked them. Without hesitation, she slowly moved her mouth upwards on Sam’s legs. As she approached her lap, Sam grabbed her hair and pulled her up to her breasts. They both sighed as Ramoya took Sam’s nipples into her mouth. As Ramoya got more and more into sucking on Sam’s nipples, Sam slowly moved the towel from her lap. It took a moment for Ramoya to realise it, but when she did, she looked down to see a cock between her breasts! She did a double take, looking up at Sam’s face and back down to “her” cock! I was heartily amused.

“Lick it!” Sam growled, and Ramoya lowered her mouth to the head of Sam’s dick. Sam guided her movements on her prick as Ramoya slowly licked up and down it. She opened her mouth and slowly took all of it in. She sucked hard on the head and then began to lick up and down the shaft once more. Sam opened her legs and Ramoya moved toward her balls. There was a pair of smallish balls tucked tightly at the base of her cock. Ramoya licked them gently but could not suck them into her mouth.

I stood up and moved quietly behind Ramoya. I placed my cock on her cheeks and slowly rubbed the head around her crease. My cock bumped against her labia and soon found her opening, but I did not press it forward, choosing instead to tease her a little. She moaned around Sam’s cock and balls.

Sam spread her legs wide and pushed Ramoya’s head downward. Ramoya licked downwards and suddenly tensed as she was presented with Sam’s other secret. At just that moment I shoved my prick into her body. Ramoya groaned as my cock sank slowly into her body forcing her forward into Sam’s body. With nowhere to go, she did the only thing that she could and began to lick at Sam.

“That’s it baby!” Sam sighed, “Lick my pussy while Master Luke fucks you!” The sounds of Ramoya slurping at Sam’s pussy really turned me on and I was soon pounding into Ramoya’s cunt. I knew if kept it up much longer I would loose myself inside her so I reluctantly withdrew. As I did, Ramoya looked up at Sam.

“He meant it when he said I was truly bisexual!” she crowed. “I’m a hermaphrodite honey, a person with both sets of genitals!”

“Is it… I mean are they…” Ramoya was flustered and didn’t really know what to ask!

“Do you mean are they functional?” asked Sam. “Yes honey, unlike a lot of hermaphrodites both my sets are ‘fully’ functional! I’ve fathered two children that I know of and have a daughter of my own! All perfectly healthy, normal children!” Having said this, she gave Ramoya a moment to think on her words then pulled Ramoya’s her mouth back to he prick.

Ramoya looked at the cock in front of her, seeing it again for the first time. She looked a little lower at the slit below it. I knew she was looking for the differences and possibly for the similarities. Sam had no real clitoris to speak of as her cock grew from just above that point. But there was a hard lump of nerves at the spot just below her prick that acted much like a clit. It didn’t grow like most clit’s did, however, leaving her cock to do that for her. Ramoya would discover all of that as the evening wore on.

“There is work to do.” I said after a moment. Sam stood up and ushered us into a small room. It was an aestheticians room. There was a single padded table in the centre of the room. There were various instruments on small tables strategically placed around the room.

Sam had Ramoya lay down on her stomach on the table. This table was not a normal aestheticians table. It had many more folding parts. Sam opened two wings to which she velcroed Ramoya’s arms. Several more Velcro straps were placed over her body and legs, securely attaching her to the table.

Once she had completed this task, she dropped the leaf at Ramoya’s waist, leaving her doubled over face down on the table with her legs hanging down attached to the portion of the table she had dropped. Sam flipped Ramoya’s hair out of the way and immediately began to apply hot wax to Ramoya’s back and legs. She attached the strips and as soon as they were ready she stripped them quickly off Ramoya’s body!

From the manner in which she did this, I knew it had to hurt and my thoughts were confirm when Ramoya yelled out in surprise and pain! Sam did nothing to alleviate the pain and in fact continued to remove strips!

I dropped the leaf at Ramoya’s neck and pulling her head up by her hair, forced my cock into her mouth! Each time a strip was ripped from her back or ass, Ramoya yelled around my prick in her mouth! It was such a strange and erotic feeling! I looked back over Ramoya’s body, watching Sam at her work. I also watch as Sam rubbed her cock along the crack of Ramoya’s ass! Completely helpless, Ramoya could do nothing as we continued to abuse and use her body! As Sam completed her work, she moved her prick down lower and lower along the crack of Ramoya’s cheeks! I watch, fascinated as she found what she was looking for and shoved her cock into Ramoya’s body!

Ramoya moaned around my prick and her body began to shudder as she quickly moved through a small orgasm. We continued to fuck her harder and deeper, teaming up to use Ramoya’s now willing body! I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold back this time but tried to stave off my orgasm to coincide with theirs! I couldn’t! Another few pumps and I was blasting my seed for the first time into Ramoya’s mouth! With a guttural moan I let go, blasting jet after jet of hot cum into her mouth.

My orgasm caught Ramoya by surprise! She swallowed as quickly as she could but was soon gagging on my spunk! I pulled back slightly to give her more room in her throat and that was all she needed to be able to complete her task!

Just as I was finishing, Sam grunted as well! She yelled out that she was cumming and slammed herself against Ramoya’s ass! I watched as the both of them shook and all over as Sam shot her spunk into Ramoya’s little cunt hole! Sam pulled hard at Ramoya’s body, trying to pull herself deeper into that tight cunt as she unloaded herself into my sub! Soon enough it was over, and she half collapsed onto Ramoya’s bound body.

I moved forward and gave Sam a long kiss. I slipped my hand down over Ramoya’s back and rubbed her ass gently, moving my fingers lower until they touched the point at which they were both connected. They moaned together as my fingers touched them. I slowly pushed Sam out of Ramoya and had her move around to her head and told Ramoya to lick her mistress clean!

When she had completed her task, we quickly removed her tie downs and flipped her over. With practiced ease, Sam just as quickly retied Ramoya face up on the table. This time, instead of dropping the leaf at her waist, Ramoya’s legs were tied to either side of the table leaving her spread eagle on the table. Her arms were stretched out and tied up above her head leaving her completely open to whatever Sam and I wanted to do!

Sam took a small set of scissors and quickly trimmed the longer bits of hair around Ramoya’s pubis and armpit. She then quickly applied more hot wax and strips. The process repeated itself; with Ramoya shouting each time a strip was roughly removed from her body! I again dropped the leaf at Ramoya’s head, leaving her looking backwards at my hard-on and again I muffled her cries with my prick.

Ramoya was quickly and skilfully denuded of hair. Sam left a small “Landing strip” of hair just above her pubis but removed all else on her body. She softly applied a soothing balm to Ramoya’s breasts and pubis and finally to the rest of her skin. I could feel Ramoya relaxing as Sam softly massaged her body. Sam’s fingers moved all over Ramoya, gently exploring her body. She deftly tweaked at Ramoya’s nipples, causing small moans and shudders! She slid down the length of Ramoya’s stomach, tickling the hair she had left on Ramoya’s pubis! She slid her fingers yet further down, and into Ramoya’s soaking wet cunt!

A new kind of groan rumbled around my cock. I decided to pull out of Ramoya’s mouth and watch her and Sam. Ramoya tried to lift her head to see what Sam was doing, but without the support of the table, her work was cut out for her. I lifted the dropped leaf back under Ramoya’s head. Sam looked up and then moved around the table to kiss Ramoya. The kiss was soft yet demanding at the same time, they kissed as only two women can. I envied them. I enjoy a long passionate kiss. But I know that even a man as skilled as I am cannot kiss in quite the same way.

Sam moved up onto the table and placed her cunt over Ramoya’s mouth. She lowered herself slowly and sighed as Ramoya’s tongue licked her gently around her pussy lips. She moved back slightly and Ramoya was now licking at her balls the base of Sam’s rapidly expanding cock. Soon enough, Sam lowered her face into Ramoya’s crotch and the tip of her prick into Ramoya’s mouth. I watched Sam take her pleasure with Ramoya. Her prick sawed gently back and forth through Ramoya’s lips. Sam tongue and mouth licked and sucked at Ramoya’s cunt. Ramoya sucked harder and harder the more Sam played with her pussy.

With a groan, Sam pulled her prick from Ramoya’s mouth and spun around. She looked deeply into Ramoya’s eyes as she slowly lowered her body. The tip of her prick found then gently sank through Ramoya’s open lower lips. They groaned together as it popped through the mouth of Ramoya’s cunt and moved ever deeper into her body.

I watched intrigued as the two of them fucked. Slowly and gently at first, but with ever increasing passion and fever! I moved down and undid the straps holding Ramoya’s legs. Sam lifted them high and spread her own legs around Ramoya’s ass, leaving her deep into Ramoya’s cunt and open for my eyes. I slid up behind Sam and found her cunt with my prick.

Ramoya caught my eye as I pushed into Sam’s body. There was a look of intense wildness as she realized what I was doing. Sam’s head snapped up as my prick popped through into her body. She moaned deeply as I sank into her body!

Sam set the pace. As she fucked Ramoya, she would pull out of her lover and impale herself on me! The faster and harder she fucked Ramoya, the faster and harder she fucked me! Already heated by her play with Ramoya, it didn’t take Sam much time to build up her head of steam! She moaned and yelled at each movement, cursing and swearing as she fucked us both! Her hunger built quickly.

“Oh God! I’m almost there!” She screamed and then let loose with a thundering orgasm!

Ramoya called out as she felt the splash of hot sperm hit the back of her cunt! I lunged forward, adding my weight to the mix as Sam’s cunt spasmed around my cock! It was too much for me and I let loose as well! With a roar I let them both know that I too was cumming as I dumped my load into Sam’s twitching cunt!

I don’t know for how long our orgasms went, but the next thing I knew, we had both collapsed onto Ramoya. I lifted myself off of Sam and moved around to let the “girls” lick me clean. Then Sam pulled out of Ramoya and spun around so both of them could clean each other.

When they had finished, I had both of them kneel in front of me.

“Ramoya, you have done well today. Many people would have run away screaming after discovering Sam’s secrets! You were very apprehensive, but followed our orders beautifully!” I watched Ramoya blushing and squirming at my praise; it was not what she expected.

“I will of course ask more of you. But I tell you now, that you will be able to handle anything I ask of you. You have taken my spankings, I’ve pissed on you, and I’ve used you for my pleasure without regard for yours. I’ve pushed you far but you have not objected. But now I must ask you … are you willing to continue as my sub?”

Ramoya thought for a moment, then nodded her head, “Yes sir.” She said, “I’m willing to continue and do whatever you ask of me.”

“Then I will make this commitment with you. While I will use your body for my pleasure, you too will know pleasure. I will find new ways to play with you, please you and punish you. I will share you with others, but your mind and soul will be mine. And I will do my outmost to ensure that you will fall pregnant even if that means that I loose you as a sub! Does this suit you?”

Ramoya looked and me long and hard, then her lips began to quiver and her eyes closed. Tears began to rain down her cheeks. She couldn’t speak, all she could do was to nod her head yes.

“Then come to me and take you reward.” I commanded. I opened my legs to her and watched as she crawled over to me. She took my lip dick into her mouth where it quickly revived. Tears still streaming down her face, she kissed her way up to my mouth and crawled up into my lap. I kissed and licked the tears from her face, but they continued to fall.

I spun her around and placed her legs outside of my own. My cock quickly found her opening and eased into her body. She began to move up and down, posting on my stiff pole as I squeezed and mauled her breasts. The intensity of the moment was too much for her and soon enough she orgasmed around my prick. I felt her stiffen, her cunt flutter as internal muscles massaged my hard-on. She let out a cry of joy as her body let go!

Sam crawled to us and began to lap up the juices spilling out from around my prick. Ramoya shuddered again and spasmed anew inside as she quickly fluttered through yet another orgasm. I turned her head to mine and we kissed deeply as our bodies moved together.

I could feel the heat of Sam’s breath on my balls as she licked and sucked at Ramoya’s cunt, slurping up the love oils spewing from inside her. I could feel Ramoya building again and I knew that I couldn’t hold out much longer and told her so.

My words spurred Ramoya to double her efforts, I knew then she wanted my cum! I could feel Sam gently rubbing my balls. She felt it when my balls jumped in her hands and she called out “He’s cumming!”

Ramoya broke my kiss and pulled Sam up to kiss her hard just as my cock swelled and spit it’s load into her body! She howled into Sam’s mouth as my hot seed scalded the mouth of her womb! It was an intense orgasm! I think that Sam even had a sympathy orgasm with us!

The three of us held each other gently, hugging and kissing as we slowly came down from our incredible high. It was one hell of an initiation into the world of the sub for Ramoya!

Continued in "Slave Ramoya accepts her fate".

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