tagLoving WivesSue's French Connection

Sue's French Connection


My wife Sue and I were coming to the end of a great night out. We were on holiday in France and had been invited to a black tie charity dinner dance organised by the French branch of our UK Company. The wine had been flowing freely from the beginning and we were both feeling a little bit worse for wear. Sue looked fantastic in a shoulderless little black dress that showed of her gorgeous 36C tits to perfection and her high heels complemented her long tanned legs. She had certainly been getting obvious remarks from some of the Frenchmen attending the function although she doesn't speak the language.

Unfortunately I had forgotten to book a taxi to get home and was told that there would be about an hour wait due to a very busy evening. On hearing this, Claude, one of my French work colleagues, said he would give us a lift as long as we didn't mind sharing with two other guys he had come with to the dinner.

We all piled into his large car and began the journey back to our holiday villa, which was about 15 minutes away down a stretch of motorway south of Paris. I was sat in the front next to Claude and Sue was wedged in the back between Charles and Jean-Luc. There was a lot of ribald comments from the lads in the back about how lucky I was to have such a sexy wife and Jean-Luc then said, in perfect English, 'As guests in his country if Sue would give him a French kiss he would donate £100 to the charity'. Sue giggled and said how could she refuse such a Gallic offer, and turning to him on the backseat wound her arms around his neck for a kiss. I couldn't quite see what was going on but Sue started to moan softly so I turned around in the front seat and found that while Sue was kissing Jean -Luc, Charles had taken the opportunity to lower the top of her dress, exposing her braless tits, which he was now mauling from behind with relish, twisting and pulling on her hardening nipples.

We had often fantasised about seeing her with another man but I had never thought it would possibly happen so I faced the front of the car and kept a close eye on proceedings in the passenger inside rear view mirror. Proceed they did with pace as Sue disappeared from my view and as I adjusted the mirror I could see her on her knees on the floor of the car with her mouth full of Jean-Luc's large cock. Within minutes Jean-Luc groaned and I could see he had filled Sue's willing mouth with his cum as there was a trickle oozing from the corner onto her chin and running down between her tits. Not wanting to miss out on the action Charles pulled her off the floor, pushed the lower half of her dress up to her waist and whipped off her small lacy panties. There was a whirring sound as the sunroof slowly opened and next thing I knew Sue was groaning loudly and tossing her head from side to side as she bounced up and down on Charles' cock. The force of his thrusts caused her head to be pushed up through the open sunroof as Sue screamed 'Fuck me, Fuck me'. Her whole body shuddered uncontrollably as Charles exploded his spunk deep inside her cunt.

Meanwhile Claude had been watching the action in his rear view mirror and from the bulge at the front of his trousers was obviously feeling very left out. We were now about 2 miles from home when he pulled into an aptly named motorway 'lay-by'. A by now delirious Sue was hauled out of the back seat and spread face down across the bonnet. Her nipples stood out like organ stops in the cool night breeze as she lay over the bonnet with her pert bum sticking in the air. Her pussy lips glistened in the moonlight covered in Charles's cum which was dribbling down her legs. Without ceremony Claude buried his throbbing cock into her dripping cunt causing her to groan loudly. With long savage thrusts he proceeded to give gave her a good battering, holding onto her exposed tits to pull her more deeply onto him.

Although the lay-by was deserted when we entered, another car pulled in and drove slowly past, the driver transfixed by the site before his eyes. Claude waved at him as he gazed at the spectacle of my wife being ravished on the car bonnet as he cruised by. Just before Claude came he pulled out and deposited a large dollop of cum over Sue's ass cheeks. His rapidly shrinking cock was coated with a mixture of his cum and Sue's pussy juices.

Sue picked herself off the bonnet grinning like a contented Cheshire cat and said it was only fair that her husband sample the goods as well. She lay backwards across the bonnet and beckoned us all towards her. I parted her dripping pussy lips with my now rampant cock and sank into her juicy cunt pushing hard with a steady rhythm. At the same time she slowly wanked the now hardening cocks of Jean-Luc and Charles who were standing either side of the bonnet whilst Claude fed his cock into her open mouth. Claude was the first to cum and Sue tried to swallow as he exploded down her throat. She then screamed as a shattering orgasm overtook her as I filled her up with my cum, whilst Jean-Luc and Charles covered her face and gorgeous tits with their spunk which trickled slowly down onto her belly.

After a few minutes, Sue had struggled back into her dress, cocks had disappeared into trousers and very soon we were dropped off at our villa and collapsed into bed totally exhausted. However we are both looking forward to our next works trip abroad.

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