tagGay MaleSummer Sausages Ch. 05

Summer Sausages Ch. 05


"Man, we're going to be in so much shit if our dads find out about this." Bill said.

"Just relax. They're never going to know." Lee replied.

He was sitting on the sofa with his phone in one hand and the telephone number that the hot biker had given their dads at the concert in the other.

"I'm not even sure why we're doing this." Bill said while Lee punched the numbers.

"Just trust me. I told you I've got a plan. Shush! It's ringing."

Lee heard someone at the other end of the call say, "What?"

"Is this Star, the motorcycle guy?" Lee asked.

"Could be. Who is this and why do you want to know?"

"You don't know me..." Lee began.

"I'm not interested in buying shit. Bye."

"No, wait." Lee said. "It's not like that. You met my dad at a concert a couple of weeks ago."

"I meet lots of assholes at concerts. What the fuck is this about?"

"Uh, yeah, but when you met my dad you got punched in the face."

There was a short silence on the other end and then Star said, "Oh, yeah. The two hot gay guys. Was your dad the one who decked me?"

"No, my dad is the other one, the one with the hot ass." Lee looked at Bill and made a "Duh!" face.

"I remember him. So why the fuck are you calling me?"

"You gave my dad your number in case he ever wanted to do a 3way. Well, they're not interested but my friend Bill, the other guy's son, and I are sitting here horny and we might be. My dad said that you're hot."

There was a silence again and then Star said, "Look, I was drunk. I was looking for something to stick my dick in and I thought maybe I'd try an ass."

"Okay, you're sober now and if you're still interested in trying some butt, we're both ready to give you some."

There was another pause, a little longer this time but Star finally said, "You're both into getting fucked? And you're not scamming me? And you're not expecting to fuck me, too, right?"

Lee made an even more exaggerated "Duh!" face at Bill and then said, "Right on all counts. Look, if you're not interested in two hot young butts, just say so and we'll try somebody else."

"No, no, I'm interested. I just need to wrap my head around this." He paused and then said, "Have you got an ass like your dad's?"

"Nobody's got an ass like my dad's but mine and Bill's are both tight and hot and ready to get fucked. Are you coming over or not?"

"Okay, give me the address. I'm not guaranteeing anything but I'll come over and see how it goes."

"Cool." Lee said. He recited the address and hung up the call.

"Jesus," Lee said to Bill, "I hope I never take that long to decide if I want some free ass or not."

"What are we going to do if he gets over here and he's a real troll? Our dads aren't exactly old hands at judging hot guys. And what if he is hot but a real asshole?"

"Don't worry." Lee said. "If we don't want him, we'll get him naked and then tell him you feel sick and he'll have to beat it himself."

"If you say so but I'm not getting it on with some sleaze ball. I really will get sick and you'll be on your own."

The boys went about preparing for their guest. It was a warm morning, the sun was shining and there was a balmy breeze blowing. An hour went by and they heard the sound of a motorcycle coming up the street.

They both hurried to the front window and peeped out.

An oversized cycle with lots of chrome rolled into the driveway and came to a stop.

"This might not be such a chore after all." Bill said, surveying their guest as he climbed off his cycle.

He looked to be in his late thirties. He was wearing a white tank top and old 501's that fit like a second skin. His body was thick, not fat, solid muscle that rippled as he moved. He had wide shoulders and big biceps, a flat belly and meaty thighs. Best of all, even from where the boys stood they could make out the outline of his thick cock shaft and the wide flaring head stuffed into the crotch of his jeans over a mound of balls. He was handsome, Mediterranean looking with black hair that was cut short and swept back in a retro DA style. He headed toward the door.

"Get your clothes off." Lee told Bill as he rapidly shed his own. "We've got to snag him before he has time to think about it."

The bell rang and both boys went and opened the door. Star's eyes widened and then he grinned.

"Do you always open the door with your ass hanging out?" he asked.

"Only when there's a hot man on the other side who's going to be fucking our asses." Bill replied. "Get in here."

They closed the door behind him and led the way into the living room, conscious of his eyes on their asses the whole time. When they got into the room, Bill and Lee stood side by side, propped their hands on the sofa back and leaned slightly forward so that there asses were thrust out and slightly opened.

"So, how do they look?" Lee asked.

"They look seriously fuckable." Star replied.

"That's good, because that's what they are. Strip and let's see what you've got for us." Bill told him.

Star gave them a knowing grin and slowly skinned his shirt off over his head. His muscular chest was broad with tight flat pecs and a v of hair growing between them. His heavily muscled shoulders and arms were in perfect proportion.

He slowly unbuttoned the fly of his jeans, then stopped and kicked off his boots and removed his socks. Then, he stood in front of the boys and slowly pushed his jeans down.

His fat cock had started swelling and it sprang free and arched out from his body. Even semi-hard it was a couple of inches across and the head was even bigger though covered by a loose foreskin.

"Damn, that's a hole stretcher." Bill said. "I knew you must have a really big head on that thing. You can see it through your jeans and covered with your skin, too."

Star cupped his big balls and lifted them so that the boys had a view of them with his expanding cock cradled on top.

"Think these will do for fucking?" he asked.

Lee stepped over to where he stood and wrapped his hand around the thick cock shaft and skinned the skin back over the head. There was a wide flange that stood out from the meaty head and clear fluid glistened on the surface. As he held it, another thick droplet of pre cum oozed out of the big piss slot.

"Man, my ass hole is puckering just looking at the head on this thing and it's not even all the way hard yet." Lee said.

Still grasping the growing cock, he led Star into the room and pushed him to sit down on the sofa. He spread his legs and Bill and Lee crouched between them. Bill grasped the wide cock that was now standing straight up and jacked the skin back and forth over the enormous head while Lee massaged and pulled on the big balls in his loose ball sack.

"I need to see how this tastes." Bill said.

Star's exposed cock head was as big as a small plum and the skin stretched over it was just as shiny. The clear fluid leaking out of the hole increased in volume, running down the shaft and as Bill closed his mouth around the hot, massive head, Lee began to lick up the precum on the cock. Bill began to bob his head on the cock while Lee began to lick and suck on Star's big full balls. They traded back and forth, taking turns sucking cock and balls while Star sat and watched the activity between his thighs.

"You know, you boys are really good at sucking dick but the reason I came over here is because you said you wanted to get fucked in the ass. I've got chicks that suck me off any time I want. What I want now is to try fucking some boy butt." Star said.

"Just be patient, dick head." Lee replied. "You're going to get the crash course this afternoon and before you leave here we're going to teach you everything you need to know to be a championship ass fucker."

* * * * * *

Star had left less than a half hour before when the boys heard their dads' cars pull into the drive. Both of the boys were sitting somewhat gingerly on the sofa because it turned out that Star was one of those guys who took forever to shoot his load and both boys' asshole had been stretched and reamed for the entire afternoon.

"Your big plan had better be worth it." Bill told Lee. "I'm going to have to soak my ass in Epsom salts tonight and just hope that I get some pucker back."

Gary came hurrying through the door just after he'd spoken, Robert following close behind.

"Quick, call the police. I had some pervert following me and making obscene gestures all the way home." Gary told them. He looked over his shoulder and feigned being surprised to see Robert standing grinning behind him.

"EEK! There he is!" he said.

Robert took a few steps forward and grabbed Gary's hand and guided it to his bulging crotch.

"I've got something here that'll make you scream 'EEK!'" he said. "Just driving behind you gave me a big ole hard on."

"You guys give fags a bad name." Bill said. "Go get changed while we make dinner. All you're getting is salad tonight, we all need to diet. And one at a time upstairs, I'm not going to wait all night for you two to break it up before I eat."

Robert grasped Gary's hand and tried to pull him along behind him to the upstairs and Bill said, "Dad, I'm warning you. Get your ass changed. Gary, you help in the kitchen until it's your turn."

"Geeze, I feel like I'm the kid and you're the dad." Robert said with a smile.

"If the shoe fits..." Bill replied.

Robert went upstairs and the other three prepared supper and got out plates and utensils. They had just finished when Robert returned in his favorite pair of sweat pants and an old tee shirt. It was obvious from 20 feet that he had skipped underwear and his enormous half hard cock snaked down his leg and flopped as he walked.

"Holy fuck, I love those sweat pants." Gary said to Lee.

"I seriously doubt it's the pants that are making your cock start to grow." he replied, pointing at the mound rapidly expanding in his father's pants. "Go get changed and have something to eat and you boys will have all evening to play with each other."

Gary left at a trot, only pausing on the way to grope and squeeze Robert's big dick through his pants.

After he'd passed by, Robert turned and gave the boys a shit eating grin. The boys responded by making vomiting noises.

"We want to talk to the two of you after dinner so hang around." Robert told them.

Gary returned, dressed in his usual running shorts and shirt and they all headed outside and sat down to dinner.

"We shouldn't let you have any wine, as bad as the two of you have been lately." Lee told them. "We're only doing it because we wanted some."

"We're sorry and we'll try to do better." Robert said, looking theatrically sad. After a moment he and Gary both laughed.

"Who knew raising gay children was so challenging?" Bill said to Lee.

The supper was soon finished and they all cleared up the table and started the dishwasher. After everything was shipshape, they retired to the sofas with their glasses of wine and sat two across from two.

"We need to discuss a couple of things." Robert said. "First of all, Gary and I have been talking about driving back and forth to work every day together. It will save on gas money and general wear and tear."

"And you two will get to make hanky-panky during the trip." Lee said.

"Oh boy, are you going to hanky-panky me every day?" Gary asked Robert.

"In the car is just the beginning." Robert replied.

"Anyway, my car will just be sitting here so you boys will be able to use it if you want. How does that sound." Gary asked.

"Great!" Bill said. "It'll be a lot faster than the train and bus."

"There's something else, too." Robert said, looking slightly uncomfortable. "How would you boys feel about all of us sharing this house full time? Lee is over here most of the time and now with Gary and me getting together, it just makes sense. We were thinking that Gary and Lee could rent their house out and maybe make some money on it since his divorce cost so much and, to be honest, I want him here with me every night."

"I'm not sharing my room or moving to the guest room." Bill said looking at Lee.

"We already worked that out." Robert said. "Gary and I are going to move into the guest room and that'll leave my bedroom vacant."

"But that's the biggest bedroom in the house." Bill replied.

"Too bad, you already said you weren't moving." Lee said grinning.

"You boys will have to work it out between yourselves." Gary said. "What do you think otherwise?"

"Sounds good to me." Bill said and Lee nodded. "Maybe we can rent your house to an older gay guy or an older gay couple. It would be really cool to have a big dick daddy fuck bud living on both sides of us."

As soon as he finished speaking, he realized what he'd just said.

"On both sides?" Robert asked. "Are you saying that you and Bevin..." He didn't finish the sentence. "How long has this been going on?"

"Just the past couple of weeks." Lee said. "He's a really great guy when you get to know him."

"Mr. Bevin, next door?" Gary asked. "He's just kind of dull and nerdy, isn't he?"

"And he's packing the dick of death. It's like a baseball bat." Bill replied.

"Just hold up, I'm not sure I'm comfortable with you fucking with the next door neighbor." Robert said.

"Yeah, like that's something you'd never do." Bill said.

"He's got a point, Robert." Gary said as Robert blushed crimson.

"Well, nevertheless, if he really is as, well, big down there as you say, I don't know if I like that. He could hurt one of you boys."

Lee looked at his Robert and then said, "And what about that big fire hose swinging around in your pants?" He looked at his father and asked, "Had any injuries I should know about?"

"He's got a point, Robert." Gary said.

"Fuck, don't tell me anymore." Robert said. "I'll just trust you to be discreet, you're both grownups."

"That's something I never thought I'd hear you say. So, how about shopping for a gay tenant? I know of a place in WeHo that specializes in gay business." Bill said.

"Sure, that's cool with us." Gary said and he and Robert rose to go upstairs.

"And we get to do the initial interviews." Lee said.

After Robert and Gary had retired to their room, Lee asked Bill, "Are you okay about me taking the big bedroom? We can switch if you want."

"No, that was all bullshit." Bill said. "I just didn't want them to get off too easy. We may need to blackmail them over it in the future."

"Good thinking." Lee replied. "Now, I've got a couple of calls to make."

He retrieved his phone and punched in the number of Stan, his mother's new husband.

When the phone was answered he said, "Hey, Stan, how's your asshole feeling?"

He listened for a moment and then said, "That's what I was calling about. Can we come over tomorrow morning and bring a friend? He's a full time biker and we told him about your biker drawings and he wants to see them. He's a really hot guy."

He listened a moment more and then said, "Okay, we'll be by around 10 in the morning. Take good care of that little fuck hole."

He disconnected and turned to Bill.

"Part one accomplished." he said.

Then he dialed Star's number and when he answered, Lee said, "Hey, did I wake you up? Are you worn out from tearing up our ass holes all afternoon?"

He listened for a moment and then said, "Well, seeing as how you're such a hot fuck, we wanted to do you a favor. We've got this friend, a married guy who's an artist. He's only been fucked one time but he's got a big time fetish for biker guys. Get your dick in him and he'll probably do anything you want. You could turn him into your full time dick slave. He's about your age, dark like an Arab and hung but what he really loves is a cock in his ass. He's yours if you want him."

He listened a few more moments and then asked, "Have you got leathers? Wear them tomorrow and this guy will be trying to suck your dick before you're up the stairs to his place."

He gave Star the address of Stan's studio before he hung up.

"Is he into it?" Bill asked.

"All I had to do was say 'dick slave' and he was interested. I kind of got the impression that Star is a bit S&M, the two of them should really hit it off."

"You're such a devious faggot." Bill said, smiling.

"Coming from you I take that as high praise." Lee replied.

* * * * * *

The next morning, Bill and Lee drove Gary's car to Stan's studio. They parked and stood waiting in front of the doorway and Star came roaring up on his bike. He dismounted and walked toward them.

He was dressed head to toe in tight black leather. His jacket was unzipped almost to the waist and you could see his muscular hairy chest through the gap. He had on black knee high boots that had a buckled strap across the instep. But what really caught attention were the pants. Besides being skin tight, they had a v-shaped cod piece that snapped on at the crotch and Star's big cock pulled forward over his fat balls filled the pouch to the bursting point. The outline of his wide cock head and his two big nuts were visible right through the leather.

"Jesus Fucking Christ, you look like a faggot wet dream." Lee said.

Star laughed and said, "These are my old racing leathers. I had to stop wearing them a few years ago because I had girls and guys both hitting on me in them. I've gained a little weight so they're even tighter than they were."

He spun around so that they could see him from all angles. What the pouch in the front did for his cock and balls, the tight seat and seam of his pants did for his ass.

"Fuck, maybe I'll just keep you for myself." Bill said. "If you had shown up with your ass in those pants yesterday, there's no way I would have let you get away without trying to slide my dick up you."

"Now you know why I stopped wearing them." Star said.

Lee opened the door and called, "Stan, we're here." He turned to Star and said, "We told him you wanted to see his biker drawings. Act interested." and then he led the way up the steps.

Bill said to Star, "You go next. I want to enjoy looking at that fine ass on my way up."

Finally, they all three were standing at the top of the stairs. Stan came out of the partitioned area dressed in just his briefs and a tee shirt and stopped, stock still.

All Lee could think of, watching him, was those old cartoons where the character's eyes pop out of their head on springs and then pop back in.

"This is our friend Star." Lee told him.

Stan still just stood there staring like he was in a daze.

Star smiled at Bill and Lee and began to walk around, looking at the space. Stan's eyes never left him.

"What is all of this crap, anyway?" Star asked.

Stan seemed to come back to himself and he answered, "I'm an artist. This is my art."

"Do people actually buy this stuff?" Star asked. "Cause I'm no expert but I know enough to say that this is really shitty art."

Stan laughed and said, "No, for the most part they don't buy it and if it matters, I agree with your critique."

"Show him your biker drawings." Lee said.

They all walked over to the corner where the drawings were piled and Stan handed them to Star. Star leafed through the pile, looking at each of them and then he laughed.

"You ought to call these biker cock drawings. You did pretty well with the bikes but every one of these is all about the guy's crotch. Are you into dick?"

Just then, Lee jumped and said, "Sorry, I've got my phone on vibrate."

He drew it out of his pocket and held it to his ear.

"Hello? Oh, hi. I did what?" he asked. "Oh, yeah. Oh, shit, I forgot. I'll do it right now." he said.

He slipped the phone back into his pocket and said, "Damn, I've got my dad's car and I promised to pick him up fifteen minutes ago. I've got to go. Bill, you've got to come, too, since you're riding with me."

Lee hurried over to the stairs and started down with Bill following.

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