tagBDSMSummer Slave Ch. 09

Summer Slave Ch. 09


Chapter 9


Taking the interstate north, we quickly left the city behind. After about forty-five minutes I exited the highway for a two-lane country road. We passed the rolling hills of the great valley and started to climb into the mountains.

It was a glorious June day, . I was enjoying the day and the drive, and hoping to build her anticipation of what might come. She, of course, held a golf ball in her mouth.

At the top of a narrow pass between two green mountains, I slowed the car nearly to a stop and turned off onto a narrow gravel road. We took a rough bounce as our wheels left the pavement, then drove on followed by a plume of dust and gravel. After crossing a wooden bridge over a small stream, the road turned sharply and wound up the mountain face.

We were nearing our destination. I turned off the tape player. I waited, listening to the wind and the crunch of gravel under our tires.

"Strip," I said.

"Hhnnh?" My slave turned blind eyes toward me and cocked her head, questioning.

"Strip," I repeated. "Now."

She nodded, then slipped her hands up her back to release the clasp on her top, letting it fall in her lap. She stiffened, lifting her bottom off the seat and slipped her shorts over her hips and to her knees. Leaning forward, she pushed her shorts to the floorboard and kicked them off her feet. She dropped the tiny top next to her shorts.

"Knees wide," I said. She spread her legs apart, right knee touching the car door and left knee next to the gear shift.

"Hands behind." She slid her hands once more between her back and the seat. I slowed the car to survey her nude body. I never grew tired of looking at her. I could see she was growing more and more excited as we climbed the mountain. Her face and neck flushed and she trembled, barely. As we rounded each turn, she cocked her head from side to side, trying, I suppose, to pick up some sound that would give her a hint about where we were. I don't think she found any clues.

About halfway up the mountainside another, smaller, rougher gravel track split off from the one we were on. I turned into the side road and immediately stopped. A steel gate blocked the way about fifty feet in.

"Wait right here," I told her unnecessarily. She could only guess where she was within a hundred-mile radius and besides, she was nude and sight less. She wasn't going anywhere.

I opened my door and stepped out. I walked to the gate, fumbling briefly with my key chain, then finding the small key I was looking for. I snapped open the padlock, pulled it free of the hasp and swung the gate out of the way.

The family of a good friend and college classmate owned the land we were about to enter. When I had asked about visiting to camp or picnic, he happily gave me the gate key. "It'll help to have somebody check in on the place now and then," he had said. "I doubt we'll get up there at all this summer." He couldn't know how happy I was to have a private mountain to play on.

I pulled the car just inside the gate, then swung the gate shut and re-locked it behind us.

"Almost there," I said as I put the car in gear and started up the rough track into the woods. She nodded slowly and smiled around the golf ball. The road wound through the woods for a few hundred yards and ended in a small grassy glade.

I pulled the knapsack and cooler out of the rear of the car and walked around to the passenger side.

"Get out, " I ordered.

She swung her door open and tentatively probed the ground with one foot. Feeling soft grass under her toes, she stepped out, stood for a moment, then dropped slowly to her knees on the warm turf. She leaned far forward, pressing her face to the ground and crossed her hands behind her back. Her knees spread far apart and her fanny pointed straight up, exposing her open cunt and asshole to the woods. She was an odd sight, huddled in the sun on the grass, wearing only a pair of plastic wraparound sunglasses.

"Do you know what I have planned for you now, slave?" I asked.

"I think so, Master," she replied without looking up, "but I'm afraid to say."

´"Tell me."

"Yesterday you made...you had me try on blinders," she began, "like a race horse would wear."

"Yes, slut." ¨

"You're going to use me as a horse, Master?" she asked. "I don't think I understand."

"You'll understand very soon. More precisely, you're going to be my pony," I replied. "My pack pony."

Yes, Master?"

"Now, what does a pony have that you don't?"

'"Hooves, Master?"

"I've thought of that, but we'll have to make do with your feet, slave. What else?"

"A mane, Master?"

I reached down and stroked the hair at the back of her neck. "It looks like you've already got a mane, little pony."

"Yes, I guess I do, Master." She spoke straight to the ground.

"Anything else?"

"A real pony has hair all over her body?"

"I think your skin will do just fine." I rubbed my hand slowly down her naked back, then trailed my fingernails back up to her neck. She shuddered slightly.

"There's one more thing I think you may be avoiding," I told her.

"I wouldn't do that, Master. I wouldn't avoid anything you want of me."


"Yes, Master," she said. "One more thing." She paused, seeming to think very hard, although I was sure she knew what I had in mind. "A tail, Master. Ponies have a tail and I don't."

"You're right." I smiled. "Ponies have long tails. Do you want a tail, my pony?"

She hesitated, then began, "Yes, Master. If it pleases you." She stopped, then began again, "Yes. If I'm to be your pony, Master, please give me a tail."

I opened the top of the knapsack and fumbled around inside, looking for her "tail." She cocked her head to the side, trying to pick up every sound.

"Where should I put your tail?" I asked as I continue searching. "How does a human pony carry her tail?"

"In my asshole, Master," she replied, with a sparkle in her voice that sounded almost cheerful. "I'll hold my tail in my asshole."

"Yes, you will." I found one, then quickly the second and the third of the items I needed. I held the big butt plug with the leather loop at its base and tied the handle of the short leather flogger to the loop with a short strip of leather lacing. Crouching behind her, I smeared the end of the plug with K-Y jelly and pressed it against her puckered anus.

Her thighs tensed and she pushed against the plug. I pushed back steadily. She moaned softly, almost inaudibly. The rubber plug disappeared inch by inch into her ever-widening hole. Finally, the widest part of the plug slipped through and her sphincter closed around the narrow base. I released her tail and stood. The whip handle and lashes hung straight down, the ends of the leather strips lying on the ground.

"Thank you, Master. I couldn't be a proper pony for you without a tail." Her hips and thighs wriggled and her whole body swayed as she adjusted to the plastic cone thrust into her bowels.

"Thank you," she whispered to the grass.

"Kneel up," I ordered. She swung her hands down off her back, pushed herself upright, then recrossed her hands behind her back.

"Do you know where we are, slave?"

"No, Master." She turned her head scanning the field with sightless eyes. "I know we're in the mountains somewhere. In a field. I see just a bit of grass below and the sky glows blue at the top of the glasses. There are trees around; I can hear them brushing in the wind. The sun's out; it's warm on my back.

"Does it frighten you, not knowing where you are?"

"At first, when you made me strip in the car. I didn't know who might be around." She bowed her head. "But not now, Master. You're here. I know we're alone. You won't let anything hurt me, Master."

"I appreciate your trust." I gently stroked her hair, across the top of her head and down her back. She leaned softly against my hand, returning my caress with her body. "Now, what does a pack pony wear?"

"Blinders, of course, Master, if she's frightened or unruly." She smiled broadly."

"Yes, we already established that," I said. "What else? How does a pony's Master control her?"

"Well, the blinders are to calm her, Master." She cocked her head to one side and pursed her lips. "She'd wear a bridle and a bit, Master. He'd control her with reins."

"Good, good. How does a pack pony carry her load?"

"That's easy, Master. She wears a pack or saddle bags."

"Are you ready to put on your pony gear?"

"Yes, Master," she replied. "I'm all yours." She turned her head up toward the sound of my voice, a broad, bright smile on her lips.

"First we have something that's not strictly for a pony," I told her, while I rummaged through the knapsack again, "but I don't think you'd want to go on without it." I pulled out her collar and several sets of leather cuffs.

"Yes, Master?"

"Lift your hair."

She reached behind her head and pulled her long blonde hair up and away from her neck. I bent down and fastened the collar around her throat.

"Thank you," she said. "I'm beginning to feel naked without my collar."

"You ARE naked," I chuckled.

"I guess I am, Master." She laughed as well.

"The blinders are next," I said, pulling the leather device I had made the day before out of the knapsack. "Close your eyes. You are not to see your surroundings."

"Of course, Master." I pulled the sunglasses from her face, folded them and dropped them into the knapsack. Her eyes were tightly and deliberately shut. I arranged the two flaps of the blinders over her eyes and buckled the strap behind her head, just above the collar. I tugged gently on the strap to be certain it was secure, then said, "You may open your eyes now."

"Thank you, Master." She turned her head from side to side, scanning what little vision the blinders allowed her. The leather flaps restricted her sight to a narrow band straight down her body. She continued to hold her hair up, hands behind her neck.

"I don't want to catch you rocking your head back to see more."

"No, Master. I won't." She still smiled. I think she was enjoying her conversion into a pack pony as much as I did.

"The bridle and bit are next," I told her. "This I'm going to have to improvise." From the knapsack, I took a four inch long wooden dowel with a screw eye in each end and several lengths of cotton rope. I tied a rope to each screw eye.

"Open wide."

"Master, may I say one more thing?" she asked.

"Yes, slut."

"I love you, Master."

"Thanks, I love you too. Now, open."

She opened her mouth wide and I pushed the dowel back between her teeth, making a bit that both filled and opened her mouth. I took the ropes behind her head and tied them tight below her hair, just above the collar and blinder strap. I pulled my fingers down through her hair straightening and evening it.

"Pull your hair together, like a ponytail," I told her.

"Nnnhhnnh," she nodded and held her hair in a tight ring made by the fingers of both hands. I tied the ropes around this pony tail, capturing her hair, then ran them up over the top of her head to a knot over the bridge of her nose. I fed the ends back through the screw eyes in her bit, completing her bridle. The white ropes hung down to the ground at her feet.

"Drop your hands," I said. Her hands fell to her sides. I took the rest of her pony gear, more rope and a set of clamps, out of the knapsack, then closed and tied shut the top flap.

"Behind." She clasped her hands at her back.

"Very good, very quick. You are getting the hang of this."

She nodded vigorously. I think the corners of her mouth would have turned up in a smile had the bit not prevented it.

"Okay, now. Lets get this pack on you." I picked up the pack and held it as she threaded her arms through the straps. With a twist of both shoulders, she seated the straps over her shoulders and down her chest next to her breasts. She bounced up and down a couple times, getting the feel of the weight on her back, her tits bouncing, almost independent of her body. Her nipples swelled and reddened.

"I have to make sure that pack stays on you." She cocked her head to the side, quizzically. I looped a rope from one strap above her tits to the other strap, then back, underneath them. I made a tight loop around each breast and finished by tying the first loops together between her red and swelling globes, pulling them together.

"Mmmmm," she moaned softly as I finished with her tits.

"Like that?" I asked.

"Mmmhhmmmh." She nodded.

"Good." I gave each engorged nipple a flick with my fingernails.

"Aaanh, aaanh." She jerked away from the pain, but made no move to stop me with her hands.

I strapped the cuffs she had worn the previous night back on her wrists and elbows. Pulling her left arm up and back, I clipped the elbow to a ring sewn to the top of the pack at its outside edge. Then I clipped the wrist cuff to another ring at the bottom. The process was repeated with her right arm. Her upper arms were held horizontal, almost straight back from her body, pushing her tits forward to project so far they almost seemed separate from her body. Her forearms pointed straight down at the ground, hands hanging just below the bottom of the pack.

"Comfy?" I taunted.

She rocked her head from side to side, in a noncommittal gesture. "Almost done," I said. "We'll be ready to go in just a minute." I took the set of clips out of my pocket and held them just below her chin, so she could see them. "Brace yourself," I said. ˜

She took a deep breath and held it. I quickly clipped a clamp to each protruding nipple.

"Ssssssssssss," her breath hissed out around the bit.

I threaded each of the two ropes that would serve as reins through the ring connecting the clamps on that side to the chain between them.

"You'll have to follow me very attentively." I told her, giving the reins a gently tug.


"See what I mean.?"

She nodded vigorously.

"One last thing." I picked up the cooler. It was a small one, made to hold a twelve pack of beer or a picnic lunch. She tensed, hearing the ice rattle in the bottom. "You didn't think I was going to carry it, did you?"

Her head moved up, beginning a nod. She stopped, thinking better of her response, then hung her head and shook it slowly from side to side.

I stood behind her, holding the cooler. A cylindrical plastic handle stuck up above the top of the cooler at each end. I placed one handle in each of her bound hands. Her fingers coiled around to grip.

"Got it?"

She nodded slowly. I gradually let go of the cooler. She leaned forward against the weight. Her shoulders pulled even farther back; her tits, round and swollen like red grapefruit, stuck out even more. The cooler swung on her pinned arms, its bottom even with the widest curve of her hips.

"On our way," I said, picking up her reins and giving them a gentle tugs as I started toward the trail head.

A sharp gurgling breath escape her bitted mouth and she fell in behind me. She would watch the reins very closely, making sure to follow their angle and following me closely to keep them slack. Any guidance I had to give by tugging on the leads would be agony on her clamped nipples.

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a great story

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