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Surfacing Ch. 07


Author's Notes: This story is erotic fantasy written by Etaski. I reserve the right to be listed as the author of this story, wherever it is posted. If found posted anywhere except Literotica.com with this note attached, this story is posted without my permission. (c) Etaski 2013

The bridge which leads to answers which leads to questions. :)


Chapter 7

My short time being the youngest Red Sister had taught me many things, or reinforced lessons learned from my family. One of them was that lying out of fear, with far less knowledge of a situation than the one to whom I am lying, never worked in my favor. A successful lie, as with any bluff, worked best from a position of strength—or the outward illusion of strength.

I did not have either in Brom's room.

I stood without weapons or armor, with my hands braced against a chest of drawers near a Human-sized bed. I was still looking at the firebird design of the gold ring in front of me, a decorated echo to the simpler magical ring I wore on my right hand.

The large Man loomed over my back—an allowance which had started out a playful curiosity on my part but shifted quickly to one of threat and vulnerability when I recognized his ring. He had his left arm hooked around my torso, palming my right breast and pressing fingers firmly into my side through my black shirt. My feet were bare, but he wore thick, hard-soled boots that could crush my toes quite easily.

There was no space between my back and his chest; the building and aggressive heat was notable and I kept my hands in full view for survival—for both me and my unborn. Brom seemed to note my intent, and his large, right hand moved back from near my own on the chest to brush my hair to the side, take the cord of Kurn's ruby pendant and to lift that over my head. He flung it far behind us; I heard it land and likely slide beneath a piece of furniture. Next he slid that hand down to squeeze my right buttock through my black leathers.

Despite that first, unpleasant, cold wave that had passed through me in those moments when I realized I had been completely fooled and led into a trap where I may not walk out, I understood what was unsaid now and almost felt better for a moment.

Thanks to my Sisters, being bested and forced to couple on male-dominant terms was not an additional fear or anger to lump on top of the rest. In my experience, that it would be fighting the wrong battle. Some of my tension now softened, just a little, because the fact that Brom still wanted to mount me most likely meant I would not be killed immediately.

He had squeezed my flesh firmly, but it had not hurt. Time would tell if this would be only to pleasure himself or to torture and injure me as a surrogate for vengeance against the Valsharess. If the latter, my battle would not be sex; it would be either straight killing or pure endurance. One of the two. The sex was the least important part in that scenario.

I still had time; I could still talk, which meant I still had a chance.

"I do not know who you are, Brom," I murmured. "I was never supposed to know of the ring or the mage who wore it. Perhaps my queen once searched for him, but I do not know when this was, or if it is still the case... or even if the target was you. You do not match the description."

The innkeeper—which was probably the least accurate name of many—listened as I answered his questions, even the one that had been more threat to intimidate me and make clear his stance with the queen.

"Not in this form," he said, and he placed his right hand back beside mine where I could see it, and I watched as the magic shimmer and show one reality passing to the next.

The hand aged, it had more wrinkles but did not lack in strength from the moment before. The light brown hair that had lightly coated his wrist and the back of his hand turned to silver with touches of black and grey. The hand matched exactly what I had seen in Rausery's memory, even neither wearing the ring nor holding the red-rune dagger.

"Look up," he commanded.

I raised my eyes to the small mirror atop the chest of drawers, and he shifted slightly so that we could make eye contact without turning my head. I'd never seen the face before, but it looked like an older, more venerable version of what he had been at the start of the evening. The bone structure remained the same, still different from the pale Men around him in the tavern though it was hard for me to say exactly why. His eyes were the same intense, slate grey; he possessed more creases around those eyes and the corners of his mouth, but again, he had not lost any strength showing me what lay beneath the illusion. He was still a big Man.

Most striking to me was how his hair had become pure white, like mine, and that his skin was now quite a bit darker brown than it had been before. His coloring was more Drow than not, even if I saw a purely Human form in every other way. It seemed to combat the age lines in my view, and he looked mature and experienced, even attractive to me. His aura throbbed with power and he possessed an unnamed presence, truly appearing like a male counterpoint to the Valsharess.

How old was he?

He eyes narrowed at me in the mirror, one brow quirked, and he grunted, "Hm. You don't know my face."

"No," I confirmed.

"And my name?"

"If it is not Brom, then no."

One corner of his mouth drew up. "How old are you, Sirana? You can't be far into your second century."

I tamped down the temptation to be embarrassed or irritated about that, I could not change my youth after all, but I did believe—somehow—that this Human was much older than me. Only a strongly magical being might ever have the chance to extend his life beyond the natural span for his race.

Magical, and with strong ambition and the motivation.

"I am that," I answered.

"Perhaps that is why it was so easy," he murmured, his lips close to my hair. "It must be your first time on the surface in all your life. You have never seen the sunrise before this journey, have you?"

He waited and stared at me in the mirror.

"True," I answered, trying to keep my face and my tone neutral.

He didn't say more at first, he just stared in the mirror and I felt the pads of his fingers against my ribs begin to rub my skin through the shirt as his palm moved in slow circles against my breast. Quite unbidden, my nipple hardened and I felt the sensitivity again, that edge of pleasure-pain as my breasts felt more swollen and tender than they had when Rausery had touched them atop the mountain under the Moons.

More than this, some part of my own aura was being manipulated by his, I was sure. I'd long since stopped suppressing it and he would have my pitiable measure by comparison. The uneven flush of energy would arouse me, I already knew, because that was how I'd learned to respond to a challenge for dominance. I could submit and be used quite thoroughly, or I could best the other and top them; looking toward either result did not change the somatic response to a challenge. I grew hot between my legs regardless.

"Many things I want to know from you, now that we're both unmasked," Brom said, inhaling near my neck, his right hand disappearing again and I felt him tugging at the leather thongs at my hip. "But I will better be able to concentrate once we've finished what we started. Will you be foolish and try to deny me?"

The unique feeling of someone else loosening my leathers encouraged blood flow to my sex and I felt my netherlips swelling; soon my sex ached. I was not with Jaunda or another of my Sisters, and I was long out of a training scenario. This Man could very well try to kill me as he mated me, but...if he meant what he just said, that he had questions for me for afterward, then I did not think he would unless he lost control in a big way.

I had yet to observe the sorcerer lose any control yet.

He had switched his grip around my torso to untie the thong at my left hip next, loosening my pants considerably but not so they'd slip down. Before I'd even decided if that last question was worth an answer, he slipped his hand down the back—not unlike I'd done to Kurn very recently to drug him—and, with his calloused palm cupping my backside, his two middle fingers slid between my cheeks and thighs, and ran over the slick glaze already gracing my sex.

I bit back a gasp at the surge of pleasure—long weeks without sex for me worked in his favor as well—and I saw him smile in the mirror. He could still tell I'd liked it even without sound as my body tensed and I arched my back just slightly, pressing my rump into his hand. What was more interesting to me was that he shivered, his eyes closing for a moment as some sort of intense feeling had swept through him as well and I felt him push his erection into my left hip.

It was the first time he'd taken his eyes off me.

"Yes," he said thickly as he looked back in the mirror, "you will take me however I like. You are young, but not stupid enough to fight at this point."

True, not at this point. There were many ways to fight, but as soon as I had closed and secured the doors to his den myself, that had made it certain that—should he so choose— I would discover how Human cock varied from Drow or Draegloth, or even Duergar.

"Have you met many stupid Drow?" I asked without attitude, more curiosity, as his right hand finally released my breast and he used both hands to push my leathers down to mid-thigh. I could feel the air cooling the moisture on my lips and my sex tingled in anticipation of being filled.

Brom ran his hands across my bare backside, along my hips and flanks then my ribs, pushing my shirt up to bunch at my shoulders while exploring my skin. He paused when he saw the healing cuts on my back; the small bandages Gavin had used had already been removed much earlier when they'd gotten soaked in the rain.

"You may let go of the chest long enough to remove your shirt."

I released the finely-carved, wooden chest to draw my shirt over my head and strip it off, tossing to the right. I placed my hands back afterward, now wearing nothing but my leather pants bunched just above my knees. He grunted at my cooperation and I felt him touch the new scabs on my back. I tensed, he whispered, and I felt the distinct warmth of healing energy spreading across my injuries. They itched a little, but I knew they were closing, the scabs falling off.

It only took a moment, and Brom smoothed his palm over the new skin before again reaching to cup my tender breasts in both hands, squeezing them before running one down my still-flat stomach to play with my mound fur. He stroked my naked netherlips with an oddly light touch for his size. Hot lips kissed my bare shoulder and he pressed the ridge of his erection, still trapped beneath his trousers, against my bare ass.

I could not keep my breath even, and I had nearly forgotten to expect a response to my question when he spoke something quietly that sent tremors down my spine.

"Yulansho ignithi Drowh bregna," he murmured in my native language.

The accent not so much odd as it was...old.

There was the classic beauty of the Valsharess and some of the older Houses, like Jael's House Aurenthin, varying in appearance from the majority after all the time spent in the Underdark breeding to maintain our place and grow our power. Unlike House Aurenthin, however, the queen—and perhaps the Prime—also had a slightly different manner of speech than those of us so much younger than them. Perhaps because they kept themselves apart more often, or seemed to remember so much more.

This Man had spoken to me in Drow, with a nearly flawless lilt very similar to my queen. That astonished me far more than what he'd actually said, which was: "No Drow child is born stupid but can be tempted to act so."

If the pronunciation and tone both had been poor, I'd have thought he was simply insulting me directly, but they weren't. His voice had the controlled, underlying, second tone that meant the words were double-edged at least. He may be poking at my pride on how easy it had been to get me in this position, but he meant something else with that answer.

This darker-skinned, white-haired Man understood my race very well, and he'd been waiting for one of us to cross paths with him again. I had to accept that. I was fleetingly glad that it hadn't been Gaelan to run into him, and any other flitting thought of mine that wanted to deny this could even be possible was banished as it would only hold me back. I'd already frozen up once; I would not do so again.

It eventually dawned on me—as Brom enjoyed my skin, squeezing and stroking and kissing just about every part of me he could reach from thighs to ears—that my lack of direct participation, my passiveness, did not antagonize him. It did not tempt him to show his contempt by treating me more harshly to force a stronger reaction from me. Many Drow I knew would have reacted that way to my standing here being touched, and so would have Kurn.

Speaking of him, Brom soon found the bite on my inner thigh during his exploration. He caressed that as well, his magic soothing as he asked, "Any others?"

"No," I said.

His voice was slightly more threatening when he next spoke. "Which of them did this? This is only two or three days old."

It was newer than that—barely a day—but Shyntre's pellets helped.

"One of the Ma'ab," I answered readily enough. "Kurn."

"Ah. The big one that called you a whore?"


"Of course." He paused, stroking my healed, smooth, inner thigh. "Unwilling?"

I smiled slightly. "I do not care for bites that hard, Brom. But that was the worst he managed from trying, nothing more. I did worse to him."

He chuckled darkly. "I shall remember that."

The innkeeper straightened up and raised his hands off me only long enough to unthread his own belt, loosen his trousers, and push them down with a shush of familiar sound. He pressed a hot, hard, and thick member to my naked skin, his hands again on my flawless skin as he rubbed himself over my ass at first and then between my cheeks.

I could feel the wiry hair of his bush, but also the hair on his thighs and testicles as well on my backside and upper thighs. I wasn't sure what to think of that; it was different.

Nonetheless, I moved my hips to enhance the feeling for both of us and he seemed to purr deep in his chest. He took hold of the back of my neck with one large hand, gripping harder as if to test if I would begin to fight now—I stubbornly stuffed down the urge to do so—and his other hand adjusted his rod to point downward until the head glided over my wet sex instead of up between my buttocks.

"You'll allow this from me, Sirana?" he growled hotly in my ear, returning to Common. "Or are you waiting until the last moment to play hard to get, as you must have with Kurn? You are about to run out of time to try with me."

"I agreed to mutual pleasure with the innkeeper," I answered. "I still do not know who else you may be, sorcerer, but this is pleasurable enough. Thank you for the healing."

He laughed low. "It must be convenient for you to keep the bargain, or you know you can't alter it."

He forced me to adjust the tilt of my hips because it wasn't quite right for him to take me, and I knew how I presented to him, my ass thrust out and tilted up as my back arched. I felt him finally press his large knob into the softest and wettest spot between my legs, and he gripped my neck harder, seizing my right hip with his other hand as he pushed hard to fill me.

My eyes widened as I realized how broad he was. I'd taken as wide before in the various Feldeus, or even more so as in the case of Kerse's knot, but all those were widest at the base. Brom had only begun, and the way he thrust in, letting my body wet his dry cock before withdrawing some and then trusting again, sinking deeper each time, I knew without looking that the breadth was nearly uniform all the way down.

His hairy skin soon pressed up against mine; he was fully seated, my body wrapped snug around him. I felt the tip nudging uncomfortably at my womb before he withdrew slowly and then sank in again to bottom out. He held still, holding my neck and hip and keeping my sex spread wide open and clutching reflexively at his whenever we shifted any weight. I shivered from the tension; I wanted more movement, and yet I wondered if the depth or further roughness was safe for my unborn.

"Aia Innathi," he whispered, as if out of breath, and these words I didn't recognize at all, though I thought it was with the same reverence as if someone was calling on a deity in prayer.

Brom swallowed and continued in Common, "Do you know of magical conception, Sirana?"

He gave us a few long strokes and I sucked in air before answering; it felt very intense. I thought it better to play on my younger age.

"The...Priestesses use it to aid those favored by the queen," I said, trying not to give any specifics about Draegloth or Lolth rituals or Consorts.

He grunted and fucked me harder for a few strokes; I winced at one that struck my womb and I squirmed a bit against the hold on my neck.

"Not so deep," I gasped.

He did not acknowledge that directly, but he did not punish with intent immediately afterward, even as he kept thrusting. "The more magical the creature, Sirana... the greater the possibility to breed with another race entirely. I know this to be fact."

My eyes rolled upward at a particularly nice thrust as Brom continued reaming my pussy, and a magical surge seeming to enhance it. I shook my head, trying to focus past it. "How...?"

He slipped easily into my native tongue. "When you return, do you think your queen would appreciate a gift from me, for old time's sake? She always did like new sources of magic."

I felt my sex clamp down on him as if I had any chance of expelling him once I caught his meaning. My mind whirled as I tried to think through the lust and the way his aura battered at me as his excitement grew. I wasn't sure whether his magic could even edge this coupling in that direction at all if I was already pregnant. Could arcane magic overcome divine magic somehow? Would it have to? What was done was done...

It couldn't be...something like that could only be bloody and damaging to every part of me, like Kerse and his ritual had been. It couldn't be an instant effect; to oust one babe and replace it with another in an instant. I used this very thought to snuff that stubborn, irrational swell of fear inside me, to remind myself that I had time.

*Calm down...*

Regardless of the magic, however, I did not want him to know that he was too late in being able to seed my womb. He had said "when" I return. He meant to see me leave alive, at least at this moment.

"No, don't," I said aloud, shifting my hands to different spots on the chest, as if I meant to turn and look back at him. "Don't put your seed in me, Brom. She doesn't allow half-bloods to breed, if they are even allowed to live past birth."

Brom's breath shuddered excitedly with my words, and he leaned to force more of his weight onto me through his hand on my neck. It pushed my arms down and forced me again to look at the gold ring that had begun this battle of wills.

"She would have a law like that now," he growled and now started stabbing into me harder, using me as that surrogate I had suspected he wanted from the start. I pushed past the discomfort to focus on what he was saying. He was still speaking in Drow, low and aggressive as he rammed into me.

"She always did loathe any of my lineage... regardless that her sister chose me first. She *chose* to bear me heirs. What does the demon-worshipper tell her followers these days, that I somehow forced my wife stay with me? As if even the power of *my* bloodline could bend such an extraordinary will for so long!"

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