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Swedish Sauna


This is a true story.

Last year I was in Europe on business. I had a weekend free there and I had a recommendation from a friend who'd been before to visit a sauna. Not anything seedy you understand; it was a proper upmarket spa sort of place, with saunas, pools, steam rooms, massages, and so on. I'd never been anywhere like that and I was getting bored so I thought it would be fun.

It was a Saturday night in Winter and really cold. There was snow on the ground and I was wrapped up in plenty of layers as I took the bus over from where I was staying on the other side of the city. A short walk from the stop I found the place - a small doorway with a bright sign over it sandwiched in between two fashion boutiques. I went in and up the stairs to a small reception desk with a friendly looking woman in her 50s. She started to speak to me in Swedish, and I used the only Swedish I know to tell her that I had no idea what she was saying. Unfortunately she didn't speak English but I managed to establish that entry was about $50, so I paid and was given a towel and directed through a door into the men's changing rooms.

In there I changed into the shorts I had brought, locked up my clothes and put the key around my wrist. With the towel draped over my arm I made my way up some more stairs and into the main room. It was a really beautiful space on the roof of the building; there was a curved pool dominating the room, two saunas and a steam room down one side, a small restaurant in the corner and plants everywhere. However, what struck me most was that almost everybody but me was totally naked. There were slightly more men than women, but people of all ages and shapes, wandering around totally happily. Some wore towels between the various spaces, but when in the sauna or the pool or on a sunbed they stripped off completely with no regard for who saw them.

Seeing this I must admit that I started to stiffen slightly. I'm stiffening now just remembering it. I thought for a moment and then returned to the changing room. Remembering that I was in a foreign city, where nobody knew me and where this seemed to be the norm, I removed my swimshorts and placed them in my locker with the rest of my clothes. Heading back upstairs with my towel around my waist I took the whole scene in. All around me were nude men and women: some slim, some young, some older and larger, all of them beautiful in their own way. Wary of being caught gawping, I made my way to one of the saunas.

Stepping inside I closed the door behind me and looked around. There were three tiers of wooden seating up either side of the room facing a narrow gap with the door at one end and the coals at the other. The left hand side was empty so I made my way up to the top. I removed my towel and placed it on the bench, and sat on top of it. I, like those around me, was now fully naked. Sweat began to form in tiny droplets on my skin - in the sauna it was easy to blame on the heat, but some of it was the result of sheer arousal.

Across from me were three people. One man sat on the lowest seat, leaning back against the row behind. He was of medium build and must have been about 40. His 5 inch penis rested flacidly to one side on top of his left thigh. His eyes were closed as he soaked up the heat and I just enjoyed watching him for a moment.

Behind him were a man and a woman, clearly a couple and both in their late 20s. He sat sideways on the middle level, with his back against the wall and his feet up on the bench. His right arm rested on the third tier, gently massaging one of the toes of his partner. She lay flat on her back across the whole bench. From the angle at which he was sitting I could not see much of the man, but he was young, with dark hair and a muscular physique. His partner was also toned: my eyes scanned the length of her outstretched body and took it all in. She had quite a pretty face with not quite shoulder length chestnut hair. I remember the taught skin of her stomach over her abs, and watching her chest and small breasts slowly rise and fall as she breathed in the hot air. Her pussy was very neatly trimmed with a narrow line leading down beneath her legs.

I happily watched this woman for a few moments, getting gradually more aroused. My penis thickened and swelled slightly as I got more turned on, but the thought of getting caught kept me from becoming obviously erect. Sadly my time in the sauna was interrupted by a group of men entering. They said something in brusque Russian which made my 3 companions gather their towels and begin to leave, so watching the slim woman sit upright, run her fingers through her damp hair and climb down the benches, I gathered my own towel and headed back out.

I felt this would be a good time to cool down, in all senses of the expression, so I took the opportunity to have a swim. Placing my towel on a vacant lounger, I jumped into the pool and began to swim around. The feeling of the water around my naked genitals was intoxicating - I suddenly realised that this was the first time I had swam naked and it was immensely liberating! I stayed in the pool for a good 30 minutes, simply enjoying the sensation and the sights all around me.

Getting out of the pool, I dried myself off, wrapped the towel round my waist and ventured outside towards a steam room. I stepped in and sat down in the middle of the bench on the left. A dark haired, fit man in his 40s began speaking to me in Swedish. "Excuse me, I don't speak Swedish", I replied.

"Oh, that is OK, I speak English. I was just saying, you should not wear your towel in here as the steam goes up to the ceiling and then rains and your towel will become very wet." In my haste to get out of the cold, I hadn't even noticed that I was wearing my towel still. I looked around and through the steam I could see 5 or 6 other people, all naked. I thanked the man and took my towel outside, hanging it on a hook. I then returned and sat back down.

In this room there seemed to be about 6 men. Two to my right, including the man who had spoken to me, one to my left facing me with his feet on the bench, and a couple that I could barely see through the steam on the other side of the room. Disappointed that there were no women, I resolved to simply enjoy the steam for what it was. I leaned forwards, resting my elbows on my knees with my head down, and soaked up the steam.

I sat like this for around five minutes, and I became aware of some movement out of the corner of my eye. Not wanting to look directly, I sat back slightly to see what was happening. The man to my right who had spoken to me earlier was holding his semi-erect cock in his right hand and slowly, without any shame, wanking it up and down. He appeared to be looking slyly towards my crotch. As I sat back he sped up slightly, perhaps he knew I had spotted him and enjoyed it. I froze - I had never been in this kind of situation before and I had no idea what to do. At the same time, I made no attempt to leave and I became aware that my cock had begun to stiffen. This surprised me, and made me feel even more nervous for fear of somebody seeing my erection.

I leant forwards again to attempt to hide it, but the man made no change in his movement. Just then, the door opened. His hand stopped and he leaned over a little. Two girls walked in, giggly and wearing bikinis. They must have been around 19, and were both petit, round, pretty and clearly nervously excited. They sat on the opposite bench, chatting to each other quietly. After a moment the man sat back once again and began stroking once more. This time there was a renewed vigour, and he started to pant slightly, making no attempt to hide his arousal. The girls opposite noticed this before long, and the tone of their conversation changed. I could not understand the language but it was clear that the girl in the yellow bikini was fascinated if made slightly uncomfortable by what she was seeing, whereas her friend in the black behaved like a giggly schoolgirl. She made to leave, and managed to drag her reluctant friend with her. The girl in the yellow maintained eye contact with the man all the way out.

The presence of the girls and the situation in the steam room was making me more and more aroused and it was becoming difficult to hide it. My heart was beating so hard I was worried that someone would hear it, and my penis was now almost fully erect. Writing this now, I am straining through my jeans and pushing onto the underside of my laptop. I am pushing it back down and gyrating, getting harder and wishing I was telling you this in person. As I wondered whether to leave and risk being seen, I noticed that the man to my left with his feet facing me was also masturbating as he watched the man to my right. It soon became clear what he was watching as I noticed that the man at the far end of the bench had leant over and taken the penis of the wanking man into his mouth and was giving him a vigourous blowjob.

There was no pretence left in the room and I no longer tried to hide that I too was watching the activity and that my penis, though not yet touched, was aching to be relieved. I leant back to get a better view of the blowjob. My erect penis stood upright, announcing to all that I too was no longer shy. Closely watching the penis disappearing inside another man's mouth, I grasped my shaft with my right hand and began cautiously stroking up and down. The man receiving the blowjob watched, and this turned me on even more. The sensation of being fully naked in a room full of other fully naked men and touching myself as they watched was one of the most erotic feelings I have ever experienced. I knew I wouldn't be able to last for long, but it seemed that most in the room were also nearing their climax.

I heard a grunt from my left and turned just to see the man there with his head back and eyes closed shoot a blast of cum up against his chest and stomach. Another one followed, and another. He slowed down, finally coming to a halt and breathing out slowly. He looked down at his chest and then over at me. I gawped, my mouth slightly open and my hand still firmly on my penis. He smiled slightly, then got up and left. I wondered if he walked back to the showers like that for others to see, or wiped him self off on his towel. Either way, it was making me very close to the edge.

I turned back to the men on my right. The one giving the blowjob was now also receiving a handjob at the same time. Watching this live, and right next to me was too much - I realised that I was past the point of no return and speeded up, running my fingers rapidly back and forth over the end of my cock, the foreskin sliding up and down over the enlarged head. Next to me, the partners stopped and both sat up, looking at each other and grabbing their own cocks as they both neared their own orgasms. Watching two other men pleasure themselves, and drowning in the sheer overwhelming eroticism of the moment, I came. The feeling pulsed from the end of my cock right through my whole body and left me leaning back and breathing deeply. I noticed that my cum had landed mostly in my hand, but also on my thighs and the ground. Both men now watched me, strumming their cocks at lightning speed.

Now feeling an urge to leave, I smiled at them and raised my hand to my mouth, licking a small amount of cum from the end of one finger. The man nearest to me's eyes widened and he said something incomprehensible as he gritted his teeth and wanked his cock harder still. I stood up and left them, heading for this showers.


I had a long shower, running over all that had just happened in my mind. Was it wrong? Had I just done something I'd regret? My body answered my own question as I became erect once more, and brought myself to another orgasm reliving the events of moments before.

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