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Sweet Danielle


A few months ago I was able to live out a burning fantasy I've had since high school. My brother's girlfriend, Stacey, talked me into it. He doesn't know it, but she has been having sex with one of her girlfriends from college. She won't tell him because she said it would ruin it to bring a man into it. Stacey says there's nothing like it and I won't be able to give it up once I've done it.

We don't see anything wrong with a little out side fun since, my boyfriend and my brother, Chris are still having their moments together.

When I first talked to Stacey about it and found out that she had been with other girls, I figured we could get together. She said she would like to, but not any time soon. I'm still not sure what that means. She suggested I place an online ad on a singles site, so I did.

I couldn't believe how many responses I got. I filtered through the profiles I received until I came across a few that fit what I was looking for perfectly. Out of those, there was one that really caught my eye. She lived close by and was my age. Her name was Danielle and she was gorgeous. Her comment said she had never been with a girl before either and hoped we could share the experience.

I answered her right away and we set a date for the weekend. We arranged to meet at a hotel near my university. We exchanged a few pictures of each by email before then so we could recognize each other better. She was so beautiful; I masturbated more than I usually do; all to the thought of what was to come.

Friday came and I left for the hotel. I sat in the restaurant waiting for Danielle to show. When I saw her walk in the room, I began to shake and my heart raced. Nothing could have prepared me for how she looked in person. She was beyond stunning. I waved over to her and she smiled and walked over. When she got to the table I stood and she hugged me like we were old friends.

I felt an electric jolt shoot through my body at her slightest touch. She smelled so nice and her dress conformed to her perfect body. Her hair was long and very wavy. She had sensual brown eyes and a warm, natural smile. Her skin was lightly tanned, which is typical of a lot of the beach goers here.

We sat and made some small talk. We got to know a little about each other and what made each of us want to be with another woman. Danielle said she also had a boyfriend, who was wonderful. He talked about her and another woman and she was getting more curious. She just wanted it to be with someone other than a friend, so that it would ruin the friendship.

I told her that I had always thought about men and women, but even if I never thought about women before, she could make me want to. I saw her blush and felt less nervous.

After a few more minutes I asked if she'd like to see the room I got us. She nodded and we left and went upstairs. We had a nice room over looking the beach. I walked over to the bed and took my shows off.

"These things are killing me."

She said the same and took hers off too. I asked if she wanted anything to drink and we went out tot the balcony. There was no one on the beach practically, and it was a dark moonless night. We sat for a little listening to the waves and she reached over and held my hand. I looked over into her eyes and started to shake with nervous excitement again. I could feel that she was too, so I leaned over and kissed her bottom lip lightly.

We looked into each other's eyes, then kissed again. This time more passionately. Her left hand brushed my cheek and I ran my fingers through her hair. The feel of Danielle's soft lips and the smell of her perfume made me lightheaded. Both of us were breathing heavy. I needed her right away.

I reluctantly broke the kiss, Danielle was sucking on my bottom lip. Without a word, just look in my eyes, I led her back into the room and to the bed. My libido had taken over. I was no longer timid, nor was she. We were both willing young girls about to explore each other's desires and lust.

I began to kiss her I reached around Danielle's back and undid her zipper. Her dress slip off her body. I stepped back both to undress my self and take in the vision in front of me. Nothing I write can describe how amazing she looked standing there in her bra and panties. She stood there silently waiting for me.

I removed my dress and revealed my braless chest and removed my soaked panties. She took off hers as well. We both lay on the bed, side by side and facing each other. I ran my hand over her satiny skin first on her shoulder, then her neck and then her breast. She mimicked my motions. It felt strange to feel another girl's breast and hard nipple.

She leaned her head to my chest and began to lick my nipple. I closed my eyes and let out a high pitched sigh. She held my tit in her hand and sucked in my pink, stiff nipple and areola. I felt juices running out of my pussy.

"Lay on your back." she said softly and I complied.

She got onto her hands and knees and positioned herself over me. She straddled my leg. Her knee slipped between my legs and against my hot, hairless pussy. I pressed into it and she smiled at me.

"Ooo, your very wet." she cooed.

I lifted my head to kiss her and we began making out again. I lifted my leg to her pussy and felt she was equally wet. I felt the juices were running down the insides of her thighs. She worked her pussy on my leg and I did the same on hers. I reached up and put a hand on each of her C cup sized tits and she played with one of my D sized boobs and it's nipple.

Small whimpers were coming from her while we kissed and ground each other's leg. She took her hand from my boob and slid it between her legs. She worked her finger furiously over her clit. I broke the kiss and began to finger my own with one hand and pinch her nipple with the other. We fixed on each other's gaze and frantically fingered ourselves. She had a distressed look on her face. Her brow was furrowed and her mouth open like she was trying to yell, but only little sounds came out.

"Oh Danielle, I'm starting to cum", I forced out. Then I tightened up in orgasm.

Danielle began shaking violently in orgasm, breathlessly saying my name over and over, never breaking our gaze. Then collapsed on top of me and we laid there sweating and breathing heavily.

I kissed her neck a little and then she rolled off. "I want to taste you" I told her.

"I want to do a 69", she said. "I do it with my boyfriend all the time."

I turned around and threw my leg over her head. She spread her legs for me and I could see her cum glistening in the thin line of hair she had. The rest of her was shaved. I smelled her sex and my mouth started watering. Her clit was red and swollen and I swear I could see it throbbing. I licked at it with my tongue and she jumped a bit. Then I eased my mouth onto her lips and began to work her sweet, wet pussy.

At the same time Danielle pushed her whole face into my pussy and licked my hole down to my clit. Every now and then she would stop to comment on my work.

"Oh, Lysa. You're sooooo good and you taste so sweet."

"You're very good too baby. Lick at my cunt so I can cum for you again."

I felt myself getting more wanton and kinky. I was beginning to talk dirty to her and she seemed to like it.

"Put your fingers in me baby. Put them in my cunt." I told her.

One at a time she added her fingers while she continued to work my clit with her tongue. I fit two fingers into her sopping hole and began to work the tips to find her g spot. I knew I was successful when I heard a groan and she starting bucking her pelvis.

"More…yeah…harder…faster…oh Lysa, yeah that's it! I'm cumming!"

Danielle's body tightened below me and then bucked wildly. I kept working my fingers in her as fast as I could. Her pussy became so tight it hurt my fingers. This was so erotic, I wanted to keep her cumming until she begged me to stop.

"Cum for me! Keep cumming Danielle!"

She pulled her fingers from my throbbing pussy and dug them into my ass cheeks and threw her head back. Her pussy would loosen up then tighten around my fingers over and over. Each time she let out a long, loud guttural noise broken by whimpers. Her body would go rigid than convulse wildly.

Finally she pleaded, "No more."

I removed my fingers from her tight hole, gave her pussy one more lick and then sucked her cum off my fingers. Her taste was a mix of salty and sweet and bitter. I loved it and wanted more.

She lightly pushed me off her and said to stay on my hands and knees. "I going to finish you now. I'll be able to get you better this way."

With that she positioned herself behind me and knelt down to take my pussy lips into her mouth. She began sucking my labia into her mouth and then ran her tongue over my clit and then into my hole. She darted her tongue in and out of me.

"MMMMM, that's so goooood." I moaned.

She picked up the pace and began to alternate between my hole and clit. I came in seconds with powerful shocks blowing through me. I tried to pull away from her mouth but she grabbed my hips and held me to her. A second wave rolled through me and then a quick third.

I dropped my face to the bed and began yelling into the mattress to keep from being too loud.

"Oh fuck! Oh Danielle! I love you so much, you're so good! Fuck me baby. Fuck my cunt! "

She slid first two, then three fingers into me. I pushed back to meet her thrusts. She worked her fingers deep in me and my eyes rolled in my head as I shook in another orgasm.

Then she did something I didn't expect. While she fingered my cunny hard, she began to lick at my asshole. I let out a series of high-pitched squeals, then came harder than ever. I felt that I could no longer hold myself up any longer and just fell forward flat onto the bed.

I lay there shaking for a minute or so sighing Danielle's name. Then I rolled over and she climbed back on top of me. We kissed each other deeply and licked the cum from each other's faces.

"That was amazing. You are amazing." Danielle said to me.

"I really did love that. We have a whole weekend to do more if you're up to it." I said with a wicked smile.

"Why don't we clean up a bit and get some rest first." She giggled back.

We fooled around a bit in the shower and once in bed again; fell asleep gently kissing and in each others arms.

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