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The sun was out in full force as a silver car turned into the entrance of Rosewater Trailer Park. Once inside, it drove all the way back, to the last double wide. Making a complete stop right next to the porch and parking, a young man then got out of the vehicle with a clipboard in his hand and made his way onto the porch and knocked on the door.

"Now who the hell can that be?" said Shelby Dixion angrily, due to being interrupted during her masturbating session. Being stopped just before she gave herself one good earth-shattering orgasm.

Throwing on her robe, she stomped her way to the entrance. Preparing to curse out whoever the fuck stopped her from having a well-deserved release. Once she made it to the door, Shelby yanked the sturdy piece of wood wide open. Instantly letting the bright afternoon sun into her dark living room.

As her eyes adjusted to the sudden brightness, they soon came to focus on the man that was standing on her stoop.

She would be lying if she said, she didn't like what she saw.

The visitor was wearing a pair of slim jeans and a gray shirt. His skin was a perfect tone of dark brown. He had nice low all even haircut, that made him appear even younger than he already looked.

"Can I help you?" she asked him while turning down her anger to zero.

"Yes! My name is Fredrick Jones. I'm from the housing inspection department. I'm here for the three months inspection" He replied the older, husky woman.

"Oh yes!" Shelby said. Stepping her six foot three frame out the way to let him in.

Once inside he did a quick scan of the place. It was very spacious and neat considering the external location. The trailer inhabitant then led him to the middle of the living room.

"Want anything to drink?" she asked, turning away from her guest, and making her way to the kitchen.

"Some water would nice."

She then came back with a tall glass filled with H2O and gave it to him and took a seat on her couch.

After taking a big gulp and putting the glass down, he pulled out his pen and began to inspect Shelby's trailer.

While he did that, Shelby watched his every move like a hawk. Examining him. She could honestly say she wouldn't mind taking him to bed. In fact, the more she watched him, the more, the idea didn't seem that crazy. It has been a good while since she had a tongue or dick between her meaty thighs; tending to her honey pot.

While she was having her internal debate, Fredrick was thinking about the major thing he planned on doing today.

Having been with the town's housing inspection department since he was seventeen through an internship, the twenty-two-year-old was ready for something different. While the job did offer good benefits, Fredrick felt that there was more for him out there. That's why after this last scheduled inspection, he will be turning in his two weeks notice.

After checking each outlet, light switch, and the kitchen faucet to see if they work, he made his way over to the tall woman and asked if he could go into her bedroom to inspect it as well.

What he didn't know; was that he just set himself up.

The large woman was still on edge from not cumming earlier, and she wanted nothing more than to get back to finish herself off. But this bait of a man was taking his sweet fucking ass time. If he didn't get done soon; she would throw caution to the wind, and use her full strength to her favor and just take him.

Seeing him walk towards her, Shelby expected him to say that he was done and to leave, but that wasn't the case. Hearing the request of him wanting to go into her room, made the trailer resident make up her mind.

Getting up and leading him towards her room, Shelby discreetly unknotted her robe. Pushing the door open, she went in and to the side, letting Fredrick in. Once he was well into her bedroom, the horny thirty-one years old slammed the exit shut and locked it. Causing her now target to turn around and to stare at her now bare body.

Fredrick could only gawk wide-eyed as he took in the view of her appearance.

She easily rocked a short bob cut with the right side shaved. Her burly yet curvy body showed that whatever her job was, it was physical. The tone of her skin was even from head to toes and reminded him of desert sand, and her breasts were huge with disk sized pink areolas.

That was all he was able to note before the woman who dwarfed his five-eleven frame rushed him. Crushing her lips into his and shoving her thick tongue into Fredrick's mouth while squeezing him tightly with both of her strong arms.

He tried to fight her off, but Shelby's size gave her a huge influence over him.

Feeling the small man struggle against her, seemed to inflame something within her. Her arousal intensified tenfold. She could feel the wetness leaking from her pussy and her nipples becoming rock hard against his chest.

She just had to get him inside of her, NOW!

Pulling her mouth away from his, she let go of the now dazed man and pushed back onto the bed. She then quickly straddled Fredrick, while grabbing both of wrists with one hand and pinning them above his head with much ease.

Shelby then got work on his clothes. Grabbing a pair of scissors from her nightstand, she made instant pieces of Fredrick's shirt, cutting open and exposing his smooth slightly muscled chest. After that, she tossed the shears, and reached behind her, undoing his pants. Once done she yanked them down and pulled out his dick. She then started stroking it while leaning down; capturing his lips again. After a few moments of tongue wrestling him; she moved her mouth away from his and went to the neck, biting and sucking. Leaving nice sized passion marks on his skin.

Fredrick's mind was in total shock from the situation. Never before has he been with a woman so aggressive, so forceful, and so overpowering. It overwhelmed him to the point where he's responses were nothing more than moans and whimpers as she marked up his nape with hickeys and jerked his hard dick.

Shelby's pussy throbbed as she felt the result of her actions in her hand. From what she could feel, he was the size of a twenty-four oz Coors Light in both length and width. Deciding that now was the time to ride her new toy, she sat back up and moved her drooling hungry hole to just over his meat pole and slammed herself onto it. "YESSSSS!!" she hissed as the young man's penis filled her hungry cunt. The seasoned woman then began to buck on it slowly then she quickly picked up the pace.

With each bottoming of herself on his stick, her wetness increased. Soon the noise of wet flesh slapping each other and Shelby's grunting filled the small bedroom.

Fighting the urge to cum, Fredrick could do nothing but lay there. Held in place by her thick thighs, he could do nothing but be taken and used by her.

It was also troubling for him since it has been forty-eight hours since he last jacked off.

Meaning he had a HUGE load brewing inside his balls waiting to come out!

As he looked up at the jiggling breast of the woman who seized him, the idea of milk dripping from those thick hard pink nipples invaded his mind. Which led to him to thinking, about the one fetish that would always send his seed shooting high in the air everytime he would masturbate.


The thought of watching her already plump body, becoming, even more, bigger due to him shoot his baby juice deep into her pussy, made his dick swell and jump. Earning a deep moan from the woman as she continued riding him roughly.

"Fill her up! Knock this trailer slut up with your child!" The voice inside his head screamed over his rational thought, as Shelby's movement became faster. Her pussy became tighter; squeezing him more than before. While her breathing became more frantic. Signaling that her release was coming soon. Choosing to fight against what looked like the inevitable, Fredrick used what was left of will power to hold off.

Shelby's was in bliss.

The dick of the young man she was violating, was hitting all the right spots. With it having been a while since she had any, Shelby was shocked that she able to postpone from exploding this long. Soon the build up was becoming too much for the heavy sized woman. Resolving not to hold back anymore, Shelby slammed herself fully onto him and allowed her well-earned orgasm to rip through her.

Feeling his engulfed dick getting squeezed in a death grip by her pussy, was the final thing that broke his self-control. Lifting his hips up as much he could. Fredrick shot all of his two-day load deep into Shelby with a loud moan and his eyes closed in ecstasy. The sensation of him blasting his thick viral seed in her triggered another orgasm that made her let go of his wrists and fall forward. Making Shelby lean her full weight on her young partner and cling to him as she rode her second climax out.

Finally calming down, Shelby released her prey and rolled off of him. Laying next to Fredrick, who himself was coming back to reality as well.

Expecting him to jump up and run away, the statuesque woman was surprised when the youthful man nestled his smaller frame against hers. Not wanting to miss out on this peculiar moment, Shelby drew Fredrick in close and drifted off to sleep with him in her arms.


The sound of the wind chimes being blown by the early October morning breeze woke Shelby from her sleep. Seeing that the dawn has yet to come, she closed her eyes and was about to go back to dreamland until she felt Fredrick's morning wood nudged against her. Feeling the dick of the sleeping man that knocked her up so close to her hole instantly made her horny.

Choosing to sate her arousal, the six-month pregnant woman maneuvered her now craving pussy, while laying on her side, onto his dick. The sensation of her engulfing him woke Fredrick from his slumber. Enjoying her actions, he moved his arm under Shebly and grabbed a hand full of her breast. Squeezing it until he felt the milk leak from it.

With his dick steadily pounding her greedy hole and him practically milking her right boob. Shelby felt the first climax of the day shoot through her like a rocket. "OH GAWD YES! YES! FUCK!" the mother to be screamed.

Giving her a moment to rest, Fredrick pulled all the way out of her and turned the gasping woman on her onto her back. Getting up on his knees, he got between her legs and placed his still hard dick at the opening of her hole. Before she had a chance to push him away; he firmly shoved himself back into her, earning a gasp from her.

With her still being sensitive from cumming less than thirty seconds ago. Shelby could do nothing but take the deep hard strokes he was giving her. "FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" She yelled as he pumped her.

Looking down at the woman who a few months ago had taken and used him get off, pregnant body fueled him. Seeing her now bigger body go up and down on his dick was making it harder for him not to cum at the moment. Wanting to cum at the same time as his baby momma; he leaned forward, grabbing both 34KK breasts and shoved both tits into his mouth. Sucking on her delicate nipples.

Getting both of teats sucked on pushed her into another orgasm. Which caused Fredrick to lose control and shoot his first load of the day into her.

Once done, he let go of her nipples and fell to her left side.

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