tagBDSMTaken by a Stranger Ch. 05

Taken by a Stranger Ch. 05


You lie curled up on the bed, fingers tracing the edges of the cuffs and collars that you wear. You've submitted to him. Why? Fear of pain? That might have been an answer three days ago, but now...now it's just another sensation that should be used to enhance your excitement. Was it because he knew how to excite you? None of the men you'd fucked recently had been able to adequately do that.

You rose and wandered into the bathroom. The walls were full length mirrors covered with thick Plexiglas. Likely transparent on the other side. There was no escape there. You had nothing to attempt to smash through. Then again, you were content. You had been so thoroughly satisfied in the last couple days that you weren't certain you wanted to go back to your old life...

You squat on the toilet and piss. The urine stream loud as it hits the water below. You stay seated, your full bowels announcing the need to evacuate. As you finish, you look about for the paper. It takes you a moment, but you find it. A single sheet protrudes from a slot in the wall. You pull on it. It comes free, one square. Another replaces it in the slot. You sigh, this could become frustrating. Eventually you gather enough to clean yourself properly. You look over at the bathtub. A disposable razor sits there with a shaving cream can. You check your pubic area. Smooth. Did he shave you while you were sleeping?

You remain alone all day. A light lunch is slid through a small opening at the bottom of the door. You eat it quietly and push the tray back through.

You lie in bed after your lunch. You idly play with yourself out of nothing other than boredom. At various times, you think that you should be trying to escape, but you make no move to actually try.

The day wears on and it starts to get late. You don't know what time it is, but you know you are starting to get hungry again.

You look up as the door opens. He walks in, masked as always. You quickly look down as you know you should and get off the bed to kneel on the floor. Again, he pulls a leash from his pocket and clips it to your collar. "Come." He says. You quickly stand and follow behind him.

He leads you through a large building, a manor of some type. Lavishly furnished and appointed, with obviously no expense spared, the structure was filled with rich woods, fine art and soft supple carpets that seemed to swallow your feet. You knew that whoever he was, he was wealthy enough not to get caught.

You follow behind him, ever obedient. You glance about as you pass through the kitchens. Servants-fully dressed- barely glance at you. This must be normal. You wonder if you will meet any of the others that have been enslaved.

He finally stops in front of a heavy door. He pauses a moment and opens it, leading you in. You squint as you step into bright, harsh lighting. The room smells of pipe, cigar and cigarette smoke. You cast furtive glances around, making out little due to the pervading darkness outside the circle of light, but realize that the room is filled with people. You flush with shame at your nudity, but do not hesitate to follow him.

He stops, center stage and drops your leash. Instinctively, you kneel beside him.

"Ladies and gentlemen, you see next to me, Heather. Taken only two days ago, she has already accepted her fate and her role as a slave. I have never seen one so compliant or responsive to the pleasure training. We will now provide you with the evening's entertainment before moving on to business."

Your downcast eyes follow him as he stepped off the stage into the darkness. People dressed in black walked around the stage pushing pillows and large cushions onto it. A hand picks up your leash and pulls you back out of the way of the stage hands.

Soon, the stage is covered. Large cushions the size of mattresses and a multitude of colored throw pillows adorn it. The hand unclips your leash and you are pushed onto the center cushion.

Your heart pounds in your ribcage. You are very nervous, and wet. What kind of entertainment are you to provide? You think you know, and the thought excites you.

You are startled at the soft, gentle touch of a hand on your ass. You glance backwards and a woman is behind you. She pushes your ass and you lean forward. She lowers herself behind you and soon you feel her full soft lips brushing over the entrance to your sex. You sigh as you feel her tongue part your labia and enter into you. She continues to push forward and up, you lower your upper body, stretching your arms out.

Her thumbs pull the flesh of your ass cheeks apart exposing your pussy and asshole. Your lips gape open, glistening with their slippery secretions. The woman buries her face between your cheeks, tongue sinking fully into your hole. You close your eyes and moan as her fingers find your clit and gently stroke it. Your pleasure builds, you've never had sex in front of others before, it helps that it's so dark beyond the stage, but the knowledge of an audience adds an edge to the pleasure that you've never had before. You can feel the orgasm approaching.

You open your eyes as the cushion shifts near your head. Just off to your side is a nude man. It's not Him. This man is black. He has no body hair to speak of and is already erect. He has a nice sized cock, not as big as the ones on the videos you've watched, but still big. Maybe 8 inches and fairly thick. You reach up and start stroking it. It's warm and the surface of the hard member is silky smooth.

He leans over you, bringing the tip close to your face. As you continue to fist his shaft, you raise your head slightly and take the head into your mouth. You blink as a flash goes off just outside the perimeter of light. You take more into your mouth. The flash goes off again. Soon he is fucking your face, cock sliding back and forth across your lips and tongue.

You feel another pair of hands on your ass. Larger and stronger than the other pair. They pull the firm globes of your ass apart and a tongue begins to dance over your wrinkled backdoor.

Your hand slips off the penis in your mouth to cup his balls, gently rolling them. The tongue rimming your asshole begins pushing against the sphincter. It feels good. The ring of muscle expands and permits the tongue in. You've never had a pleasurable anal experience, but you know that you are no longer in control...

The two tongues fuck the holes in your lower body and the cock fucks your face. Your body overloads on pleasure and you scream around the shaft buried in your face, hands clenching. Dimly, you can hear the murmuring of the audiences as the comment on your responsiveness.

You orgasm fades. The foreign members are removed from your holes and a hand pulls on your hair, pulling you to an upright kneeling position. You are guided by your hair to turn diagonally to the right. Another man sits in front of you; he is white, covered in tattoos and piercings. The one whom you sucked steps behind you and grips you under your arms, lifting. He moves you over the seat man who now leans back. You look at him. He has a firm toned body. His cock is about the same size as the one you were sucking just a moment ago. The black man slowly lowers you. You see the piercing in the man's cock as it enters you. You can feel the unyielding hardness within you as his cock penetrates deeper. The large ball of the piercing running over nerve clusters you weren't even aware of. Your groin meets his. He has filled you; your lips are stretched around his cock.

He reaches back and grabs your ass, pulling. You start to move with his hands. He pushes you back down. You follow. He continues, gradually increasing the pace until you are fucking him. The woman that was licking you moves to your ass, her tongue entering you and fucking like a tiny cock.

The black man moves next to you and guides your head to his cock again. You pull it into your mouth. More murmuring from the crowd as you accept the cock. You place your hands on his thighs for support as you ride the man beneath you while simultaneously inhaling the black cock. You can feel another orgasm coming. You want it, but the tongue leaves your ass.

Crack! Your body tenses as something impacts your ass. Your fingers dig into the thighs in front of you and you hear the man below you mutter something like, "Fuck, that's tight!"

The black man grabs your hair and pulls you off his cock. Crack! Another blow to your ass.

He yells at you, "Bitch, you keep your claws out of my skin!" and smacks you across the face.

"Ooooohhh, Yes, Sir!" you reply, moaning with involuntary pleasure.

He stuffs his bobbing hard-on back into your face. Like an obedient slave-slut, you return to sucking. Crack! Oh, the pain blurs into the pleasure. Out of the corner of your eye, you see the woman standing behind you with a riding crop, occasionally swinging it at your ass. You know it is leaving welts on your flawless skin. The man below you starts slowly pushing his hips up to meet your motions. The force of it gradually increases.

His hands find your tits. He mauls them mercilessly, pinching and pulling the flesh of the soft orbs. It hurts, you like it. He pulls you down to him and sucks a nipple into his mouth. He sucks at your breasts for a brief moment, pulling each out to a fully erect state, and then biting them. All the muscles in your body tighten up from the pain. It's worse than anything you've experienced. You glance down, half expecting to see blood, but there are only red marks. The pleasure returns, and your cunt grips his cock as he fucks up into you.

You focus back on the cock in your mouth. You want him to cum. You want his sperm in your mouth and on your face. A barely rational part of your mind wonders why you want this; you lock it away, consumed with the pleasure.

Pain lances through your nipples again. It doesn't recede, though. It persists in both, simultaneously.

The cock is removed from your mouth and the black man disappears. You feel a twinge of disappointment. You wanted him to cum, to use you for his pleasure.

Crack! The crop lands on your ass again.

You look down at the man below you. He has a chain in his teeth. You follow it. It extends to clamps fastened to each of your nipples. He turns his head, pulling the chain and distending the fleshy nubs. You cry out, cumming with the borderline pain/pleasure stimulation combining with his fuckrod in your sopping twat. More murmuring from the audience.

Abruptly, his arms wrap around you, pulling you down against him. You gasp as a pair of strong hands grasps your asscheeks and spreads them. The tip of a cock is pressed against your rectum. The rubbery ring of muscle, parting against your will. The cock is slippery. The head gets in and the muscle closes around the crest. Your hands clench the cushion. You are frightened. You've never enjoyed anal. Why weren't you prepared for this? What if it doesn't add to your pleasure?

The black cock slices into your ass, effortlessly. It is well lubed. You feel like you need to shit, but there's something else...full. Your body feels fuller than it ever has before. Aside from the need to shit, it actually feels good. You can feel the two cocks in you rubbing together through the thin wall that separates your cunt from your colon.

The start pumping, alternating strokes, giving you no rest. The orgasm builds past the breaking point, yet doesn't seem to come over you...It's going to be a big one, you know. The men keep going, raping your holes with your consent, forcing you into a delirium of sexual overload.

Your body is covered with a fine sheen of sweat as the pleasure builds. Please let me cum, you think. The pounding continues, both orifices stretched and abused. The tattooed man brings his hands to your tits and without warning pulls the clamps away without properly releasing them. You cry out in pain, but that's just what you needed to push you over the edge. You cum violently, both holes clamping down on the cocks within. No coherent sounds emanate from your body, only animalistic grunts. Your eyes clench shut and spittle drips from your lips as you grind out the orgasm.

Barely aware of your surroundings, you hear both men cry out in unison. They are cumming, too. Shooting their sperm into your waiting body, filling your holes. They hold you tightly, hard, pulsing cocks rammed in as far as they will go.

You gasp for air, nearly hyperventilating as your orgasm recedes. You are soaked in sweat and can barely hold yourself up as the man behind you withdraws and the one underneath you extricates himself from your embrace.

The woman reappears and rolls you to your back. She spreads your legs and begins to clean the oozing cum from your holes. It feels good, but barely registers as a sensation.

You hear footsteps. You turn your head to see Him re-enter the spotlight. He no longer wears the mask. You don't recognize him. You don't care anymore. You are a slave.

He begins talking to the audience, "The bidding starts at one hundred thousand dollars, American. I remind you that all performers are drug and disease free. Heather, whom you may rename after taking possession, has already tied her loose ends up. She has quit her job and announced plans to move to Australia. All via email, of course. She will also become fertile in the coming days as she is no longer taking birth control. Keep that in mind as you bid, you will need to make arrangements if you do not wish to breed her. Bidding may now begin."

You take all this in with no care. The tongue and lips administering to your abused groin provides enough distraction and comfort. As you begin to doze off, you hear a thickly accented voice shout out, "One million, three hundred, fifty thousand dollars, American!

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