tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTaken to the Cabin Ch. 01

Taken to the Cabin Ch. 01


This is a work of fiction. I do not condone any violence or rape in real life.

That being said, I hope you enjoy! This is my first story so any constructive feedback is welcomed. Thanks for reading!



The first semi-coherent thought to drift into Violet's head as she began to wake up was that she was swaying; there was a rocking motion affecting her body, as if she was on a boat. The unusualness of this movement caused her to suddenly become fully alert. As she flicked her eyes open and tried to shift her limbs, two things became obvious to Violet; she was bound and she was in the boot of a car. It wasn't until she started trying to scream that the girl noticed the duct tape sealed over her lips. Blind terror caused Violet to thrash around, banging herself around the boot of the moving vehicle and wildly trying to yell through the gag. When the car gradually came to a stop, she wasn't sure whether to be relieved or alarmed.

The boot opened agonisingly slowly, eventually allowing predator and prey to meet eyes.

The captor gazed in fascination at his prize: her limbs were beautifully bound by layers of duct tape around the elbows, wrists, thighs, knees and ankles; her chestnut hair was a wild mane around her shoulders; her blue skater dress had become visibly wet with sweat and her chest heaved with - what? Panic, at her helpless situation? Exhaustion, at her frightened flailing? The man assessing her supposed both. The sight he found most enthralling, however, was the pure terror in her emerald eyes as tears rolled onto her cheeks. Oh yes, he was very much excited for what the future held.

Violet was absolutely frozen in fear as she locked eyes with the man who had stolen her, eyes so dark she could not discern where the pupils ended and irises began. She could not stop staring at them, even as they perused her body, for within them she could not detect a single ounce of compassion, sorrow or anything other than animalistic desire and arrogance. As she allowed herself to appraise the figure before her, as he did to her, Violet was in no doubt that his stocky body could overpower her with ease. The added authority of his seemingly late-thirties age compared to her innocent twenty caused Violet to feel more weak and dominated than she ever had before.

The kidnapper withdrew a bottle of water from the back pocket of his jeans and held it in front of Violet, as if offering it. Suddenly realising how parched she was, and trying to remain calm, she nodded vigorously. As the man's hand came towards her face Violet flinched, but his fingers settled on the edge of the duct tape covering her mouth.

"We're completely secluded. There is nothing around her for many miles so no-one will hear you scream. All yelling will do is make me angry, and I don't think you want that to happen, do you Baby Girl?" Realising he was waiting for a response, Violet shook her head.

"You'll be a good girl?" She nodded as more tears leaked from her eyes. The man cautiously peeled back the tape and the temptation for Violet to call for help was great, but the fear of her captor was greater. As he brought the bottle to her lips she drank gratefully, enjoying the sensation of the cool liquid soothing her throat. As the man took the empty bottle away, Violet took a few greedy gasps of air through her mouth. Aware that now was not the time to fight back, Violet laid still as duct tape was firmly reapplied over her lips.

"Good girl." With that, the kidnapper closed the boot and after a moment Violet felt the rumble of the engine coming back to life. It wasn't until she felt her eyelids getting heavy again that she realised that the water could have been drugged.

Violet felt a sense of deja vu as she came to from a drug-induced fog a second time. A faint clicking sound filtered into her consciousness as she attempted to work out what the hell was going on; she could remember her time in the car boot, but before that was too fuzzy. Violet seemed to remember getting ready to go out for the evening but even that was a vague, distant memory that she couldn't quite bring into focus. Trying to prevent herself from panicking again, the girl kept her eyes closed as she tested her arms and legs; it didn't seem as if she was bound this time. Violet surmised that she was on a bed of some kind, on top of the covers, and was still fully clothed. Feeling a bit better about her situation, and taking a deep breath, she opened her eyes.

The kidnapper lounged in a chair a couple of feet from the end of the bed clicking a pen, one leg crossed over the other and a self-satisfied smile on his face as he watched his captive wake up and face him. His casualness frightened Violet more than anything else up to this point. What kind of man could abduct someone, tie them up and drug them, yet seem completed chilled and relaxed, as if this was another normal day? Violet sat up, scooted herself backwards until she hit the headboard of the bed and wrapped her arms around herself. Her heart raced and eyes widened as he gazed at her coolly and set his pen down on the end table next to his chair.

"Hey sleepy head," the man murmured, his ever-prescent smug smile widening. "Sleep well?" A shiver ran down Violet's spine as she remained silent. Her captor rose suddenly. His tall, stocky form was immensely intimidating as he stood at the end of the bed.

"I asked you a question!"

"P-please! Please don't hurt me," Violet trembled, tears filling her eyes.

"Violet, you have three seconds to answer my question before I get angry. Did you sleep well?"

"Y-yes," the girl replied, nodding as the tears began to roll down her cheeks.

"Good girl." The man sat back down in his chair, satisfied with this response.

"As much as I enjoyed your begging, I expect an answer when I ask you a question. It is only respectful, after all." Violet nodded again, desperate to appease the man. The atmosphere in the room was tense as the two held eye contact, both wondering what the other was thinking.

"I am not a monster, Violet, although I'm sure that's what you believe right now. I imagine you have a lot of questions. As a gesture of my goodwill, I will allow you to ask five questions of your choosing, which I will try to answer honestly." Violet was caught off-guard by this offer. Fear still coursing through her veins and frightened of angering her kidnapper, the girl opened and closed her mouth.

"Go on, anything you wish," he assured.

"What's happening?" Violet eventually managed to squeak out. The man laughed.

"A very vague question, with an evident answer I would have thought. I've taken you, Violet."

"What do you want with me?"

"Well, as cliche as it is," he said, waving his hand to gesture at Violet. "I want you. I intend for you to stay with me here in my cabin and do as I wish. If you do so, it may even be a pleasant experience for you...we'll see." Violet began to shake, and pushed down the question she really wanted to ask.

"Who are you?"

"I am your Master, Violet. I expect you to call me Sir. However, in the interest of being honest and answering your question fully, my name is Seth."

"How old are you?"

"You're wasting your questions here, Baby Girl. I'm 37. Last question now, use it wisely."

"A-are...are you..." Violet began, looking down at her crossed arms and forcing herself to get out the question she really needed to know.

"Are you going to...hurt me?" The man grinned predatorily at the girl as he responded easily.

"I'm a sadist, Violet. I enjoy causing fear and pain. So yes, I'm afraid I will hurt you. Like I said though Violet, I'm not a monster; if you're a good girl, I can assure you the pain will be fused with pleasure and you will come to love it. If you're a bad girl though, Violet...well, that's the pain you want to be worried about." Violet felt absolutely wretched with terror as his words sunk in, causing her head to spin. His voice brought her back to the present.

"What I think you were really asking with that question though, was if I am going to rape you. And the answer to that, my sweet, is yes." Great, fat tears rolled over Violet's cheeks as an overwhelming nausea came over her. Seth rose up and leisurely climbed onto the bed. His strong muscles were visible as he approached menacingly, looking like a tiger hunting its next meal.

"No!" the girl sobbed. She tried to scramble further back, but the metal design of the headboard was already pressing into her spine.

"Shh shh shh," Seth soothed as he reached his captive, but the smirk on his face contradicted his comforting tone. With startlingly speed and ease, he grabbed Violet and yanked her onto his lap, so that she was straddling him. He was certain she could feel his erection. Violet pushed ferociously om the man's shoulders with the palms of her hands and desperately wiggled her hips in an attempt to squirm out of the grasp. Seth chuckled deeply as he watched her pale upon realising her struggles were only exciting him more.

"Go on, Baby," he encouraged smugly. "Ride me." Seth's arousal was palpable in his deep tone and Violet felt an entirely unexpected and unwanted tingle of desire in response.

"P-please no, please please please no," the girl begged; she wasn't quite sure if it was her kidnapper or her own body she was addressing, but her tear-filled jade eyes rested on the face of the man she was sat astride. He stared intently at the red streaks on the cheeks of his prize, a mark of her distress, with a sense of pride.

"Alright," Seth conceded, stroking a hand over the girl's hair and earning a whimper in return. "Be grateful that you have such a kind and caring Master, Violet." Seth had decided that the gesture might help in making his toy a little more comfortable; as much as he enjoyed her fright, eventually his goal was to have a submissive little sex slave who craved both giving and receiving pleasure. Showing a bit of benevolence on their first day together was sure to help. Besides, the more Seth put off the act of fucking his captive, the more his sexual hunger grew and, after the amount of time he had been anticipating it, he wanted the experience to be a memorable one.

"There is an en suite through the door on the left. Go take a shower and calm yourself down. There's a glass on the sink and the water from the tap is drinkable. I expect you to have sorted yourself out in 20 minutes." With that, Seth withdrew Violet off his lap and walked out, locking the door behind him. When he returned, he was going to fuck her.

Violet sat on the bed for a few moments, then started towards the en suite. After being drugged and bound for an extended period of time, she was pretty wobbly on her feet. Another factor was her weakness, presumably due to the fact she hadn't eaten in...well, Violet wasn't sure, but she was certain it was close to a day. Despite this, the emptiness of her stomach was pretty low on the list of concerns for the girl; the terror gnawing away at her was far more pressing than the hunger. She poured herself a glass of water and gulped it down, before jumping into the shower. As the water cascaded down onto her, she tried to gather her thoughts. Violet was truly more scared than she ever had been previously; her kidnapper - her 'Master', as he had referred to himself - had promised to cause her pain and she had no doubt that he was capable of it. Violet suspected a good plan would be to give this man what he wanted until he let down his guard enough for her to escape, but she didn't think that she was strong-minded enough to let him rape her without struggling. For the time being, Violet was just going to have to take things as they came and focus on surviving.

Once she had dried herself off, Violet settled on putting back on the underwear and dress she had been abducted in, as she didn't appear to have any alternative to wear. She couldn't put it off any longer; she opened the door to the bedroom.

Seth was perched on the end of the bed, his cocky smile plastered on his face. He patted the space on the bed next to him and Violet reluctantly obliged, shuffling over and placing herself down on the mattress as far away from the man as she thought she could get away with. She flinched away as his arm snaked around her hip, but allowed him to pull her body closer to his, close enough that she was sure he could hear her heart thumping. Seth began stroking Violet's thigh, just below where her short dress ended. The stroking drifted higher, pulling the girl's dress up with it. As it neared her panties, she started to cry. Seth withdrew and took Violet's chin in his hand, then turned it so she was facing him. He leaned forward and kissed the tears off her cheeks, which only caused her to sob harder. The kidnapper put his lips directly next to Violet's ear.

"I'm going to go easy for our first time," he assured her. "We have the rest of our lives to get rough, so enjoy this while it lasts." With that, he nipped her ear lobe, eliciting a yelp out of her. The girl allowed her Master to push her body down on the bed, telling herself that if she behaved he might go easier on her, until she was horizontal and he was straddling her. Suddenly he was firmly kissing her lips and forcing his tongue into her mouth, snaking it past her lips and wrapping it around her own. It felt like an invasion and Violet's heart raced even faster, mostly in dismay, yet also with a hint of unwanted lust. She couldn't just lie back taking it. She shoved her hands against his shoulders, hard, in an effort to push him away, but he did not budge in the slightest. Distress turned to panic. No longer thinking about the consequences, Violet bit down on the writhing tongue, causing the man to rear his head back and yell like an angered bull. The combination of shock and pain maddened Seth as he glowered down at his captive, who laid trembling under him, waiting for his response.

All at once, the man leapt, gathering Violet's wrists above her head in one hand and using his knees to spread apart her legs so wide she was sure they were about to dislocate. Holding her in place without much difficulty, he took a key out of his back pocket and used it to unlock a drawer in the nightstand next to the bed. Violet strained to see what he was retrieving and almost passed out when she saw the knife in his hand. She started screaming, until Seth pressed the blade against her neck and started shushing; the shushes, however, were not a comfort - they were a threat.

"I guess you don't want to do things gently, huh Baby Girl? You wanna do this the hard way?" Violet attempted to shake her head a little, but the knife was pressed to close to her throat.

"Please, no, please, I'm sorry, I'm sorry," she whispered.

"Too late," and with his words, Seth pulled the knife away from her throat and dragged it down the length of her body, slicing through her dress with ease. A quick flick of the blade on the straps and the garment was gone, leaving the girl shivering in her underwear.

"What a pretty little ensemble you're wearing," he said admiringly at her lacy turquoise bra and panties.

"Such a shame it's gonna have to go"

"Please-" Violet began pleading, but all too quickly the bra was cut off, releasing her C cup breasts to the view of her captor. The tip of the knife delicately rested on her panties. In stark contrast to the speed with which he removed the bra, Seth agonisingly drew the blade across the lace, slowly revealing her pussy. To Violet's shame and confusion, he laughed as he pulled the remaining fabric away and placed the knife back in the drawer. He saw her expression and explained himself.

"For some reason I didn't think you were the sort to shave. You have a beautiful pussy, my little slut." The girl's cheeks flushed at the crude nature of his compliment, yet she couldn't help but feel the oddest sense of pride deep down.

Finally completely exposed, Violet could feel her Master's eyes raking over her body appraisingly. The girl had always had self esteem issues, yet as Seth looked at the sight in front of him, he could not find a single fault; she was slender enough for Seth to find her easy to physically manipulate, but she definitely had some curves too. Still gripping her wrists, Seth planted a kiss on Violet's neck, causing a whimper to escape from her, and leisurely moved his kisses down the right side of her body, travelling along her shoulders and chest until he reached her nipple. He gave it a lick and Violet gasped. Without warning, he bit down hard on the sensitive nub and she yelped, the sharp sting making her writhe and moan. With the nipple still clamped between his teeth, Seth used his tongue to flick over it and crept his free hand up to her left nipple, which he pinched. As Violet wriggled underneath her kidnapper, she realised with a start that she wasn't just hurting; she was really starting to get turned on. Her Master must have realised this too, as he released her nipples and used a finger to slip just past her pussy lips. His eyes sparkled and he looked more arrogant than ever as he pulled out his finger and presented it in front of Violet's face.

"You're wet," he announced smugly and as much as she wanted to deny it to herself, Violet could smell her own arousal.

"Just as I thought, Baby: you're a natural submissive. You were born to be my little fuck toy." Seth reached back into the drawer and Violet was somewhat relieved at the sight of two pairs of handcuffs; at least it wasn't the knife. She barely even fought as her wrists were secured to the metal headboard, feeling too mentally exhausted to do anything other than squirm a little. Holding her legs apart still with his knees, Seth unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off, revealing his muscular chest and arms. Every part of him seemed to be built to intimidate and dominate. He proceeded to pull his dark jeans and boxers off, momentarily freeing Violet's legs, but so transfixed with fear at what his undressing meant, she didn't move them at all. Grinning up at his victim, Seth let his erection free.

The kidnapper's thick cock had basically been hard since he'd first taken his captive; the thrill of stealing her and making her his was more than enough to turn him on and he was shocked he'd lasted this long without raping her. Settling back between Violet's legs, this time with his ample erection on fully display, his fingers found her pussy once more and he rubbed her clit. She twisted beneath him, suppressing moans as he manipulated it, applying pressure expertly to it, as if he knew exactly what to do to turn her on. His other hand was back up to her breast, fondling, pinching and flicking along with his ministrations on her clit. The fingers on the girl's clitoris moved down and went to push into her pussy. Seth's eyes immediately snapped up to Violet's.

"You're a virgin." There was no denying it; he could feel her hymen. Violet couldn't control the tears that rolled down her cheeks. Despite this fucked up situation, she couldn't help but feel a little shame at her virginity; she knew that all of her friends had lost it a while ago and always lied that she had too. In all honesty, she'd been anxious about getting with a man and the more time that passed without her doing it, the more nervous she got. Inexplicably, she felt the need to explain her virginity to her rapist.

"I was scared it would hurt," she said, averting her gaze from his. In an unexpectedly tender gesture, the man stroked some hair out of Violet's face, which she responded to by looking back up at him.

"It's okay, Baby Girl. It makes this even more special." In one push of his hips, Violet's Master entered her. She let out a yell of pain as his cock tore her. The girl bucked and kicked her legs as much as she could, but Seth reached out and dug his fingers into her hips, using the hold as leverage to thrust in and out. Violet's self-lubrication allowed him to do this with relative ease, but she was definitely tight; he was a snug fit inside her. Much to Violet's horror, as the pain subsided a definite feeling of pleasure was growing. Seth was aware that the desire that had been building up within him since he had captured the girl meant that he wasn't going to last long, but he was determined to try to bring her to orgasm; he had actually been planning on leaving her frustrated and climax-free thanks to her little stunt biting his tongue, but after discovering that this was her first time, and that she had avoided sex due to fear, he thought it was important to give her the release she craved. So, with the skills of an experienced man and the pace of a mad one, he assaulted her clit with his thumb as he thrust in and out. He wasn't sure he could last much longer.

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