tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTaken to the Cabin Ch. 05

Taken to the Cabin Ch. 05


This is a work of fiction. I do not condone any violence or rape in real life.

I'm so glad to finally be sharing this chapter with you! I've overcome some writer's block to get to this point and I'm happy with the end result. There is a little less sex than usual, as a sex scene felt unnatural in the middle of the scenes that play out in this chapter. I hope you don't mind and there will be more in Ch. 06!

As ever, any constructive feedback is very much welcomed. Thank you for reading.



Violet had no idea what to say. How could this man possibly love her? But she had no doubt that when he told her he wasn't going to ever let her go he meant every word of it. The girl opted to remain silent as Seth pulled out of her and tucked himself back into his trousers.

"Let's get you cleaned up, Baby Girl," he sighed. Violet felt oddly comforted by his use of the pet name and started to sit herself up, yet before she had a chance to get upright, Seth scooped her up into his arms. The girl did not fight back; she supposed she had been lucky to have seemingly avoided major punishment for her escape attempt and was reluctant to introduce any more conflict. Thus, she lay back limply as the man unlocked the door and carried her up a flight of stairs. So limited had Violet's exploration of the cabin been that she was not even aware that there was a second story to the cabin. Together, they entered a room with what Violet supposed was the biggest bath she had ever seen in the centre. Seth set his captive down on the side of the bath and turned the taps on, before starting to strip off his dark jeans and shirt. The only sound in the room was the splashing as the bath filled up; the two figures didn't say a word. The man stopped the flow of water and guided the girl in, proceeding to lower himself in behind her, his legs either side of hers, although he was careful to keep his bandaged bicep from immersing. Violet had to admit that the hot water felt heavenly on her skin and, when Seth gently pulled her body towards himself, she allowed her back to lean against his chest, her head resting upon his shoulder.

"Does that feel good, Baby?" he asked as he picked up a washcloth and began to clean the dirt off his slave's arms.

"Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir," she mumbled. Her head was still pounding from her injury and she was savouring every second of being submerged in the warm water.

"I have an idea. Something which I think we need, after...recent events," the man told Violet. "I would like to invite you to ask or tell me anything you wish for the duration of our bath. I would appreciate it if you were not disrespectful, but you will not be punished or held accountable for anything you say over the next few minutes." The girl didn't respond for a moment as she considered her captor's words.

"You don't even have to call me Sir, if it helps you to speak honestly."

"Okay," she finally responded. "I want to know...I don't get...what's going to happen to me? If you're not ever going to let me go, what's my future?"

"I will continue to try and train you. You will eventually succumb and become the good little slave I know is inside you, waiting to be coaxed out. We will live here in the cabin and..." Seth trailed off, unsure of how to complete his musings.

"We'll live happily ever after?" Violet blurted out spitefully, regretting the words as soon as they tumbled out of her mouth. The man snorted and, although she could not see his face, Violet could hear his smile in his response.

"Maybe. Or maybe you'll be miserable and forever hoping to be free. I'd rather you embraced your life here, but it is not a necessity to me. As long as I have you - and your sweet little pussy - I'm satisfied, Baby Girl." The girl's heart skipped a beat and she frowned as he continued to wash her, the cloth moving to her chest.

"That doesn't sound like the words of a man who loves me."

"I don't know. People are weird. I suppose my kind of love is...unconventional."

"Why didn't - and I'm not, like, trying to invite to do it or-or anything, but - why didn't you punish me after trying to escape?" The slight smirk that had been on Seth's face faded. He considered his reply as he washed Violet's breasts. Her mouth parted and she closed her eyes as the fabric caressed her sensitive skin.

"You seemed to do a pretty good job of beating yourself up out in the woods," he explained, moving the washcloth to a particularly deep scratch on the girl's upper thigh and pressing a little harder than necessary for emphasis, before returning his touch to her chest. "And besides. You were willing to risk killing yourself to get away. I don't think there's any amount of whipping or spanking that would change that. Like I said, I would rather your life was bearable; I do like to bring you pleasure, Violet." The captor planted a kiss on her neck and she made a barely perceptible noise of desire. The washcloth drifted lower, running over her stomach.

"So let me ask you a question," Seth began. "What could I do to make your life better? And let's skip the stupid answers, like letting you go home or giving you a mobile phone." The girl considered her answer, but it was difficult for her to concentrate as the cloth had started to caress her thighs, where it seemed to keep brushing past her mound.

"Stop touching me."

"Yes, that's a good example of an answer that would be stupid. That is clearly not going to happen, Baby." As if to prove his point, Seth rubbed the cloth along Violet's outer lips.

"I'd like something to do when-" The girl interrupted herself with a moan as her captor simultaneously kissed her neck and fondled her pussy with the washcloth.

"When you're not around. Like a TV or some books. And...just to feel more like a human." Violet's voice was heavy with arousal as she explained her requests. Seth continued his exploration of her pussy with the cloth, pushing past her lips and grinding the fabric against her clit. The unusual texture of the washcloth pressing against her nub was bringing Violet closer to he edge. The erection of her Master was obvious behind her.

"Okay, Baby Girl. But if I try harder to make you happy, I want you to do the same. We need to do more training and I'd like it if you could make an effort to be a good girl." Seth snaked his tongue up her neck and licked the curve of her ear. "Deal?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Good girl," he whispered into her ear as his hand continued to massage her clit with the cloth, his pace steadily increasing. "Now cum for me, Violet." A short, sharp jolt of pain hit the girl as Seth bit her earlobe. Violet jerked her head back against his chest and moaned beautifully as an orgasm ripped through her. The insistent kneading on her clitoris persisted, extending her climax. Seth softly pecked the girl's head as she came down from the peak.

"There's my good little fuck toy," he praised as he set the washcloth to one side and shifted his focus to a jug, which he used to scoop up some of the bath water and pour it over his slave's hair. The man shampooed Violet's chestnut curls with care, gently working out the dirt left over from her misadventure in the woods and ensuring to avoid the wound on her forehead. Both the sensation of having her hair tenderly washed and the sound of the sloshing water were soothing to the girl, so by the time Seth was done, she was actually feeling the calmest she ever had in the vicinity of her captor. He climbed out of the tub and Violet watched as he quickly dried himself off with a towel, wrapped it around his waist, then held another towel out in front of the bath for her. She pulled herself out of the water and stood in front of Seth, as he wrapped her up and began to dry her, softly yet efficiently. Once he had finished, he hung her towel on the heated rail on the wall and drained the bath water. As he twisted back round to face Violet, he saw her lowering herself down onto the toilet. The man cleared his throat noisily. Her eyes flicked up to him as she straightened her legs and looked at the floor sheepishly.

"Can I help you with something?" he asked, crossing his arms.

"Please, Sir, may I use the toilet?" she replied, squirming under his hard gaze.

"Yes you may. Don't forget your manners in the future."

"Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir." The girl continued to stand in front of her kidnapper, waiting for him to turn around and give her some privacy. He enjoyed observing an internal battle playing out through her eyes as she weighed up whether to request for him to look away, hold in her pee defiantly or relieve herself under his stare. After what seemed like a long time, Violet speedily sat herself down and went as fast as she could, as if peeing quickly would reduce the amount of humiliation she felt. She wiped, flushed and washed her hands, hating the feeling of Seth's gaze on her the entire time. As she dried her hands, he crossed the room and used a firm hand on the small of the girl's back to guide her across the landing, towards another unfamiliar area of the cabin.

As Seth pushed the door open, his own bedroom was revealed. The rather cosy looking bedroom was somewhat a shock to Violet; in her mind, her captor was more likely to dwell somewhere straight from hell, like a fiery snake pit, than a frankly very ordinary bedroom. The hand on Violet's back continued to guide her towards the side of the double bed facing a full-length mirror. Seth sat down on the edge of the mattress and pushed the girl into a kneeling position with her back facing him. Her eyes were glued to the carpet and her heart pounded as she wondered what perverse sexual act the man had in store for her, but he took her by surprise by picking up a hairbrush and running it through the damp strands covering her shoulders. Seth leaned forward to pick up the hairdryer resting on the nightstand and turned it on. The warm air blowed Violet's curls and her kidnapper used both the hairdryer and the brush to tame them. As he continued his efforts with an unexpectedly delicate touch, the girl dared to glance up at the mirror and within the reflection she could see more than the man styling her hair; she could see that he cared. It dawned on Violet that Seth really did love her, in his own fucked up way. A sense of unease spread through her chest. The girl looked back down and tried to focus on the bristles running over her scalp and the droning sound of the hairdryer until the task was complete.

"Beautiful," Seth murmured when he was done, running a hand over his slave's curls.

"Thank you, Sir," she whispered in return.

"Now stand up." The girl rose to her feet as instructed and watched as her master pulled back the thick duvet on the bed. His gesture and gaze were an obvious non-verbal order, so Violet scurried onto the mattress. Seth settled the heavy duvet over her chest and the weight of it almost felt like a hug, but a small frown flickered over the girl's features.

"Comfortable?" Seth inquired.

"Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir," she answered, although there was an uncertainty in her voice.

"But?" he encouraged. "You may tell me the truth."

"I-I'm really hungry... and my head," Violet explained as she trailed a single finger over the butterfly stitches. "It hurts so bad." The man nodded and walked over to the wardrobe. He began to rifle through it; the girl couldn't see quite what he was doing, but it sounded like he was getting something out of a container, like a box. Seconds later, she heard an all too familiar metal jangling. Seth brought over a pair of handcuffs and bent down to Violet's level.

"I'm not taking any risks, Baby Girl," he said with a slight smirk as he attached her wrist to a metal loop on the wooden headboard, but his tone was vaguely apologetic. The man returned to the wardrobe to grab a pair of boxers, as well as some grey jeans and a blue short-sleeved button up, and quickly pulled them on.

"I'll be back in a moment." He strided out of the room and his footsteps were audible as he descended the staircase. Violet half-heartedly tested her restraint, more out of habit than anything else, but otherwise lay there waiting for her captor to return. As he re-entered the bedroom, he was holding a bowl, a spoon and a cup of water. Violet propped herself up into a seated position, as well as she could with only one functional arm, and accepted a sip of water from the cup Seth held up to her lips.

"Would you like some soup?" he asked, seating himself on the bed and then raising the spoon questioningly.

"Please, Sir." The girl held out her free hand for the spoon and received a scowl in response.

"I shall do it," the man informed, and proceeded to hold the spoon in front of her face. Holding in a sigh, Violet leant forward and took the mouthful of soup, closing her eyes to savour the taste of the hot, tomatoey liquid. It was her first meal since her escape. About a day, and a whole lot of emotional trauma, had passed since then. Seth gave her the rest of the soup, taking in the sight of his slave cuffed to his bed and obediently being spoon-fed. The previous night, when the glass had tore into his flesh and his captive had tore into the woods, he was sure he would never experience this.

Violet took the last spoonful and Seth placed the bowl down on the bedside table. He reached into his pocket and withdrew two strips of tablets. He popped two pills out of one packet and one out of the other.

"These are paracetamol for your head," he explained, pointing to the two pills. "And this is a sleeping pill to help you get the rest you need to recover." Violet didn't say anything. She eyed the medication, suspicious to take any drugs her kidnapper offered her. Seth chuckled.

"You don't have to take them, Baby Girl, but you're the one who said your head was hurting. I'm sure you'd feel a lot better after some painkillers and a long sleep." The girl considered this and nodded, holding her hand out. The three tablets were dropped into her open palm and she placed them into her mouth, before rapidly grabbing the drink Seth held out for her and swallowing them down. Placing the cup on the side of the bedside table, Violet shuffled down under the flannel covers, ready to sleep.

"What do you say?" Seth asked, glancing meaningfully at the packets of medication he still held in his hands.

"Oh, thank you, Sir." The man bent down and kissed his captive's forehead.

"You're welcome, Baby. Sleep well." The girl closed her eyes and heard her captor turn off the lights and pull the door closed behind himself.


"Violet?" a voice distantly called. A warmth passed over her forehead.

"Violet? Wake up now." This time the words fully pierced the girl's consciousness and she woke to Seth's face above hers. The man was propped up on one shoulder, brushing Violet's hair away from her face. She blinked at him and he smiled, only slightly smugly.

"Hey, sleepy, it's getting late. I've already had my dinner but thought I should offer you something to eat before I go to bed myself. Are you hungry?"

"Yes, Sir." The man presented her with a bottle of lotion and a small key.

"I could make you a quick bite to eat in the kitchen. If I keep you uncuffed for your meal, can I trust you to stay right by my side?"

"Yes, Sir, absolutely," Violet agreed enthusiastically, nodding; she was eager for even the slightest freedom.

"Previously in that kitchen you have both verbally disrespected me and ran away from me. Do you promise me you will be a good girl this time?"

"Yes, Sir, I really will."

"Okay," the man said, unlocking Violet's wrist. He applied some of the lotion to the red circle adorning the wrist, lightly rubbing it in with his thumbs. "But if I feel uncomfortable at any point, I will immediately lock you back up, understood?"

"Yes, Sir." Using a soft, yet sturdy, grasp on her elbow to steer her, Seth took Violet back into the scene of her escape. He had her stand right next to him, where he could keep a close eye on her as he whipped up a grilled cheese sandwich. The girl shifted uncomfortably on her feet, crossing and uncrossing her arms, clasping her hands behind her back, then resting one arm on the counter, clearly feeling awkward stood beside her captor as he cooked for her. Seth was looking forward to teaching her about the correct posture. It was a lesson that could wait for a little while longer; for now it amused him to see his slave fidget uneasily.

"Sit down and dig in," the man encouraged as he set the plate down onto the table. He smirked as his slave did exactly as she was told and lowered himself into the chair next to hers. There was near silence in the room until Seth had to stifle a yawn. The pair made eye contact and the man chuckled.

"Like I said, you've been asleep a while, and as you were dozing I've been busy. Getting a few errands done. I've tired myself out," he explained. "I was just going to let you sleep until you woke up naturally, but I didn't want you to wake up in the middle of the night locked up and ravenous."

"Thank you, Sir," Violet said inbetween mouthfuls. She made short work of the sandwich and Seth even let her wash the plate up herself, under close supervision.

"Well Violet, as much as I'd like to bend you over this kitchen table and fuck you senseless right now, I'll escort you back to your room and then retire to bed; I'd rather have a good night's sleep and leave the fucking for the morning."

"Okay, Sir," Violet replied, concealing her relief at this revelation. Her master walked her through the corridor and stopped outside her room.

"Do I get a goodnight kiss?" he grinned predatorily. The man could see her swallow and clench her fists, but to his surprise, she leaned in and pecked him on his lips.

"Thank you, Violet, that was lovely. See you in the morning." She hurried into the room and Seth locked the door behind her. As she took in her surroundings, it took her a moment to register that something had changed. Violet inhaled sharply in surprise as she noticed the two shelves on the wall. Lined up on the shelves was a selection of books; some dramas, thrillers and a couple of sci-fis. The girl took her time running her fingers over the spines of the books, taking in their names and beginning to plan which ones she would read first. Deciding upon a crime thriller, she pulled the novel off the shelf and turned towards her bed. It was then she noticed the small digital clock and what appeared to be an old iPod Nano. Violet lunged at the iPod Nano and started to browse the available songs. It wasn't the genre she would usually choose to listen to (they were all classical pieces), and the sound quality from the inbuilt speaker was pretty dire, but she was so happy to have any music at all, that she started to tear up. The girl was overwhelmed at how even just knowing that the time was 23:50 made her feel so much more...human. She laid back against the pillows, book in one hand and MP3 player in the other, feeling actual, genuine happiness.

What Violet wasn't aware of was that Seth was stationed behind the locked door, an especially smug smile plastered on his face as he heard her soft gasps of delight from discovering the treats he had left for her, soon followed by music playing from his old iPod. His new plan was working.

When he had first taken his slave, he wanted too much too soon; he was pushy and erratic, which had totally freaked Violet out. Now he was playing the long game. He was giving her what she needed right now - care, affection and tenderness - in order to slowly manipulate her into his obedient little fucktoy. And tomorrow the real training would begin.

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by Anonymous03/20/18

O fuckkk I really really loved the last 2 paragraph... Seth is getting more devious and i like it 😈... Keep it up

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by WhisperingLilac03/19/18

Master > Sir

First of all, thank you so much for your kind words, Vault_B! I hope Ch. 06 is just as enjoyable for you.

As for the anon advising me on the use of 'Master' as opposed to 'Sir', this is not the firstmore...

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by Anonymous03/19/18

Sir vs Master

I hope you will keep writing and improving the characterization for the heroine and for the bad guy. Can I please ask that , in accordance with the modern usage of the word, you switch to Master insteadmore...

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by Vault_B03/03/18


This is one of my favorite series of chapters on literotica. I have it bookmarked so I can reread it and look out for the next chapters!

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by WhisperingLilac03/02/18

Thank you!!!

Thank you so much everyone :) I'm working on Ch.06, trying my best to get it written as soon as I can, but I don't want to rush it; trying to make it a bit of a longer chapter, with a few interesting scenes.


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