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Taking Measurements


As we lay snuggling in bed on a rainy Saturday morning, you tell me about a guy you met at a downtown store earlier in the week. Your eyes twinkle as you describe his earthy good looks, and his strong looking hands. It is clear that he turns you on, and you suggest that he would likely be fun in bed.

"I only talked to him for a few minutes," you tell me, "But the way he kept staring at my breasts made me so wet."

I ask some questions about him, and you tell me that he owns his own business making custom furniture.

"Why don't you call him, and tell him that you are looking to have a headboard made for our bed?" I suggest. I wink at you, and you know exactly where I am heading.

We snuggle some more and we plan to have you invite him to take a look at our bed and take some measurements, and in the process, you can seduce him into fucking you. I agree to quietly hang out in the basement while he is here where I will be able to listen in to every creak of the bed, and your every grunt and moan.

Before getting out of bed and getting on with our Saturday we make love as we think about putting our plan into action.

Two days later right on schedule our doorbell rings. I am already in the basement relaxing with a drink, and ready to hear you moan in excitement as you explore a new lover.

"How are you?" His deep voice asks as you let him in the door.

"Great now that you're here," you say with a twinkle in your eye, "The bedroom is this way."

I hear the two of you walk down up the stairs toward the bedroom. Once there he opens his notepad, and his measuring tape, and he begins recording measurements. You explain that we would like to have a sturdy headboard made from a strong wood with some steel accents.

"The steel is for those?" he asks as he nods his head in the directions of the handcuffs on our shelf.

You blush appropriately, and answer "Yes".

You move toward where he is standing, and he draws a quick concept for the headboard in his notebook. You stand very close to him looking over his shoulder at the drawing. Your breast is pressed against his shoulder, and he can feel your soft breath on his neck. You reach across his torso to point at the drawing and explain your thoughts on the design. As you continue to discuss it with him, you feel yourself becoming very wet.

He senses that you are intentionally standing close to him, and to test you, he reaches to turn to a new page, and as he does, his hand brushes across your breast. Noticing that you don't react, he looks into your eyes to look for a signal.

You ask him to put the notebook down on the bed, and he does as you ask.

"You have very strong hands," you whisper as you reach for his right hand. Running your soft fingers over his muscular hand, you slowly move it to your breast where you pause and hold your hand over his. "I like that," you tell him.

He smiles, and shifts nervously on his feet.

"Do you like that?" You ask.

"I like it very much," he responds.

With your other hand, you touch his chest, and then slowly slide your hand down his body and over the front of his jeans. Beneath his jeans you can feel his hardening cock. You gently squeeze his hardness through his pants.

"It seems like you do like that," you say playfully as you move your head toward his to kiss his neck.

He kisses behind your ear, and he moves his other hand behind you where he caresses your sexy bottom.

"I want you," you whisper breathlessly to him, and you begin to unbutton his shirt.

He responds by unbuckling his belt, and letting his jeans fall to the floor.

You remove your top, and your pants, and you motion for him to lay down on the bed. I hear the bed creaking through the heating vents, which also provide a clear route for your voices to travel.

Dressed only in your bra and panties, you lay down beside him and you begin to feel his hardness through his briefs. His cock is very hard, and it feels large. He moans and kisses your neck as you squeeze him though the thin material.

You kiss his neck, and then his chest, then his stomach. When you reach his briefs, you kiss his hard cock through the fabric, and you then playfully bite it. His body shifts as he tries to control the immense pleasure he is feeling.

You pull down the elastic band of his briefs, and you free his hard cock from its fabric confines. It is long, and thick, and it turns you on just holding it. Wrapping your hand around the shaft you begin to stroke it with a sexy, loose grip. I hear him moan loudly.

Lowering your mouth to the head of his cock, you slowly take the head, and then the shaft into your warm, wet mouth as you continue to stroke it. Your pussy moistens as you suck his cock, and you become excited about the beautiful size of it.

Your tongue darts along his shaft as you bob your head up and down while sucking and stroking him.

He places one of his strong hands on the back of your head and applies some pressure, forcing you to take it deep into your mouth. You can barely take it all in, and when you pull your head up, you quietly gasp for some air. You can't wait to feel this cock inside you.

You kiss your way back up his body while still holding on to his cock. When your faces meet, he places a hand on your cheek and kisses your forehead. As he does this, he rolls onto his side, and rolls you onto your back.

He kisses your breasts through your silky bra and moves one of his hands down to your pussy. He becomes even more excited as he feels your soaking wet panties, and he shifts them aside so that he can slide one of his strong fingers inside you.

From downstairs I hear you moan and yell "Oh god yes!"

Slowly he works one finger into your pussy, and then two. Your warm juices cover his fingers, and he increases the pace, moving you close to orgasm, but not close enough.

He slides your panties off, and he immediately moves on top of you and presses the head of his large cock against your steaming wet pussy lips. As he presses harder, you feel his cock part your lips and thrust inside of you.

"Oooohhh yes!" you scream, and I hear the rhythmic motion of love making transferred through the bed, and then through the floor, as the sounds carry through the heating vents above me as he begins to thrust his cock deep inside of you.

The ice in my glass clinks as I take a sip, and with my free hand I gently massage my increasingly hard cock through my pants. With each grunt and moan from upstairs, my cock hardens further. I want to stroke myself into orgasm, but instead I choose to wait, to save it for when he leaves.

As he moves more quickly, the noises from the bed shifting back and forth grow louder. He is grunting, and you are moaning. He tells you how amazing your pussy feels wrapped around his cock. Faster, and faster, harder, and harder he continues to slide in and out of you.

As you cum, you let out a long, screaming moan. Our bed sheet is soaked from your squirting pussy. Not long after you cum, he pulls his cock out of your pussy, and it explodes over your body. His hot, sticky cum lands on your stomach, and on your pubic hair. Some even lands on your breasts, and you feel it slowly slide between your bra and your skin.

The creaking of the bed slows, and eventually stops. The sound is replaced by feet pressing on the hardwood floors of our bedroom.

As he begins to dress, he tells you that he has another call to get to, but asks if you can get together again.

"I sure hope so," you reply, "Surely you will need to take some more measurements before you can finish making the headboard.

"I certainly will," he smiles.

You ask him to let himself out, and as he leaves, you lay on the bed enjoying your body-shaking feelings of bliss.

After I hear the front door close, and his truck fire up and pull out of our driveway, I come upstairs.

When I enter our bedroom, you are laying naked save for your sexy bra. You cast me loving smile as I walk in the room. I undress and crawl into the bed beside you.

We begin kissing and I trace your sexy body with my hand. As I run my hand down your stomach, I feel the warm sticky cum that he left there. You moan with delight knowing that I have just run my fingers through his warm fluids.

I kiss my way down your body, allowing my lips to slide over the cum left on your stomach, and when I reach your pussy I begin to kiss and lick it.

Heat surrounds your pussy. It is wet, and swollen from your earlier activity. You push my head down and I bury my tongue in your steaming hole.

As I lick, you thrust your hips and moan with delight. I can smell his cum on your body, and my cock has become very hard. After many minutes of licking you, I kiss my way back up to your face where you kiss me deeply tasting your juices, and his cum on my lips. I run a finger across your stomach and bring it to your lips, and you lick his cum from my finger, and then as you kiss me again, you push your cum covered tongue into my mouth.

You push me onto my back and you mount my cock and begin riding me very hard. I hold your hips as you tell me about fucking him, and we both cum together with great intensity.

After we cum, you collapse onto my chest, and I can feel his fluid still on your body as we press together.

"So, do you think you will have him over again?" I ask.

"I hope so," you reply, "He said next time he might have to bring his partner."

We laugh, and hold each other tight as we kiss each other deeply.

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by Ray Roberts07/08/18

Measuring up!

Short, sharp and sexy are the words I would use for this direct approach, but I seemed to have missed the tape measure bit.

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