tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTaking Shawna Stevens Ch. 04

Taking Shawna Stevens Ch. 04


Phillip Harrison had just caught Shawna Stevens having sex with his son. He walked in and found Shawna dressed in a slutty outfit having an orgasm while riding his sons cock. She tried to explain what happened, but Phillip was hearing none of it.

He walked out of Kevin's room and headed down the hallway to his bedroom when Kevin came out after him. "Dad, I have an idea."

"What's that, you lucky bastard? I can't believe you scored Shawna Stevens." Phillip said with a smile. "Looks like I taught you well little padawan."

Kevin ignored the Star Wars reference and went on to explain his plan on making Shawna their slut.

"You devil." Phillip said with pride. "Although son, if it wasn't Shawna Stevens I would be opposed to doing this."

Phillip always thought Shawna Stevens was a beautiful woman and while she was always nice to him, it was clear that the kindness was out of pity because of his income.

"So, are you in?" Kevin asked.

"Oh hell yeah, I'm in son." Phillip replied.

"Awesome, I will send her in." Kevin said returning to his room.

Phillip continued to his bedroom to get is work clothes off and get a shower.

Shawna was still sobbing when Kevin walked in. "I talked with my Dad."

"Do you explain what happened?" Shawna said wiping her teary eyes.

"Yes, but he did not believe me because the way you were moaning and the fact he saw you cum on my cock." Kevin explained.

"Oh god, what have you gotten me into Kevin." Shawna said. "Not only did I cheat on my husband, but I did it with a friend of my son's, and worse of all, your father, whom I have known for years caught us in the act."

"Look slut, you had multiple orgasms while we fucked, so don't even think of saying I got you into this. You enjoyed it just as mush if not more than I did." Kevin said angrily.

"I'm going to go home now and don't call me a slut." Shawna said getting up off the bed."

"Not so fast." Kevin said. "My dad said he is going to call your husband unless you can convince him not to."

"What? I tried to explain it to him, but he wouldn't listen."

"Well, he doesn't want you to convince him with words, he wants you to convince him in other ways." Kevin said still naked as he lay back on his bed

"What do you mean in other wa...Oh God No, I can't." Shawna said as she realized what he meant by other ways.

"My dad is down the hall getting a shower; I would get your ass in there and start convincing." Kevin said with a smirk. "Otherwise, good luck explaining all of this to your husband and Danny."

Shawna's head dropped. There is no way Carl would believe her, not after what Phil saw. It seemed she was falling even further down the rabbit hole. She reluctantly left Kevin's room and started her long journey to Phillips room. Entering his bedroom, she heard the water running in the shower. She swallowed hard and entered the bathroom. Phillip was already in the shower but heard her enter.

"Strip and brush your teeth with the toothbrush on the sink." Phillip ordered. "Then get you slutty ass in here, and make it quick."

"Please Phil, let me explain." Shawna begged.

"Get our clothes off, brush your teeth and get your ass in here, or when I get out of this shower, I am calling Carl and letting him know what a slut his wife is." Phil said in stern tone.

Shawna slowly got undressed and using a spare tooth brush, brushed her teeth. She felt humiliated. She then slid the shower curtain back to get into the shower. She saw Phillip standing there under the water washing his hair. His huge flaccid cock was swinging between his legs. She couldn't help notice its size. Even soft, it was much bigger than her husband's erect penis and Phil even looked even bigger than his son Kevin's. Phil was a big man. He stood six foot four in compared to her five foot ten. He was not muscular by any means, but did not have any fat on his body.

Shawna got in and stood as far as she could at the other end of the tub. Phil wiped the water out of his eyes and stared at the beauty before him. He reached out and pulled her to him. He turned her around pulling her back into him. She could feel his growing cock up against the small of her back.

Phil grabbed her tits and squeezed them, then pinched her nipples. She let out a slight moan. Phil lathered her tits with soap and began washing her tits. He then moved his hand down to her crotch and lathered her pussy. Leaning down to her ear he whispered "Need to wash the slut stink off of you."

Hearing those words, Shawna was completely humiliated. She felt like a whore. Here she was in the shower with a man she did not find attractive and was clearly not in her class and yet, he was treating her like a dirty tramp.

As his hands washed her pussy, he inserted a finger into her wet slit eliciting another moan from her. He withdrew his hand and turned her around to face him. She looked at him as he put his hands on her shoulders and forced her to her knees.

Shawna knew what he wanted from her, what was expected of her and without any direction lifted his large cock and wrapped her lips around its huge purple head and began sucking his cock. She knew deep down she was being forced to do this, but somehow it seemed natural for her to be on her knees sucking such a large black cock.

Shawna pulled the cock from her mouth, looked up into Phil's eyes and he moaned as she licked and sucked his avocado sized balls into her mouth.

"Damn Shawna, if I knew how well you sucked black cock, I would have let you suck my cock long ago." Phil said "You really are a little slut aren't you."

Shawna said nothing as she just looked into his eyes and took his large cock back in her mouth. Phil put his hands on the back of her head and began forcing his cock further into her throat. She relaxed her throat and submitted to his fucking of her throat. He pulled her head back till just the tip was in her mouth and then forced his cock back down her throat until his balls touched her chin. He continued this motion increasing his speed until she felt his cock swell.

"Take my nut you Slut." Phil said as he pulled his cock out leaving the tip in her mouth. He wanted her to taste all of his cum as he shot load after load into her mouth.

Shawna felt the first blast strike the back of her mouth causing her to gag briefly before she swallowed the first of many mouthfuls. Before the recent events with Kevin, she had never tasted male sperm and now she was swallowing it for the third time and none of it was from her loving husband. Guilt suddenly fell over her as she thought of her faithful husband on his business trip completely unaware that his wife was being used by a father and son.

Phil helped her to her feet. "Get out and dry off." He said as he shut off the water and pulled the curtain back. "Then put on just your garter, stockings and heels."

"Can I just go home now? Haven't you and your son done enough?" Shawna said sounding irked.

"You can go home when I am done with you Slut!" Phil said firmly

"Please, stop calling me that Phil."

"Why not, you are a Slut. You fucked my eighteen year old son and just sucked my cock without even being told." Phil explained. "You are our slut and we will use you as we chose, until such time that we allow you to go home."

"Please Phil." Shawna pleaded.

"Listen, you can leave anytime you want, but if you leave before we say you can, your husband will get a phone call from me."

Shawna dropped her head and continued drying herself off.

"Do you understand Slut?" Phil asked grabbing her hair forcing her to make eye contact.

"Yes." Shawna replied meekly.

"Are you going to leave? Or are you going to stay and be our slut?"

"I will stay." Shawna said defeated.

"You will stay and what?" Phil asked. He wanted her to say the words out loud.

"I will stay and be your slu...slut." Shawna said again dropping her head.

Phil smiled at hearing those words come from her beautiful lips. "Good to hear, now dry off and get dressed as I instructed you, I want to fuck that slutty pussy of yours."

Phil left the bathroom to let her wallow in her own misery. Let her comprehend what she has agreed to.

Shawna dried herself off, and put on her stockings and garter belt. After slipping on her high heels, she stared at herself in the partially fogged mirror. How did she get to this point she wondered. She was a faithful wife and mother living in an upper class neighborhood with a wonderful life. Now here she was standing in a man's bathroom dressed like a complete slut. She had been fucked by her son's childhood friend and just sucked off of his father in the shower and as soon as she leaves the bathroom will be fucked yet again by a black cock.

"I am not a slut." She told herself. "They are forcing me to do this." Yet Shawna could feel her pussy becoming wet.

She searched the bathroom for a brush, but could only find a small comb. She picked it up and combed her hair.

Suddenly there was a pounding at the door that caused Shawna to jump. "Hurry the fuck up Shawna." Phil yelled from outside the door.

Shawna threw the comb down, picked up her lingerie top and taking a deep breath, opened the bathroom door. She expected to see Phil standing there, but she was alone in his bedroom.

Cautiously walking towards the bedroom door, Shawna looked down the hallway. No one was there.

"Hurry up Slut!" she heard Phil yell from down the hall.

She slowly walked down the hall not sure what to expect. As she approached the door to Kevin's room she peaked in and saw Phil lying naked on Kevin's bed.

"In here Slut."

Shawna entered the bedroom looking around for Kevin. "He left, it's just you and me, now get over here." Phil said tapping the bed beside him.

Still uncomfortable that she was again naked in front of Phil, she walked towards the bed. Phil admired the beautiful woman before him, she was downright hot. Her luscious breast did not sag at all and her nipples were sticking out like little pencil erasers.

As she went to sit on the bed, Phil, who was lying on his back, pulled Shawna on top of him and began kissing her. He moved her so she was straddling his body. She could feel his large cock sliding against her pussy lips as they kissed. He lifted her head and began fondling one of her tits while sucking the nipple of the other. Shawna was panting hard as he expertly worked her nipples and grinded his cock against her slit.

"OH God Phil!" Shawna said throwing her head back. She was losing control quickly.

Suddenly he lifted her up off his body and spun her around into a 69 position. "Oh my!" was all Shawna could say at being moved around like she was a rag doll. Once he had her in position, he unleashed his tongue on her moist pussy.

A loud moan escaped Shawna's lips as his tongue worked its magic on her clit. She could feel an orgasm building deep within her. On her hands and knees above Phil, she looked down and saw his engorged erect cock and without hesitation and of her own volition, grabbed the base of his cock and took it into her mouth.

Kevin was relaxing in the living room watching the whole thing unfold live in high definition on his laptop. He was waiting for the just the right time to make his move.

In Kevin's bedroom, Phil was tonguing Shawna's clit as she bobbed her head up and down on his cock. Suddenly she felt him insert a finger into her asshole.

"Oh please don't." she said quickly releasing his cock from her mouth. Shawna had never experimented with anal sex and when Carl tried, she refused. Phil's finger hurt at first, but the pain started subside and began to feel incredible. She was now moaning uncontrollably as he sucked and flicked his tongue on her clit and finger fucked her asshole. After a few minutes, he inserted a second finger into her ass shoving them as deep as possible.

"OH my fucking God!" Shawna screamed as her body began to convulse as she experienced a massive orgasm.

"Did my slut enjoy that?"

"Yes." Shawna responded still shaking in the aftermath of her explosive orgasm.

"Why did I just tell him I enjoyed that" she thought to herself.

"Turn around and ride me." Phil instructed.

Shawna got up and turned around once again straddling Phil. Without being told, she grabbed his cock, held it to the entrance of her pussy and impaled herself on his cock. She instantly felt full as his cock reached depths never before reached, even with Kevin's cock. The thickness of his cock had continued contact with her vaginal walls increasing the sensations.

She sat up and began to riding his cock like a mad woman. Shawna tossed her head back and continued to moan uncontrollably. "OH god, Oh god." She said over and over again in her euphoric state.

She increased her speed, bouncing forcefully on the large cock buried in her pussy. Phil reached up and began twisting and pinching her nipples.

"I'm Cumming!" she screamed again as she collapsed onto Phil's chest.

As she laid there bent over resting on Phil's chest with his cock still lodged deep in her pussy, she felt the bed move. Phil put his arms around her holding her down on his chest. She looked back to see Kevin who was kneeling behind her with a shit eating grin on his face. She was confused by his presence until she felt the tip of his cock touch her anal sphincter.

She turned back to Phil with a look of horror on her face.

"Please Phil, I don't want to do this, I don't want him in my butt." She pleaded.

"You have a choice Shawna, leave now and face the consequences or beg my son to fuck your ass." He said matter of fact. "You know you want it."

She could not believe she was going to beg a teenager to fuck her ass for the first time in her life.

Shawna looked back at Kevin with tears in her eyes. "Kevin, please..." she hesitated.

"Please...fuck...my...ass, take my anal cherry." She finally said. She then turned and buried her face into Phil's shoulder.

Kevin inserted the head of his cock just inside her ass. She was extremely tight. She bit her lip until she tasted blood as she clinched her ass trying and failing to keep the intruding cock from gaining full entry. Kevin continued inserting three inches until he forced passed her sphincter. Then the remaining six inches slipped easily into her ass.

Shawna was almost hyperventilating as the pain in her ass was like nothing she had ever experienced. "Please make him take it out." She cried into Phil's ear.

"Just relax, it will feel better in a few minutes". Phil assured her.

Kevin held still with his cock fully inserted letting her adjust to it. After a few minutes he began moving his cock out then back in just a few inches. He continued this slowly pulling more out then inserting deep. Phil also began pumping his cock into her pussy.

The pain in Shawna's ass slowly began to dull, and she found another, stronger feeling beginning to replace it, a more pleasurable feeling. As Phil and Kevin got into a rhythm where one would go shallow as the other would go deep, moans began to escape Shawna.

Kevin was elated. Here he was fucking his best friend's gorgeous mother in the ass and she loved it. And best of all, it was all captured in high definition. Kevin began thrusting and fucking her ass as hard as he could enjoying every second of it.

The erotic feeling of two large cocks piston in and out of her pussy and ass was more than Shawna could bear as a humongous orgasm overtook her battered body.

"Ughh, Cumming!" Shawna screamed out to nobody in particular.

Phil could hold back no longer and exploded in her pussy. The anal contractions from her orgasm also set off Kevin as he plunged deep in her ass. "Fuck! Gonna fill your ass bitch." And shot his sperm deep inside her rectum.

Utterly exhausted, Shawna collapsed onto Phil's chest.

"You were incredible Shawna." Phil said as he patted her on the back of her head.

Kevin slowly withdrew his cock from her ass with a sloshing sound, moved off of the bed and left the room to give his father some alone time with the married housewife.

Shawna lifted herself up and slid off Phil to the edge of the bed. "Clean my cock." Phil ordered.

Shawna slowly got up and began walking towards the bedroom door. "Where do you think you're going?" Phil asked.

"I'm going to the bathroom to get a towel." She said meekly.

"OH No! You clean off my cock the proper way." Phil said. "Get over here and started sucking."

Shawna was too exhausted to argue. Defeated, she knelt on the bed and began sucking his cock clean. To her horror, Phil's flaccid cock started to become erect once again.

Phil moved behind her keeping her bent over. He decided to fuck the one hole he had yet to sample. Kneeling behind her, he rubbed his cock against her anal opening. Shawna simply did not have the energy to protest. Phil inserted his cock in one thrust. While there was certainly discomfort on Shawna's part, the pain was significantly less this time.

Phil grabbed her hips and began fucking her ass fast and hard as she knelt on her hands and knees on Kevin's bed. With her head dropped, she gripped the sheets in her fists and just accepted the anal pounding. She didn't want it to be pleasurable, but found the familiar warm feeling building within her.

Unfortunately, having just cum, her ass was in for the long haul. Phil fucked her ass for the next forty five minutes while her sore and aching body was thrust back and forth. He slapped her ass cheeks which elicited a weak squeal from her each time. Shawna lost count of how many times she climaxed. Her body and asshole were now numb, her ass cheeks red and on fire and her mind was a complete fog at this point, her body just going through the motion of moving without conscious thought. Phil pulled her hips forcefully back into him as he sank his cock deep. He bellowed out as he came deep filling her ass with even more sperm.

"Fuck that was good". Phil declared as he pulled his cock out of her ass. Her grabbed Shawna by the hair and pulled her face around to his crotch and wiped his cock off on her face. He then got off the bed.

"You may go home now Slut". Phil said as he left the room.

Shawna collapsed on Kevin's bed completely exhausted. She was suddenly hit with guilt. She was a married mother with a loving husband who just did things and allowed things to be done to her that she had never done with or for her husband. And the worst thing was deep down she enjoyed it.

As she looked at the clock on the dresser which indicated it was 3:00 p.m. She realized that she had been fucked and used for four hours. She crawled off the bed and grabbing her lingerie top, she slipped it on and walked into the living room. She put her gym clothes on, grabbing her car keys and walked out of the house.

Getting into her car, she noticed a light blinking on her cell phone. Picking it up she noticed she had several missed calls from Carl. She had the drive home to think of an excuse for missing his calls. She started her car and drove home smelling like sex with cum leaking out of her pussy and ass.

Phil got dressed and went into the kitchen to grab a drink. Kevin was sitting at the table on his laptop.

"You know son, I initially had my reservations about this situation with Shawna but I think with a little training, her inner slut can be brought out and blackmail would no longer be needed." Phil said as he poured a glass of orange juice.

"Well dad, you know next weekend I am supposed to go camping with Danny and Mr. Stevens." Kevin informed his father. "You could have her all weekend."

"Sounds like a plan, Son." Phil replied.

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I am waiting

when will the next problem happen to Shawna maybe some one else finds out about her cheating.

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Each chapter is better than the one before! Thanks so much for sharing such an excellent story! Looking forward to reading more!

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great potential

i love this adult fiction story. Hope they turn her into a completely black owned slut completely.

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