tagGay MaleTaking the Neighbor Ch. 03

Taking the Neighbor Ch. 03


**Best to read the first two stories first.

I left for a meeting, leaving Allen to work on my pool and yard. I was gone for several hours and when I got back it was late afternoon and he was nowhere around. It had warmed up significantly and I assumed he had headed back to his house to cool off and have lunch.

I could tell that he had done a lot of work on the pool deck, cleaning, straightening and the pool water was looking fantastic. I then noticed a note on the kitchen table, "I had to run a few errands for my mom and I have a date tonight, text me" and he left his number.

I shot him a quick text, "Pool looks great! Have fun on your date and come by tomorrow"

He replied back a few seconds later, "Thanks! I can cancel my date it you want and work late this evening"

I replied, "No, go out and see how hard your girl can get you" and I inserted a smiley face.

He responded, "Great! I will!"

I went upstairs and changed into my swimsuit and headed back downstairs just as the doorbell rang. It was my audio/visual guy Mark. I had forgotten that we had an appointment for him to quote some work at my new house.

"Hey boss!" He said, staring at my naked chest.

"Hey Mark, I forgot you were coming, come on in and I'll explain what I want."

He followed me in. Mark and I have fucked several times in the past, he is all bottom and really enjoys taking my cock. He's 28, nice looking with dirty blonde hair, a bit chubby, but carries it nicely. He was wearing a jumpsuit, his typical work attire. I knew he would be naked underneath it.

I showed him where I wanted speakers in the living room and security cameras as well. I also intended him to install cameras in my bedroom, office and kitchen, cleverly disguised as speakers. I also showed him where I wanted speakers along the house in the back and front.

As we talked and walked throughout the house, I noticed his erection. He has an average five inch cock, but very thick, almost like a coke can.

"I notice you're getting an erection there Mark, why?" I asked.

He blushed, and replied, "Because you're walking around half naked!"

I grinned and said, "You want to eat my ass don't you? Then you probably want to suck my cock?" I teased.

He nodded, "Yes! Absolutely I want to eat your ass and suck your big dick."

"Take off your jumpsuit," I ordered.

Just as he started to unzip, the doorbell rang. He stopped and I headed to the door, my cock still stiff.

It was Allen and his mom! I had not expected this!

"Hi Sir," he said, "This is my mom Angela, she wanted to come over and meet you, make sure you're on the up and up," he added, smiling.

"Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, please come in," I said, shaking her hand and introducing myself.

Mark was busy working on my quote at the table an luckily was sitting in a manner his short, fat cock was not easily seen. I ran upstairs for a t-shirt and came back to visit.

Allen's mom, Angela, was quite attractive. She had the same reddish blonde hair as her son, the smooth pale skin and the same slender, athletic body. She was 40, had a great smile and beautiful breasts held up by a tight tshirt. He shapely legs were long and stuck out of her tiny shorts. I could see that he got his fashion sense from her, as her shorts were about a size too small.

Mark had finished the quote so I excused myself to visit with him. I approved the quote and told him to be here at seven in the morning to get started. With that, he left.

Allen and his mom visited for a few more minutes then she excused herself and left.

"I'm so sorry, she insisted that she needed to meet you," he said in a panic.

"It's no big deal at all! I'm happy to meet her," I said, then teased, "You haven't told her about our special time together have you?"

He grinned, "Oh no sir, I'd never tell anyone, especially her!"

He was wearing khaki shorts and a pullover, obviously ready for his date. I pulled my shirt off, tossing it on the couch and then slid my swimsuit down, kicking it off in the same direction as my shirt. My cock was still thick from my teasing Mark and was quick to stiffen.

Allen stared at me and then quickly stripped out of his own clothes.

"Do you want to fuck me?" He asked.

"Well, I think cum leaking out of your butt on your date might not be a good idea, how about you and I have another go at sixty-nining."

He laid down on the couch and I flipped around, lowering my cock into his waiting mouth, while taking his raging boner into my mouth.

He moaned around my cock as he took me deeper down his throat and as I took him deeper too. I eased my finger into his tight butt, forcing my way into his anus. He groaned louder as I eased into him.

I could feel his cock twitching and new he was about to cum. I quickly pulled my mouth off of him and wrapped my hand around his cock and balls and squeezed tightly.

"No, no, you can't cum yet," I said, squeezing him tighter to stop his pending orgasm.

After he settled down, I lowered my mouth back onto him. My own cock almost fully down his throat, I pumped harder and faster, hearing him gag from time to time as my cock hit his gag spot.

I felt him begin to tighten again, but this time my own orgasm was rising up. He came first, filling my mouth to over flowing with his teenage cum. I began to cum too, pumping my load down his throat.

He swallowed quickly, trying not to lose any of my creamy juice. I, on the other hand, kept most of his sweet load in my mouth. Once we had both finished, I spun around and lowered my lips to his. He opened his mouth and I dropped his load down into his own mouth. He swallowed quickly and soon our mouths and tongues were intertwined.

Once our mouths were empty of cum, I stood up and pulled him up and turned him around.

"Bend over the couch, I want to teach you something else." I ordered.

He did as I told him, I then pulled his cute, slim butt cheeks apart and began to rim his tight butthole.

He groaned and moaned loudly as I tongued his ass repeatedly, working my tongue into him.

"OH GOD! OH GOD!" he screamed, "THAT'S AMAZING!"

I continued to rim his cute, little, bubble butt until he was begging me to stop.

When I let him go, he spun around and kissed me deeply, licking my tongue and lips. His cock was fully erect again, oh to be 19 again.

"THAT was amazing!" He exclaimed.

I smiled, "and you will learn to eat my ass just like that."

"I can't wait! Let me try now!" he said.

I climbed onto the couch, on my knees and spread my legs wide, I then said, "Use your hands to spread my cheeks and then run your tongue up and down my ass, then slip the tip into my butthole."

He did as instructed, his tongue slipping up and down my crack, his hands holding my ass cheeks apart. He licked up and down for several minutes, I let out a low groan and then felt his tongue enter me. He pushed hard, slipping his tongue in harder and harder, fucking my hole with it.

"Oh shit! Allen! That's perfect!" I said, as he continued to plow his warm tongue in and out of my ass.

My own cock was getting hard again as this young man buried his face between my cheeks. When he finally pulled away I turned to see him standing there, spit and slobber on his face, his cock fully erect.

"I think you have that down now," I said, smiling.

"Will you fuck me now?" He asked.

"No, not now, you need to go get ready for your date," I said, smiling back. He agreed and tried to get his cock to calm down while he slipped on his clothes. He got dressed finally, said he'd text me later and headed out.

I sat down on the couch and jerked myself off thinking about his amazing tongue. I came, not much, but very hard. I then drifted off to sleep on the couch, naked, cum drying on me stomach and chest.

I woke to my cell ringing, it was Mark.

"Hey man, sorry we got interrupted," I said, answering the phone.

"No problem, I'll be there at seven in the morning," he said and then added, "Are you fucking that guy? He's cute!"

I laughed and said, "He's only 19 so what do you think?"

"Oh, so you're not? Are you fucking his mom? She was smokin' hot!"

I laughed and said, "No, not fucking the mom." Then a thought came to mind and I said, "He is just learning about his sexual desires. He's new to sex, any sex." I went on, "I have fucked him, and we've sucked each other and he's got an amazing ass and mouth."

"WOW, I knew it!" He exclaimed, "Will he let me suck him off?"

"Maybe, but you have to let it be his idea, understand?" I said, using a strict tone, "He has to offer it to you, don't hit on him, don't try to get him to do something he doesn't want to do."

"Of course, has to be his idea, and I can't approach him, gotcha," he replied.

"Tomorrow, he will be working in the backyard on my pool and doing some yard work too," I explained. "If and only if he is wearing a tight, green speedo can you ask him to let you suck him off, understand?"

"Yes, only if he has a green speedo on, got it," he replied. Then asked, "why a green speedo?"

I smiled into the phone, "well if he has it on, you'll understand."

We visited about the installation of my sound system and video system and then hung up.

I finally showered and decided to order a pizza. When the pizza arrived, the delivery guy reminded me a lot of Allen, skinny, swimmers build, except he had dark, long hair. I thought about what it would be like to fuck him...instantly horny again, damn.

I headed off to bed after eating the pizza and was woken up by my text chime, it was Allen. He said that he would be over around 8 and work for a couple of hours then had stuff to do for his mom.

I replied back, "My friend Mark will be here working on my audio system, setting stuff up throughout the house."

"Okay, I'll keep out of his way," he responded.

With a grin on my face, I typed, "Actually, he thinks you are cute and he wants to suck you off."

There was no response for several minutes, then he finally replied, "Really? I don't know about that, I've only done that with you."

"I understand, it's all up to you," I typed, adding, "If you want him to suck you, you need to wear your green speedo. If you don't want to get sucked off, then wear a regular swim suit."

No reply again, then he responded, "Does he only want to get me off?"

Awe, his curiosity was getting to him, I typed, "He is what we call a bottom, he likes to suck, he likes to get sucked, but he only likes getting fucked, he isn't into fucking you."

Again, silence for several minutes, then he finally replied, "So, do you want me to let him suck me off?"

I responded, "It is up to you, not me! He gives a great blow job, and he has a tight ass if you want to fuck him too!"

Silence, then he responded, "Really? He would let me fuck him?"

"Absolutely, but if you want to fuck him, you have to walk into the house completely naked, holding your hard cock."

"I'm so hard now! Between my girlfriend only letting me feel her up over her clothes and now thinking about fucking my first guy!"

"DON'T jerk off! Save it for tomorrow!" I typed. Then sent a second message, "I'm hard too, but not jerking off either."

"Okay," he replied, then typed, "I'll think about your friend."

"Good, also, if you do anything with him, take pics with your phone, I want to see it!"

"Okay, going to bed."

I got up at 5:30 and went on my morning run, then made breakfast and hit the shower. I stepped out of the shower at ten til seven, dried off, and carried my clothes downstairs, laying them across a dining chair. I heard Mark pull up and met him at the door, naked.

"Oh wow!" he said, as he stepped in, my cock was starting to grow.

"Take it off, now," I instructed. He unzipped his jumpsuit, slipped it off. He was naked under it, which I had known he would be. His short, thick cock was fully hard, sticking straight out from his shaved crotch.

"Suck me," I ordered.

He moved to me, dropped to his knees, wrapped his hand around my now erect cock and moved it to his open mouth. I groaned as he took me into his mouth and down his throat. His head bobbed back and forth and his mouth and throat felt amazing as I slid in and out of him.

With my hands on his head I said, "Allen will be coming over to work in the yard around 8, if and only if he is wearing the green speedo, you can ask to suck him off."

"MMMMM....MMMM....MMM..." was the reply I got.

I added, "If he comes in naked, holding his dick, then that means he wants to fuck you."

He pulled off of my cock and said, "seriously?"

I nodded and pulled his head back onto my cock and said, "yes, seriously, he's never fucked a guy and he might want to." Then I added, "again, only if he is in the speedo, that means sucking only. If he's naked, he wants to fuck you. And I told him to take photos of either one...I want to see...."

He had picked up on his sucking and was pulling me deeper into his throat, I knew I was about to cum and soon unloaded my heavy, thick morning load of cum into his mouth, down his warm throat and into his tummy.

Mark groaned and moaned as my load emptied into him. He kept me in his mouth until my cock began to soften. He then let my cock drop from his mouth as he licked every single inch of my deflating cock and balls, kissing the head repeatedly.

"Thanks for that, man, that load was huge," he said, squeezing my ass as he kissed and licked my cock.

"Saved it up just for this morning," I replied rubbing his head. "I've got to get dressed and head to work, remember the rules."

"Yes sir," he said, standing up and grabbing the work jumpsuit and slipping it back on.

I dressed and left before eight, making sure I was gone before Allen arrived. I couldn't wait to see what happened next.

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this is fun to read

wishing i could find a big cock to suck. sounds yummy.

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