tagGay MaleTaking the Neighbor Ch. 06

Taking the Neighbor Ch. 06


***This story is mostly gay, with some heterosexual and bisexual fun.


It was late when I got a text from Allen.

"Can I come by?"

"Sure" I replied.

"Mom can't see, so I will park down the street and come down the back."

"Okay, back gate is open and the door is open" I replied.

I then added, "Is something wrong?"

He replied back with a picture of his erect cock and a girl's hand wrapped around it.

"Nice!" I replied.

"Didn't go well beyond that." he responded.

I walked downstairs and met him in the kitchen. I was nude, cock fully erect.

He smiled, "Wow! I was hoping you would be like that."

I smiled, "How was the date?" He stripped off his clothes, his cock was half erect and starting to grow, he walked over to me, knelt down and slid my cock into his mouth. He made a slight moaning sound and then pulled my cock out of his mouth, licking it up and down.

"Well, it ended early, and not in a good way." He then told me what happened.

"We went to dinner, then we went parking up at the lake before our movie was to start," he stopped, sucked me deeply into his mouth and then out again.

"We were feeling each other up, I was rubbing her titties outside of her shirt, she was rubbing my cock outside of my shorts," he sucked me in again and back out.

"I just, just couldn't take it anymore, so I slid my shorts and underwear off in motion, all the way to the floorboard of the car," he smiled up at me, licked my cock and balls, then continued, "she screamed at me 'what the hell are you doing', it was the first time she had ever cussed around me. She jumped back in her seat and stared at me."

He took my cock into his mouth again and again and again, I grabbed his head and pumped in and out of his mouth over and over.

He stopped again, smiling as he licked my cock up and down, "I kept telling her to touch it, please, just touch it." "She finally leaned over and put her hand around it, that's when I took the picture."

He went on, "She held it for a few minutes, then said, 'Wow, it's hard and soft at the same time'. I told her to start pumping it up and down, and she did."

He licked me some more and went on with his story, "I moaned and I was so horny and I came, right then! I came! I came and cum went everywhere. I shot it all over her, all over me, all over the car seats." He stopped, shook his head and then said, "She screamed and wiped it off of her hands and all over the seat. She said, 'Why? Why would you do that! That crap is all over me!' I was laughing and that didn't help."

He took my cock down his throat again and sucked me for five minutes straight, my cum boiling in my balls, shot hard down his throat. We moaned in unison as my cock blasted load after load into his mouth and down his throat into his tummy. He continued to suck until I was empty.

I then moved and sat down on the couch, he climbed up next to me and finished his story.

"She insisted that I take her home right then. I tried to convince her that it was okay and natural and that I was so horny for her I couldn't control it."

I finally spoke, "That seems reasonable, but you probably shouldn't have gotten naked without asking her first."

"Well, if you think I shouldn't have done that, then you probably will think this was bad too," he said, adding, "I told her it was just cum and it wouldn't hurt her and then I licked my hand clean."

My eyes went wide and I asked, "No way! What did she do then?"

He grinned, "she screamed 'that's gross', then she gagged a little bit, then I scooped the cum off of my seat and licked up the rest. Then I scooped the cum off of my shirt and asked her to taste it."

"Ha! I bet that didn't go well!" I exclaimed.

"Well, no, it didn't go well at all. She screamed, slapped my hand and insisted that I drive her home right then!" He sighed, and said, "So, I started the car and drove her home, with my pants down and my cock bouncing up and down, and she kept yelling at me to pull up my pants. I didn't, I drove her home, stopped in her driveway and she jumped out."

I shook my head and asked, "What if she tells your mom?"

He grinned, his hands rubbing up and down my legs and cock, "I'm hoping she does. Then my mom will back off and quit asking if we are fucking."

I thought for a few minutes and then said, "Not bad, but you ate your cum, so if she mentions that, then your mom will know that you like cum and that you eat cum...could be the proof she needs."

He nodded and said, "Or, she'll think I was keeping the car and my clothes cleaned up. I mean, she knows that I jerk off, I'm pretty sure she watched me a couple of times. If she did, then she saw me eat my cum then to keep the sheets clean, no biggie!"

This was new news, if his mom had been watching, and he had stopped jerking off so he would be ready for me, well, then I now knew where her ideas came from.

"Allen, are you not jerking off much at home now?" I asked.

"Hardly ever, I want to save it all for here," he replied. Then it hit him. "OH CRAP! She has been watching and she knows I'm not jerking off much!"

I smiled.

He smiled, "Back to jerking off at home then."

I replied, "You never know, maybe she will come in and help you."

He looked shocked, but his cock was fully erect now, "that's wrong, so wrong, she wouldn't be interested in anything like that, she'd freak out! Plus, my Dad would kill her!"

"When she asked me about you, I asked her about you too. Her nipples got fully erect and her face was flushed. Dude, I think your mother wants you." I said, smiling, not sure if this was a good idea to bring it up.

He sat there, a flushed look on his own face, his cock fully erect and dripping a little precum out, "I never thought of her that way, she is hot, pretty, great titties and great legs." He stopped and shook his head, "No way, she's my mom, she can't want to fuck me."

"Maybe not, she may just be turned on watching you." I said, adding, "When do you usually jerk off, after your dates with Wendy?"

He nodded.

"Do you think she watches you every time?"

He nodded.

"Then tonight, go home, jerk off and make sure she can see you. After you get done, and you are sure she is gone, then sneak over to her room and see if she is in there getting herself off."

"What?" He exclaimed!

"She might not want to fuck you, she might just get off watching you cum. You're dad is gone all the time, weeks at a time, so she gets lonely, horny, she knows you are off limits, so she just wants to get off!"

He nodded, and said, "that actually makes sense. I'll do it, I'll jerk off for her and then sneak over to her room, see what she's doing."

I pulled him up to me, kissed him deeply, his hard cock pressed against my still soft one. He made out for thirty minutes or so, then I said, "Come with me, I want to show you something."

We went upstairs, and I had him kneel on the bed. I went to a drawer and pulled out a large dildo, anal lube and a cock ring.

I lubed his ass up and strapped the cock ring around his swollen cock and balls, tightening it up. Then, I slowly slid the 12" cock shaped dildo into him. He groaned as I slid it past his anus, and his breathing quickened as the first three inches entered him. This dildo was almost as big around as a beer can, and 4 inches longer than my cock, but Allen was taking it all without a problem.

At nine inches, he dropped his arms to the bed, placing his head all the way down and his ass all the way up.

"Do you like this big dick inside you?" I asked.

His breathing was short and sharp, "Yes, oh man! Yes!"

I kept pouring the lube on the dildo as I kept pushing it in, further and further until the full twelve inches were in him and the fake rubber balls were pressed against his ass crack.

"You have twelve inches inside your ass. Do you like it?" I asked.

"Yes! It's so fucking big!" He said, the grunted, "FUCK ME WITH IT."

I pulled about half of it out and plunged it back inside him.


I picked up the pace and began to plunge the dildo in and out faster and faster. I was pulling almost all of it out of him, then ramming it back in. Over and over, faster and faster.

Allen was screaming into the pillow, begging me to fuck him harder and harder. So I did.

After almost fifteen minutes, I plunged the dildo all the way in and left it. I turned him over, there was a long line of precum dripping from the tip of his hard cock. I kissed him deeply and reached down past his cock to the base of the dildo and began to gently fuck him with it.

"That thing is amazing! I want more! I can take more! Please, please fuck me!" he begged.

"Allen, I'm wiped out, you sucked my last load out downstairs."

"We need to get you viagra!" he laughed.

"Well, I have some, but too late to take it now!" I slowly pumped the dildo out of him over and over.

"I need to cum!" he said.

"NO!" I said, pulling the dildo free from his ass and tossing it on the floor. I the said, "You need to get dressed, sneak back down to your car and go home, you have to jerk off in front of your mom."

He nodded, kissed me, then said, "Will you promise to fuck me tomorrow?"

I kissed him back and said, "Absolutely, I will have a surprise for you too."

We got up and headed downstairs, as he was getting dressed he looked at his phone and said, "I have eleven missed calls and twelve texts from Wendy."

He stopped dressing, took a photo of his still hard cock, then of his cute butt, "I think she might like these," he said, smiling.

"What does she say?" I asked.

He read the text messages:

"I'm sorry I got so upset"

"It freaked me out when you ate it!"

"I've never touched one before, it was really hot, but I was scared"

"You have a nice one, I guess, very hard and very soft"

"Please reply"

"What does it taste like?"

"Please answer me!!"

"Why won't you call me or text me?"

"I won't freak out next time, I promise!"


"Okay, call me later"

The last text was a picture of her, topless! He showed me the photo, she was very cute, blonde, not huge titties, but very large titties, with big pink aureoles and dark pink nipples.

"Dude!" I exclaimed, "Looks like you might get to play with those bad boys soon!"

He was smiling from ear to ear, "You think? Man, I love playing with them over her shirt, I had no idea they looked this great!"

"Don't reply back tonight, make her wonder and make her desire to see you grow. Trust me!" I said.

His cock was still fully erect and was still dripping precum as he slid his underwear back on and then his shorts.

"Go home, jerk off to her beautiful titties, cum hard and eat it all up. BUT, make sure your Mom is watching!" I ordered, grinning at him.

"Okay," he replied, stepping over and kissing me, wrapping his hand around my hardening cock, "Are you sure you don't want to fuck me first?"

"No, you don't need cum leaking out of your ass when your Mom watches you later." I replied.

With that, he left and headed down the street to his car. I decided to text him, first taking a photo of my hardening, shaved smooth cock and balls. I added, "or you can jerk off to this, whichever :)"

A few minutes later, I got the pic of his dick and his ass that he had taken in the den a few minutes earlier. He added, "And you can think about fucking this tight butt, which is still gaping open by the way! LOL."

I replied, "Text me and let me know how it goes with you later, take pics of your mom for me! LOL!"

At first there was nothing, then I saw his car pull up in his driveway across the street. He didn't get out right away, and a few seconds after he did, I got this text, "I will! I've seen her naked before, she is pretty hot! Her titties are bigger than Wendy's! LOL!"

I had been kidding, but I now I was intrigued to see his mom!

Almost an hour later, I was dozing off when my text alert sounded.

"She watched me!" he texted.

Then I got a stream of texts:

"I left my door open, my light on, I jerked off and came in like five minutes."

"I heard the door creek a little, so I knew she was watching"

"I sat up, faced the door and came in my other hand"

"Then I ate it all and licked my fingers!"

"Squeezed out every drop and licked it all up."

"I then leaned back and turned off the light, I saw her shadow as she left towards her room."

"Well!!????" I replied, giddy like a teenager.

"Her door was shut :( "

"But I heard her and she was playing with a humming vibrator!"

"She came, I heard her moan loudly and then turn off the vibrator"

"Barely got back to my room before I heard her shower running"

I typed, "Nice, see, I told you she was just horny!"

"I guess, it was hot listening at her door, I was still naked"

"I think I'm going to be walking around naked more, see if she gets horny again!"

I typed, "Nice, sounds like a good plan." I then added, "I have a date tomorrow night. She likes multiple cocks, if you want to come over when we get back and fuck a real girl"

There was no reply for a few minutes, then he said, "HELL YES!"

I couldn't help but grin.

"Good night," I typed.

"Good night!" he replied.

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