tagGay MaleTaking the Neighbor Ch. 07

Taking the Neighbor Ch. 07


***Mom gets more interested in Allen's gay side...

For the next two weeks, things had been going about the same way. Daily, I was able to fuck Allen in his tight little ass, and we were sucking each other every chance we had. Allen was getting better and better at taking large dildos in this ass too, something that he quite enjoyed.

He had his girlfriend now jerking him off on every date, which was a couple of times a week, she still wouldn't suck him, or taste his cum, but Allen was pretty happy with the outcome, so far.

Allen kept jerking off most evenings at home, knowing his mother was watching. He kept trying to see her masturbating, but she always kept the door closed and he had yet to actually see her.

He was now making sure to wear only boxers, or his tight speedo when it was just the two of them at home. She had been wearing even tighter clothes as well, and at night only a t-shirt and panties. I had tons of photos of her, thanks to Allen!

I was getting things ready to have a house warming/pool party at my new digs on the upcoming Saturday. Naturally, I needed lot's of Allen's help in setting up.

He came over Friday afternoon, wearing only his t-shirt and that tight, green speedo. I met him at the door wearing nothing.

"Wow, I never get tired of seeing you naked," he said.

"And I never get tired of seeing you in that speedo," I replied.

He dropped to his knees in the entry and took my cock into his mouth. He had quickly become an expert cocksucker and he soon had me nearing the point of no return.

I pulled my cock from his mouth and lifted him up from the floor, leading him the den, I rolled the speedo off of his cute ass, his six inch cock popped out fully erect. I pushed him down on the carpet and straddled his face, feeding my cock back into his mouth, while taking his cock into my own mouth.

We teased, licked and sucked each other for more than ten minutes, and I finally could take no more. I shoved my cock into his throat and took his cock deeply into my own throat, and slid a wet finger into his tight ass. We began to cum at almost the same time, both of us swallowing each other's creamy loads.

His load was always a little less than my own, mainly because he jerked off several times a day. Plus at 19 years old, he could regenerate quicker, with less cum building up. Myself, I was good for two or three loads per day, maybe four if I took my Cialis friend in advanced. After all, at 38, I don't regenerate like a teenager.

We laid there for a few minutes, licking and sucking on each other's deflating cocks. I then got up, spun around and kissed him deeply. We kissed like that for another five minutes or so before I finally got up and pulled him up.

Squeezing his butt with both hands, I said, "I'm going to fuck this adorable ass of yours later."

He had his arms around me too, and replied, "I hope so! It needs a thick dick in there."

We broke our embrace and headed out to the back yard, both naked, which is how we usually were when he was over.

We started setting up tables, extra chairs, he cleaned the pool with the net and I organized things around the back yard. It was only nine in the morning and the party was to start in two hours. After about an hour, the yard was perfect, the beer and drinks were chilling and we were both horny again.

I led him into the pool house, which was equipped with a shower, a single bed and plenty of towels and spare swimsuits.

"Bend over the bed," I instructed.

He did instantly, spreading his legs wide and pulling his ass cheeks apart for me. He knew the routine well.

"Nice," I said, then I knelt down and rimmed his butt, eating his ass and getting is sloppy wet with slobber and spit. He kept moaning and groaning as he kept his cheeks wide apart for me.

Once he was wet and loose, I stood up and placed the head of my cock against his tight, little hole and began to ease into him.

"OH YES, OH YES!" he moaned, "Fuck me! Oh MY GOSH!"

I slowly slid into him until my crotch was pressed tightly against his cheeks, my cock fully embedded in his tight ass. I let it sit there, letting him adjust to me and then I began to fuck him. Hard. Very hard. I pounded him with everything I had. His head was down in the pillow on the bed as he screamed into it.

We had both recently discovered that he was beginning to prefer me to be rougher, harder and more forceful in our meetings. I was almost lifting his light, swimmer's body off of the floor as I pulled all eight inches out and then rammed them back in over and over.

I had discovered that I liked being a little rougher with him. We had been gentle the first few weeks, but this new found raw, roughness as extremely hot.

"You like that bitch?" I asked, demanding he answer.

"YES SIR! YES SIR!" he screamed into the pillow, "PLEASE POUND MY ASSHOLE! PLEASE!!"

"Tell me what you like!" I commanded.


I couldn't take it any longer and began to pump my second load of the day into Allen's beautiful ass. I continued to bang him harder and harder, turning my cum into a frothy mess that was splashing between my crotch and his tight cheeks.

"Oh My GOSH! That was amazing, the best yet!" He breathed heavily.

Panting, "I agree, your ass is destroyed," I replied.

He fell onto the bed, but I pulled him up, "No, no, sweet boy, time for a shower, and you have to go get your girlfriend...and you can't smell like you have just been butt fucked."

He smiled, and said, "I don't care if she knows, I'm thinking I might tell her anyway."

I was surprised by this, as he had not ever mentioned this before. "Oh really?" I said, questioningly.

We entered the shower and began soaping each other up and when he said, "It's obvious that I am bisexual, I love Wendy, and I love you and your amazing cock. I love cumming with you, and I love cumming with her, though it's only been while jerking off."

We turned rinsing and I then I turned him around and began to clean his ass thoroughly.

"Plus," he continued, "I'm comfortable with this, I'm not ashamed and I can only imagine finding a girl that agrees, maybe she's got hidden desires too." He looked over his shoulder at me, "She love's watching me eat my cum, I think she would love to watch me suck it out of a cock."

"Well," I interrupted, "Trust me, not all girls are into it. The girl I've invited over is wild about gay sex and she loves to watch and participate too. She has been with Mark and I when I fuck him. Melissa, my date, is his sister in law, we've had foursomes with me fucking Mark, while the two girls fucked each other."

"WOW!" he exclaimed.

"BUT," I said, "My exwife and many of my exgirlfriends were totally freaked out when I mentioned fucking guys or getting sucked off by a guy, or for that matter doing anything with a guy."

I turned the water off once we were both clean and handed him a towel, "so just be very careful mentioning it to her. I would very carefully drop very subtle hints, don't just come out and and say you like getting fucked and you love cum!" I smiled, kissed him and we headed into the house where he dressed and headed home.

I put on swim trunks and a t-shirt and waited for my guests to arrive.

Guest began arriving about an hour later. My date, girlfriend I guess, showed up first. Melissa is a beautiful girl. She works as a nurse about 300 miles away. She is chubby and carries it very well, no rolls or bulges, just a nice thick beauty. She has long blondish red hair, 38 DD breasts with huge pink nipples and she is 5'11" tall! She is 26 years old and incredible in bed. Best of all, she loves anal!

Mark and his wife arrived next, along with a couple of co-workers and a neighbor or two. Allen finally arrived with Wendy, she is a doll! She actually resembles Melissa in looks and build, except her hair is a darker red, with smaller boobs and not as tall. He wore a regular swim trunk, she wore a cute bikini that was the same green color of his speedo.

Most everyone was there, our hotdogs and hamburgers were cooking, some were in the pool, some in the house, it was a great party.

Allen's mother finally showed up. She was dressed in a navy blue one piece swimsuit with a white see-thru cover. She was beautiful, imagine a 40 plus year old Allen, tall, long legs, not skinny, but not fat, perfectly fit. Her large breasts were pushed up and together in the tight swimsuit, which had a zipper in the front that went down to the top of her crotch, something very sexy on such an older woman. I greeted her and led her into the backyard.

The party went on for several hours and then people finally started making their goodbyes and leaving.

I caught a glimpse of the pool house door closing as Allen and Wendy snuck into the room. I knew there were probably making out and probably feeling each other up. I noticed his mom looking around, so I sent Melissa over to visit with her and keep her busy.

I went to the den and pulled up the cameras in the pool house. There they were, Allen with his swim suit down around his ankles, leaning back on the same bed I had fucked him on early, his hard cock wrapped in Wendy's hand and she was pumping him fast and furious. I hit the record button and turned the screen off. I knew they would be out in a few minutes, as he was on the verge of cumming.

There were only a few people left, including Allen's mom, who was in a deep conversation with Melissa. Allen and Wendy snuck out of the pool house and pretended that they had been in the house cooling off, I knew better. I knew she had made his cum with her hand and I knew that he had licked it all up.

It was getting dark when the last folks left, including Allen, Wendy and Allen's mom.

With everyone gone, Melissa and I removed our suits and played with each other in the water. She propped herself up on the side of the pool in the shallow end. Her beautiful ass was waist high as I moved up behind her.

I spread her ass cheeks and began to lick her from her pussy to her asshole. I made sure that I had her pink anus nice and wet as I moved in behind her, placing my cock head against the wet, pink, hole. I pushed in and she let out a deep moan.

"Oh baby!" She moaned, "I've missed that beautiful cock. Fuck my ass baby, fuck my asshole."

I began to pump in and out of her hole, stretching her more and more as I pumped my swollen cock into her.

"Oh baby! Fuck my asshole!" she said, louder than she probably should since we were outside.

"You like that big dick in your ass don't you?" I asked, pumping harder and faster, water

splashing around us.

She moaned and replied, "Yes, oh yes, I love your big dick in my asshole...is it tight for you baby?" She moaned in question.

"Tight like a teenage boy sweetheart!" I replied, now ramming my full length into her.

It was then that I noticed a purse sitting under one of the chaise lounge chairs. I remembered it was where Allen's mom had been sitting and thought it must be hers. I casually continued pounding Melissa's tight hole and glanced towards my house. I could see her, Allen's mom, standing in the dark kitchen, barely lit by the lights from outside just watching us.

Melissa moaned louder and announced she was about to cum. I moaned and said, "here comes my load baby, take my load deep in that ass!"

We came together, Melissa cumming from her fingers and my pounding cock, me from the tightness of her chubby ass and the fact that Allen's mom was watching.

As we came down from our orgasm high, I slipped from her ass, a river of cum pouring out of her gaping hole and into the pool.

"Go into the pool house and shower, then get on the bed and wait for me, I need to do a couple of things," I instructed.

"Okay baby, you want me to stay naked?" She asked.

"Yes, naked, and fingering your sweet pussy," I replied.

We both climbed out of the pool and she headed to the pool house. I picked up the purse and headed into the house. I saw his mom backing up as she realized I was about to come in.

"Wait," I said softly, "don't go. I have your purse."

She stopped moving and just stood there in the shadows. She was still wearing the swimsuit and the see-through cover up. All the house lights were off, but the light coming in from the backyard provided just enough light to make each other out clearly.

"I'm so sorry, I thought I could sneak in and get my purse, the house is locked and Allen and Wendy ran to the movies, and I have no hide-a-key," she explained.

"Not a problem, here's your purse," I said, handing her the purse. We were only a foot or so apart now, me naked, her in the sexy swimsuit.

"I see that you haven't a shy bone in your body," she said, smiling as she reached for the purse.

Teasingly, I pulled the purse back and smiled, "Well, you caught me at a bad time," I said.

She smiled back and said, "I noticed you were screwing her in her butt, was that your choice or hers?"

"Her's, she loves anal," I replied continuing to smile and hold the purse. My cock had thickened up a bit, nowhere near erect, but fattening up.

"I've never done that, tried once with a guy in college, hurt like hell," she said, very matter of factly.

"He probably didn't do it right," I replied.

She then reached towards me, I thought she was reaching for the purse, instead, her hand wrapped around my cock and pulled it slightly towards her. The action surprised me, and I had to take half a step closer to her. She squeezed my cock and it pulsed and grew slightly harder in her hand.

"Do you like my cock?" I asked.

She simply nodded yes, looking me right in the eyes.

"You can come to the pool house and join us, it will get hard again soon, just needs a little recovery time," I assured her.

"No, I'm not a group girl," she said, then started again, still squeezing my cock, "Can I ask you a question?" I nodded, and she went on, "Has this beautiful cock been inside my son's ass?"

I was taken aback by her question, I wasn't sure what to say. Would the truth end my friendship with Allen, damage his relationship with his mom and family? I didn't know what to do.

She squeezed my hardening cock harder and said, "Please be honest with me, has this beautiful cock been inside my son's ass?"

I swallowed hard and then replied, "Yes, it has."

She smiled and asked, "Has it been in his mouth?"

I swallowed hard again and replied, "Yes, he has sucked me off several times."

"Does he swallow your cum?" she asked.

I nodded and said, "Yes."

"I've seen him jerking off in his room, he always swallows his own cum, so I figured he was swallowing yours too."

"You aren't mad about any of this?" I asked.

She shook her head, and replied, "No, I have no problem with him experiencing sex any way that he wants to. Even if that includes gay sex." she said.

She was still holding my cock, so I reached forward and slid the zipper of her swimsuit all the way down. She didn't move, so I slipped my right hand only her right breast. It was large, firm and her nipple was rock hard. She began breathing harder and squeezing my cock harder.

"I won't let you fuck me," she said, adding, "I've never cheated on my husband. You can touch me, but you can't ever fuck me."

"I can respect that," I said, slipping the suit off of her shoulders and letting it slide down to her hips, where it caught on her body. I massaged both of her large, heavy breasts and pinched her nipples which caused her to suck in her breathe.

"Your girlfriend is probably wondering where you are," she said.

"She is mine tonight, she would lay out there and play with herself for hours. She's obedient and does what I say," I said, then I added, "You seem to like my cock."

She smiled and nodded, "I do, it's beautiful. It's so big and thick. My husband's cock is built like a beer can, short and very thick. I like yours."

I slid my hand from her breast to her crotch, she took in a deep gasp as my fingers slid deeper into the swimsuit. She had a tuft of hair, like a landing strip. Her clit was hard and exposed as I rubbed past it she gasped again. I then touched her slit and she was soaking wet.

"You're very wet down there," I said, She released my cock and took a step back, causing my finger to leave the wetness.

"Okay, that was nice, but I have to go." she said.

She took her purse, not bothering to pull the suit up and turned to walk away.

"Jennifer," I said, she stopped and turned to look at me, smiling, "leave your door open tonight, Allen has been wanting to watch you masturbate. Let him watch."

"Okay, I guess it's fair, I watch him every night."

With that she walked out and headed home. I headed back to the pool house, my cock more than half erect. I walked in to find Melissa with butt plug in her ass and a dildo in her pussy, she smiled and said, "I'm ready honey."

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that was so nice

it could have been lots of stutter and stammer, but it turn out to be a sensible conversation. i do hope allen gets lots of nice erotic pics of his mom playing with her wet pussy, thinking of a hard cock.more...

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