tagLoving WivesTaking Turns In The Backseat

Taking Turns In The Backseat

byLikes Watching©

My wife has never been sexually faithful to me. It is my own fault, so that makes it all right. In fact we got together in high school because she had a reputation of going all the way. My friend Larry and I decided to ask a couple of the most promiscuous girls out, hoping to get lucky. We were not the kind of guys who ever got any. We were not athletes or preppies, just a couple of nobody's. That was about to change. Larry was given his parents station wagon when they got a new car. So now we had wheels. I had a number of lawns that I took care of, so we had some money. The deal was that he supplied the transportation and I took care of the costs.

Wheels mean a lot to eighteen-year-old girls. So Larry and I moved up the caste system, even if only slightly when he got his car. Larry hit on Stacy, a redhead. I went after Mackenzie, who had dark hair. With the promise of dinner at Sonic, and a drive-in movie afterwards, the girls agreed to go out with us. It was for Saturday night. Friday night was reserved for the football game, and as rumor had it, for the football players afterward.

On Saturday we washed our clothes, the car, and ourselves getting ready for out big date. We spent a lot of time on all three. Our clothes were not bad, even ironed. We really did a job on the car, cleaning the seats, upholstery, and even shampooing the carpet. My dick was rock hard in the shower. I could not wait to get to the drive-in movie with Mackenzie. I felt down deep that I probably would only get to cop a feel, but that was enough to make my cock as stiff as it had ever been. I just wished it were larger. It was about five inches. The good thing was that Larry was about the same size, so neither of us intimidated the other.

To my surprise, we actually picked up the girls. I had secretly feared they would either stand us up for better last minute dates or just stand us up for the fun of it. We did burgers, fries, and shakes, and then headed for the drive in theater. The girls had no qualms with parking near the rear. Good girls made you park closer, but then we were not with good girls. We all went to the snack bar for sodas, popcorn, milk duds, and good n plenty's. It was getting dark, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, and the movie was getting ready to start.

I do not remember the name of the movie, either of them. It was a double feature. Science fiction, I think. Larry and Stacy were in the front seat. We munched on the snacks for the first fifteen or twenty minutes of the flick. As usually would happen, the windows fogged up. That was when things began to happen. Larry and Stacy were kissing. Thank god they had started, because I was pretty timid and not sure how to make a move. Mackenzie started. We kissed some, and then she would whisper in my ear.

"Kiss my neck..."

"Rub my back..."


"Now, kiss my neck..."

"Slow, slow, yes... that's it..."

"Right there."

I would come to find out later, after we were married that many of the guys who scored with her had no experience and that if she were patient with them, she would get a lot more pleasure of it. I guess virgins were her specialty.

With what I thought was remarkable ease, I found myself steered to her breasts. They were small, but the nipples were long. They felt wonderful and tasted even better. She continued to guide me through the process of how to lick, when to suck, the art of nibbling. I must have followed her instructions because she was breathing deeper, her skin was beginning to glisten, and she was making noises that indicated she was enjoying it.

She took my hand and guided it to her thighs. There was such softness to them. I must have been breathing pretty hard myself. As we kissed, she moved my hand to her panties and the mound that was at the center of them. I continued to kiss her. She still held my hand on her mound, moving it in circles as it suited her. After what seemed like a very long time, she put my hand at the top of her panties, and then slid it down inside over her bush. I was actually touching the hair of her cunt.

I lowered my head off of her mouth to her tits and began licking around her nipples. I was having a problem getting air. She removed her hand from mine leaving me to explore the lips of her pussy. As I was feeling my way to glory, she moved her hand to the bulge in my pants and began to squeeze.

"It wants to come out and play like they are doing in the front seat," Mackenzie murmured as she stroked the hardness.

It was then that I realized that Larry and Stacy had disappeared from sight and were obviously getting it on. I could hear grunting from Larry as he was rutting away into Stacy. We were making our own noises. I took a glance over the seat and saw my suspicions were true. Larry was going at her. As I had somewhat lifted myself to look, Mackenzie had unbuckled me, and freed my five inches of manhood.

I would learn later in life that five inches was rather pitiful, but Mackenzie just took hold of it and stroked me up and down as I watched Larry's butt and Stacy's hips do the same thing. I turned my attention back to Mackenzie. She lay down on the seat and pulled her panties off. I dropped my pants to my knees and was immediately upon her. She took hold and steered me to her opening. It was in with no resistance. We immediately started fucking. I set the pace and she hung on. I did not last long. I dropped a load into her that came from my very soul. It was nothing like the jacking off that I had done up to that point.

As I lay on her, still in her, catching my breath and wondering where my dignity had gone, I could her Larry spending himself ink Stacy. He had gotten in first, lasted longer, and come last. Shit. She held me and was tender.

Eventually dresses went back down, bras re-snapped, and pants were up. The girls left for the snack bar to use the bathroom.

"Man, Mackenzie did not put her panties back on." I told Larry.

"Neither did Stacy." Replied Larry. "Wanna see?"

He held them up for me to see. I did the same. Then Larry handed me Stacy's and took Mackenzie's. I am sure he smelled them after he took them from me. I know I did.

"Think they will let us keep them," I inquired.

"Wow," was all Larry could manage.

Just then the girls had returned. To our surprise, Mackenzie opened the front seat door and slid in while Stacy joined me in the back seat. The girls had decided that they were not done and would continue, but with some variety. In no time at all, Stacy was sitting on my lap, facing the front seat, with my whole five inches as far up her as five inches would go. Mackenzie was doing the same on Larry, but facing the backseat. The girls were almost face-to-face and were communicating in some way that neither of us guys understood. Nonetheless, they were enjoying themselves and as a result, so were we. We lasted a lot longer before shooting our second load. Mackenzie later told me that both she and Stacy had achieved orgasm on this second round. It was significantly the most memorable night in my life up to the point and for a very long time to come.

To our amazement, at the end of the evening the girls asked us if we wanted to get together the next weekend. This was major! Stacy was good, but because things just happened, compared to Mackenzie's leading me along, I preferred Mackenzie. Stacy's smell was good, but different. The feel of her cunt was somewhat different, and so also was her rhythm. It would be my only time with Stacy. I would remember it forever.

The following Saturday Larry and I picked up Mackenzie. In the back seat my hand was under her dress and on her bare thigh on the way to pick up Stacy. We pulled up in front of Stacy's house and Larry went to the door to get her. A few minutes later Larry was back without Stacy. He climbed in the drivers seat, pulled the door shut and sat dejectedly.

"What's the matter?" I asked.

"Stacy got sent off to live with some Aunt and Uncle across the state." Said Larry.

"What?" said Mackenzie.

"She got in some family fight last night. They packed her off early this morning. She won't be back," mulled Larry.

"What are we going to do?" I said allowed to no one in particular.

We sat there in silence for a moment or two.

Then Mackenzie spoke up, almost brightly. "No problem, I can take care of you both."

That was the start of a great series of Saturday nights. We would pick up Mackenzie, grab a bite to seat and head out somewhere and fuck our brains out. Well, Larry and I would fuck our brains out. I don't think we fucked Mackenzie's brains out, but we did get her off regularly. Sometimes we went to the drive-in movie, sometimes park in the hills, and even a couple of times parked in the garage at Mackenzie's house when her folks were not at home.

The procedure was pretty much the same. I went first with an average of five minutes or so of foreplay, and then I was in her. As soon as I was done, Larry would climb over the seat, pants already off, and mount her. He would be so hot and horny by the time I came that I was not even able to get out of the back seat. Most of the time I would end up on the side of the seat and she used my lap as a pillow. By the time Larry blew his load, I was ready to go again. Of course I would last much longer my second time and so would Larry. Sometimes we would each have her three times. On average we would pretty much be pounding into her for more than two hours. She would have a number of orgasms.

This was about as an idealistic situation as two teenage guys could want. It was beyond what we ever thought we could get and more than we deserved. We would do anything to keep it going. Mackenzie figured that much out and decided to make it more interesting.

Towards the end of the school week, Mackenzie came up to us in the cafeteria and sat down. This was a first. She never associated with us on campus. She did not avoid us, just was too busy with her friends. Our allotted time was Saturday night. This was never spelled out. We just understood the way she wanted things and were willing to live with it. So, you can imagine our surprise when she sat down at the cafeteria table across from us. She got right to the point.

"We on for Saturday?"

"Yes," we both chimed.

"Did you ever notice," she said in a lowered voice, " that we always do it in the back seat?"

I stole a glance at Larry, wondering where this was going.

"You have," she continued, "a station wagon and I want to try something new."

"What?" asked Larry.

She ignored him and looked me straight in the eye. I guess in this strange relationship we still figured it was pretty much Mackenzie and me as a couple. I always got firsts, then shared with Larry. "You guys are great, but I want more."

"What," I inquired.

She looked around to see if anyone was listening. "I want three guys Saturday."

"Now look," interrupted Larry.

"No, you two look. Lots of guys in this school would love to get what you are getting on a regular basis." She paused for effect, looked at each of separately for a moment, letting what she said sink in.

"You guys are willing to share with each other. Larry sticks it in me when your cum is in me, then you turn around and stir his juice with your dick. What is the difference if there is one more guy in the pie?

She had a point, but I did not know what to say. "What do you want to do?" was all I could manage to say.

"There is another guy I want to do. You bring a pillow and a sleeping bag so we can do it in the back of the station wagon. After you pick me up, we will go get him."

"Who is it?" asked Larry.

She turned sweetly to him, "It is a surprise."

"What if..." I started to voice a weak objection.

"There is no choice. We do this or we do nothing ever again. It is strictly your decision. I want to know by the time school is out. That gives you the rest of the day, three breaks between classes to come to a choice... three and me, or just me and he."

She stood up ready to leave, and then almost as an afterthought, leaned over and whispered to us, "It will be very interesting. He is black."

With that, she turned and rejoined her usual table. Larry and I sat in silence for a long while.

Larry was the first to speak, "Stacy may never come back. We loose Mackenzie and we may not get any pussy from anyone, ever."

I nodded. We both knew we had no choice. It was just as Mackenzie had said, we did as she told us or we were going to go without. We were not willing to go without.

I did not know the word 'cuckold' back then, but I became one that moment and so did Larry. Later that day, upon telling Mackenzie, she just smiled and patted me on the arm.

Saturday came, we picked up Mackenzie, then followed her instructions to pick up her black date. His name was Cameron. He was a stud, well-built, larger than Larry or I, and good looking. He was cordial enough and outwardly friendly, but he knew why he was there and had a way seeming superior to us guys. I had an immediate feeling that this was not his first time to be with Mackenzie.

After some tacos, nachos, and soda, which I paid for, we were on our way. We went to a spot we had found that offered total and complete privacy. No one could drive up without us knowing. It was on a dirt road that went beside a railroad then turned and ended up at a dead end under a bridge on a little used country road.

Mackenzie immediately took charge of Larry and I. She told me to get in the front seat with Larry. Cameron, without instruction, got in the back with her. She and he began kissing. It was surreal watching. His big black lips wrapping themselves over hers. He kissed aggressively and she responded to it. His hands moved to her tits without hesitation, squeezing first one then the other. She moaned under his hand. In less time than I would have thought possible Mackenzie was completely naked. This was a first. When Larry and I got it, it was just with her dress up to her waist and her blouse open. We had never seen her completely naked. I liked what I saw. She had an excellent body.

Still recovering from the sight, we were about to be treated to a lot more. She had his belt undone, zipper down, pants open, and finally pulled his dick out. It was the most massive thing I had ever seen. It was more than twice the length of mine. It was very shinny, uncut, and very big around. Then she did something that made my dick harder than it had been at any point in my life. She bent over and started licking it. She had never gone down on Larry or me. She began to suck on the head. Larry was half smiling, leaning back, and looking at us.

I felt Larry rhythmically moving next to me. I glanced over and saw that he had pulled out his pecker and was jerking on it. He was excited and so was I. I pulled mine out and started to do the same thing. Larry breathed hard. I jacked off to the motion of Mackenzie's bobbing head.

Next, Mackenzie crawled over the back seat and started spreading out the sleeping bag. Cameron took off his clothes and crawled back with her. Mackenzie let out a deep grunt and he entered her. "Gawd, fuck. Oh gawd." She moaned.

Cameron spoke, "You guys get undressed and get back here."

Larry and I looked at each other, then took our clothes off, crawled over both seats and into the back to see Cameron's manhood was all the way in her.

"One of you on each side he ordered."

We silently complied.

"Hold her legs up."

We did, as he wanted.

"Spread them apart."

Cameron preceded a piston-like action into her that could only be likened to a locomotive chugging up a long steady hill. He plowed into her, she moaned, he plowed, she sighed, he plowed, she groaned. On and on it went. I was hard and so was Larry.

Eventually after a number of wrenching orgasms, Mackenzie remembered us little dicks and took our cocks in her hand. I am first as usually, but Larry was close behind. My spunk shot across Mackenzie's breasts and onto Larry's stomach. In a few moments his was on mine. Eventually Cameron came.

Without taking a break, Cameron climbed on to her chest and stuck his enormous member in front of her face. She was breathing too hard to suck it, so she licked it as she gasped for breath. After she calmed down and sucked it some, he returned it to her gash where he pumped her for another twenty minutes or so. Off an on Mackenzie would just us white boys some. I had cum again and so had Larry. Cameron's second orgasm was long in building and long lasting. When he was done with her, it was pretty clear that she was done.

We had always known we were out of our league with Mackenzie and now Cameron had just completely demonstrated that. Even if she had wanted us to fuck her, it would have been futile. She was stretched and would not feel us. Besides we had both come twice, the same as Cameron. We had no idea how many times Mackenzie had cum. So that was the end of the evening.

We took Cameron home, then pulled up to Mackenzie's house. She sat there for a few minutes, silent and reflecting I guess. Larry and I did not know what to say. Finally she spoke.

"Thank you. That was very nice. I liked it and want to do it again. Next week I will suck you both off after Cameron is done with me. So don't blow your wads if you want cum in my mouth." With that, she kissed Larry on the cheek and me on the mouth, jumped out of the car and went into the house.

"She kissed you on the mouth," remarked Larry as he put the car in gear and pulled away from the curb.

"I know." I said.

"She sucked his dick."

"I know," I said

"Did you taste anything?"

"I think so," I reflected.

We rode in silence the rest of the way.

That night I jacked off to the sights, smells, and yes... the taste of the night.

There would be more similar 3somes with Cameron and other guys, mostly black. Each time something new would be added to the mix. Mackenzie might suck us to climax, might make Larry and I jack each other off, and other strange things. It was clear that she was our sexual alpha and we were mere sycophants.

Eventually Mackenzie and I would get married, but that did not stop her being naughty. As best as we can count, she has had the load of over one hundred men. Some I saw, many she told me about, some yet to know of, and I am sure many more to cum.

I get to fuck her, but only on weekdays. On weekends I eat her... usually just before she goes to sleep, after being used by some hung black cock.

But hey, I wanted some easy pussy... and that is just what I got, easy pussy.

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