Tales of a Real Life Fucktoy

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This series chronicles the real life of a sub and fucktoy.
2.8k words

Part 1 of the 2 part series

Updated 06/16/2023
Created 04/19/2023
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Synopsis : This series chronicles the real life of a true sub and fucktoy. It tells how she is controlled and obeys to please her Master, and serve her purpose for and to guys. She willingly accepts her instructions, as well as the objectification and use that comes with it. Why, you may ask? Because she knows the reason she is female, has her looks, her body, her holes is to please men --- and that is how she gets her pleasure, satisfaction.

To be clear, this is not fiction, not fantasy. The people, activities and events are all true, and recounted to the best of the Author's recollection. The accounts are written by her Master, but convey her thoughts and feelings. For obvious reasons, some names, locations and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of the people involved.

In this first installment, the backstory is told. It lays the groundwork about her and how she got to where she is now. Subsequent installments are, basically, journal entries that detail how she served her purpose and was used, on a per instance basis. All entries and information are made with her knowledge and consent.

We both understand our relationship and situation is unique, and many will discount it as fake, fantasy, fiction or roleplay. Quite frankly, we don't care and any negativity will not impact us or what we choose to do. However, comments - good, bad and indifferent - are welcomed and encouraged.

The Backstory

First, a little about her so you can paint a picture in your mind. Currently, she is late 20s and petite - a little over 5 foot and about 105 pounds, with brown, straight hair that cascades to just below her shoulders. Measurements are 34B-24-32. Her tits are especially firm, nipples get protrude maybe a quarter inch when properly aroused, and she always keeps her pussy clean shaven. A unique tidbit you will find more interesting later is that she, quite literally, cannot cum from being fucked. The only way is from having her pussy -- and especially clit -- toyed with on the outside. Also, she has been trained that she may only cum when allowed or told, and that she must wait or ask for permission from her Master to cum, even if it means edging for a very long time and difficult for her to not cum.

We first "met" in 2013-14 when she was about 20 and I was mid-50s. Yes, there is that age difference and dynamic, but at the time, we didn't know how much of a difference. We met on an online Adult site that hosted chatting. (I don't remember the name of the site) People created a profile that told some information about themselves, including their interests and kinks. You could then search for those with similar interests and strike up a conversation or could just wait to be approached by someone.

I honestly don't remember how we discovered each other, but we began messaging and the more we did, the more we found our similarities --- that she liked (wanted) to be controlled like a sextoy and that I sought one to control, exploit and have used. We were both up-front about having no interest in roleplay/cybersex and, instead, both wanted those some things to play out in real time.

Because of personal things and lives, the control took place online and not in person. More specifically, it meant that she was given her instructions and tasks online, and then executed them for real and with/for real people. Obviously, a level of trust had been developed to the point she only told the truth, but I could discern if, in fact, she was being truthful.

Sure, there were times when the online relationship was challenging, but the attraction to each other and common interests made us work harder to overcome them and turn things into reality. We both equally looked forward to her receiving instructions and then reporting on them afterwards. It wasn't longer before we moved away from that website and email to a chat program - Skype. It not only made it easier to talk, but allowed us to be more readily accessible from home, work and when out.

Since Skype worked on a cell phone, as well as laptop, she was able to "talk" with her Master while she was completing tasks. It not only let her keep her Master updated and him able to provide additional instructions, she could relay what was happening to and with her, what she was thinking, feeling, thinking. And, as you will see in future entries, that include while she was actually being fucked.

Things started out mostly with clothing control. However, let me explain that. I'm sure many guys have the fantasy of being able to dress a female like a stripper, but that's really not reasonable or realistic to do for real. Instead, the clothing chosen was things that made her eye candy and displayed her body for guys to see and enjoy. Tops were low-cut or undone extra, as well as tight, thin and/or sheer. Skirts were upper-thigh in length and stretchy so they would ride up and shoes were typically 4 or 5 inches tall with stiletto heels. Sometimes thigh-high stockings were worn, sometimes ankle socks and sometimes nothing. And speaking of nothing, she was trained that panties and a bra were not to be worn under clothes, unless directed. Without them, she not only felt exposed, but reminded she was controlled. Panties still are never worn and a bra is rarely worn. When one is, it is usually a shelf bra that lifts her tits up, but leaves her nipples uncovered so they are noticeable through tops..

To take advantage of how she was dressed --- and her --- she was trained early on to not only do those little things like bending and leaning to expose still more of her ass and tits, but to divert her eyes as much as possible, so guys could get long, lingering looks and not have to sneak quick glances. That same protocol was applied whether someone was looking at her from a distance or standing right in front of her. And if she was complemented on how she looked or was dressed, she was taught that the proper response was to thank the man and add that she is happy she was able to please him. And, given we used Skype,she would not only tell me what she saw and guys said and did, but receive additional instructions as to what to say and do.

Clothing control was for work, shopping and general activities, as well as specific instances where the only purpose was to put her and her body on display in public for the leering eyes of guys. Dressing her for weekly trips to places like Target and Wal-Mart became the norm, the expected. While she walked the aisles shopping, guys would watch -- even follow - her, enjoying how much of her body was exposed and hoping to see still more, which she would when she knew a guy was blatantly looking and not just stealing quick glances.

Given she worked in an office setting with a limited number of people who were all men, work proved to be an interesting and exciting juxtaposition between her personal and private personas. Obviously, there was a fine line that could not be crossed, but it was most definitely pushed and she was tested.

Over time, what she wore got smaller and more revealing. Tops were cut low or left undone, as well as thin so her nipples were noticeable. Skirts were no longer than upper thigh and one even had buttons up the side, which she often was instructed to undo until only the one on the waistband held the skirt on. To make sure guys in the office saw how she was dressed, a couple times a day she would have orders to go to different parts of the office for different reasons, usually including obligatory bending and leaning to show more of herself. An unexpected surprise was that one guy picked up not only how she was dressing, but showing herself around the office and took it upon himself to also send her on similar trips to take files to specific guys --- apparently so they, too, could enjoy her.

Other than regular shopping in places like Wal-Mart and Target, she was often sent about a 5-minute walk away to a recreational park where people went to walk, jog, play sports and the like. When sent there, she would be dressed in tops that were cropped and cut low to show off her tits and flat stomach, and paired with either super short shorts that revealed some of her ass cheeks or a tennis-style skirt that was even shorter. Of course, no bra. No panties. More about her trips to the park in a minute.

Eye candy is only part of what she is meant for. Her true calling is being a fucktoy. That means exactly what it sounds like: To have her holes used by guys because she was told to and to please them. And she knows that, wants that and needs that. In should be note that, at this point in time, she was only a 2-hole slut. Since then, she has been trained to be a 3-hole slut and later entries will include how her ass was also used.

As part of her training as a fucktoy, she was given some rules to follow when she was used: 1) Since she is just a fucktoy, she is just an object and, as such, kissing, dating and other emotional things are forbidden. 2) Overnight stays are never allowed because she is not girlfriend material; she is just a fucktoy to be used. 3) A bed is for sex and she is only good for fucking, so the bed is off-limits and, instead, she's relegated to the floor, furniture, etc. 4) Being reduced to just holes for guys to use also means she is presented that way, so she will always try to be in positions where she is facing away and only seen as holes. 5) Her purpose is to be used by and please guys, so she is available for use until they have no more use for her. How hard or long she is used, does not matter. 6) When there is no more use for her, she will clean the cock(s) that used her with her mouth to drain the last of the cum, thank them for using her and add that she hopes she was able to please them, before seeing him out.

Her first use as a fucktoy were after trips to the nearby park, properly dressed. Her instructions were to first let herself be seen, then look for any who took note of her and either let them make their way towards her or for her to work herself to where they were. If there were no guys blatantly watching her, she would find ones by themselves or playing a sport with others, and would go to where they were so they would notice her and how she was dressed.

Either way, when she got the attention of the guy(s), she would follow her training of how to better display her body and what to do to let them look without being caught. If the guy(s) showed more interest and were pleased, she would eventually let them know that she was good for more than just eye candy. When they would ask what else, she would clearly and confidently tell them she was good to be used by guys -- how they wanted. Typically, it might take a few minutes of conversation and clarification questions, but most guys were interested and wanted to, so she told them she lived a 5 minute walk away and for them to come with her.

Once home, she would stand before him for his eyes to inspect her body. Most times, she would have to ask if the guy wanted her to strip, after which she would. She was also trained how to strip, especially when removing her shorts or skirt. That was to face away, bend only from the waist until it reached the floor, then step of them and slowly rise up while letting her hands glide up the back of her legs and fingers slide over her wet pussy until she was upright. At that point, she would face him again and stand with feet shoulders' width apart, back straight, shoulders back and hands in the small of her back ---- or Presentation Position.

With her body and wet pussy exposed in Presentation Position, the guy would be told he could inspect her with his eyes, hands or whatever. While he did, she knew to not just allow it, but accept it. However, it usually wasn't long before he wanted more of her. If she saw he was still not fully hard, should would offer to suck him hard. Once hard, she would simply ask where he would like her so he could use her. And, being a good fucktoy, she immediately got into position.

The guy(s) would be told --- even encouraged - to use her however and how hard they wanted --- that it is what she was good for and trained for. Many would opt for her on all fours for fucking, but other saw opportunities for bending her over the arm of the couch or the kitchen table. Of course, some wanted her mouth, be it to throat her or just let her give them a blowjob.

Given we used Skype, she would tell the guy that she was owned, was sent cock hunting by her Master, and that she was "testing" with him. If they wanted to use her, they would just have to accept that she would be on her phone with her Master while being fucked. To date, while many found it odd, not one guy has had a problem with that. So, while being fucked, she would tell me how she was being used and it felt, as well as receive any additional instructions of anything to do.

Over time, we discovered 3 college guys living in her complex. Using the same basic approach as the park, she got herself noticed by them, let them know what she was and was good for, and soon they would be using her. Sometimes just one of them, but other times it was 2 or all 3 of them.

They were nearby and knew where she lived, but the slut had instructions that she was never allowed to be used by anyone without specific orders or permission. So, if one or more of the college guys approached wanting to use her, she knew to tell her Master and let him decide. Conversely, if her Master wanted one or all of them to use her, she was told to text them - with a message scripted by her Master - to let them know the slut was available for use.

Another significant landmark happened one Halloween when she was made to dress as (I think it was cheerleader, but not sure). (Her costume was safe for the kids, but also appealing for the Dads.) She gave candy to kids, but had special packets for the Dads bringing kids around that included a few bits of candy and a note saying that if they liked her Halloween outfit to let her know if they wanted the "treat" that went with it --- and included her cell number.

A number of special Halloween treat bags were handed out, but she only received a text from one guy -- who henceforth will be known as MM, or Married Man. He saw her, liked what he saw and, in combination with her note, knew she was something he could and wanted to use. Since then, he has used her somewhat regularly for years. What is both unique and good about him is that he is a man of little and sometimes no words and his primary intention is to use the slut, and use her as hard as he can. Overall, he is, by far, the one who has and does most degrade her and use her as just holes meant for his use. You will hear more about him and his friends in future entries.

- - - - - - - -

So now you know about her, about us. What she knows she's meant for, and what is trained and controlled for. In future entries, you will hear about specific times when she was used as eye candy, a fucktoy or both. Who --- and who all - used her and how. How it felt, how she felt.

Up Next: A look at the Players.

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theretiredmarinertheretiredmariner3 months ago

Brilliant story and thanks for sharing it. Please keep us updated on her adventures

AnonymousAnonymous4 months ago

Interesting. Rating neutral. I would like to "use" her, but, at 72, I am past my prime, and married. May-be just looking/watching would be fun. Good luck.

AnonymousAnonymous7 months ago


AnonymousAnonymous7 months ago

Great story! I'll be looking for more in this series

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