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Taste Test


My girlfriend Jill was almost 15 years older than me. She had just come out of a 'boring marriage to an insipid little man.'' and she was horny and eager for sex. I was 23 and very willing to accommodate her. She wasn't a super model but was tall, slim and pretty and after the marriage split her skirts got shorter and her heels taller and she gained a very sexy look in her eye.

Jill wanted to try every sexual twist we could think of and between our dirty minds we thought of a lot. She really got off on having a toyboy to play with as often as she wanted. She loved to give blowjobs, and reveled in being in control of my orgasm, teasing me for as long as I could bear it with her mouth. But as much as she loved giving head, she hated to swallow my cum. On the couple of occasions I has been carried away and held her head down as I spurted my seed into her gorgeous mouth she had acted like I had made her take some foul tasting witches brew.

We were in her bed. She was grinning at me, triumphant after keeping me on the brink of orgasm for what seemed like hours then finally allowing me release after I had begged for it.

"Ohhhh damn, I'm good!" She bragged, sitting astride my thighs with my softening cock still pulsing in her sticky hand. "I love how desperate you get. I love making you so desperate. You love it too, sweetie, don't you!"

I nodded, still panting and coming down from my orgasmic high. I was addicted to this cruelly sexy woman.

Admit it, sweetie, that was perfect!"

"Almost!" I answered, my cheeky desire to break her smug look overtaking me.

"Almost, Almost!" She laughed mockingly. "Look how much you came!" She traced the streaks of cum on my stomach and chest.

"Perfect, until you took your mouth off me at the last moment." I couldn't contain the sheepish feeling and no doubt it showed on my face.

"You wanted me to swallow this lot, it's disgusting!" She said, swirling her fingers in the mess of cum on my stomach.

"It's not disgusting." I said defensively, "Lots of girls like it."

"Only in porn movies!" She mocked.

"No. Really." I groaned. "Girls like it."

"If it is so tasty, prove it." She said, leaning forward her dangling sticky fingers in my face.

"Oh, knock it off!" I tried to laugh it off.

But she was still holding my cock and her grip tightened. "Come on, sweetie. Show me how tasty it is!" She taunted, trailing her fingers across my lips. "Don't be shy, open up, sweetie. You can't expect me to swallow something you wont."

"What? Not man enough to prove what you have been claiming for weeks? Come on sweetie, one little taste wont kill you." She rested her fingers on my lips stroking them back and forth as she gripped my cock hard, staring me down until I gave in and parted my lips slightly.

"Good boy." She purred approvingly as she slipped two cum covered fingers between my lips.

They were warm, slimy and musky. The salty tang was not bad and I ran my tongue along one finger.

"There you go, sweetie. That's not so bad is it?" Her eyes still on mine, a grin on her face at my submission. "Now lick them clean!"

I lapped at her fingers, cleaning them with my tongue.

"You like it, don't you!" She read me easily. The feeling and taste of my cum was really quite sexy, the look in her eyes and the whole submissive act was very sexual and my body began to react.

"Oh, baby. You really like it!" She said with a little giggle.

She drew her fingers out of my mouth, leaned down and kissed me, her tongue pushing deep into my mouth and thrusting hard against mine. As quickly as the kiss started, she broke it and sat back up, pushing her fingers back to my lips, this time dripping with gooey cum she had scooped off my stomach.

"Here you are sweetie. More of your lovely cum." I opened my mouth and took in her fingers, enjoying the sensation and the taste of my cum in my mouth. Without even thinking about it I began licking again, cleaning her fingers with long lapping strokes.

Jill was enjoying this. She started to stroke her fingers in and out. "Mmmmmm, good boy. Lick them clean, taste all that sticky boy cum." She was fucking my mouth with her fingers and I was sucking them eagerly.

She bent forward again, kissing me passionately. Fishing around under her pillow with her free hand. Stroking my now very hard cock, she grinned her dirtiest grin and said, "I have the perfect tool for you, little boy."

With that she pulled her hand out holding her big pink lifelike jelly dildo.

"Oh, no!" I said. Shaking my head, knowing that I would do it and a little scared of that depth of submission.

"Ohhhhh, yes!" She replied. "You really do need to do this for me, sweetie. This is going to be so hot."

She rolled her dildo across my stomach, coating it in my cum then offered it up to me. A strand dangled from the tip.

"Lick it!" She commanded. And I did. I stuck out my tongue and licked the cum off the end. She held in close to my mouth as I repeatedly ran my tongue over and around the thick fake bulbous head. Jill gave a little groan of appreciation. I looked up at her, she was really getting into this, looked as horny as I felt.

She pressed it against my half opened mouth and purred, "Suck it, baby. Suck the big hard cock."

I opened my mouth and took it in, playing along and loving it. Thrilling at the sensation of the big plastic cock filling my mouth.

"Oh, yessss." Jill moaned as I took the dildo in. She worked it in and out of my mouth, her sensually hooded eyes eating up the sight. She purred dirty encouragement: "Good boy, suck that cock, yeah baby take that big cock, ohhhh slutty boy suck on my big hard dick."

In one smooth motion she lifted up and forward and lowered herself onto my cock. She groaned in lust, her hot wet pussy sliding down my shaft easily. Her eyes closed in pure pleasure, she was very close to cumming and she was reveling in the exquisite sensations.

She began to ride my cock. Her hips rising and falling slowly in my lap. My hard cock was feeling every ripple of her pussy walls grabbing and pulsing on me. She kept the dildo in my mouth, pushing it in deeper as she was grinding her pussy deeper onto my cock.

She rode me faster and faster, unable to deny herself the release any more. She crashed her hips down onto mine faster and harder. I lifted to meet her every thrust, my body riding a waves of pleasure headlong into orgasm. She held the dildo in my mouth, watched me worship it with my mouth and applied pressure, pushing it deeper and deeper.

The dildo hit the back of my mouth, nudged the sensitive opening to my throat and my eyes bulged. She murmured "Ohhhh, fuck yessss, you gorgeous little slut!" She pushed more and I felt my throat gagging and my eyes watering. She ate it all up with hungry eyes and loved it.

She came in a torrent. Writhing on the full length of my cock, bucking and fucking wildly. "Fuck, yesss yesss yessssssssssss. And her desperate clinging pussy pulled me over the edge too, heaving and thrusting up into her as my own pleasure overtook the gagging.

I gasped as she released the pressure on the dildo. Drew in gulps of air as she took it out of my mouth. Fully satiated and spent, I lay panting below her as she played it along my lips again.

"Fuck, that was good!" She said, softly. Her eyes were still full of desire and she still rocked her hips on my softening spent cock. She lifted up slightly and slid the dildo down between her legs. I couldn't see what she was doing but felt her move and her eyes closed and she moaned a deep pleasure driven moan.

I reached up and cupped her small pert breasts, stroking then squeezing her hard little nipples. She gasped as I pinched them then said, "Yeah, sweetie. That's what I need."

I rolled and pinched her nipples between my fingers as I watched her ride the crest of another orgasm. Her hands were moving fast between us, thrusting up into her as she gasped and moaned before slowing again.

Her eyes opened and she looked down at me. "So good, this is so fucking good!" She was still riding some unseen orgasmic waves. "I've got to see it again." She said, and raised up. She was holding the dildo at her pussy, the bulbous base and shaft held along the length of her slit. Her lips were held open by it and the rest of it protruded from her like a real cock.

Scooting up she moved so the head was at my lips. Her big desire filled eyes looked down into mine, a kinky smirk on her face. "Suck it, slut. Suck my big hard cock. I know you want to."

I was feeling sheepish and a little embarrassed and wasn't so sure that I wanted to, but I could never resist such a sensual aroused woman. I lifted my head to her cock and opened my mouth.

She groaned again. Her hips thrust forward and her cock slipped inside my mouth filling my senses with tastes and smells and that welcome fullness in my mouth. She fucked my face, one hand holding the back of my head, whilst I sucked greedily on her cock and reveled in the mixed tastes of her and I.

She called me her whore and her cumslut, bitch and gay boytoy. She told me to suck it and lick it and worship it. Getting more and more wild and aggressive, she pushed it deep so I would gag on it and held it away from me 'til I begged for it. Too soon she pulled it out of my mouth completely, dropped it on the bed and pulled my face into her pussy.

"Now do what you do best, slutboy. Eat my pussy, make me cum!"

My tongue lapped the length of her lips and nudged at her swollen clit. She gasped "Yesss."

Savoring the combined messy wetness of her pussy I lapped repeatedly. Focussing more and more on her clit I licked and flicked at it, sucking and tormenting it. My fingers rolled over her nipples then pinched them.

"Harder!" She demanded. "Harder, and don't stop."

I clamped my thumbs and fingers on her nipples pinching and squeezing and pulling at them. My tongue flicked her clit fast and hard and she gasped and cried out. Clutching my head to her crotch she bucked writhed and came hard, groaning and moaning and crying out in bliss.

Slowly she calmed down, riding the aftershocks as my tongue toyed in her folds. I released her nipples and cupped and stroked her breasts, her back and her perfect rounded ass. Finally she rolled off me breathing heavily. She laid down, her head on my chest.

"Mmmmm." Her hand gently caressed my cock. "I love how you always get hard when you lick my pussy."

"I'm tired." She murmured, her breathing slower and more even.

We both drifted towards sleep like that. Jill more sleepy than me, but softly mumbling about how good the sex had been, her hand wrapped round my halfway hard cock keeping me awake.

Then, out of the silence, she murmured ; "We're going to have to find you a boyfriend, a real cock for you to play with."

My mind raced, shocked but aroused by the idea.

"Mmmmm. Somebody likes that idea!" She purred, feeling my cock harden in her hand.

Somebody did!

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