tagInterracial LoveTCCS Pt. 03 Ch. 25: The Fog Moves Deeper

TCCS Pt. 03 Ch. 25: The Fog Moves Deeper


Based on comics by the Pit and Stormbringer.

TCCS Part 3: Chapter 25: The Fog Moves Deeper Through The Campground


"That's disgusting," said Amber staring in horror at Stubby's black cock. "Why'd you do this?" Her only answer was some giggling in the trees behind her.

"They thought you'd like it," said Stubby.

"Why'd they think that? I have a boyfriend." With a skinny little penis half as big as this, she finished thinking. "Why'd they make me touch another man's penis? It's disgusting. It keeps spitting on me."

"That's because your jerking it."

"OH!" she said, surprised. Her hand was roaming up and down the shaft. She forced herself to stop, but she didn't let go. She didn't want to touch the stupid nig... black guy's big cock. "It's so big," she muttered.

"Thank you."

"Is this the biggest one in school?" Her hand started stroking it again, but she willed it to stop again. She still couldn't let go as if there were a magnetic attraction. She liked touching it, feeling it's heat and the pulse in the thick veins traversing the shaft.

"One of da shortest, but also one of da thickest. It's why they call be Stubby."

"There are bigger ones!" A part of Amber wanted to see a bigger cock. It all came down to her fascination with Lar's penis. This penis... this cock was much more fascinating.

"Some niggas have some true monster cocks. Tear the bitches up. Mine's still nice though. You like it?"

"Sure," Amber wanted to feel the head again and let her hand slide up to the top. The helmet was every bit as hard as a solid rubber ball. There was no give at all. "It's a lot bigger than Lar's."

"You got that right. Seen that white boy in the showers. Wasn't sure he even had a dick it was so shriveled up."

"Be nice," she muttered, but didn't really disagree.

"Bet my nuts is a lot bigger too. Let me show you." Stubby reached down an unbuttoned his pants. His thick cock was sticking out of an open zipper. Stubby lifted his hips and pushed his pants down to his thighs. Lifting his hips forced her hand down his shaft stroking him again.

"Holy Moley!" she gasped seeing his scrotum. Each testicle was the size of her fist. They hung low and heavy in his wrinkly black scrotum. Amber's free hand moved out to cup the huge testicle. His scrotum was hanging over the side of the picnic table bench. She hefted it, feeling it's weight. "It's heavy," she muttered before moving her hand to the second testicle and feeling it's weight. Stop it hand, she willed, realizing it was running up and down his shaft again.

"Dats because they is full of jism. You should see how much a black cock can cum."

"I want to see it," she blurted out. "Would you jerk it off for me?"

"You're doin a pretty good job of it yourself."

Amber watched her hand glide up and down his shaft from tip to base. The sticky fluid was coating her fingers with more still pouring from the head, helping to lubricate his shaft. She winced as the ache in her breasts grew watching her hand jerk him off. Her other hand was fondling his scrotum.

"It could use more lube. Why don't you suck on it?"

Amber shook her head as the tip of his cock approached her mouth. She pulled away from it wondering why she'd started bending her head down towards the now shiny bulbous head. "I don't do that."

"Let me see yo tits than. That'll help me nut."

"Okay," she mumbled, wanting to say no, but her nipples were hurting so much now she wanted to get her bra off. Stubby leaned forwards and lifted the top of her uniform off. "Thank you," she told him, releasing his cock long enough to unhook her bra.

"Nice," he grunted as her tits sprang free.

Amber blushed a little suddenly feeling ashamed of her tits. She hated her flat nipples and the right one was a little inverted with an indented slit in the middle. She could sense the temperature dropping and the cooling air did feel good on her bare nipples, but it wasn't helping relieve the ache. Removing her bra didn't help, they were hurting more now that she was topless. They were almost distracting her enough to keep her from jerking off Stubby's thick cock. Almost.

Stubby opened his legs and she kneeled between them. Amber wondered how her special night with Lars had suddenly turned into her kneeling topless and willingly jerking off a black man. She grabbed it with both hands amazed that the fat knobby cock's head still stuck out well above her top thumb. Lar's entire penis just about fit in her hand. Amber started jerking it, twisting her

hands around the shaft. She could feel it's heat, it's strength, it's life, throbbing in her hands. She yanked on his cock until her arms grew tired.

Stubby realizing she was tiring, reached out and pulled her arms off his cock. She didn't want to stop, she wanted to see it squirt, but the black footballer had other ideas. His hands hefted her breasts. Amber winced as his thumbs pressed on her aching nipples. He squeezed her tit flesh pulling them closer until his fat shaft was nestled between them. "Squeeze them," he ordered.

Amber obeyed, pushing hard against his cock, she started bouncing her tits over his cock. She stared down in fascination at the big head of Stubby's cock. It was so different from Lar's. Stubby was as hard as steel where Lar's head was always soft and spongy. Stubby's was swelling even now getting bigger with each bounce of her breasts. She could clearly see his pee slit in the moonlight and it was opening...


The blast of cum splattered all over her face. It hit again. Her cheeks, nose, lips, and chin were dripping with his hot seed. Stubby grabbed her head just as she gasped for breath and pulled down. His cock head pushed past her lips, the next blast filling her mouth with his cum. Her reluctance to put a man's penis in her mouth fled at the first taste of his sperm. It was delicious and her body craved more. She pulled her breasts away and grabbed his shaft with her hands again, jerking every drop of his cum into her mouth, greedily swallowing it while she sucked on the end of his cock.

When it quit squirting, it started growing limp. Amber let it go, licking around her lips for more of his sperm. The moon was so bright, she could make out her red lipstick marks against the black of his cock head just before it fell forwards to smack against his thigh.

"Happy birthday," said Kitty Summers as she placed a roll of paper towels on the picnic table. "I hope you liked your present."

Amber stood, not answering, and Stubby pulled a few sheets off the roll handing it to her. She used it to wipe her face clean. He watched her closely. "Told ya I cum a lot."

"You sure do," she agreed, still a little in shock at what had just happened. Lar's ejaculate might have filled a teaspoon while Stubby's multiple loads of semen might have filled...

"Yeah, happy birthday," said Patty, handing Amber a cup full of beer.

Amber took it. She looked at the cup for a second. Stubby's sperm would have filled two of these, she thought before swallowing down the beer. Amber crinkled her face at the bitter taste not anywhere near as good as the black man's cum. She leaned forwards to set the empty cup on the table and Stubby took the opportunity to lift one of her breasts up into his mouth. She gasped in a mix of pleasure and pain.

"Uh oh, looks like a fog is rolling in off the lake," said Patty.

Kitty looked up. "Hmm, hope it's not as bad as last month's. Let's get out of here and leave these two alone."

"Wait, don't leave me," begged Amber, her breasts tingling. She looked over at Patty who winked at her as she and Kitty disappeared towards the tent area. She looked away and say the thick fog rolling in. Her skin was already beginning to feel wet as the mist approached. Her skirt fell down around her ankles. Before she could object, Stubby sucked hard on her inverted nipple causing her to gasp and wince in a mixture of pain and pleasure. His hands yanked her panty down. The mist reached the picnic tables, not a solid wall, but tendrils snaking their way forwards.

The pain in her inverted nipple intensified and then it was gone. There was only extreme pleasure. Stubby sucked on her nipple and pulled away. Amber looked down in disbelief. Her nipple had popped out, hard and swollen, the diameter of a penny and at least a half inch long. For the first time in her life, it looked like a normal girl's nipple.

A tendril of mist touched her other nipple and it sprang out also. "Aaah," she moaned when Stubby pinched it. They'd become extremely sensitive and the stimulation was causing her vagina to start dripping fluid. "Oh my god," she cried as his tongue flickered around her hard nipple.

His cock was already swelling again even before another tendril of mist circled around it. His cock turned fully hard as the mist lifted it up just under Amber's dripping pussy. Both the black man and the white woman could feel the heat from the other's genitals.

Amber arched her back thrusting her tits into Stubby's face. She couldn't stop her hips from rocking, sliding her slit along the tip of his cock. "FUCK!" she grunted, as her arousal grew uncontrollably. "We can't FUCK!"

He switched to licking and sucking her other nipple and she quit sliding her pussy along the tip of his cock. Instead, she started humping it, feeling the end spreading her labia apart again and again as she pulled back. Her pussy wasn't sore anymore from losing her virginity, it was hungry for more and growing hungrier by the second.

Amber's tits couldn't take any more attention and she pulled them away from his mouth. She looked down at Stubby's handsome face, his head bald and sexy, his devilish grin centered between his goatee. He looked up at her, meeting her eyes, and when it happened, it was Amber that smashed her lips against his, her tongue forcing its way into his mouth even as she lowered herself over the head of his cock.

Their tongues danced. Both moaned their lust for each other in their passionate kiss that lasted for minutes. Amber broke away looking at him lustfully. "You need to wear a condom."

"I only fuck bareback. I'll warn ya. You're in control and can jump off when I tell ya."

Amber raised herself up, the head slowly exiting her pussy. "Can't risk it. Need to stop." The fog rolled over their bodies. Instead of quitting, she slammed her pussy down, taking him to the hilt.

The scream from her first orgasm echoed through the fog almost all the way to the island.

Amber came several more times. These were muffled by his lips. Stubby broke the kiss this time. "No," she mumbled as he cupped her ass cheeks and forcefully lifted her off his cock. "No, I want more," she complained. "Keep fucking me."

"Turn around."

Amber turned around and backed into his cock sitting in his lap again. She came three more times, each stronger then the last as he reached around and pinched both sensitive nipples while she turned her head sideways to kiss him again.

After ten minutes of this, he pushed her off him. Stubby stood and led her over to the end of the picnic table. He lifted her up so that she was sitting on the edge. She spread her legs as he guided the end of his cock back inside. "Fuck me lover," she moaned uncharacteristically as he grabbed her ankles and started fucking her hard and fast. His fat stubby cock rapidly pistoning out of her. "You're so fucking thick. I love it."

"White girl hooked on the nigger cock now," he growled.

"No," she grunted in denial. "Just yours."

"Just my what?"

"Just your nigger cock, Stubby."

"You like dis nigger cock?"

"I love your nigger cock. Fuck me!" Amber's heavy breasts jerked with the hard pounding. She squeezed them to stop their incessant jiggling. Amber pinched her own nipples and came hard around his cock. Her vaginal muscles squeezing his shaft so tightly he almost couldn't move it.

"This nigger cock loves your white pussy too, gurl." He released her ankles and leaned over her, holding himself up with his strong arms. She grabbed his biceps and then moved her hands down to the hard muscles on his chest. The contrast of their skin colors was sexy and exciting. The bright moon shining through the mist illuminated everything more than just the moon had. It was like they were fucking in a strange twilight.

"What did you want to show me?" asked Lars as Kitty led him through the mist by the hand. His dick had turned rock hard and he hoped Kitty wouldn't notice.

"Here it cums, gurl," Stubby warned, looking up to see Amber's boyfriend staring at the scene in horror and Kitty Summers grinning almost evilly at the sight.

Amber wrapped her legs tightly around his waist, pulling his cock deep. Stubby's cock jerked once, the first strong eruption of his seed filling her womb. She screamed again, this time louder than the last.

Lars' cry of horror was almost as loud as hers even as his dick spat out a small load of semen at the sight. Amber didn't notice and wouldn't have cared, she was cumming so hard. Amber kept screaming with each jerk of black cock until Stubby bent down and covered her lips with his own to keep her quiet.


"Dayumn!" grunted Dewey. Someone's getting fucked, he thought listening to the scream echo across the lake. He finished pissing off the dock and shook his cock. He'd been watching Wendy, who he thought was the hottest thing around, more gorgeous then Kitty Summers or even Coach Summers. Better than even Mrs. 3B Blackwood though Nurse Swallows might make his cock as stiff as Wendy Williams. He preferred dark haired women.

Dewey was teased a lot by the other blacks because he was so little. At 4'10" he was the shortest male student in school. The same height as Danny Devito, a full half a foot shorter then Kevin Hart and the max height to be considered a dwarf though there was nothing genetically wrong with him. Despite the fact that he was stocky and rippling with muscles, and that his cock was as big as any black brothers, his height impeded him from playing most sports and from getting laid. He'd had to satisfy himself with the wrestling team and had excelled at it. He didn't care for the sport much, but without it, he might still have been a virgin. If it weren't for dependably slutty Stacy Brown promising to fuck him if he won a match against a Bartown player, he'd have never fucked a girl.

"You'd be good in a three-legged race," Stacy had told him, awed by the immense cock sticking out of his short body.

Despite getting her off a dozen times, they hadn't fucked again. Stacy Brown preferred the taller football players.

Dewey had friends, but no one really close. He got along with nerdy Melvin after defending him from being bullied a half dozen times. One time they hung out together, Samson and Anthony had taken to calling them Arnold Jackson and Urkel.

"Say hello to Webster for me," laughed Samson, walking away.

Dewey hadn't seen any of those TV shows and his response of, "What you talkin' about?" only made them laugh harder and left him confused.

His cock tingled and started to swell as he remembered Stacy. It was a monstrous 14" fat shaft every bit as big as Coxville's famous black pornstar's LD's cock and on Dewey's short body, it looked truly huge.

Dewey watched it grow and was wondering if he could jerk it off without Wendy catching him when he heard the loud splash. One second Wendy had been standing down on the end of the dock and the next, she was gone.

Dewey winced as he shoved it into his pants before taking off down to where Wendy had been standing. The wall of mist caught him by surprise and it was creeping down over the docks towards him. The moon above illuminated the dense fog into a white cloud. Two weird things happened when he hit the mist. The first was how unbelievably cold it was inside. The Southern fall night had been on the hot side, but inside the mist it was a good 20 degrees colder. It turned his body damp almost instantly and Dewey shivered from the sudden chill as he skidded to a stop on the edge of the dock. Despite the illumination, there was no sign of Wendy in the water.

The other weird thing was that the moment he hit the mist, his semi turned into a full-blown erection. It even stayed swollen and hard when he jumped into the water. The water was chilly too, yet warmer than it had been standing in the fog. "Wendy!" he yelled, but there was no response. He flailed his arms and legs around finally feeling something. It was an ankle and it was upside down. Dewey quickly pulled her towards him and lifted her head out of the water. She was as limp as a dishrag! "HELP!" he yelled, but there was no response.

Dewey quickly threw Wendy over his shoulder and waded back towards the dock, setting her rear on the end and lifting her body up so that she fell spread eagled on the dock. He pulled himself up onto the planks. Coach Summers had demonstrated mouth to mouth in her health class. Kitty had laid down on the floor and when Mrs. Summers had asked for volunteers, every male hand had shot up including Dewey's, but of course, she picked Todd White to show the technique.

Dewey pinched Wendy's nose and brought his lips down to the passed-out woman's. He breathed several times, sitting up and applying pressure to her chest, trying not to look at the wet top clinging to her magnificent bosom. She turned her head and coughed up water. Dewey bent down and breathed air into her lungs.

Wendy's hand rose and touched his chest. It didn't push him away though. Instead it grabbed the back of his head and pulled his lips down tightly against his own. Her tongue forced its way into his mouth. Dewey couldn't fight it and kissed back, a groan grew in the back of his throat and it grew louder when her other hand reached out and squeezed his junk. This was the last thing he'd expected! Had she had too much to drink? He pulled back and broke the kiss. "Hmmm," she purred. "Fuck me Chaga!" Her hand pulled on his erection through his pants. "Seed me again," she begged. Wendy's hand fumbled to get his pants open as she lazily opened her eyes. "Dewey!" she screamed. The hand that had been playing with his junk came up quickly and smacked his cheek hard enough to turn his head. "What the hell do you..." she turned her head and coughed up more water.

"You fell in the water and I pulled you out," he explained.

"I never fall down," she grunted, rolling over onto all fours and coughing out some more lake

water. He was right though. The last thing she remembered was the mist hitting her body and falling off the edge. The weird dream was fading fast. She could only recall being named after one of King Lear's daughters and she'd read the play last month for AP English lit. "Oh god, I'm so cold," she groaned.

"Here, let me get you to the bonfire." He grabbed her arm.

Wendy pulled her arm away. Dewey wasn't offended. It wasn't unusual for a white woman in Coxville County to react that way when a black man touched them, even a helpful black man. She rose to her feet, but almost fell. Dewey caught her. This time she didn't pull away. "Not the bonfire," she said, her legs too weak to hold her up. "Over there, Carol and Dave have a firepit going."

Dewey may have been short, but he was strong. He scooped her up with no effort except that her height made it somewhat awkward. He carried her down the dock towards the shore. The mist was just reaching the beach and they soon exited it.

He carried the Amazon woman with ease in the direction she had pointed. He couldn't stop thinking about the way she'd lustfully grabbed his cock. Wendy was staring up at him with a strange expression on her face. An expression that made the huge cock in his pants twitch with hopeful anticipation.

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