tagFirst TimeTeacher Becomes The Student

Teacher Becomes The Student


(Note - this is the actual true story of how I lost my virginity)


I was 26, a first-year English teacher at an inner-city high school. I was also still a virgin... and living at home. Sounds pathetic, I know, but it was what it was.

I had had girlfriends, but none went beyond the petting stage. I had an eye for beautiful women, but for some reason could never go all the way. I got shy and nervous and always seemed to say or do the wrong thing. I wasn't a bad-looking guy -- nearly six feet and 210 muscular pounds. I just couldn't seal the deal. Socially retarded, I guess.

Dating Linda didn't make it seem at first like anything would change in that department. She was two years older than me, 5'6, around 140 and with a pair of 42DD's that one couldn't help but stare at. She had shoulder-length curly brown hair, and HUGE, inviting blue eyes. She was also a computer teacher in my school - mustn't crap where you eat, as the old saying goes - and had made it very clear that we weren't going to be anything more than platonic. She was still married at the time, though separated and planning the divorce.

Yet she was always very flirtatious. She and I would duck out of our graduate class together, and share deep passionate kisses. Once at her house, she even started rubbing my cock while we were watching a movie together. She immediately caught herself. Another time we were feeling each other up while watching "Animal House" -- you know, the scene where Tom Hulce is about to bang the mayor's daughter but is stopped by his "good angel". Same thing happened to us. We both started laughing.

We also used to fight like cats and dogs as well. We were both Aries, very stubborn Alphas and didn't like to give even a little bit. We used to break up and make up seemingly every week. A week before the events I'm about to describe, we'd had one of our breakups. We didn't even talk to each other, even though we worked on the same floor and passed each other frequently.

I was part of an all-teacher rock band, and we were scheduled to open the school talent show the last Friday in May. We came out, and I was surprised to see Linda sitting right in the front row. We blasted into "Johnny B. Goode"- it was the year after Back To The Future so we figured our students would know it -- and earned a standing ovation. I noticed as we were walking off that Linda was blowing me kisses. I couldn't help but notice her tight red tank top and tight white pants. She looked mighty good.

Three hours later, during which I sang another song solo, accompanied several students on bass and guitar and played five other songs with my own band (including a second turn at "Johnny B. Goode", since the audience wouldn't let us leave!), we were breaking down the equipment when I saw Linda walking towards the stage. She grabbed me in a hug, and said "That was absolutely fantastic! Let's celebrate!"

I said "Didn't we break up last week?"

She just laughed and said "To hell with that! Let's go out and do it up right!"

I told her "Look, I'm all sweaty and grungy after playing all afternoon. Would you mind driving me to my parents' house so I could take a shower and change my clothes?"

My parents had made their distaste for Linda fairly obvious. She was Italian; I was Jewish. She was also older than me, married, and thus "damaged goods". She was hesitant until I added, almost absent-mindedly, "My folks aren't home. They're babysitting my nephews at my sister's house. They won't be back til tomorrow night." I was so worn out I wasn't even thinking about anything other than the shower. The thought of what I could do while having my girlfriend alone in my parents' house never even crossed my mind.

We made the short drive, went up to the empty house and walked into my room. I went to the dresser, picked out the clothes I planned to wear that night, gathered them up, and excused myself to take my shower.

I was standing in the shower with my eyes closed, cleaning myself off and letting the hot water wash the cobwebs out of my head. I was reviewing the previous two weeks in my mind. In addition to rehearsing for the show, I had spent the time completing a paper for my graduate class and making up finals for my own students. I was so busy and focused that I hadn't touched myself in two weeks, and I could sense a growing hard-on. I was thinking what a shame it would be to waste it, what with my girlfriend in the next room. In my still-virgin mind, I started imagining how I might make a move on her, what it might be like to suck on those huge tits, to hold onto her ass while I pushed myself deep into her pussy, to do all the things I'd only read about in magazines or seen in porno movies. My reverie was broken by the sudden realization that as I was washing myself, I had apparently grown an extra pair of hands...

No way, I thought. This only happens in Penthouse Forum... or in my fantasies. But then I felt a soft kiss on my neck, and heard a whisper in my ear: "Were you thinking about me? I'll bet you were. Would you like me to wash it for you?" I felt Linda take my semi-erect cock between her hands and gently lather it. In no time I had sprung to my full 7-inch length.

I still hadn't opened my eyes. I was almost afraid that if I did, I would realize I had been dreaming. Then I heard her say "There's more to you than I thought, Mike. I'm VERY impressed. I can't wait to feel that in my pussy. But we're not quite ready for that yet. Open your eyes."

I did so... and saw Linda kneeling in front of me, wearing nothing but a smile. She held my cock in her hand, and slowly guided it between her enormous breasts. I had never seen a titty fuck even in the numerous porno movies I'd seen, and here I was experiencing it in my own bathroom. I gasped, and involuntarily stood on my tiptoes as Linda kneaded her tits around my erect shaft. I heard her moan several times, and she said softly "Oooh, this feels GOOD. My ex's cock was too small. I couldn't do this with him. Does it bother you that I'm talking about my ex?"

I could barely gasp out "no" before she said "because I'm here with you now, right?"

I couldn't even think about anything except how good it felt. Then she took my cock and slowly, deliberately took it into her mouth. Her lips and tongue worked my penis into a frenzy, and I began bucking back and forth in time with her sucking motion. She suddenly stopped, and looked up at me with a wicked smile on her face. "Oh, no, Mike, it isn't going to be that easy. I want to work you... build you up, slow you down, speed you up... I want this first time with us to be absolutely special. You know that you're going to be only the second guy I've EVER had sex with. I want you to come like you've NEVER come before... and I don't care how many girls you've been with before. I want you to make me feel like I'm the only woman you've ever wanted to fuck in the whole world. Can you do that? Are you up for it?"

I didn't dare tell her that this was going to be my first time... and I also didn't want to do or say anything that might ruin the moment. I did manage to say "I've thought you were the hottest teacher in the school from the day I met you. I could only dream about this. I didn't want to move too fast."

She answered, "Well, I figured you being such a gentleman, I'd be old and grey before you made a move. So I made the move. I've been thinking about this since we got into the car. When you told me that your parents weren't going to be here, I figured that I'd give you this little surprise. And now you can move as fast as you like."

She stood up, then leaned back slightly to bring her tits up to me. I couldn't believe how big they were -- massive globes with nearly half-dollar sized areoles. I took her left nipple into my mouth and began sucking. She shuddered and told me to suck harder. She grabbed my head and stuck her tongue into my ear while I was sucking her. Oh, my God, how amazing that felt! I heard kind of a squishing sound -- looked down and saw her rhythmically pressing her thighs together. I continued to suck on her, switching back and forth between her tits and caressing her ass while she shuddered and moaned. After several minutes, I felt her tighten up -- it seemed like her whole body was convulsing -- and she let out a loud scream and hugged me even tighter to her. She then looked at me and said "I promise this is the last time I'll talk about my ex tonight -- but he NEVER brought me off like that. I've only ever done that to myself. I hope you've got some energy left over after that show at school, because I'm going to give you a fucking you're NEVER going to forget!"

We hurriedly dried off -- she occasionally giving my cock a stroke or a lick to remind me of what was in store -- and wrestled each other into my room. She pushed me down onto my bed and straddled me. She looked down at me, licking her lips and caressing her breasts as she made me think about what was about to happen. Then slowly, milking the moment for all it was worth, she lowered herself onto me. I watched, fascinated, as inch by inch my cock disappeared into her hot, wet love tunnel. She moaned as she took me into her, then purred, "Just relax. Let me do the work for now. You'll get your chance to fuck me. But for now, I want to enjoy this huge cock of yours."

She slowly began to rock her pelvis back and forth on me. Even in my wildest dreams, I couldn't imagine how good this felt -- being ridden by a lust-crazed, busty woman who wanted me as much as I'd wanted her. My cock slid in and out of her with ease; I of course didn't know how wet a woman could get. She sped up her pace, bouncing up and down on me, stroking her tits and moaning and crying in her ecstasy. I grabbed onto her ass and held on as she bucked wildly, out of control, seemingly a madwoman in her lust. I felt her convulse in orgasm yet again as she screamed out my name, bent over and kissed me savagely on the lips, thrusting her tongue deeply into my mouth. She then slowed down, purring into my ear, "Oh, no, honey, I'm not even PARTLY done with you yet!"

My cock ached as I yearned to explode into her, but at the same time I wanted to do as she asked, to let myself enjoy the ride. She held me close as she expertly rode my cock, alternately speeding up and slowing down, tightening her muscles so that I could feel her pussy contract around my manhood. She kissed me, licked my face, tongued me in both my ears... almost as if she KNEW this was my first time and wanted to help me make up for what I'd been missing for my first 26 years. It seemed endless. I really had no idea how long we'd been going at it, until I briefly looked out my window and saw that it was dark outside. It looked like our celebratory dinner was falling by the wayside. I didn't care. Didn't look like she did, either. It seemed like she was only hungry for my cock.

After she came a couple of more times, she jumped off me, lay down on the bed beside me and ordered, "NOW! SHOVE that hard, hot dick into me! As hard and as fast as you can! I want to feel you come inside me! I want EVERY LAST DROP of that hot cum of yours! NOW! RIGHT NOW!!!!"

I didn't need to be told twice. I pushed myself into her, and she wrapped her arms around my waist and twined her legs around mine. I wasn't going to be allowed to go anywhere until I had given her what she wanted. Our bodies thrashed in unison for... as I said, I completely lost track of time. All I cared about was the amazing feelings I was experiencing. She panted and moaned like an animal as I pumped away. She cried out, "Oh, yes, baby, that's it! Fuck me! FUCK me! FUCK ME!!!" over and over again.

I started to feel a buildup in my loins... was I finally going to have the moment every man dreams of? I screamed, "Oh, yeah! YEAH! Here it comes!!!" I tried to hold back as long as I could... I heard the roaring of a freight train in my ears... was it her screams of ecstasy? Or my own? I thrust even harder and faster as I felt the first explosion out of my cock. I cried out, a guttural cry of animal pleasure as the first ejaculation triggered a second... and a third... and a fourth... I started thinking I was never going to stop coming.

I blew load after load into her, as she shrieked, "Oh, yes, I FEEL it!! I can FEEL you coming!!! Oh, God, it feels so GOOD!!!" I felt as if I'd blown a basketball through my cock, that's how hard and how much I came. I collapsed onto her shoulder, exhausted but triumphant, gasping for breath as my still-throbbing cock swam in a pool of our combined juices.

She held me close, kissing me softly. I asked her "Was that good?"

She said, "Good? That was AMAZING! I can't wait to get you hard so we can do it again!" I rolled off her, onto my back, as she licked the cum off of my penis head, gently stroking it as if she could will it to get hard again instantly. She then left the room to get some tissues, as a puddle of my cum had poured out of her onto the bed and she wanted to clean it up. I lay there, my heart still hammering away and my breath coming in pants, thinking about what had just happened and how incredible it had been. Linda returned, cleaned up, turned off the light, then lay down on my shoulder and soon fell asleep. I listened to her quiet breathing for a little while, then closed my eyes and soon was out myself.

Later that night, we were spooning, and I began lightly massaging Linda's back. Not that I wanted any more sex -- I was kind of worn out after our previous encounter -- but I just wanted to do something nice. She stirred slightly... then wordlessly climbed on top of me and began grinding me ferociously and playing with her tits. In no time I had an erection. I wasn't sure I could perform again, and even tried to push her off me. She pinned my arms, kissed me hard on my mouth and said "Mmmm, a little fight left in you. Fight THIS if you like!" as she slammed her wet pussy down on my cock.

Was there no quit in this woman? She writhed and moaned as she ground her pussy on me, bucking wildly as before. In no time she tensed in another of her screaming orgasms. Her pussy tightened around my cock as she continued riding me, trying to coax more cum out of me. She tightened her grip on me, wrapping her arms and legs around me as if she never intended to let me go. She screamed, "Oh YEAH, Mike! GIVE it to me!! FUCK me!! Fuck me like a stallion! Make me FEEL it! Oh, your cock is SO hard!! FUUUUUUCK MEEEEEEE!!!"

From underneath her, I pushed and grunted, trying desperately to keep up with her seemingly insatiable lust. I felt the pressure rise up in me again, and pushed even deeper as I blew another load into her. I gasped and yelled as I poured shot after shot into her yawning pussy. She fell breathlessly onto my shoulder, moaning, "Oh, my God, that was GREAT!!! You rocked my fucking WORLD!!!!" Still lying on top of me, and with my penis still twitching in her, she kissed, nibbled and licked my neck until we again drifted off to sleep.

When she left the next morning, her parting words to me were "If you can make me feel like that EVERY time we fuck, you'll NEVER be able to get rid of me!"

Our relationship lasted another year or so. We still had our on-and-off fights, but the make-up sex was incredible. However, near the end it started becoming mechanical. We were little more than fuck buddies. We both started wanting more out of the relationship than either of us was willing to give. We drifted apart, both married other people. She divorced again. She told me not long ago that she still dreamed about the sex we had. She'd made the mistake of calling her second husband Mike a couple too many times while they were having sex. I'm going on 23 years with my marriage. My wife met her a few times, knew that she had been my first sexual partner (something I didn't tell Linda until more than twenty years after the event), and said of her, "You mean you REALLY stuck your dick into that?"

Writing about it thirty years later, I still acknowledge the debt I owe Linda. She made a man out of me.

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