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Teaching After Hours


The class was nearly over. It would soon be home time. Billy Smith sat at the back of the room with Sam, watching the shapely form of the Head of the English department.

"I want Billy to stay after class, please. We have to discuss your essay," announced Mrs Pokton, the object of their desire. The previous homework had been to write about a personal experience.

"I told you you'd get in trouble for writing that, Billy," whispered Sam to his best friend. The eighteen year old Billy had submitted an essay based on a porn film he seen last weekend. He told Sam what he was doing and Sam had been against it. He didn't like trouble. Billy had done it anyway.

"What do think of it then Miss?" asked Billy when everyone else had left.

"Well the grammar was awful and some of the descriptive terms would make an army sergeant blush. That is not what we need to talk about though. The assignment was to write about a personal experience. I don't believe you could have performed the acts you describe."

"Well, maybe not all, but I have seen them in porn films," he replied defensively.

"So why did you write about sexual acts you haven't taken part in? I can't mark this work unless it is a personal experience."

"So I get no mark!" Billy was shocked. Usually he got a high mark in English even though he had a problem with his grammar.

"I didn't say that. You just need to make it a personal experience, and I have the perfect way. We can act it out now."

Billy looked quizzically at his teacher. He wasn't the brightest boy and it took a while for him to realise what Mrs Pokton was suggesting.

"Lets go to the staff room Billy, it's more private," she suggested.

They almost ran up the stairs to the staff room, Mrs. Pokton leading the way. All the other teachers had left, Billy pushed a sofa across the door and turned to find his teacher with her hair down and her ass in the air as she rummaged in her bag for something.

"Ah, here it is," She held aloft the essay he had written. "The first act you describe is licking a pussy till the woman has an orgasm. Although you use much cruder language."

"Actually Mrs. Pokton, the first thing is that we both get naked." Billy was already pulling off his clothes, his teacher looked at him for a second then stripped off too.

Billy was on the swimming team so his body was quite lean and well toned. He was obviously excited at the prospect of acting out his story, his penis stood straight out from his body. It was only about seven inches long, but it was about two inches across at the base.

Jane Pokton, 32, blonde and divorced. She liked to keep her body in shape by jogging, her tummy was flat and her tits firm, as was her ass. When she had read Billy's essay she had felt suddenly horny. It had taken her biggest dildo several minutes to relieve the feeling. She was still aroused after a day at school. Now she would see if his body could live up to his imagination. Her clothing was piled on the floor next to a large comfy chair, she looked at Billy and saw his erection. It was exactly as he had described it.

"Well that answers that question," he heard her mutter. "I want you to call me Jane, it sounds odd for you to be fucking me and calling me Mrs. Pokton."

"OK Mrs... err Jane." Billy couldn't believe his luck. He was about to lick the pussy of his English teacher!

She sat in the chair, still holding the pages of his story in one hand, "I hope this chair is OK, I can part my legs quite wide." She lifted one leg onto the arm of the chair. As she looked back at the story to find out what he was supposed to do, Billy approached her, knelt down and stuck his tongue into her pussy.

"Ooh!" she exclaimed. Billy inhaled the smell of her sex, his nose almost touching her small tuft of pubic hair. Jane had shaven her pussy the night before, so it was still smooth as his tongue lapped up and down from the small pucker of her ass, to the hooded clitoris. He noticed that her labia were swelling with the warmth of the increased blood flow as she responded to his licking. Soon his face was damp, she must have been wet before he started. He changed the course of his tongue, first licking the left lip, then the right. He was careful not to touch her clitoris, not wanting to bring her off too soon.

"Ah, that is so good baby, but I want you to concentrate on my clit. Please," she pleaded. "It is itching to be sucked." He didn't need to be told she was horny, he could taste it. Billy stopped his licking action and brought his lips to her engorged clit. At first he just used his tongue to circle it but then he felt a hand on the back of his head.

"Just put your lips over it and suck!" Growled the teacher.

He did. She came.

Her orgasm was sudden and violent. She still held his head against her groin as she bucked her hips off the chair. If he had not been kneeling between her legs, she would have slid onto the floor in her ecstasy. Billy tried to keep sucking her, but soon ran out of breath, her legs had locked around his chest and she still him with his nose buried in her slippery pussy. Fortunately she relaxed her hold before he passed out.

"Wow, I needed that, but I seem to have ruined your essay," she held up her other hand to show several pages of crumpled paper, that she had crushed in her passionate release.

"It don't matter, I remember what's next."

"Me too. I get to suck your beautiful cock." She stood up a little unsteadily, "why don't we swap places?"

Billy sat in the big chair and parted his legs. "I like to feel my balls jerking up and down when masturbate. It'd be great if you could do that too. Do you mind?"

"Not at all, it sounds like a good idea to me." She knelt down and took hold of his erect penis. Her fingers didn't quite reach all the way round the thick shaft, just like the girl in his story. Slowly she jacked him, watching the eye of his cock peek out of the foreskin, then retreat back inside.

"You can go faster Jane. And it feels good if you squeeze my balls occasionally." She reached out and felt his testicles, comparing their size and shape. Her other hand increased its pace and she lowered her head to the tip of his manhood.

"You better tell me when you want me to stop. I don't want to have to fail you because you came too soon."

"If you remember the story, I have to come in your mouth now and then your pussy later," Billy pointed out as she licked around his glans.

"Can you do that?" Jane asked, "I thought that was something you made up."

"I masturbate a lot, the most times I came in one night was three. I can usually manage two. You don't need to worry about that." Billy lay his head back and savoured the sensations of her mouth on his cock. She would pull the foreskin down and lick the eye, then roll the skin up over her tongue till it lost contact with the glans. Her other hand had begun to explore her firm tits, rubbing them and pinching the nipples.

"Fucking hell Miss, stop playing about and suck me. I want to come in your mouth. Suck my dick and make me come."

Jane opened her mouth wide and took Billy's penis into it. It was wider than any she had ever seen and it filled her mouth completely. She began to bob her head up and down, twisting a hand around the exposed shaft on every up stroke. Billy grunted and started to raise his groin to meet her head, his scrotum bouncing against his thighs. Her mouth felt like a warm silk glove covering his penis, he had not imagined how good it felt to get a blow job from a teacher. Her tongue ran up and down as she sucked and stroked him. His movements added to the feelings she created, making it difficult for him to hold on. Soon he was passed the point of caring as a warm tingly feeling started in his legs. When she squeezed his balls again they erupted, sending a hot stream of semen down her throat. It surprised him that she not only kept him in her mouth but actually sucked hard. Her hands both gripped his cock as she jerked it, getting all the sperm she could coax out of it. It tasted so good she didn't want to miss a drop.

"Oh God, that was better than anything I could ever write! I don't believe that you swallowed the lot. Most girls spit it out as soon as they can."

"Well I like it, many don't. It is an acquired taste I suppose," She explained. "Now if you can stay erect it's time to fuck me."

One look at her sweaty body was all it took to make Billy's cock twitch to attention again. Jane sat back on her heels and played with her pussy her eyes on the growing erection in front of her.

"So how do you want me?" she asked. "On my back or on all fours?" Jane winked at her pupil as she watched him try and decide how he should fuck her.

"Uh, I don't mind," he said finally. "How do you prefer?"

"I think I would like to sit on you as you lay on the floor. Is that OK?"

"Sure." Billy pushed his pile of clothes aside and lay on his back using them as a pillow. Jane crawled over to him and spat on his cock, using a hand to spread the natural lube, before straddling his legs. Again she fingered her pussy, preparing it to take his width. When she was wet enough, she lowered herself, guiding his penis across her swollen labia. Using her hand she made sure he was still slippery, then slowly fed him into her hot cunt. Her face showed a little pain which soon turned to pleasure as she opened up to accommodate him. When she thought he was fully inside her she looked down. Through his pubic hair she could still see the last, and widest, inch of his manhood.

"Don't hurt yourself teach, I won't mind." Billy tried not to sound disappointed that she hadn't got him all the way in. It was the first time anyone had let him use his thick cock on them. Most girls took one look and flat refused to have it near them. He had only managed to convince a few to blow him before now. Mostly he had to content himself with a hand job.

"Stay like that for a minute please Jane," he asked, remembering her first name, "I want to savour how this feels."

"OK, but I want to get the rest of you in my pussy first. If I move a little I think I can do it." She forced her legs wider, and leant forward. Using two fingers she frigged her clit releasing a fresh wave of juices from her insides. The extra lube and the relaxing effect of her stimulation, combined with her movement gradually allowed the wide base of his cock to slip inside her.

"Mmmmmmm, that is so good Jane. I didn't realise it was so nice to put my dick in a pussy. I think I need to rewrite that essay. I didn't know what I was saying."

"Shut up and let me fuck you." The full feeling Jane was experiencing had heightened her arousal. She needed to come.

"Yes Ma'am," Billy could see her face was flushed and wondered what she would do now.

The fingers rubbing her clit had not paused while he talked, but now they speeded up. At the same time Jane began to lift her body, dropping back onto him before he slipped out of her hot, wet vagina. Her stomach and leg muscles tensed and released as she moved, every change in direction caused her tits to jiggle. From between clenched teeth she hissed, "Play with my tits!"

Billy reached up and grabbed her nipples, pulling and twisting them as instructed. Jane let out a scream of pleasure, another wave of pussy juice gushing out of her, it pooled on the floor between his legs. The feeling of her pussy sliding up and down his cock was bringing Billy close to ejaculation again. Not wanting to come first he closed his eyes and tried to concentrate on something else. It didn't work. He felt the swelling of his balls as they prepared to release another load of his seed.

"I'm gonna come. I can't hold it any longer," Billy almost shouted at his teacher as she bounced on his lap.

"Go for it. I want to feel you fill me with your semen." Jane was ready to blow herself. She had already had several small tingling orgasms, now she was going to have a big one. It only took a second for Billy come. His balls pushed a mass of sticky jism into the cunt of his English teacher. The sensation pushed her over the brink of her own orgasm. Once again she bucked her hips madly when she came, grunting and thrashing. His penis came free, still spurting, the sperm landing on his belly. Billy lay back and Jane collapsed onto his chest.

"That was amazing Jane. I never imagined it would feel like that."

"I'm glad you liked it. I know I did. I think you deserve an A for that, although we didn't do everything you wrote about." Jane reached down between them and scooped up some of his semen, bringing it to her mouth. "I want to do this again, lets try to do the rest of it next time." With that she licked her hand clean.

"Any time you want Jane," Billy agreed. "I'm game."

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