tagLoving WivesTeasing The Peeping Tom!

Teasing The Peeping Tom!


It was a rainy day so I'd put a coat on over the top. I wore a skirt, heels and an angora sweater. The skirt was black and tight, the sweater pink and fluffy with short sleeves. My heels were knee-high boots, leather and tight.

First stop was the jewellery shop. I had left my ring to be repaired. I paid the girl and noticed him standing near the public phone. I didn't think anything of it and headed for the post office. As I put my envelope in the postbox I saw him again. This time he looked away as I noticed him. Was he following me? I decided to see what he was up to.

Instead of heading to the supermarket as I was supposed to, I went in to the women's fashion store next to the post office. When I got to a rack of clothes I liked the look of towards the rear of the store, I turned suddenly. There he was. He ducked behind a rack of dresses near the entrance, but he knew I had seen him.I decided to have some fun, as he didn't look very scarey. In fact, he was a nerdy kind of guy. You know the kind. Glasses, plain shirt, trousers. He even had a pen in his pocket!

I decided to see just how keen he was, so I selected an item of the rack and headed for the changeroom. I quickly changed into the dress I had selected. It was white and sheer, one of those flowing sundresses you wear in summer. My black thong panties were clearly visible through the white cheesecloth material. I straightened myself in the mirror, then started my plan! I peeked over the top of the changing room door, and saw that he was a little nearer now. In fact, he was about eight metres away, trying to see me in the reflection of the mirror on the wall. Bold as brass, I opened the changeroom door and walked straight towards him before he had a chance to get away.

"Darling" I said to him, "is this one see-through enough for you?".

He couldn't get away. I had him!

"You said you wanted me to flash my boobs at other men, so does this do the trick?"

The poor guy was blushing like anything and tried to get away but I had him by the arm.

"Do you think I'll be able to pick up men to fuck me wearing this honey?".

I stood back and let everyone in the store see my black thong showing clearly. The guy took off before I had the chance to grab him again. Poor bugger....I'd made him feel silly in front of a lot of people.

Anyway, I'd had my fun and hopefully taught him a lesson at the same time. For good measure, I bought the dress and headed off once more. I made my way to the lingerie shop and picked out a few pairs of panties and a gorgeous bra. I headed off towards the car but remembered that I also had to get my girlfriend Donna a present. It was her 30th birthday the following night and I wanted to get her something special. I headed for the sex shop, and walked in, greeting Andy behind the counter as I walked towards the 'toy' section.

"After something special this time Dee?" asked Andy.

"Yes, a gift for Donna - it's her birthday party tomorrow night", I replied.

"Ohhh.....so something plastic and buzzing is in order I take it? he said.

"How'd you guess" I smiled back at him and took down one of those pink jelly dongs I loved so much.

After looking at many vibes and dongs, I chose a vibrating jelly dong with a clit buzzer. I then continued to the back of the shop where the movie booths were. The episode with the peeping Tom and the feel of all those vibrators in my hand had made me very horny! I selected a movie and headed into my favourite booth. It had glory holes on each side, and I had enjoyed many erotic adventures in there!

Once inside, I put down my things and opened the box with the jelly dong and clit buzzer. I selected a lovely movie which described a young white woman sharing some wild sex with three big black dudes - just my favourite fantasy!

I settled into a position with my legs spread and pressed start twice. Once for the movie and once for my new toy. Boy was this going to be fun! I'd been watching for about five minutes, with the girl well and truly being fucked in every way, when I noticed a penis pointing at me through the glory hole to my left. I stopped my toy and bent down to touch it. It was a lovely bubble shape and was rather attractive. I stroked the head gently before turning my toy back on again. I repositioned myself so I could enjoy the three things; movie, toy and cock poking through the hole. It was a hot scene in there!

After about another three minutes, I climaxed loudly, squeezing rather tightly on the cock in my hand as the girl on the screen received her first splash of cum in her mouth. I must have hurt the mystery man on the other side of the glory hole because he suddenly withdrew. I was gasping for breath when there was a knock on the door of my booth. Lo and behold, when I opened the door, my peeping tom from the shop was there! His penis was red and erect and he asked if he could come in. In my erotically charged and dazed state, I was concious enough to know that this guy wanted me, and I wanted him, so I let him in and we crammed in to that tiny booth together.

He told me he'd been watching me since earlier this afternoon, and that I drove him crazy.

I said "You were watching me and it turned me on".

He offered me his burstingly erect penis, and so I started to rub it along my moist pussy as the movie continued. The woman on the screen had now taken two loads in her mouth and was being firmly fucked in the ass by the third big black guy.

I asked the guy to sit on the bench of the booth, so I could sit on him and still watch the movie. I positioned myself so that his cock was touching the lips of my pussy, and then I jammed down on him hard, forcing his cock inside me with the one thrust. We rocked as the screen action intensified, and before long another cock poked through the other glory hole to my right. I fucked the guy with abandon, asking him to jam his cock way up inside my hungry cunt as the other cock started to move in the glory hole. I leant forward to suck it and felt the delightful combination of a cock in each end. Then I reached back, and in clear view of my fucking peeping tom, pushed three fingers into my ass hole. It must have been too much for Tom, because all of a sudden he gripped my hips, and started shouting as he pumped cum deep inside me. The guy in my mouth came to and I pushed back a little to spray him all over my lips and face. The whole shop must have hear what was going on, but I didn't care!

It was a very sexy adventure, and as I left I made sure Tom knew when I was going shopping again!

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What a fun girl!

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