tagRomanceTempestuous Ch. 03

Tempestuous Ch. 03


In the music room on the first floor of the Stone house, Tempest slammed away on the grand piano keys, her tiny fingers moving fast as she played her self- composed masterpiece. She focused on the keys, channeling her anger and her anticipation, shifting the cherry sucker in her mouth from side to side as she concentrated and waited...

She had been playing the piano since the day of her third birthday when Darleen found her tapping away on the grand piano in the music room. She knew immediately that Tempest would be an amazing pianist with the proper lessons and she had been right.


Dante was visiting from college; he promised his mother he would come for the holidays. Even though he would rather face sudden death than come back home right now, he did as his mother requested, but that didn't mean he had to be around everyone all the time. The Stones were a large family, but Dante didn't care to mingle with the people who shared his last name. He didn't want to hear about family events, babies, marriages, or scandals; he would rather talk about business he had more important things to focus on. Fortunately for Dante, he had taken extra classes this semester, so he was able to hide away in his bedroom and immerse himself in his work to pass the time, as he waited for the holidays to end.

Yet, even though he had enough work to distract him and had barricaded himself in his room, Tempest (that horrible little nuisance) was still able to distract him.

Tempest was playing one of the piano pieces she had composed last year, her fingers furiously slammed away on the keys through the angry, albeit energetic song. It was a loud, haunting tale that drove Dante crazy and she knew it; he was convinced she had written the little ditty just to drive him mad. He would never get any work done with her pounding on that piano as he preferred silence when he worked- no noise, no distractions, no movement, and absolutely no Tempest.

He tried to drown out the sounds, deciding to review the report that he had his friend Sylvia re-type for him. Sylvia was a nice girl with a submissive nature, who possessed a high intellect and was so awkwardly pretty, that most over looked her word altering lisp. She had grown attached to Dante last year for some reason unbeknownst to him. He was not pleasant to her and while he freely accepted Sylvia's standing offer of sex, offered her no promise of monogamy. Sylvia liked to believe they were a couple even though he repeatedly reminded her that they definitely were not. In her little make- believe world she imagined his heart felt something his words did not convey.

Dante looked down at the floor in annoyance as the sounds of Tempests' loud tune drifted upward. He tried to be the bigger man, especially considering Tempest was 10 years his junior. He tried with everything inside of him to ignore her, but it never worked- his silence always backfired on him. He walked over to his large mahogany desk and took a seat in his large emperor's chair, deciding to ignore the distraction and focus on all the extra work he had brought home with him. He had a few papers he needed to re-check, a paper he needed to write, and he needed to review the paperwork he had Sylvia transfer, then print up for him.

He grabbed his duffel bag then opened it, withdrawing the large, hard cover folder Sylvia had given him. He quickly discarded the little love letter she attached to it, and grabbed his pen. He was ready to clear his mind and get some work done, but then just as he opened the folder, a clear plastic bag that had been carefully attached to both inner sides of the folder split open and spewed red paint all over.

Dante sat there blinded by rage, feeling his temper over power him. As red paint dripped down his face and his shirt, he looked down to see his paperwork was ruined, and he felt his blood instantly boil as his anger made his entire body start to shake.

"TEMPEST!" He roared.

Tempest immediately stopped playing the piano when she heard him yell. she looked up to the ceiling with a brilliant, victorious smile on her face. Of course he knew it was her- who else would it be? She had already disposed of the evidence, scrubbed her hands clean of any traces of red paint, and had her defense speech ready. She skipped outside to the garden, unable to remove the huge smug smile on her face as she slid her cherry tootsie roll pop to the other side of her mouth. Dante Stone was the one person in town that did not adore Tempest Rush. On the contrary, he could barley tolerate her. She managed to irritate him like no one else. He had honestly believed that no one other than his brother Davis could irritate him to the point of murder, but Tempest had proved him wrong. It was worse for him; he would actually prefer his irritating Brother Davis or even Diago to Tempest. With his brothers, he could always put them in their place and keep them in check one way or another. But there was nothing he could do about Tempest; she was a tiny little thing with a big mouth and he could not fight back. Dante grew more and more irritated with her, and the more irritated he became the more she went out of her way to pester him.

To be honest, Dante was irritated by most things; he had low tolerance for stupidity and no tolerance for defiance. He was a loner by nature, and despite the fact that he had two younger brothers and a gang of cousins, he preferred to do his own thing and not be bothered by anyone. He was naturally grouchy, moody as hell, and mean as a snake at the best of times. He didn't have a funny bone in his body and when he did say something funny, it was not intentional. He never cracked jokes and he never really smiled. All he did was work as hard as he could so he could lead the most successful life he could. He was goal- oriented and financially driven despite his family's wealth; he wanted to make his own money and his own name.

From a very early age Dante was more interested in business than anything else. He didn't have time for friends or girlfriends. He had a high libido, so he did what he had to do to get by, but he had never suffered from the sting of romance or any feeling other than temporary lust. He had his future planned out for him, he knew exactly what he was doing, and felt blessed that he had never been crippled with the feelings of love- the life Dante had planned for himself did not involve such a useless emotion.

He didn't need a woman getting in the way of his success; he would never be one of those men. He adored and respected his father and had spent most of his childhood trying to please him, but then he realized his father was not perfect; his one weakness in life was his wife. Dorian had a love so deep for Darleen he was dependent on her. Dante would never be like that and was thankful for it.

Even his brothers were the polar opposite of him; they each had their own issues with women. His youngest brother Diago, who was now 19, had fallen deeply and irrevocably in love with a girl who just happened to be the daughter of his family's bitter enemy. Dante did not care either way if Diago was in love with their family's enemy. If Diago was in love and would risk everything for his Bianca Rose, then Dante had no choice but to have his brother's back. However, to Dante it was just another case of love destroying some one's life. Love had made Diago crazy and angry enough to run away from home and ruin everything he had worked so hard to achieve.

His middle brother Davis, who was 20, was the playboy of the bunch. He was a jokester, the original prankster who loved the ladies. And the ladies loved him. They called, they dropped by, they banged on the door, they begged, they cried- they loved him. They were addicted to the kaleidoscope of emotions that only Davis Stone could make them feel; they were willing to do anything to keep him in their lives.

Dante neither understood nor did he care about his brothers' exploits. In his opinion, they were half- fool from birth; he expected no more or no less. Dante however, was neither romantic, nor loving and it suited him just fine. His only mission in life was to fulfill his dream of success, and nothing would ever stand in his way- especially not a woman.


For a reason unbeknownst to her, eleven year old Tempest found her self mindlessly walking into the living room where Dante was, even though she knew considering the circumstances that she shouldn't be any where near Dante. He was very angry with her and for good reason. She should probably be scared; everyone else in the house was avoiding him. He ranted and raged for almost an hour before he finally settled down. Meanwhile, she had been sitting outside on the back porch eating jelly beans and trying hard not to giggle as she listened to him yell. This was the reaction she had wanted from him, his temper flared, his eyes as red as the paint all over his files, so she walked over and stood before Dante...

"Get out." he said, but she refused, instead sitting down on his lap. He looked down at her like a Martian child who had just dropped from the void in the ceiling right down into his lap, and just grinned at his reaction.

"Sorry about the red paint." she said in her sweetest voice.

"There were important papers in that folder, Tempest." he frowned and she smiled, liking to hear him say her name when he was not yelling.

"Who's Sylvia?"

"A girl who was nice enough to help me out with some extra work."

"Well I did you a favor, her work is sloppy."


"I printed them back up for you." she grabbed her own backpack and removed a folder that looked identical to his own, then passed it to him. He opened it then looked over the paper work in astonishment.

"How the hell did you manage this?" he asked in amazement; it had taken Sylvia hours to print the papers in the correct order.

"It was easy." she shrugged; she always managed to throw him off guard with her intelligence.

"Did Davis teach you how to make the paint project and explode like that?" he asked.

"No." she said honestly and he realized he should probably apologize to his brother for accusing him of doing just that. Then again there at least 30 other things Dante wanted to argue with Davis about, so he would just scratch one off the list instead of apologizing.

"You're a bad little girl." he said to her "and you're too smart for your own good."

"I know." she admitted with a shrug of her shoulder. "Are you still mad at me?" she asked, looking as innocently as she could.

"Yes," he growled, but than he grinned, shocking the hell out of her. She smiled ear to ear; it was a rare treat to see Dante smile and what an amazing smile it was. Then with out another thought, she leaned in and kissed him on the cheek and then jumped down from his lap quickly running towards the door. He watched her abruptly stop and turn back around to face him, the sweetest smile on her little pixie face.

"Oh and Dante? Be careful opening the other two files and your big suitcase." she winked before she skipped from the room. Dante looked at the door in bewilderment; he would never understand that peculiar little girl.

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