tagLoving WivesTennis Dresses are Fun Ch. 01

Tennis Dresses are Fun Ch. 01


Based on things we really did, but about half fiction. More fun that way.

Some years ago, my husband and I went to a nice resort for a three-day tennis camp to improve his forehand and my backhand. The lessons were very good, and we learned a lot practicing and playing many hours a day. On the last day, we had the afternoon free. We had met an interesting couple, Sean and Margot, so we arranged to play doubles with them.

For tennis, I typically wore a traditional, short, white tennis dress. My hubby Patrick suggested that I wear sheer panties under the dress instead of the usual fairly opaque tennis pants. He said if anyone asked about it, I could just say that I forgot to pack the pants. Yeah, right. The skirts on these little dresses fly up every time you move, run, or swing. Just watch any women's tennis match on TV. But he insisted, so okay, okay. I had some white cotton bikinis, not sheer exactly but well-worn and slightly transparent. Naughty but nice. However, I had also brought a couple very sheer nylon bikinis, also white so they won't be so obviously wrong, and naturally, he chose those. So, I figured that every time I serve, the shadow of my bush will be vaguely visible. Maybe it will distract the competition if they look. I hope it doesn't distract my partner behind me too much, though.

We decided to play mixed doubles, each with the other's spouse. This way we can all play with fury against our loved ones, and we won't get angry when they screw up. Also, whenever I'm playing net, the other husband will be looking right up the back of my skirt when I bend over. Ooh. The wet in my panties might not be just sweat. Whenever I was up at net with my partner back waiting to serve or receive, I made sure to bend over extra far so that the skirt was as high as possible. Was he staring at my goodies? Not all the time, I think, because we played fairly well. Apparently he was sometimes trying to return that serve and not always staring at my ass.

After the match - close, but we lost in two sets - we went back to our room for an early drink on the balcony. There were of course a few pats on the butt for whichever girl was bringing the drinks. More lingering caresses than pats, after a few drinks.

I had something in my eye, so I went to the bathroom to clean my contact lens. While I was there, Margot knocked. Was it okay for her to come in to use the facilities, it's kind of urgent. Sure, come on in. She just pulled down her pants and sat down while I was at the sink. No big deal, really, since we saw each other in the locker room after the match.

When she was done, she came over to wash her hands. She stood behind me and reached around both sides to the sink. As she pressed against me, I thought it was a very odd way to do it. I would have moved aside. I said that and she answered, "Oh, no, this is much more fun." She didn't move away to dry her hands, either, but kept me pinned there. Then she put one arm around my waist and her other on my hip. And then it got really strange. She ran her hand down the outside of my skirt to my leg and then back up under the skirt. Huh? What is this? It happened so quickly I didn't have time to react. I didn't want to react, actually. I felt her breasts pressing into my back. So this is what guys feel. wow, that's very sexy.

I was surprised at her touch, but I was just frozen. I looked down at her hand and just gaped. She moved her hand to my butt to knead it, then over to the side of my thigh below the skirt. Oh, God. Not just a friendly feelie. I leaned on the counter with both hands, I couldn't move, I didn't want to resist. Where was this going?

She was close behind me, her leg touching mine. It felt hot, thigh to thigh. Her other hand went around the front of my waist and pulled me close to her. Her hand on my thigh reached up under my skirt to my bare hip, my bare ass, around to my bare belly. I closed my eyes to savor her light, sensual touch, the heat of her body against mine. She reached in front of me to cup my left breast. I gasped a little, I wasn't expecting it to feel so hot and tingly. Her fingers were electric on my nipple. I felt my pussy wet. I hadn't done anything like this since college, and not much even then. This was real grown-up sex and it was thrilling.

She turned me around to face her, leaned toward me, her cheek touched mine. I held her waist with both hands, feeling the swell of her hips. She whispered to me that if I took off her pants, then we'd be even. (Mine were airing out on the towel rack after our sweaty games.) She stepped back from me a few inches so I could reach up to the elastic waistband of her panties under the skirt. I hooked my thumbs in it and pulled them down slowly to her knees. I felt her smooth thighs under my hands as I pulled down the pants. She let them fall to the floor and stepped out of them.

Both her hands were under my skirt on my hips, mine were still on her thighs. She moved a hand across my belly to feel my bush, what's left of it. Oh, god, she's so gentle, so subtle, but so hot. Her finger slid along my lips. I opened my legs for her. She stretched her finger between my lips onto my clit. I swooned at the first touch, it's so wonderful, I almost came. She pushed a finger up into me, oh, god! In and out a few times, slowly, then withdrew. She licked her finger. "Mmmm. We'd better go. But maybe we won't tell the boys about this until later," she said.

On the way out, I grabbed my panties from the rack. I just was not comfortable in front of a strange man, her husband, in a skirt this brief. He had already been staring up my skirt for an hour on the court.

We went back out to the boys, who were already ensconced on the balcony, glasses in hand, but the glasses were empty. She and I went in to mix more margaritas. She said to me simply, "Mixed doubles." I understood. Swap partners as we did for tennis? Oh, god yes, what a good idea, I think after already too many deadly margaritas. I went back out to deliver Sean's drink instead of Pat's, and she went the other way. I stayed standing next to his chair drinking mine, one hand on his shoulder. he reached out to put his arm around my legs. His hand was warm. My leg was hot. His hand massaged down to my calf. Then to the other calf. Then up to my knee. But just friendly, no farther.

Margot went off to her massage. She'd be gone for at least an hour and a half. I stood between the guys' chairs. Pat felt my leg, as men will who get too familiar in public, fairly high up, Sean watched intently. Pat got up my thigh, way up, patted my ass under the skirt and asked for another drink.

I came back with drinks for all of us, stood in the same place. Pat's hand came back, started just below the knee and worked his way up. I leaned over to whisper to him, "Be careful what you reach for. You know he'll want to do the same thing and he'll think it's okay." Bent over like this toward Pat, as I am, I'm sure that Sean can see my ass and my panties. Again.

He whispers back, "That's okay with me. How about you?"

Then Sean's hand was on my other leg. I looked at Pat. He nodded his approval. Geez, he wants this guy to feel me up. Wasn't looking under my skirt at my skimpy, sheer panties enough? I flashed my goodies at him for twenty games of tennis. Well, gulp, I guess it's okay, so I won't make a scene. Feels nice, too, actually, so I can't object too much.

Pat worked his hand higher up the back of my thigh, up, up, right to the top of my thigh, under my skirt. He played with my ass and with the elastic legband of my panties, tracing that line around where it goes between my legs.

This is serious now. Sean was looking, intently, and could certainly see more or less where Pat's hand was on me. In my crotch, at my slit. Suddenly Sean's hand was groping up on my thigh, too, and not just on the back, but tickling on the inside of my thigh. He pressed there to encourage me to move my legs apart. Whoa.

I leaned down to whisper to Pat, "Do you see what he's doing to me, Do you know where his hand is on my leg? He's headed where your hand is." Leaning over was not such a good idea. The little skirt came up and exposed me to Sean's gaze as well as his hand. "Pat, he's just on my leg now, but he's going higher." With a little desperation in my voice, "He's pulling on my leg. He wants me to open my legs for him. What do I do? How far do you want to go with this? How much do you want me to let him feel me?"

"Whatever you enjoy, Sweetie." Pat moved his hand back down to the back of my knee, leaving a clear path for Sean. Oh, geez. Sean took advantage of the opening and moved his hand up to my ass, slightly between my legs, stroked my leg. He pulled my leg to the side, too.

Pat got up to go to the john. I could easily see the lump in his pants; he's probably going to adjust it. I took his arm before he left past me. I asked, "Pat, he is up under my skirt, feeling my ass, trying to get between my legs."

"Yes. And?"

"And!?! What, you want him to feel me up? I should let him play with my pussy?"

"Yes, if you want to, Wouldn't that be fun?"

"He's trying to open my legs so he can feel my pussy. *Your* pussy, husband."

"Mmmm. Does it feel good? Are you enjoying being touched?" And he left to go to the john.

Sean took this as a sign that my husband won't object to my being available. He stroked farther up my thigh, up to my ass, touched my ass through the flimsy panties. Then he pulled on my thigh again to get me to step to the side and open up for him. Well, I was getting turned on, and I knew that my husband would want me to do this, too, so what the hell.

I stepped six inches to the side closer to Sean. Quickly he moved his hand up my thigh to my ass again, and then under me, down and forward in my crack. He felt my slit beneath the panties. My panties were hot and damp by that time. He could surely feel my excitement. A stranger stroking my sex, playing with my opening, of course it's exciting. Can he smell me, too, I wondered? My hip was so close to his head.

He stroked back and forth between the lips of my slit, forcing the slick material of the panties between the wet labia. At the front of the strokes, his fingers touched my clit, and I started a little. I closed my eyes and gasped when his fingers pressed on my clit. I had to steady myself with a hand on Sean's shoulder.

I glanced over my shoulder, behind me, at some small noise. Pat had come back, but he was just standing in the doorway watching, watching this strange man molest my privates. He nodded to me. Approval. Not just approval: direction. He wanted me to go further. At that point, so did I. I spread my legs farther apart, wider, so that my sex was open to the stranger's touch. And I leaned forward a little, reached for the arm of the chair as support, so that my ass and my crotch and the man's hand in my crotch were visible, both to the man and to my horny husband.

I glanced back again. Pat was stroking the bulge in his crotch. He was as turned on as I was, maybe more. He loves to watch me with other men, watch them touch me, watch me turn on to their advances. It turns me on that he's watching, and it turns him on to watch me get turned on. Everyone has fun. On a few occasions, threesomes when we were younger, I let them fuck me as he watched. He says that those were the most intense sexual experiences of his life, that he loves seeing me turn on and enjoy sex and be satisfied. Was this another one of those times?

Then he came over to me, touched my back, and said, "I think we have to remove some obstacles." Oh, cripes, he means my panties. The only barrier between Sean the stranger and my insides. I'm slick enough by this time that anyone, anything, that tried to poke me would slide right in. My vagina tends to balloon inside when I'm very turned on, and that makes it easier for fingers or dicks or toys to penetrate me. Once past that first ring of muscle at the opening, there's just a hot, wet, pulsing cavern waiting for them.

"Pat . . . honey . . . are you sure? You want my sex to be open like that? He'll try to poke into me for sure. How far do you want this little play to go? How much do you want him to feel me up?" Maybe he couldn't grasp how far this had already gone. "His hand is in my crotch right now playing with my lips and hitting my clit. I'm hot and wet, and I don't know if I will be able to stop." Realistically, I admitted, "If he wants to go further, if he wants to get into me, I don't know if I can stop him."

Actions speak louder than words. My husband, my faithful, loving husband, my crazy-horny loving husband raised my tiny skirt and slid his fingers under the waistband of my panties. Sean got the message and did the same on the other side. Together they pulled them down, slowly, teasingly, uncovered my ass. The gusset stuck to my wet labia for a moment, then down my thighs to my knees, and then to the ground. I stepped out of them and felt the cool air on my wet lips. I resumed my previous posture, legs spread to the chairs on both sides, pussy now spread wide open for both of my molesters, and leaning over a little holding onto the arms of the chairs.

I closed my eyes so I could concentrate on the sensations. Two hands on my thighs, two men with hands on my thighs, between my thighs, headed up to my hot crotch. Pat cupped my breast with his other hand, kneaded it gently. Fingers ran up and down my slit, between the lips, pausing at my clit at one end and at my hole at the other end. Then stopped at my hole, rubbed around it, then in it, pushing gently but firmly into me. Oh! I turned my head to look into my husband's eyes. "He's inside me! He's pushing into my pussy! . . . Into your wife!"

The finger passed the first ring of muscle and slid easily into me. I'm sure I gasped and moaned at the penetration, I always do. The finger sawed in and out of my hole, slicker and easier with every stroke. And around and around. Then he pulled out and came back bigger. Two fingers, I guess. Yes, much better, thicker, stretch me! And his fingers curled down toward my belly, into my g-spot. In and out, he finger fucked me deep and hard. "He's really inside me! He's fingering your wife's sex!"

Oh! someone rubbed my clit, too! Going around it in circles, pushing it against the bone, light and heavy pressure, yum! Now pinching it between finger and thumb. Oh, god, that's wonderful! And I started to come! My cunt muscles grabbed tight on the fingers in me, again and again, hard. Remember to breathe! How loud were my cries? After a dozen contractions, I can relax. My legs almost collapsed. My juices tickled trickling down my leg from my pussy. How wonderful! God, I love being a girl!

When I recovered my breath, I kissed my husband hard and deep, tongues battling. Then the other man, Sean. I had not even kissed him yet, and he's had his hand in my hot cunt and felt me come on his fingers. We kissed for a minute, two minutes. Their hands came out of me and rested gently on my ass and my thighs. Pat still played with my breast, and now Sean joined him as we kissed, making out like teenagers just getting to second base. Almost a home run, yet he's just getting to first base and second base with me.

I could barely stand after coming like that. I sat down in my husband's lap, put my arms around him, and buried my face in his neck. Sean got up to refresh his drink or something. After a couple minutes, my breathing settled down. "That was wonderful," I breathed into his ear. "Kinky but wonderful."

He whispered back to me, "I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I loved watching you and feeling you and hearing your excitement and your release. Mmmm." He hugged me tight. He ran his hand up my leg to the top again. He could feel my wetness, I'm sure. "You know I always love seeing you hot like that." He tapped a little for me to open my legs for him, and he put his hand right on my sex, one finger sliding between my lips to feel my heat.

"Are you trying to start something again?"

"Yes, I would love to continue." He pushed a finger into me and sawed in and out slowly. "And I think you would, too. When Sean comes back, why don't you sit on his lap?"

I was a little surprised, but only a little. "Honey, how much further do you want to go with this? I mean, he was inside me, he was fingering me. A guy we barely know was finger fucking your wife." I clamped down on his fingers, which were doing the same. "And you joined in. And the two of you made me come."

"I was incredibly excited watching you turn on to him, seeing his hands on you. When he was in you, I saw you sigh and swoon. Can't you feel how hard I am still just thinking about it?" Of course I could feel his erection in his pants, it was pressing hard into my leg. "When he comes back, why don't you sit on his lap as you are on mine? And make out like a couple teenagers. I'd love to see him feel you all over. Make you come again. Wouldn't you enjoy that?"

It didn't take much thinking. "Oh, boy, yes . . . yes, I would." I thought for a second. "But the next step isn't just playing, you know. He'll want to go all the way. . . . He'll want . . . he'll want to fuck me." I hesitated to clamp on his fingers again. "And I'm not sure I could resist him if I get turned on again like that." Clamp, clamp, clamp. "Honey, do you want him to fuck me, you really want Sean to fuck your wife? Right here? I haven't been unfaithful to you for many years. And never except our threesomes. Do you want to start now?"

"It's not being unfaithful if I'm here watching and approving of it, now, is it? You know I want you to enjoy yourself to the max. This is a vacation. What happens at tennis camp stays at tennis camp. Yeah, this is . . . serious adult, um fun, but it won't affect us." He paused to stroke my clit. "Yes, I want my wife to get fucked - if she wants it. Yes, I want my wife to spread her legs for this stranger and let him have her." He looked into my eyes and then kissed me deeply. "Go for it, babe!"

I thought about it for a minute after Sean came back. I decided, what the hell, let's see where it goes from here. So I got up and went over to Sean, took his drink from him, took a swig of it and put it down on the table. Wouldn't want him to spill it while he's groping me, now, would I? I sat down on his lap and kissed him deeply with my arms around his neck. He immediately reached for my breast with one hand and my ass with the other while we were kissing. My tiny skirt didn't stop anything. He was feeling my bare butt in seconds.

A few minutes into the kissing and feeling up, his hand moved down slowly, from my breast to my waist to my leg and then started back up. I looked over to my husband and locked eyes with him as I parted my thighs to give Sean better access to my sex - so my husband could see how deliberate it was, his wife opening her legs, for this other man, just a few feet away from him. He wants this, as much as I do or more, so he should watch me opening up, spreading my legs for this strange man.

As soon as Sean felt my legs part, he reached between them, cupped my pussy with his hot hand, slid a finger up and down my lips, from my clit to my hole to my ass and back up, smearing my juices so that I was all slippery. I spread my legs even wider and looked to make sure that my husband was watching this man's hand between my wide open legs fondling and rubbing my pussy. He penetrated me with a finger, I jumped and cried out. Then two, then I think three, it felt so large and wide and stretched my sensitive tissues open. I moaned again and again with each stroke. Hubby was watching intently and groping his own crotch while Sean drilled mine. Fingers moved in and out, and around, and deep inside, and wiggled like little snakes crawling around in my warm, slimy flesh cavern.

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