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Terry & Louise



My Yahoo Messenger box bust into life on a quiet evening I didn't recognise the sender

"Hi " I typed back

"We were reading your stories"

"Oh yes"

"We liked the slut wife stories"

"Good glad you enjoyed them"

"Can you talk?"


"Well I've wanted to see my wife with other men and she is keen but we 're sure how to go about it "

"I see"

"We were wondering if you could advise us "

"Well Ill try, you could join some of the encounter clubs on Yahoo see if there was anyone in there"

"No I meant in person....if we could meet you and you could give us more direct guidance"

"Well I live in England"

"So do we in fact in the same part as you we thought perhaps meet for a drink in Newcastle and have a chat"

"Sure but when did you have in mind "

"Are you busy now, we are both really keen"

An hour or so later against my better judgment I walked into the pub we had agreed on, being a Monday it was quiet, 2 or 3 guys were stood at the bar and in the corner were a couple deep in conversation. She was a gorgeous dark haired girl dressed in a short skirt and shiny white blouse, from her skirt her legs were clad in sheer nylon leading to the smart high heels, definitely not the couple I was expecting to meet, I sat down

Ten minutes later the guy from the couple approached me hesitantly " Err is it Dave "

"Yes" I answered a little surprised

"Dave Taurents?"

"Well yes " it isn't my real surname. I looked over at the beauty he had been sat with She gazed back a smile on her face and raised her glass, I saw just how shapely her legs were, she was sitting side on to me and they were crossed, her skirt had slipped a little revealing a hint of stocking tops

I stood up feeling somehow that my stories had come to life This was the girl in the New York story, the shoes were from A Pair of Shoes she was dressed like Dawn when her husband went to meet her in the bar after she had left a cryptic note for him in their motel room.

With her husband I approached her table She sat smiling confidently

I shook hands " Its nice to meet you at last, I enjoy your stories "

"Thank you" I murmured I had never met any of my readers in the flesh and I wasn't sure what to say, directing operations from a keyboard is fine, in reality its different

"Do you like my shoes?" she asked raising her leg and pointing a foot at me "You inspired me to buy them " Her thighs revealed a little more of stocking top and a suspender button

"Very nice"

"You were right they do make me feel....more of a woman "

I sat down looking to her husband for help

She stood slowly "You must excuse me a minute I'm sure that Terry will explain everything " I watched her walk away her bum slithering around inside the skirt, the guys at the bar watched her retreating figure too

Terry was speaking " we have followed all the things you said in your stories but its finding the right guy Louise wants tio try a guy but wants me to approve him first and that isn't really covered in your stories I want to watch and we arent sure exactly how to go about it "

I looked at him. My mind was blank I had absolutely no idea what advise him

"Well I suppose you need to be together and if she sees a guy she likes then she tells you and you disappear into the darkness leaving her to attract his attention " I guessed

Just then Louise returned " don't get up" she said to me slipping past me, as she did so she stumbled a little instinctively I put my hand up to catch her as she fell. Her hand caught mine and opened slightly I felt warm material slip from her hand to mine!! This was a signal I had used so many times in my stories I held her still warm panties in the palm of my fisted hand trying desperately to work out what to do or say next

I decided to play for time " Be back in a minute " I said

Alone at last I studied the gift in my hand it was a tiny black thong the front screen was no more than that a tiny screen embossed with delicate flowers and up until a few minutes ago it had clung over her pussy.the pussy which both she and her husband wanted to turn into a sluts pussy and she had given her gift to me. I felt a stirring in my loins

Yes guys I admit I did if that is the answer to your unasked question and her fragrance was delicious.

I returned to the table, Terry stood as I did so "Look Dave I'm sorry but Ive just had a call on my mobile, something has come up. I have to go but Louise isn't in a hurry why not stay and finish chatting to her "

What were the last words I had said to him:" if she sees a guy she likes then she tells you and you disappear into the darkness leaving her to attract his attention "

I settled into my seat again smiling at Louise

As Terry left I watched which way he turned, he turned right along the alley which ran the length of the pub and there were a few windows on that wall

I followed his progress till he was out of sight

"He didn't really need to go " I said

Louise coloured slightly "Its his work he often gets called out "

"I'm sure he does " I conceded " but I'm sure he didn't need to go"

I moved closer to her. "You are a very beautiful woman Louise"

I held her chin in my hand and gazed into her eyes, out of the corner of my eyes I noticed a slight movement in the window closest to us.

I gently brought her face closer to mine and kissed her lightly and then again. I kept my eyes open yes there was Terry. "Would you like to go somewhere a bit livelier?" I asked her

She hestitated and looked all around her. I noticed her gaze took in the window

"Well yes if you like" she replied

We stood and slowly walked to the door. It was a little cold outside I put my arm around her so she could share some of my body heat. I heard faint footsteps keeping pace with us from behind.

I took her to a bar I have described in my stories " This is the bar I mentioned in "Just For Fun " I told her " you know the one where the guy takes the married woman while her husband is watching from a nearby table "

She looked at me a grin forming over her face "We weren't very subtle were we "

"No" I smiled "but don't worry he isn't far behind and believe me he will enjoy things more if he thinks I don't know so lets play the game "

Well those of you who have read my other stories will have a good idea as to what happens next, I guided her into a dark alcove where we sat close together and quickly I began kissing her, her willing tongue dove into my mouth as my hand rested lightly on her firm ripe breast covered with a bra and the silk white blouse.

We danced to slow songs I quickly spotted Terry but pretended not to but a couple of times I noticed Louise smiling and blowing him a kiss

Towards the end of the evening I manoevred her to a dark corner where I knew Terry was barely a yard away

In the darkness I ran my hands over her taut bottom raising her skirt a fraction. "Well I really ought to get you home " winking at her

She looked at me catching on fast "In about ten minutes is that ok " She replied

I didn't watch Terry racing to his car I was too busy kissing his wife

We arrived at the smart street containing their house and in the drive sat Terry's car, as I passed I felt the heat from the bonnet

Terry was sitting in the living room as though he had been home an hour or more

Well did you two have a good time? " he asked brightly

"Well I did " I began telling him of our evening "and I think now that I have the answer to who should initiate Louise into being a slut "

"oh yes who?"

"Me " I replied taking her in my arms and beginning to unbutton her blouse


A Special note to " Anonymous " I enjoy getting feedback from readers but your preaching about AIDS is becoming monotonous especially as you invariably hide behind "anonymous" I will happily enter into a dialogue with you about the difference between stories and real life and also explain the practical problems of making all characters in every story have " safe " sex, I cannot do this unless you give me an e-mail address so PLEASE either be open or shut up, Thank you

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