tagLoving WivesThe 4 Handed Massage... Awakening

The 4 Handed Massage... Awakening


This story is inspired by a pen pal in another country. It never happened and the characters are fictitious. It is my... our... fantasy. Any resemblance to real people is coincidental. It is also the first part of a multi-part story which will become more and more descriptive over time. Should you choose to comment or rate the story, please do so with this in mind. Anonymous negative comments will typically be deleted. Stand up for who you are!


As she lay there, eyes looking, searching for some light and finding none, the silence deafening, she could hear her own breathing. Arms out above her head slightly and legs splayed, all 4 limbs softly tethered with silk scarves she reached around the scarves holding onto her wrists and pulled. They gave only a little before becoming taut and unyielding. She sensed...

She felt the coldness of metal on her right shoulder and then... a snip, and the support of her bra was released from that shoulder. A moment later the same coldness on the left, and then the front snap bra was released as well. She lay there as the cloth covering her breasts was removed, laid out to her sides. She felt the back of her bra still under her and thought... shouldn't he pull that out, take it away? And then she wondered to herself again, 'Why did I think that?'

The coldness a moment later touched her hip on the right... snip. And then the left hip... snip. And her panties, carefully chosen for tonight were similarly laid to the side, the cloth in the middle removed and she lay there, naked, blindfolded, vulnerable.

The bed she lay on was a full sized bed, not a king or a queen, so her body, splayed, open as it was covered nearly all of it and her hands were near the edges. She could feel the drop off of the mattress and flexed her hands again pulling slightly on the scarves which bound both her wrists and ankles with the same result, the soft, unforgiving ties which she'd agreed to be bound with. She wondered briefly about the placement of the bed, pulled away from all four walls in the center of the room...

Huma thought to herself 'What do I really know about this man? Am I truly safe? What if... but then there was no 'What if?' that she could wrap her mind around. She had trusted him and, up until now he'd never betrayed her trust. Would this be the first time? 'What did I do?'

Questions, questions, and more questions and no answers in the blackness, the quiet, the coolness of the air on her skin and her thoughts. She could feel her skin start to crawl. Goosebumps, tiny, too numerous to count, little mounds holding the thin hair on her arms, barely visible wisps of nothingness on her breasts, her nipples hard and her body shook a quick shake like one sometimes does when they first awaken, startled out of a hard slumber.


And still it was quiet.

'What's that?'

A faint touch on her shoulder trailing down to her breast, onward to her flat belly and barely grazing her femininity before sliding down the inside of her right leg. 'What's that?' again.

The same softness, the light caress. It wasn't a finger or a hand. 'What is that?' as it trailed the opposite direction, up her left calf, thigh, touching 'her' again before grazing her belly, breast, and shoulder again.

Repeated, again... and again... and again... and again... until her body shook with anticipation when it stopped. And then, her eyes wide open to the blackness, Huma licked her lips and whispered 'Please... I want to see...'

Still there was silence.

'What's that?' 'What's going on?' She looked to her left and quickly to her right seeing nothing, her mouth open 'What? What are you doing? How can you do that?' as she felt the same exact feeling of softness caressing not just one side of her body, but both simultaneously, as if in a tandem dance with her nakedness.

She was now vividly aware of her nakedness and tried to close her legs together, but the scarves there were as unyielding as those on her wrists. She thought about screaming out her 'safe' word, the word which, if she even whispered it, would end the experience and she'd be released from the bondage she'd agreed to. It was simple... 'Lahore!', but as much as she wanted to know, as much as her breathing was rapid, shallow, and as much as she felt her vulnerability and nakedness, THAT wasn't going to happen.

She'd signed up for this.

As the cloth... it was cloth wasn't it? Or, was it a feather... two feathers? Trailed down her body, she took another breath... 'I trust him... I trust him... everything's alright' and her mind relaxed. 'Ok... Ok... Just let it happen.'

As the touch moved upward this time Huma reached out with her hands, trying to touch... something, someone, and she did... oh so briefly touch skin with her left hand. She felt it give quickly, easily. Something in her told her it was a penis. Whoever was on her left was naked, and a man.

'That's weird' she thought to herself. That she'd even considered that there was someone other than David there hadn't even occurred to her before, but now, open for the world to see, vulnerable, her chest heaving and her breasts dotted with tiny goosebumps, the thought came to her that, perhaps, he... they, weren't alone. And, it was another man there.

'Ok, ok, ok... I can do this' and 'Lahore' stayed silent.

And then music.

'I know this song.' Soft, quiet, slow, familiar...

'Bolero! It's Bolero!'

Rhythmically, the music was so faint as to not be heard, a background thought.

eyes and concentrated on the feeling... savoring it.

Just when Huma thought she had it together, there was a pinch on her right nipple. Harder, tighter, more intense and a pinch on the left. It intensified as well. Her hands pulled quickly upward but... couldn't move more than a few inches before they were stopped, but that didn't stop her from pulling, from her body tightening. She breathed in quickly, deeply and exhaled just as fast. Her hips pressed upward and shifted from side to side as if trying to escape her soft bonds.

She didn't even try to open her eyes. There was no point. And, after a few moments of excited struggle she relaxed again, breathed deeply and slower, her hands, arms, body falling back on the bed and, strange as it seems she noticed the smell of starch. Of freshly washed, starched, seriously clean sheets, and it comforted her.

And it stopped.

The silence was again upon her and she reached out, all of her senses heightened, her breathing quick, her mind racing.

'Rubbing... that's hands rubbing' she knew the sound and then warmth and the sweet scent of Nivea body oil.

Huma anticipated what was coming but wasn't sure, couldn't be sure...

And then the warmth of hands on either side of her neck pressing downward, thumbs finding the knots in her neck and massaging them out, moving downward over her shoulders and then over her biceps, forearms and then hands. He was taller than her, his hands easily able to reach both hands at the same time. And then upward again.

More oil, more hands rubbing together warming the oil for her body, and again the neck, shoulders, and down her arms until his hands were intertwined with her own spreading her fingers, stretching them, and it felt ... so good.

And again, and again, until... she'd lost count.. his hands this next time instead of going down her arms after massaging her shoulders, ran up underneath her back, fingers pressed upward along her spine and his hands moved downward as far as they could go toward the dimples just above her buttocks and, as they pressed upward on the way back to her shoulders she arched her back and he took the rest of her bra with him. Again and again this motion continued, her spine now relaxing and her body becoming accustomed to the warmth, the touch, the blackness and quiet.

And it was quiet again...

Hands rubbing, only this time it was towards the foot of the bed. And, there was something different.

'What's that?'

And then she knew...

Each of her feet were lifted, set down on a lap, and the foot massage began. But this time, unlike her arms and shoulders, and back, there was no way one person could do both feet this way. There were four hands! Four hands!!

Someone else is in here with him!

'Ok... ok... ok... I can do this. I'm safe. He's here...'

And she relaxed, her mind now going back and forth between 'Who is with him?' and 'God this feels incredible.' And she went with the flow.

Knowing now that there were four hands, two people massaging her, her body wasn't exactly sure what to feel, where to go. She breathed in again, and again, and one more time releasing the anxiety and succumbing to the feeling.

Hands rubbed again and now there was no mistaking as the four hands massaged upward over her calves to her thighs, and almost... almost touching 'her'.

Huma sensed the bodies shifting, one on her left and the other to her right a hand on each side continuing to touch her only now, her body splayed, her hands open ...

A weight on her hands. Each one soft, pliable, familiar. And she closed her hands around them knowing. Knowing now that there were two men. David had brought someone else in for this occasion and try as she might, she had no idea who it might be. What came next surprised her. 'Which one is him?' 'Can I tell just from the feel?' and she massaged each of the members between her hands as the two men started their next motions - one massaging her belly in circular motions and the other massaging her shoulders, upper arms, and breasts, squeezing them and lightly pinching her nipples.

The feelings were almost too much, too much...

And then they were gone.

'Now what?'

She heard the movement of one of the men moving upward towards her head and the other downward toward the foot of the bed. Then the weight. The weight of each of the men as they climbed on top of the bed, one at her head and the other between her feet.

And she heard the sound of hands rubbing again... more warm oil... The man at her feet touching her legs firmly and pressing with his thumbs upward inside her thighs as the man at her head massaging first her shoulders and then, as the man below reached 'her' pressing his thumbs ever so lightly 'just there', the man above her moved his hands down over her breasts, over her belly and lower...

She felt his manhood as he leaned over her, as his body stretched downward, it was touching her forehead, then her eye, over her lips and then she felt his scrotum on her nose. She breathed in and... to her pleasant surprise, he smelled clean. He felt smooth. She licked her lips and, in doing so, licked him as well. As he moved back upward and the man below her moved in tandem, she felt his manhood again and opened her mouth... leaning backward, only to feel him move past and massage her shoulders again. But then... the simultaneous feeling of a thumb playing with her clitoris and another hand underneath her buttocks as she raised upward wanting... what? She was overwhelmed with the sensations... there was too much to take in.

Back and forth the two moved, again and again in tandem. Occasionally she could lean her head back far enough to take the man at the head of her bed in her mouth and, at the same time, breath in his scent. Other times she's hold his testes in her mouth, sucking on them as the other man's hands played with 'her'.

It wasn't long before the sensations were too much, and, with the man at the head of the bed, his cock in her mouth and the other man's thumbs plying her clitoris, her orgasm took her over. Her body shuddered, again and again, and again.

And Bolero played...

Until, it was quiet again.

The weights at both ends of the bed lifted. The silence returned.

And she was naked.

'Shhhh... You're going to like this.' Huma knew David's voice and she felt the heat before she felt the weight of the hot towels on her body. Two, three, four, five, heavy, hot, wet towels covered her from neck to toe as she felt the release of first her feet, then her hands, and then the blindfold removed.

She exhaled...

'Oh my god...'

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