tagInterracial LoveThe Adventures of Jenny Ch. 03

The Adventures of Jenny Ch. 03


Chapter 3—Jenny Gets Caught!

"Jenny, can I talk to you?"

Jenny was eating lunch in the cafeteria when her friend Lisa approached her. Lisa was taller than Jenny at 5'6" and had shoulder length brunette hair. "Hey Lisa, what's up?"

"Can we go talk. In private."

"Um, sure." Jenny followed Lisa to a girl's bathroom.

"Jen...I know what you've been doing."

"What are you talking about?"

"I know you've been having sex during your study hall!" She lowered her voice. "With black guys!"

Jenny turned as red as her hair. "H-how did you know that?!"

"People talk, Jenny. And boys brag."

"I told them to NOT tell anyone!"

"Did you really think they wouldn't?"

"Shit! Wait. How all knows?"

"Rumors haven't spread that far yet." Lisa was the school's biggest gossip, so she knew about any rumor in the school. "But it's only a matter of time. You're going to end up with a worse rep than what Fujiko had. Why are you doing this anyway? What happened to Steve?

"I...had to break up with him."

"But why? So you can fuck black guys." Jenny hung her head in shame. "Seriously? Jenny, what happened to you?!"

"I had a life-changing experience with a big, black cock."


Jenny had spent the past couple of months allowing herself to be used as a fuck toy by various black guys at her school. She kept her promise about not skipping class. Luckily, her second block was just a study hall and by her reasoning, NOT a class. So every day, she spent second block having sex wherever she could go and not get caught. The boys she hooked up with seemed to know where it was safe to go.

Still, she found herself sinking further into depression. She remembered her old life, who she used to be. But now, she felt like a whore. And who would want to be with a whore?

And yet, she still longed to be with someone. Someone who wouldn't use her and discard her. She didn't think she deserved to be with a good guy. After all, she betrayed the one good guy she had. But she wanted to be with SOMEONE.

One day, Jenny decided that if she was going to be with someone, she needed to be with someone who would be good enough to where she wouldn't be tempted. She consulted Fujiko's 'Little Black Book'. "Now, let's sort this by sexual ability. Here we go. Dwayne Washington. 'Cock size: perfect?' What the hell does that mean? But he's rated a 10 out of 10 in sexual ability! 'Complete asshole.' Everyone on this damned list is an asshole..." She hadn't slept with Dwayne, yet. Fujiko's list was pretty large and several of the guys she had been with had fucked her more than once. Most days, before she could approach someone, one of her previous guys would snatch her up. Literally. Which she didn't mind as long as she got fucked. That, and hearing "Come here, white girl!" made her weak in the knees.

That Friday, Jenny spent her second block study hall on her knees sucking the cock of Dwayne Washington. She now knew what Fujiko meant by "perfect". His cock was 10 inches long, so long enough to bottom out in her pussy, and somewhat thick. But not thick enough that she would have trouble taking him up her ass. She fingered herself as she gave him a very enthusiastic blowjob. She couldn't wait to have him inside her. But she would have to wait. He had demanded a tit fuck and blowjob to completion and if she did a good job of it, he would fuck her that night. Against her better judgement, she even agreed to let him come over to her house. Her dad was out of town on business already and her mom and little brother were leaving on a field trip, so she would have the house to herself.

When he finally came, she swallowed it all. But then, he ordered her to not get herself off. He wanted her to be in a sexual frenzy when he came over. So, she spent the rest of the day unable to concentrate on anything. All she could think about was Dwayne's big cock.


She went straight home and waited for her mom and sister to leave. "Jenny, we're leaving," her mom said at the door.

"Bye Mom! Bye Scotty! Have fun at DC!"

"Now, don't you do anything crazy while I'm gone," her mom said with a chuckle.

"Oh, you know me!" 'If only you knew...'

She barely waited for her mom's car to pull off before she called Dwayne. "Dwayne, it's Jenny. My mom just left."

"You haven't cum yet, have you?" Dwayne asked over the phone.

"No, I haven't."

"You want to cum, don't you, white girl."

White girl. There it was, again. "Y-yes, I do."

"Then, you'll get to cum on my cock, slut."

"Oh god, I want your cock so bad!"

"You want this nigger dick, don't you?"

"Yes! Please come over!"

"I'll be right there."

"Oh, Dwayne? Bring a condom, okay?"

"What? You're kidding, right?"

"No... I'm not on the pill. And I want you to have...full access."

"You're losing points here, white girl."

"Please, Dwayne. I'll let you do whatever you want. I just don't want to get pregnant."

"Fine, fine. I'll use a condom."

"Thank you!"


Jenny spent the time waiting getting ready. She did her make up and put on a sexy outfit. A short, red mini-skirt and a tight red top. And of course, no underwear. When Dwayne finally arrived, she greeted him at the door. "Dway-" He pulled her into a passionate kiss and started to grope her. Then, he pulled off her top and tossed it on the yard. Still kissing him, she managed to pull him inside as he roughly squeezed her breasts. His rough treatment was making her pussy practically drip as they left a trail of clothes on the way to Jenny's room. Falling into her bed on top of him, Jenny quickly moved down and started sucking his cock enthusiastically.

"Damn, girl! I already know how talented your mouth is!"

"Did you bring the condom?"

"It's in my pants."

Jenny hopped off of her bed and found his pants on the floor. Taking the condom out of his pocket, she put it between her lips and used her mouth to roll the condom onto his hard cock. Then, she straddled Dwayne and started to slowly impel her pussy on his cock. But then, he grabbed her hips and pulled her down hard, burying his cock to the root. Because she had been on edge all day, this immediately caused her to cum. "Fuuuuuuccckkkk!!" Then, she collapsed on top of Dwayne.

"Get to work, white girl!" Dwayne said as he slapped her ass.

Jenny managed to sit back up and began to grind on his cock. "So full!" His cock had filled her pussy completely and she loved the feeling. Dwayne slapped her ass, again, so she started to bounce on his cock causing her to moan loudly.

"Oh fuck! Ride that nigger dick, white slut!" Even though the condom, Jenny's tight pussy felt amazing wrapped around his cock and he was enjoying watching her big tits bounce.

It wasn't long before Jenny started to ride him harder as she approached orgasm, again. "Dwayne! Dwayne, I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna— Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!" Then, she arched her back as her whole body shuddered with orgasm before collapsing on top of Dwayne, again.


Jenny's mom was on the way to taking her son Justin to his school. Scotty was going on a field trip to Washington, DC, and she had agreed to chaperone. Suddenly, she stopped the car. "Shit!"

"What's wrong, mom?" Scotty asked.

"I forgot your allergy medicine. We'll have to go back." She turned the car around and drove back home. She immediately knew something was wrong when she found a strange car parked in the driveway. Then, she became alarmed when she saw Jenny's top on the yard and the door open. "Honey, you stay here. I'll be right back."

"Okay, just don't take too long." Scotty was playing a video game and hadn't looked up at all.

Going inside, she found more clothes thrown on the floor, most of it not Jenny's. As she got closer to Jenny's room, she could hear the bed squeaking, the sound of bodies banging, and Jenny moaning in pleasure. She walked in to find Jenny on her back with her legs wrapped around a black boy whose large looking cock was thrusting deep inside her hard and fast. 'Oh my god!' she thought as her pussy became wet and her nipples hard. At age 40, Jenny's mom looked more like her older sister. Physically, the only real difference was that her hair was shorter than Jenny's being just below her shoulders. She had dressed casually today in a t-shirt and jeans, though she regretted that now as she had to fight the urge to unbutton her jeans and finger her clit. She knew she should be saying something to stop this, but she was mesmerized by the sight of Jenny, the mirror image of her younger self, with her hands pinned down and her large breasts bouncing as she was being dominated by a big, black cock.

"Uh! Uh! Dwayne! Fuck me, Dwayne!"

"Take that dick, bitch! Whose pussy is this?!"

"Yours! All yours!"

"You love nigger dick, don't you?!"

"Oh god, yes!"

"Say it!"

"I...I love...nigger dick..." Jenny had never used that word and it felt wrong. But the wrongness turned her on even more if that was possible.

"I said SAY IT!"


"Cum on this nigger dick!" Dwayne thrust balls deep one last time.

"AAAAHHHHHHHH!!" Jenny's spasming pussy finally drove Dwayne over the edge as he groaned and shot a massive load into the condom.

'Oh shit!' Jenny's mom thought as she pinched her nipples through her shirt and bra. 'Did he just cum inside her?!'

After she came down from her orgasm, Jenny realized she could feel the warm of Dwayne's cum through the condom. A large part of her longed to feel him shoot his cum into her directly. "Dwayne!" she cooed happily, "let me suck your cock, baby!" As Dwayne pulled out, Jenny's mom saw the condom full of cum and was relieved. Then, both Dwayne and Jenny's mom were surprised when Jenny pulled the condom off and poured the cum down her throat, swallowing it all with a loud gulp. "No need to let that go to waste! And you won't need a condom for round two."

As Jenny began to worship Dwayne's cock, her mom stepped away from the door to avoid being seen but stood at an angle where she could still see inside. 'Round two? And why wouldn't she need a condom?!' Then, Jenny reached into her school bag and pulled out a bottle of lube. 'Why is that in her school bag?! Wait, lube? Don't tell me she's going to...' She unbuttoned her pants and finally got a hand down the front of her panties as Jenny poured lube onto her hand and covered Dwayne's once again hard cock with it.

Jenny handed the bottle to Dwayne and got on her hands and knees. "Can you help me out, baby?" she asked as she shook her ass invitingly. Dwayne spread her ass cheeks and poured lube onto her rosebud. "Ooohh!" Then, he worked a finger into her asshole, lubing it up. Jenny moaned and cooed in pleasure as he fingered her ass.

"Hope you're ready for this nigger dick up your ass, slut!" Dwayne placed the head of his cock against her asshole and pushed. Both Jenny and her mom gasped at once when the head popped in. Then, Dwayne slowly sunk his entire length into Jenny's ass.

"Oooooooh, fuuuuuucckkk!"

'She's obviously done this before,' her mom thought as she rubbed her clit. 'She took that big, black cock up her ass like a champ!'

"Fuck, that ass is tight!" He started fucking her with long, slow thrusts to let her get used to him being inside her ass.

"Oooh, Dwayne! That feels so good! But I can take it however you want to, baby." Dwayne then grabbed her hips and started to thrust hard and fast. "Uh! Uh! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck my ASS!"

'Definitely done this before!' Her mom sped up on her clit with her other hand covering her mouth to keep her from moaning.

Dwayne spanked her ass hard, leaving a hand print. "You like getting fucked up your ass, don't you, white girl!"

"Uh! I love it! Uh!"

"You're a dirty ass slut, aren't you?!"


"Say it!"

"I'm a dirty ass slut! I'm a dirty ass slut for big, black cock!" The degradation and the hard ass fucking was swiftly carrying Jenny to another orgasm. "FUCK! FUCK! FUUUUUUCCCCKKKK!!" She started to collapse but Dwayne grabbed both of her arms and held her up as he fucked her even faster. "OH GOD! OH GOD!" Her orgasm wasn't stopping. As he pounded her ass, she just kept cumming. Her mom watched her daughter's tits bounce wildly as her ass was fucked. She could feel her own orgasm rapidly approaching.

Finally, with a guttural yell, Dwayne buried his cock balls deep in Jenny's ass and unloaded just as Jenny's mom's knees gave out as she came hard as well. Her hand was unable to contain her loud moan, but Jenny and Dwayne were too wrapped up in their own orgasms to notice.

After resting against Jenny for a while, Dwayne pulled his softening dick out of her ass causing a stream of cum to flow out. "Suck my cock, white girl." Barely conscious, Jenny's only impulse was to obey as she turned around and sucked Dwayne's cock. She could taste her ass and his cum on his cock and she loved it. "Round three is going to be in your pussy. Bareback!" She whimpered in fear as she sucked his cock. He was going to fuck her bareback and dump his load into her unprotected womb. And she was going to let him because she had to obey.

'Oh HELL no!' Jenny's mom thought as she got up and buttoned up her pants. 'Time to be a parent.' She stepped into the room. "What's going on here?!"

"MOM!" Jenny jumped to her feet away from Dwayne, her fear of her mother overriding Dwayne's control over her.

"OH SHIT!" Dwayne yelled as he jumped out Jenny's window. Butt naked.

"Mom! It's not what it looks like!"

"Jenny, there's cum leaking out of your ass..."

"Oh god..." She started to cry.

"Oh Jenny..." Her mom sat down with her on the bed and held her as she sobbed. "Hun, we need to talk. And I think it's been long overdue. I never should have let your father have 'The Talk' with you."

"*Sob* What do you *sob* mean?"

"Your father tried to put a fear of sex into you. Obviously, that didn't work. Though at least you used a condom while he was in your pussy."

"*Sob* Yeah, I'm still scared of- Wait." Jenny looked up at her mom in confusion. "You were watching me?!" Her mom turned a red as her hair. "Holy crap, you were!"

"Um, well...wait, you're the one in trouble here, not me!" Jenny couldn't help but giggle through her sobs for a bit. "Like I was saying, we need to have a serious talk. I see now that you are far more like me than I had realized."

"I'm like...you?"

"Yes. I'm going to tell you something, but it does NOT leave this room."

"Okay, mom."

"Back when I was in college, I was a little wild. I had my fair share of black cock. And anal sex."

"Mom!" Jenny couldn't believe what her soccer mom housewife of a mother had just said.

"It's true. I knew that you were like my clone physically, but I was hoping that part of me didn't get passed on. That's why I don't like your slut friend Fujiko being an influence on you."

"She was right about you!"

"Takes a slut to know a slut." She chuckled.

"I'm so confused!"

"You must have questions. Go ahead and ask. I promise to answer truthfully as long as you answer mine truthfully."

"You used to have sex with black guys?"

"Yes, honey."

"And in the ass?"

"We've been over this already, silly."

"Do you still..."

"Have sex with black guys? No. I've been faithful to your father since we got married. Take it in the ass? Sometimes. Your dad does love it."

"Oh god, Mom!"

"Consider learning that your parents still fuck as part of your punishment, young lady!"

"But if you used to be into black guys, how did you end up with Dad?"

"For one, your dad's no slouch in the bed."


"For another, he met me in a good time in my life. I had graduated college and was wanting to do something with my life. And he was so charming! Have you ever had a guy tell you the first thing he noticed about you was your eyes?"

Jenny sighed. Steve had told her that when they first started dating. "I doubt Dwayne even knows the color of my eyes."

"It's a lie, of course. You'd have to be blind to not notice these knockers from across the room. But it's a wonderful lie. So, I weened myself off of black cock."

"Wait, you said you've been faithful ever since you got married."

"Yeah... I did fuck a few more black guys while I was dating your dad. But only anal. I wanted to keep my pussy nice and tight for your dad. I did have a well hung black stripper try to convince me to not go through with the wedding at my bachelorette party."

"Oh god, Mom!"

"What? I was about to pledge myself heart, body, and soul to your father. I wanted my last night of freedom to go out with a bang. And it sure did!"

"...we ARE the same, aren't we?"

"The hard part was ignoring my ass for a month before convincing your father to try anal. He thinks he took that virginity. So, is this why you broke up with Steve? I know you were fucking him."

"You knew?!"

"You were far too innocent for that body. I knew if you ever started seeing someone long term, it was only a matter of time. And you started coming home from dates practically glowing. Though he couldn't have been that good if you dumped him for black cock."

"He wasn't, though I didn't know at the time. He was really good at...other things, though."

"Oh, he was a pussy eater! That explains the glowing. Now, let's talk about why you need to be punished. Do you know what you did wrong?"

"I...had sex with a black boy."

"No, I'd have to be a major hypocrite to punish you for that. Try again."

"I...had sex in the house?"

"Bingo! Also, you were about to let that boy knock you up! Don't deny it. If you weren't, you would have said something to him instead of continuing to suck his cock. It's one thing to be submissive and obedient. It's another to be stupid."

"Yes, Mom..."

"So, you're grounded until your father comes home next week. And when I get back from DC, we're going to Planned Parenthood to get you on the pill."

"We are?!"

"Yep. Your father thought letting you get on the pill would encourage you to have sex. That's obviously a moot point now. And you've proven that I can't trust you to not let yourself be the victim of a black guy with a white breeding fetish. So, you get on the pill."

"Wait, you aren't telling Dad?"

"Do you WANT to see the outside world before you're 30? So no, not a word of this to your father. Now, I need to get going. For your sake, you had best hope that bus to DC didn't leave without Scotty and I." She hugged her naked daughter.

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