tagGay MaleThe Apotheosis of Soma Pt. 04

The Apotheosis of Soma Pt. 04


He sat down on the sofa and pulled me down next to him. "Take off your shoes and prop your legs up here," he said. I sat next to him, slipped my feet out of the flip-flops and tucked my legs to the side, toes pointed. I was emotionally exhausted and let my head fall on his shoulders, not caring how I looked. My kimono was open and my cock was exposed. It felt lifeless.

"I know this is not what you were expecting," Mr. King said softly in my ear, "but it's what you need. You need to understand what submission is really about. It's easy to fantasize about pleasuring strangers, but you get to choose the strangers in your fantasies. Here in the real world, you have to take what's given you. As you grow in your submission, you'll learn to truly enjoy whoever is using you. On that day, the blindfold will no longer be necessary."

Cold comfort, indeed. And yet, what choice did I have? I could walk out of here, wearing only a kimono and flip-flops, with no money and no identification...that would certainly end well. All I could do was hope for four more invasions of my ass, so I could get out of here, get back to the hotel and...what? My revery was interrupted by Mr. King's voice.

"Back to work. I believe these gentlemen would like to make use of your services."

Gentlemen? Two of them? He stood up. "You sit here for a moment," he said, collecting my kimono, "while I have a word with them." I heard him move away and talk quietly for a moment.

Two men, both heavyset from what I could feel, took my arms and led me to the sofa bed. One of them stroked my cock, while the other rubbed my ass. They set me down there and, instinctively, I assumed what I now understood to be the seduction position.

Customer service time, I thought with the beginnings of a touch of bitterness. "How may I pleasure you, Sirs? With my mouth or my ass?"

"With both," said the one on my left. "We spoke with your manager and he said we could tag team you. Do you mind?" As he spoke, I heard the man to my right unzipping his pants.

My manager? Of course: I was being pimped out, wasn't I? Or, even worse, I was just another employee making his boss happy. At least this man was kind enough to ask me.

"Of course, Sir. It will be my pleasure to serve you both."

He brushed his cock across my lips and I opened my mouth to take him in. He was thick and flaccid. I was able to take him fully in my mouth, as he was just starting to grow. I felt pubic hair tickling my nose and smelled soap. At least, he had taken the time to bathe before coming here. I took his balls in my hand, noticing the hair on his scrotum was relatively soft. I held them in the palm of my hand, my thumb gently rubbing each ball, while my other hand went to his ass and pulled him closer to me. His ass was hairy as well, a bit on the chubby side, with a well-hidden crack. I spread his cheeks and started rubbing along his crack, his cock growing in my mouth as I explored it with my tongue. His belt buckle bumped my knee as he moved slowly in and out of me.

I felt someone sit down beside me and start to play with my nipples. He ran his fingernail gently over them, then parted my chest hair and started licking the one nearest him. I gave a moan of pleasure and started sucking the cock in my mouth more intensely. I felt my cock starting to stiffen again. His tongue was replaced by his teeth, and he started nibbling my nipple, gradually increasing the intensity as my cock responded. I hissed with pleasure/pain when I felt his hand on my cock, rubbing the head and moving down to grab hold of the shaft. I groped for his lap and felt the condom on his already erect cock. It was longer than the first, about 7 inches as best I could determine, and about as thin as mine.

That was, apparently, their cue to use me fully. The man in my mouth withdrew and, grabbing hold of my ankles, pivoted me on the sofa bed until my tush was on the edge of the bed, my legs held above the floor by the man. The other man took my ankles from him and put them on his shoulders, then moved toward me. The thick cocked man stood by my head and began feeding me his cock. I felt a trickle of precum and sucked it down greedily, as I felt the other man tap the plug in me. I groaned as he pulled it half way out, held it there a moment, and pushed it back in. The man in my mouth pushed his cock in and held it there, while I hummed around it with growing intensity as the other man continued to piston the plug in and out. I could feel my own cock twitching with each thrust.

Finally, he yanked it out, immediately replacing it with his own cock. He pushed it to the edge of my inner sphincter and held it there. My cry was muffled by the human cock gag. He took my nipples and started squeezing them, slowly increasing the pressure. In spite of that, I tried to relax my ass, to accommodate the intruder, at the same time pressing my tongue against the cock that imprisoned it. All three of us were frozen in place, a tableau of pleasure...

...until I felt my mouth emptied. At that moment, the cock inside me began penetrating the inner gateway. As it moved slowly, but inexorably, the other man started pulling my nipples away from my body, slowly, but inexorably. I cried out, but whether in pain or with pleasure I didn't know; nor did I care. I could feel the sweat start as he continued his slow, relentless push into me. My cock was twitching and, incredibly, I could feel it moving toward an orgasm.

"I'm going to cum," I whispered.

"No, you're not," Mr. King said, and placed a cold can on my cock and balls and held it there. The sudden cold made me jerk my ass down, trying to pull away from it. I felt the cock start to slip out. With a growl, the man in my ass lifted up my tush and pushed in the rest of the way. As his balls bumped up on my buttocks, the other man yanked my nipples up and twisted his fingers as he flicked them off me. Tears came to my eyes with the sharp pain and I opened my mouth with the beginnings of a yell of pain, a yell that was cut off by the return of his cock. Mr. King stepped away and the man grabbed my head and started to drive my mouth up and down his cock. I heard shouts of encouragement and realized we had an audience.

"I'm going to drill you now," I heard behind me, as the man withdrew his cock until only the head was inside me. I felt a cold drizzle run down my ass crack, more lube being poured...and then, with a grunt, he filled me to the hilt and start driving his piston in and out of me, starting slowly picking up speed as his breathing quickened. The man filling my mouth started a corresponding motion, leaving a trail of precum on my tongue as he slid in and out of my mouth. The friction of the cock in my ass rubbing my prostate became my focus. I heard some incoherent mumblings; it took a few seconds to recognize my own voice babbling with pleasure as my ass embraced its owner. My legs stiffened as he drove into me faster and faster, his hands holding my legs and pulling me closer. I wrapped my arms around the man in my mouth, opening the crease in his ass and running my fingers along it as I pulled him to me, wanting to take all of his thick cock into my mouth and taste his cum. My breathing was growing ragged; I was starting to get lightheaded as I moved toward subspace.

With a muted shout, the man behind me slammed himself into me and froze. I could feel his cock pulsing in my ass and his hands squeezing my legs. He leaned into me as he continued to cum. I ran my tongue over the other cock, hoping to hasten his cumming so I could taste his cum. But, suddenly, he pulled out of my mouth. I gasped for air and with pleasure as I clenched my buttocks, giving the cock within every bit of pleasure that I could. He leaned into me, pushing my legs forward until I could almost suck my own cock. He was panting and resting his head on my legs. After a brief respite, he pulled his cock out of my ass, leaving me wanting more. He lowered my legs and stepped away for a moment.

I rested, but only for a moment. I felt the man who had been in my mouth behind me, pulling my legs around his waist. At the same time, a slick cock presented itself to my mouth. I opened and tasted latex as a long, thin cock, wet with cum made its way in. Knowing the thickness of the man about to take my ass, I pulled my lips over my teeth to avoid any damage to the cock I was cleaning.

He must have thought my ass was stretched sufficiently, for he pushed into me without warning and without preparation. It wasn't, as my cry of pain indicated. "More lube...I need more lube," I gasped, feeling an intense pain and hoping he hadn't torn my skin. He pulled out of me quickly, eliciting another gasp of pain. Seconds later, a cold glob of lube hit my anus, soothing the heat. Two fingers pushed more lube in me, rubbing gently, even as I heard laughter and taunts from the onlookers.

"Poor baby, can't handle a real man's cock."

"Stretch that sissy's cunt!"

"Give it to him...show him what a real man does."

"Are you all right?" the man asked me.

"Yes, Sir," I replied, "Please take my ass, but more slowly."

He placed his cock at my hole and pushed it in, gently. After an initial grunt, I relaxed, as the extra lube provided the margin needed for him to enter me. I sighed as I felt myself being filled by him.

"Thank you, Sir...now, would the other gentlemen let me finish cleaning his cock?"

I opened my mouth and accepted his cock, licking it, slowly at first, but more and more hungrily as my ass was filled deeper and deeper, until my cock started leaking precum, responding to the onslaught on my prostate. The pain was turning into something else...I was moving, not into subspace, but into something more intense, a kind of passion space. I wrapped my legs around the man's waist and drew him closer to me, wanting him to join with me at the ass. At the same time, I threw my arms around the other man's waist, pulling and scratching his buttocks and whining my need on his cock, trying to bring it back to life in my mouth. My surroundings receded as the man behind me began to ravish my ass in earnest.

Then, he stiffened and pushed deeply into me, falling on my body as he pulsed into the condom. I was headed toward ecstasy, my own cock starting to pulse and getting ready to cum. This would be an orgasm for the ages...

...and then, he pulled out of me and said to his friend, "Come on, get you cock back in your pants; we need to head home," then, "thanks, Mr. King, for letting us use your slut."

I was in shock. I had been on the verge of something special, then....nothing but the sound of them pulling up their pants and walking away.

"Thank you for letting me pleasure you," I said softly and dully, not caring if they heard me or not. But there was no time for self-pity.

"Get on your hands and knees and stick that ass in the air, slut." I turned over and complied, hoping he wouldn't be too thick, as my ass was starting to throb with a dull pain. He smacked my ass hard, twice, and started to enter me. Four down, one to go and I could get out of this terrible place. Then, I felt the familiar in and out motions. He was thin and not too long, so I was able to handle him without feeling any pain, or much of anything. I grunted each time he bottomed out in me, more out of habit than anything else. He picked up speed, then suddenly pulled out.

"Open your mouth, bitch, and don't swallow until I tell you" and I did so. He laid the tip of his cock on my tongue and shot into my mouth. It was thin and bitter. I held my mouth open while he finished up, then, at his direction, swallowed, trying not to gag.

"Thank you, Sir, for letting me pleasure you," I droned. He laughed and walked away. Mr. King walked over and reinserted the plug. It slipped in easily this time. He handed me my kimono and I slipped it on mechanically. He led me to the sofa and I sat down with my legs tucked under me. He sat next to me and put an arm around my shoulder. For a moment, the only sound was the porn soundtrack coming from the TV. I was glad Mr. King couldn't see my eyes; I suspect I might have started crying. I felt utterly humiliated. I thought I was the Pleasure Giver, the courtesan who provided sensual enlightenment to those who chose me. Boy, was I wrong: I was simply the service provider, a convenient outlet for men looking for a lunchtime or after work quickie, no different than the cheap whores who hung out on the street corners. No, that wasn't true: at least, they got paid for their services. I was the school slut, the one who would put out for anyone, but who didn't get any pleasure from it. Was that the life toward which I was heading? I was glad my wife was out of town this week...I was going to need a lot of alone time to think about this.

"It looks like the rush hour crowd is gone," Mr. King said, standing up and pulling me up with him. "You still have one condom unused, so we can't leave just yet. However, I want to have a chat with you. Come with me." He led me into a booth and closed the door. He took off my blindfold and sat in the only chair in the room. I stood looking at him. He was watching me with intense curiosity. Instinctively, I lowered my eyes to the floor, but was stopped by his command.

"No; for this conversation, I want you to stay focused on me. Keep your eyes on mine and answer all my questions truthfully. This is not the time for you to tell me what you think you want me to hear, nor is it the time to answer as a fantasy role. I need to hear your true feelings. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Sir," I said, refocusing on his eyes, trying to avoid the distraction of the throbbing of my ass. He handed me a bottle of water. I drank deeply from it, eager to remove the coating from my tongue and the taste of stale cum from my mouth.

"How are you enjoying yourself?"

"I'm not, Sir. I'm having a miserable time."

"And why is that?"

"With respect, Sir, this isn't what I signed up for. There's no passion, no care. Those men treated me like a sex toy. After what I'm doing for them, I don't expect to be treated like dirt. I'm sorry, Sir, but you wanted me to be truthful."

"What did you sign up for, Pleasure Giver?"

"To provide pleasure for the men you send me, but..."

"You're wrong. That is not what you signed up for."

"What do you mean, Sir?"

"You signed up to be the submissive that you know you are. You signed up to learn what it means to be a true submissive. You signed up to become the Pleasure Giver you claim to be. You signed up because you know deep down that you can't achieve these on your own; you know that your own desires and inhibitions will prevent you from plumbing the depths of your submissive nature. You needed the threat of exposure to you wife to allow you to take the next step. Look inside yourself and tell me that's not true...don't look down...look at me."

For several moments, I could say nothing. I stared into Mr. King's eyes, captured by their intensity and the quiet power they displayed. He was seated wearing the khakis and dress shirt that marked him as a professional, a man in charge. And me? I was standing in front of him, wearing a woman's kimono and girly flip-flops, with a plug in my ass. Why was I here? Deep down, I knew he was right. During all the events of the day, I hadn't raised an objection to my treatment. I had done everything he had told me to do. I hadn't even considered not doing it. My acceptance had seemed natural to me...it was the logical conclusion to my explorations. And yet...

"What you say is true, Sir. But some of those men were gross, and I didn't feel any pleasure for most of the time."

"I'm sorry; I forgot your name was Pleasure Receiver."

"Touche, Sir. But is this what I have to look forward to? Don't I get any pleasure?"

"Giving pleasure to the men we direct to you, regardless of their appeal to you? Yes. Following our instructions, no matter how distasteful they seem to you? Yes. Being stretched to do more than you imagine you can do? Yes. Learning to give up your limits as we guide you? Yes. Learning that giving pleasure is your path to receiving pleasure? Yes. Discovering who you really are? Yes.

"You are embarking on a wondrous, frightening journey. You are going to peer into the abyss and step into it. However, we shall be there with you. You will suffer, but not be harmed. You will be used, but will not be humiliated by it. You will learn that your pleasure comes in giving pleasure to others. And you will learn just how intense pleasure can be when it's given to you by those you have satisfied by your service."

During Mr. King's speech, my body responded in two entirely unexpected ways. As I listened to what he was saying, my cock started to become engorged at the prospects. As I absorbed what his words meant, as I considered the path to which I was now irrevocably committed, I felt my eyes water. I never cry, but the tears came unbidden as I understood that I had finally found what I had been seeking all my life. I was where I needed to be...almost.

"I still have a condom in my pocket, Sir, and I need to use it before we can leave." I lowered myself to my knees in front of him, placed the condom in his lap, spread my legs, placed my hands palm up on my knees and bowed my head.

"How may I pleasure you, Sir?"

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