The Arrival


My name is Sandra and I am a 22 year old girl from Austria. I consider myself good-looking and smart. The first I know because I always got the guys I wanted to fuck, and the second I know because I never had a problem mastering my studies, and studying Computer Science is not really a common choice for a girl. I always had a thing for the computer stuff.

For those who are into details: I'm 165 centimeters, have trained body with rather average 85B boobs and my brown hair is shoulder-length.

My story begins when my latest relationship went to hell. I decided I needed a change of scene, and so I applied for a semester abroad. But where to go? The sunny places where already taken, so I decided to go to Oxford, England since English is the only foreign language I'm really good at. Luckily they accepted my application, and on the 21st of January I was standing at the airport, waving my family goodbye. See you in half a year.

I knew exactly what I expected from the upcoming 6 months: Mainly I wanted to get away from home, and party my ass off. I had heard from friends who had already been for a semester abroad that it would be a never-ending party with lots of spare time, alcohol and fucks. As a benefit, a semester abroad looks good in a C.V.

Yeah, fucks. I couldn't wait for it. Being far away from home meant you could do whatever the hell you wanted without having to fear that your parents or someone else would know about it. And I had planned to have my brains fucked out every single day.

Sure, there was still the official part. Mastering courses and stuff. But I was confident that it wouldn't interfere with the partys too much.

I arrived at London somewhen in the late afternoon. I was loaded with luggage and had to wait for 3 hours for the bus to Oxford.

Did I mention the luggage? 2 trolleys, a small backpack and my handbag. I sweated like a pig and regretted not to think twice while packing. Did I really need all those shoes, shirts, trousers, skirts, thongs, panties, jumpers, bikinis and jackets? Well, too late to think about that now. Cursing, I moved on.

Finally the bus arrived, and luckily the bus driver helped me with the luggage. While the nightly British landscape moved past my window, a thought hit me.

It would be around 11pm when I arrived in Oxford. I had seen on Google Maps that the students halls wouldn't be far from the bus stop -- but anyway I guessed there wouldn't be anyone on duty letting me in or giving me the keys to my booked dormitory.

Oh yeah, the dormitory. As far as I knew 4-5 students shared an apartment, with an one-bed room for each and a shared bathroom, toilet and kitchen. I prayed that my flat mates would be female -- or male and ugly. I knew myself good enough to know that eventually I would fuck a good looking flat mate, and the last thing I needed was a clingy guy living 3 meters away...

Thinking about the upcoming 6 months time passed like nothing, and suddenly the bus driver announced my stop. Hastily I grabbed my Iphone and my handbag and jumped outside. The driver handed me my luggage, and then the bus drove off into the night.

It was 11pm and I stood alone in the middle of fucking nowhere. Needless to say that it had started raining -- the British weather welcomed me. Where the fuck was the students hall? I checked the bus stop -- yeah, it was the right one. What I remembered from Google Maps the students hall should be right nearby. I coursed myself for not printing out the map, for I couldn't access the internet on my Austrian phone yet. There were no signs pointing in the right direction, absolutely nothing. So I did what my father always told me as a child what to do when I would get lost: stay the fuck where you are. Well, I wasn't a child anymore, but it sounded a good enough plan. I smoked 2 cigarettes and waited.

"Are you lost?" a voice behind me asked. Startled, I turned around. Right in front of me stood a grinning, handsome guy around my age. He looked me in the eye, but I could have sworn that a split second ago he checked out my butt.

"You are damn right" I answered. "Do you know how to get to Clive Booth Hall?"

"Sure, I lived there myself until a few months ago. It's not far away...but tell me, are you a newcomer?"

"Yeah, I just arrived."

"I guess you didn't organize your keys first?"


"Thought so. There's no way for you to get in tonight. There is only the security on duty now, and they won't do the paperwork. You'll have to wait until tomorrow."

"Fucking shit..." Where should I sleep tonight? I was fucking tired, and from what I heard the costs of a hotel room were beyond good and evil.

"Wanna stay at my place tonight? Its just around the corner." he asked me with a grin -- and that grin betrayed him. I know an invitation for fucking when I see one. Maybe the start of my semester abroad wouldn't be that bad after all. But I didn't intend to make it too easy for him.

"I don't know...I really don't want to cause inconvenience ."

"Don't be stupid -- you are very welcome. My flat mate is visiting his parents this week -- so we are disturbing no one" he said, winking at me.

That phrase made me sure that I would feel my first British cock tonight. Okay, let's get on with it!

"Okay then. Thank you! But could you help me with my luggage?"

"Sure!" he said, taking both my trolleys. "Good boy" I thought.

While we walked to his flat he started to question his potential prey.

"Soooo...whats your name?" he asked me.

"Sandra...and yours?"

"I'm Tom. Nice to meet you! Are you an exchange student?"

"Yeah. Is that so obvious?" I asked with a smile.

"Your English is quite perfect! But still, there is a small accent. For how long will you stay?"

"6 months." I replied, lighting another cigarette.

"I guess your boyfriend isn't too happy about that." There it was. The 'boyfriend-question'.

"I am currently single. No boyfriend." He seemed relieved.

"What are you studying?"

"Computer science."

"That's a rather uncommon choice for a girl. Anyway, here we are." Tom said, opening a door to a small apartment building.

Having reached his flat in the 2nd floor, I sat down on his couch with a sigh of relief. I had escaped the British rain and had a cute guy beside me.

"May I take a shower?" I asked. Not only I wanted to get rid of my sweaty clothes, I also wanted to make things easier for him.

"Sure! The bathroom is over there!"

"Thank you!" I said, standing up. Taking my backpack, I went into the bathroom. The backpack had been my cabin luggage, and I had packed it with stuff I would need to survive 1 or 2 nights in case the airline lost my trolleys. You never know. So no need to rummage around in the trolleys.

Inside the bathroom I undressed. Standing nude in front of the mirror I checked my body. I had shaved my pussy in the morning, so I didn't have to do it now. My hair still looked good, despite the long day. Perfect.

After a long and hot shower I felt newborn and ready to do stupid things. I put on the long shirt that reached my knees, and no underwear. I had a feeling I wouldn't wear it for long anyways.

Coming back into the living room I saw that Tom had put on comfortable clothes as well -- the jeans was gone, replaced by jogging pants. I wondered if he wore underwear beneath...

"Welcome back. Wanna have a drink?"

"Oh yes please!"

"But I only have beer. Didn't expect female company tonight."

"Beer is perfect."

"Okay then." Tom said, fetching 2 beers from the fridge. When he handed me my beer, I could feel him undressing me with his eyes. I spotted a bulge inside his pants, and I was sure that he had spotted my hard nipples as well. My pussy was already dripping wet.

"Cheers then."

"Cheers!" Taking a sip of my beer, I wondered what his next move would be.

"Do you want to know what my experience with exchange students is so far?"

"Go on."

"They are all sluts." I nearly choked on my beer.

"Pardon me?"

"Want to have proof?" he said with a grin. I nodded. "Then lift your shirt."

I did as he told me, revealing my wet and shaved pussy.

"See? I knew you wouldn't wear underwear. And I also knew you would offer your tasty little pussy to me." Tom said, pulling out his rock-hard cock.

"On your knees, bitch." Gone was the kindness in his voice. Good. That's the kind of guy I like. Nothing worse than a sissy in bed.

Doing as he ordered me, I went to my knees and started to suck his cock.

"Yeah, suck it bitch...just like that...mmmmmh..." I knew how to handle a cock with my mouth. The secret is the excessive use of your tongue to stimulate the sensitive parts of the cock.

Tom apparently enjoyed it, but so did I. I fingered my pussy while blowing him, and already had two orgasms. Damn, I was so horny.

Suddenly he pulled me up, and ripped off my shirt. "Be a good doggy."

While he put on a condom, I went on all fours on the floors, presenting him my ass. "Oh please, fuck me" I moaned. Doogy-style is my favorite position.

When his cock entered my wet pussy I had the next orgasm. He started fucking me slowly, rhythmically.

"God, I love tight student pussys" he moaned, steadily increasing the speed and slapping my ass. I came another time.

He fucked me for what seemed ages, until suddenly he pulled his cock out and shouted "Quick, turn around!". Hastily, I did as he told me. He had pulled off the condom, and stroked his cock furiously.

There I was, with my mouth wide open, waiting for his cum.

Finally he came with a loud grunt. He came all over my face, hair and tits. Only a few drops made it into my mouth. What a waste.

While I sucked his cock clean he grabbed his Iphone and took a picture of my cum-covered face.

"For the record." he said with a grin. "I think you have earned your stay." He sounded like the old Tom again, and we both laughed.

I went to the bathroom and cleaned my face. Then I went to the bedroom and laid down beside him. He seemed surprised that I didn't choose the other bedroom.

"You fucked me, now you can keep me warm during the night." I said.

"Sweet dreams...bitch".

In reply, I pinched him and we both laughed again.

After a few minutes he snored contently beside me, while I wondered how the upcoming months would be like. I was quite sure that Toms cock would be part of my adventure.

Finally, I fell asleep as well.


To be continued.

Feedback much appreciated!

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