tagFetishThe Artist's Model Pt. 04

The Artist's Model Pt. 04


This story is complete fantasy. This is part 4 of 5. Hopefully I can upload the final chapter soon. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Thank you for your ideas about what should happen to Harry next. Looking forward to reading more suggestions for part 5.


I had adored being fucked by Annabelle. It was hands down the greatest sexual experience of my life, and she knew it.

Over the course of next week, she used her strapon on me five times. Each time as just as memorable as the last.

Each day Miss Jenkins would summon me to her office and do two things; First, she would ask me to get under her desk and worship her feet, then she would tell me what time to be at her house that evening.

I didn't feel nervous when I knocked on her door anymore, or humiliated when she dressed me up. I embraced my new life and was happier than ever. I couldn't get enough of it; the fucking, the worship, the submission. I woke up in the morning thinking about Annabelle and closed my eyes at night doing the same.

Every day, as soon as I entered house and she shut the front door behind me, I would strip down to my lingerie. She had started making me wear hold up stockings as well as panties under my normal clothes. Ensuring that my every waking moment, apart from when I bathed, was spent in lingerie and chastity, a constant reminder of her control over me.

Once I had stripped I went to my chair and found my school uniform. She didn't tie me up and draw me at all that week, or spank me, it was just me worshipping Miss Jenkins' body and her fucking me.

It sounds strange but despite our time together being based on sex and submission, I still felt like we created a deep emotional connection during that week, at least that was how I felt.

I was completely submissive to her, but still she said she wasn't my mistress yet.

At the end of the week, she asked me to come to her office saying we needed to talk. When I got there, she said:

"Olivia sweetie, things have been moving really fast between us and I am extremely happy with how things are going. However, I think that before we go any further you should take some time to work out if this is really what you want."

I listened intently as she spoke. I was delighted that she was happy but started to get concerned when she mentioned taking a time out. She continued speaking:

"I have started to develop quite strong feelings for you Olivia. However, ..."

My heart dropped when she said 'however' again.

"However, ... My feelings are for Olivia, not for Harry. Olivia is feminine, and submissive, and quite slutty. If we continue this relationship, I would want to explore that further."

I went to speak but she stopped me:

"I know what you are going to say Olivia. That you want to take it further too, but this is too big a decision for you to make quickly. I want you to go away and really think about it until your exams are over."

That was two weeks away! I felt like I was being punished. She stopped explaining for a second and told me off:

"Please don't pout Olivia, it's very unseemly. I'm trying to do the right thing, please let me finish explaining."

She was right I was pouting, I couldn't understand why she wanted me to wait two whole weeks.

I apologised though and let her continue:

"I want you to live as Harry during your exam period. That means no panties or lingerie, no chastity, no visits to my office to worship my feet. Nothing Olivia like at all. If when your exams are over you decide you still want this then great, but if you don't then at least we know."

Now I really was pouting, I thought I was going to cry. Miss Jenkins had found the Olivia inside of me and set her free. Now she was locking her back up. It all seemed so cruel.

Annabelle told me to stand up so she could remove my chastity. Then told me to go home and take off my panties and stockings. She then said to put all of my lingerie into a bag and return it to her before the end of the work day.

I left her office in tears, I couldn't hold them back anymore. Despite everything she had said, it felt like she was finishing with me.

The next few days were horrible, even worse than when Lucy had dumped me. I texted Annabelle on the first night asking if I had done something wrong, she replied:

"No sweetie, please don't think that."

I was despondent, I had no appetite and didn't even want to get out of bed. I hated sleeping without my babydoll and stockings. I even missed my cock cage. I prayed that she would miss me and summon me to her house. I wanted to be Olivia again, I wanted to be Miss Jenkin's little girl.

On the following Thursday, Annabelle sent me a message saying to come to her office at two o'clock. I was ecstatic, she had texted me a day early, I remember thinking she must have missed me as much as I missed her.

I jumped out of bed and went for a shower. As I got dressed I thought about how much I hated my boxer shorts and how I couldn't wait to be wearing my pretty panties again.

On the way to uni, I though about what she might say. I imagined Miss Jenkins telling me how much she had missed Olivia. Then I would tell her how much i loved her.

She had been teaching me how to worship her feet in her office each day before the break. It was the only 'play' thing we did outside of her house. I was fantasising about sucking her toes as I entered the psychology department, and my cock was hard by the time i knocked on her door.

Instead, when I entered she wasn't alone. She was with Sophia, Lucy's art teacher, who I had recently discovered was also my ex-girlfriend's mistress.

Both of them noticed the bulge in my trousers as I entered. I started to believe that I was destined to feel embarrassed every time I entered that office.

I stood there, waiting for someone to say something as I bashfully smiled at Annabelle. She shook her head and tried to suppress a smile, then said:

"Sit down Harry."

It shocked me that she had called me Harry. Then she said:

"You remember Sophia don't you. She is the one that helped you out when you sent that picture to Lucy."

I said thank you to her.

Annabelle said:

"Well actually Sophia and I were hoping you could show your gratitude in another way. Sophia is not only an art teacher, but she is also an incredibly talented artist. She hosts a very special art gathering at her house every week and has asked us if we would like to join it. I would be there to draw, and you would be the model. What do you think honey?"

It wasn't lost on me that I had winced when she called me Harry but had liked that she called me honey.

I didn't know what to think or say though. On the one hand I was grateful to Sophia, but I loved my alone time with Annabelle. And I wasn't sure I was ready to let other people see me dressed up.

Annabelle seemed to read my mind, she was getting good at that recently. She said:

"Sweetie, Sophia has already seen you dressed up, remember the photo. And she assures me it would only be a very intimate group, no more than five or six people at the most."

She had called me sweetie, that single word pretty much assuring my agreement. I could tell Annabelle really wanted this and if I'm honest I couldn't think of a proper reason to say no.

So, I agreed, I was now going to be drawn, dressed up and in bondage, by two of my university professors and whoever else was going to be at Sophia's gathering.

After Sophia had gone, Annabelle and I had our chat. She asked me if I was sure when I told her I wanted to take things further with Olivia. I told her I was, and how lost I had felt being just Harry for two weeks.

She was so delighted with me that she let me worship her feet. After two long weeks of being Harry, I was excited to be Olivia again. I was even excited when she put me back into chastity after I had finished with her feet.

Annabelle told me she had a special surprise for me that night and that I should be at her house by five. My smile couldn't have been wider when she handed me my bags of lingerie.

She then said:

"Also, I've arranged for a little gift to be delivered to your house this afternoon. Make sure you are home, we wouldn't want one of your housemates opening it. Oh, and Olivia, please wear my gift tonight"

When I got home I excitedly waited for my delivery. When It arrived, my cock tingled inside its cage just looking at it.

I ripped my clothes off and immediately put on the maid's outfit. First the black panties and bra, then the fishnet stockings.

The black satin dress was really short with a white petticoat under it. It was cute though and I felt sexy putting it on.

Annabelle had also put a pair of five-inch black high heels in the box. I put them on my feet and realised how much I had missed wearing heels. They had little padlocks on the straps which I was almost bursting with excitement to lock into place.

Finally, I wrapped the white apron around my waist and looked at myself in the mirror, beaming with delight. I went back to the box remembering there were still some items in it. Annabelle had thought of everything, at the bottom of the box was my long wavy burgundy wig and a make-up kit.

I put on the wig then sat and put the red lipstick on, Annabelle had been encouraging me to practice putting on lipstick and, slight confession here, I had been putting on lipstick before I went to bed every night for the last two weeks, it was the only part of Olivia that I was able to keep.

When I looked in the mirror again it was an eye-opening moment, I actually looked like a girl, minus the breasts of course, I really looked and felt feminine.

I stood there staring at myself and doing little twirls for at least ten minutes. It was only when I glanced at the clock that I realised I would have to leave soon. That was when things took a turn for the worst.

When I looked in the box for the keys to the padlocks they weren't there, the box was completely empty. I even took the box apart, hoping the keys had got lodged between the cardboard.

I started to panic, the heels were locked onto my feet. I did the only thing I could think of, I texted Annabelle.

I agonizingly waited for her reply, but when it arrived it did nothing to calm me down:

"Olivia sweetie, I have the keys here with me. Don't worry though, your taxi should be there soon"

I hadn't ordered a taxi, this must have been Annabelle's plan all along. She also had correctly predicted that after two weeks of not being able to dress up, I would not be able to resist putting on the maid's outfit on as soon as I got it.

When the doorbell rang, I composed myself and reached for my bedroom door. The thought of a taxi driver seeing me dressed like this was mortifying. I don't know why but I prayed that it was a woman driver. I stopped dead when I heard my housemate Gemma call up the stairs:

"Harry, your taxi is here"

For a moment I was paralysed, my hand stuck to the bedroom door.

As I slowly made my way down the stairs in my heels, Gemma looked at me aghast, and confused. I mumbled that I was going to a fancy-dress party, but my red cheeks and the padlocks on my shoes meant there was no way she was believing that.

My heart sank as I realised my secret was out and before the end of the night everybody would know what I was.

The taxi driver looked equally shocked. When Annabelle had told me a taxi was coming I had hoped that I could just sit in the back and pretend I was a girl, but Gemma calling my name had foiled that plan.

The strangest thing is that as I felt that by now familiar feeling of humiliation, I actually started to get a bit turned on.

I sheepishly sat in the back of the taxi feeling extremely self-conscious. The woman in the front kept looking in her mirror, probably not able to believe that there really was a man dressed as a maid in the backseat of her taxi.

Every time we stopped at some traffic lights I sunk into my seat, and of course every single set of lights we met turned red.

When we got to Annabelle's the driver said she hoped I had a good night, not even trying to disguise her mocking tone. The final humiliation was me trying to walk on Annabelle's gravelled drive in my heels as the taxi just driver just sat there watching. The taxi didn't pull away until I was at the door.

When Annabelle answered the door, she looked the tiniest bit surprised to see me. Her massive smile almost making me forget my humiliation, she said:

"Oh Olivia, you did it. I knew you would. I am so proud of you"

Then she did something she had never done before, she kissed me.

The feeling I had when she kissed me was the most wonderful feeling I had ever had. When she pulled away from me, I told her that I loved her. She smiled at me and said:

"So you keep telling me"

In the hallway she told me again that she was proud of me and asked how it felt being out in public as Olivia. I told her it had been harrowing but that a part of me had liked it. It was the truth, something inside of me wanted other people to see Olivia.

Then she asked:

"Would you like to go out properly as Olivia one day. We could go shopping or to the cinema, nothing too drastic for the first time. Obviously, we'd go out of town so there's less chance of bumping into anybody we know. What do you think Olivia, would you like that?"

Her words stirred something inside of me, increasing my heartrate. I don't know if it was excitement or a longing, but she didn't even have to wait for me to speak to know my answer.

While she put my collar on me she asked me if I was ready for my surprise. When she led me into the living room I just stood there in complete shock, staring at was in front of me.

Kneeling on the floor, blindfolded and with her hands tied behind her back, was Lucy. My Lucy.

My trance was broken when Annabelle said:

"Sophia has kindly lent us the lovely Lucy for the night as a way of expressing her gratitude for you agreeing to model for her"

Still I didn't move, my face frozen in its shocked expression. Lucy was naked except for her high heels and her black stockings. The only other thing on her body was a black leather collar around her neck with a leash hanging from it.

Eventually, Annabelle ordered me to fetch her easel and pencils from upstairs. By the time I had returned Annabelle had put a red ballgag in Lucy's mouth. Once I had set up her drawing station, Annabelle ordered me to kneel beside her and she started drawing.

I'd never seen one of her pictures before, despite being the focus of them. She was good, and I looked on in awe as I saw Lucy's image appear on the canvas. I told myself that I should ask Annabelle if I could see her drawings of me one day.

When the picture was finished Annabelle said:

"Olivia, please go and stand next to Lucy"

I had no idea if Lucy knew it was me standing beside her, unsure exactly how much Sophia had told her.

Annabelle picked up both of our leashes and ordered Lucy to stand. Then she led us up to her bedroom. Even though Lucy was blindfolded she didn't seem nervous at all walking up the stairs, actually climbing them a lot more graciously than me.

Once we were in her bedroom, Annabelle asked me to undress her, telling me to leave her stockings on.

She climbed on the bed, spread her legs and told us to join her, pointing at her pussy for me, and pulling Lucy by her leash so she was beside her. While I licked Annabelle's pussy, Lucy kissed her neck.

Annabelle told me to slow down and to take my time, as I looked up at Annabelle she guided Lucy's mouth to breast.

Looking up at my ex-girlfriend and mistress was extremely erotic. Annabelle looked like she was in bliss, her soft moans echoing around the room. After a few minutes Annabelle said:

"Come and kiss my neck Olivia"

As I kissed my way up my mistress's body, Lucy kissed her way down. Watching Lucy lick Annabelle's pussy was beautiful. I only kissed Annabelle's neck for a few seconds before she started kissing me, not like before when she kissed me on the lips softly, this was passionate.

Next, Annabelle ordered Lucy to lie on her back. Annabelle climbed on to of her in a 69 position then lowered her pussy on to Lucy's mouth. Lucy didn't hesitate for a second, her tongue quickly lapping at Annabelle's already dripping wet pussy.

When Annabelle ordered me to kneel behind her and lick her ass at the same time, I didn't hesitate either. She must have been in heaven having both her holes licked. I wondered if it turned Annabelle on even more knowing that Lucy and I used to be boyfriend and girlfriend.

When Annabelle climaxed and rolled over, I thought she was going to get her strapon and fuck Lucy. Instead she took off my cock cage and told me to lie on my back. She gently tugged on Lucy's leash, so her mouth was over my cock.

When Annabelle put her hand on the back of Lucy's head, she didn't need to be told what to do. Lucy lowered her head and wrapped her lips around my cock. I thought back to the last time Lucy had given me a blowjob, the first time I had ever been tied up.

Annabelle pushed Lucy's head up and down my cock, each time Lucy's lips going a little deeper. Lucy didn't gag at all as she deepthroated me. It was incredible and knowing I wasn't going to last much longer, I looked at Annabelle to see if it was ok for me to come. She looked pleased that I had sought her permission and nodded her head.

Annabelle's hand gripped the base of my cock while Lucy's lips remained about a third of the way down my shaft. With Annabelle wanking me off and Lucy sucking me, I didn't last long, I groaned loudly as I came into Lucy's mouth.

While I looked up at the ceiling panting, Annabelle told Lucy not to swallow my spunk. She then ordered her to stand by the bed, and I looked on as Annabelle put her strapon on Lucy.

When Annabelle walked towards me with my cock cage, she said:

"What have I told you about pouting Olivia"

She gave me a slap on my bottom then put the cage on me. After that she told me to stand in front of Lucy. Once I was there she said:

"Ok girls, you've one hour until I have to take Lucy home. Olivia you may take her blindfold off as soon as I close the door"

The second I uncovered her eyes, Lucy smiled. Some of my cum escaped from her lips,

so I leant forward and licked it off her chin. She immediately kissed me, returning the rest of my spunk to me.

It was a long passionate kiss and as soon as she pulled away from me, the corners of her lips moved upwards into a massive smile, she said:

"I knew it was you"

Neither of us were embarrassed, we were well past that.

It was an amazing hour, she fucked me twice with her strapon, and I worshiped her pussy and ass. We were both collapsed in each other's arms when Annabelle returned.

I kind of wished Lucy and I had used some of our hour to talk, but we didn't and I wondered when I'd get a chance to see her again.

When Annabelle returned from taking Lucy home she asked me if I wanted to stay over and be her maid for the night. It was turning into the best night ever.

Downstairs I served Annabelle drinks and worshipped her feet and then her ass. After I knelt beside her while she watched a TV show. I had never felt so contented in my life.

Shortly after nine she said:

"Olivia, I would like a bath. Please go upstairs and run it for me. I will be up shortly."

I went into her en-suite bathroom, and started running the bath, putting some of her bath oils in it.

It was nearly run by the time she came up. She instructed me to undress her. Which I really enjoyed.

She told me to fold up her clothes and put them on the chair. When I turned back round she was sitting on the toilet. She pointed at the floor in front of her and I crawled over. I watched as her pee spurted out of her into the toilet, and listened to the sound of her pee hitting the water, the whole thing turning me on. It was mesmerising.

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