tagIllustratedThe Best Cure is Love Ch. 00

The Best Cure is Love Ch. 00


Hello! And thank you for checking out this prologue to The Best Cure is Love. If you came across this story and have not read chapter one of The Best Cure is Love, then I highly recommend checking that out first before reading/watching this prologue.

Now a little information about the renders. All renders have been made with DAZ 3D, it's a free program and easy to use, so if you are interested in making your own then I recommend checking it out. The renders in this story took two hours each to produce, there are thirty-four of them in this story so do the math and you will see that it took quite a while to make them. The characters are made and posed by myself with the use of the free models that came with the program and a lot of extra extensions.

So, what is the prologue about? This short story goes back twenty-two years in time, it's the day that Judith got pregnant with her daughter Stephanie. Jeremy (Judith's husband) is a professional photographer and told his wife Judith that he wanted to do a private session with her, of course it will end into something completely different.

Now I hope you will enjoy this short prologue along with the renders!


"Wow, this is pretty amazing Jeremy! Did they really build this whole replica of a cathedral just for shooting photos? I have to say that it looks beautiful."

"Not as beautiful as you Judi. And yes, the studio constructed this for shoots, I asked Jessica if I could use it for today. I chose it because of the great lighting that we will have for our "personal" shoot."

"You... You did not tell her about what we would be doing right? I mean I only do this for us because I love you Jeremy, I feel pretty nervous in this naughty outfit that you picked for me. Nobody will come here today besides us, right?"

"Babe, don't worry about it, everything will be fine. Besides, do you really think I want someone else to see my wife like this? This is for our eyes-only love. I love to take photos of you Judi, so let's enjoy our private session, I'm sure you will appreciate them in the end. Why don't you walk to the center and give me a pose sweetheart?"

"Something like this...? Gosh, I'm still a little bit nervous, and this skimpy outfit is not helping with making it less. Do I really look beautiful in this?"

"Judith, you look like a goddess, yes, just like that, that is a great pose and that smile... Keep it up like this, just do whatever you think that would turn me on, and I can say for certain that it's working for me so far! You look amazing."

"I... I must admit that it is kind of... Fun, I can see it in your eyes that you are admiring me. I love to see you looking at me like that. How about a little something of this...?"

"That's it babe, show me that body. God, I love how you are sticking your ass out to the side Judi, you are a natural at this. This outfit really shows everything of you my love."

"Giggle" "I bet you can't wait to see what's hiding underneath it, don't you darling? You got me in the mood now so let your wife show more of herself while you snap those photos."

"Let me sit down for you love. You are such a naughty boy, dressing your wife in a slutty outfit like this, showing off her body to her man so he can take pictures for his personal stash. I bet you like seeing my big tits in this tight tiny bikini top, don't you sweetie?"

"Oh Judi, you have no idea, you are making me crazy looking like that. Yes, that's it, I love that pose, opening your legs like that for your naughty husband. Here I have an idea, let's use this bench over here. You probably can think of some creative poses with it, don't you love?"

"Mhmmm, Miss Caldwell knows what her husband likes, so that won't be a problem."

"I can see that this is something that you like, isn't it honey? I feel so dirty sticking my ass out like this, those Daisy Dukes are really tight around it, not to forget my tits that are mashed between my arms in this position. Ooh, it's making my pussy tingle sweetheart."

"I love it Judith, you completely lost that shy girl attitude that makes you so cute. You really are a naughty wife, aren't you? Maybe it's time to reveal something more of yourself?"

"I would not mind taking something off, it's getting hotter in here by the second, seeing my husband making pictures of me in this skimpy outfit turns me on so much!"

"And here we go, the girls begged for some fresh air. How about I take a seat on this bench? I know you like watching me from every different angle and position. Does this satisfy you baby? Is your wife being a good model for you?"

"You look so sexy like that Judi, I love that seductive look and pose that you took on. I've shot a lot of pictures from different woman before but I can tell you that you are my number one!"

"Oh, I know I am honey, I bet that those "woman" never showed themselves like I am doing right now. Showing everything to my lovely husband is my job and mine alone."

"Peace! Ha-ha! Every photoshoot has to have some cheesy photos in them, don't you agree sweetheart?"

"Honestly, I could not care less when you are looking like that babe, God, you even make the silly pictures look amazingly sexy. I'm so happy that we both are enjoying doing this."

"I know, I had my doubts before but it feels great now that I'm into it. Seeing you lust for my body gets me so turned on, here let my take on another pose for you my love."

"Oh my, this bench is cold, it's making my nipples hard. But I got no problem with that, seeing that my lovely husband is lusting over my big tits. Why won't take a closer look honey? Can't have a collection without some close-ups of me."

"Well look at that, you are becoming a real model like this Judi, already asking the photographer to change his style. But I'm glad you suggested it, those two puppies definitely deserve a close-up."

"I knew you would like it my way sweetie, your wife is the only model that exactly knows what you want and vice-versa. So, come here and let me show you the twins that you like so much."

"So, cameraman, enjoying the view? Maybe I will even let you play with them after our private session. I know you like to suck on my nipples, can you see them getting hard honey?"

"Believe me babe, I'm having a pretty hard time resisting you from being this close to you. We should have done this way sooner. Seeing you like this makes me one happy husband!"

"Oh baby, I can see that you like it, just look at that cock of yours pressing against the fabric of your pants. Let's take it another step further shall we? I want to show my husband every part of his naughty wife."

"And voila! Those tight shorts were getting annoying, guess you have no problem with my decision do you honey? Here let me show you my ass, we still needed some photos from behind so enjoy the view love."

"Your ass is perfect Judi, and those legs... I knew shooting here was going to be great, the lighting is just excellent. Could you give me another bench shot honey? Maybe cross your legs so you can show those stockings and heels off."

"Whatever you want baby, hope you won't mind if the bench gets a little... Dirty. This naughty shoot is making me wet honey, but I know that was one of your goals all along."

"Oh dear, this bench really is cold. Cold and wet now that I'm on it again. Mhmmm... Lost for words honey? Or are you just happy to see me? Is this how you wanted me to sit on it? You are so cute, checking out your wife from every angle."

"Jesus Judith, I'm the luckiest guy in the world for having a wife this good looking, you nailed the pose exactly how I wanted it to be. It perfectly shows off your sexy legs, your juicy tits and that cute face of yours."

"You really know how to please me with your words sweetie, allow me to show even more of myself, I have a feeling that you will like the next move baby."

"Oh Jeremy, my pussy is getting so wet from these poses. I bet you want to see it sweetie, you have no idea how much I love doing this for you now. You are such a bad boy for making your wife doing all these naughty things."

"You are such a tease Judi, look at you, showing off your whole sexy body to your husband. I knew that you would love doing these things with me, you just needed that little push in the right direction."

"So that makes me bad girl too, doesn't it? And you are right baby, I love showing off my body to you. I love seeing my husband's cock grow hard while he looks at me with lust in his eyes."

"Spreading my legs for my husband like this, oh honey, it's turning me on so much. Imagine doing this with the whole crew here. How do you think they would respond, seeing me showing off my lewd body to my man?"

"You think I would share this with anyone else baby? No, this is something between you and me. Call me selfish but I would never share my wife's sexy body with the rest of the world!"

"Then we are on the same line sweetie, like you said, this is for us and us only. My body is for you to love and yours is that for me."

"How about you show me what's pushing hard against those pants honey? A little skin for skin shall we say? You have been watching and taking pictures of me for a while now."

"I will reconsider it after you have showed me everything baby, I want to see that tight juicy pussy of yours honey, could you do that for your sweet husband?"

"Such a demanding husband you are, you are lucky that your wife loves seeing her husband admiring her body. So, go ahead baby and watch all you want."

"And there she is baby, oh my, I can see your cock twitching at the sight of it. Mhmmm... It makes me so hot seeing you lusting after me. how about I stick my ass back out for you, this will give you a perfect shot of my behind."

"Wow Judi, you are so fucking sexy, this is perfect. You are making me one very happy husband. Keep this up and I might show you the thing that you want to see..."

"God, and you say that I'm teasing you honey? But I don't mind at all... Seeing how you react to my body like that makes me want to show you everything from every sight possible. Here, have another shot from my ass and pussy."

"Even better right? now you can see my pussy slit perfectly from there. Can you see how wet you are making me baby? Can you see how hard my nipples are getting from you looking and taking pictures of me?"

"God Judi, you really know how to turn on your poor husband. Just look at that tight wet pussy, that perfect ass, those beautiful legs and those great big tits. Please give me another close-up baby!"

"Giggle" "Oh you poor boy, of course I will give my lovely husband another close-up. I bet that I know of what you want to take that close-up of. So, come over here baby."

"Here you go honey, a perfect close-up of my tight pussy. Oh baby, just look at that cock of yours twitching inside those tight pants. Hasn't your naughty wife earned a look at it? I might be able to help you with your problem..."

"I still want a few more pictures baby, just a couple more. But I guess you earned a little look, here let me take off these pants... There you go, Shit that's a small relief after everything that I've witnessed so far."

"A couple more? Oooh, you naughty bad boy... I have a deal, you massage your cock through your boxers and I will give you some extra dirty things to shoot..."

"Oh yes, that's it baby, massage your hard cock for me. Look at my pussy, it's so wet because of you. You love looking at your naughty wife playing with herself, don't you? My clit and nipples are so hard right now, watch your wife play with them!"

"I love it Judith, I love seeing my sexy wife pleasuring herself, go on honey, play more with your tight wet pussy, show your husband how much of a naughty girl you can be."

"Yes, I am a naughty girl, but only for you my love. I want it inside, I'm going to show you what I do when I'm thinking about you honey."

"Oooh yes baby! Keep looking at me like that, keep looking at me with those lust filled eyes. It feels so good honey, just look at that hard cock tenting in those boxers, I bet you want to fuck your naughty wife don't you sweetheart?"

"Shit Judi, I... I think this will be the last picture, my cock is so hard that it's starting to hurt. You will take responsibility for it, won't you darling? Do you want to help your husband with his condition?"

"Oh baby I want to help you so bad, your wife is going to cure that condition for you. Show it to me please! Show that thick hard cock to your naughty wife!"

"Oh my god Jeremy! Just look at that beast. It's throbbing so dirty at me, I can see your precum leaking from the tip. I will help you with it sweetie, any particular method that you want me to use?"

"I thought you were the doctor that knew exactly what to do honey? But since you asked, I want to fuck those big tits of yours Judith, before we go to the next step of the curing process."

"Giggle" "I knew it sweetheart, you really love fucking my tits after all. Get on your back honey, let your wife help you with that big, hard throbbing cock of yours."

"Mhmmm, how's that baby? Feeling any better already? I can feel that hard cock pulsing between my tits, warming up my skin with every move it makes. And look at that precum lubricating your shaft and my tit cleavage."

"Oh god Judith, it feels so fucking good! I love having your big tits around my cock, yes! Just like that that. Keep rubbing them up and down against my cock. Coat your tits with my precum while you sandwich my cock tighter and tighter between them!"

"Oh baby! Look at you! You are making me so wet, yes! Move those hips up and down. Fuck your wife's tits like that, spread that precum all around them. Now let me do this for you."

"Yesss! Just like that baby, fuck my tits hard and fast! I can feel it throbbing harder and harder, are you going to cum for me? Are you going to shoot that thick load all over me?"

"Fuck! I'm so sensitive right now, it's so tight and wet between your tits Judi! Yes, it's coming baby, get ready for my cum honey! Here it comes, Judith I'm cumming!"

"Yes! Cum for me baby, cum for your naughty wife and shoot that thick baby batter all over her!"

"Ooooh darling yesss! Shoot it all out, shoot it all over my big tits and face! I need to taste it, yes! Keep shooting that thick load into my mouth, I need to examine every drop of it!"

"Fuck yes! Oh Judith, I'm cumming so hard. Oh shit! It's feels so incredible! Swallow as much as possible of it, examine and cure your husband, oh fuck yes!"

"Mhmmm, it's so good baby. It's so thick and pearly white, look at how you coated my tits with it. I swallowed as much as I could of it."

"See? Your personal nurse drank as much as she could, but I still think that we need to do another examination of your problem honey. Your cock is still rock hard, even after shooting that big load..."

"Ugh... Yes... I agree babe, I'm all up for a second opinion, I mean I need that second opinion. But before we start... I know this photoshoot got a little out of hand but... Do you really want it Judith? I mean do you really want to do it here? We could pack up and go home if that is what you prefer."

"Jeremy... Even in the heat of the moment you stay your lovely, caring self. We have been together since our childhood and still are so in love with each other... Let's do it here honey, I want to take the next step with you just like we discussed. It's one of my most fertile days today and I'm ready for it. I love you Jeremy. I want to do this together with you."

"Then... Then let's go for it, let's both take the next big step of our lives. Let's make our dream come true and start the family we always talked about. I love you Judith... Forever."

"Jeremy... Yes, split that tight pussy open with your hard cock. Slowly, just like that, enter your wife's wet cunt. Mhmmm, I can feel your cock throbbing up and down, spreading your precum all around my opening."

"Oh shit, it's so tight and wet baby. You are swallowing me inside, only my cock head is in and I can already feel your pussy sucking vacuum around it. I'm going deeper Judith, I'm going to fuck you good."

"Yesss, fuck me baby, fuck your wife's naughty wet pussy and shoot that potent cum inside of my fertile cunt. Harder honey, please fuck me harder. Make my big tits bounce with every thrust, squeeze that fat cock inside of me."

"Ugh... Yes, deeper baby! Just like that, please stop teasing me with those slow thrusts and fuck your wife's tight pussy hard! Oh yes! That's it, harder and harder. Make our bodies slap against each other, let our juices splatter all over!"

"Fuck... Yes! I love it when you get dirty like that Judith! You love seeing and feeling your husband's hard cock going in and out of your tight, wet pussy, don't you? It's clamping so hard around my cock baby! Here take this!"

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