tagErotic CouplingsThe Big Bang Ch. 05

The Big Bang Ch. 05


Christopher Knight was born in Brooklyn, New York, USA and was the only child of John And Cynthia Knight. His father, John, was a mechanical engineer and his mother, Cynthia was a secretary. John and Cynthia had given their child all the love a child could need, and more.

Chris had always been a person that had been able to "fly beneath the radar" - a quality highly desired in his current line of work. As a youngster he had always gotten good grades in school, but was never identified as an academic all-star. His teachers knew that he was in their class, but they seldom remembered much about him. They often needed to refer to their grading books to form an opinion of him, an opinion which was based solely on his class work. In fact, when he was applying to high schools, a teacher expressed surprise when his parents mentioned that he was applying to one of New York City's most prestigious high schools. However, the teacher quickly changed her tune after seeing Chris' grades and his high school admissions test score.

Chris always had friends, but was never known as one of the popular kids. However, he did have a knack for getting along with everyone - from the brightest kid in class to the classroom bully. Those few he considered close friends, were loyal and dependable. He was never a ladies man, but he had managed to have a few girlfriends in both high school and college.

Upon completion of college, with a degree in computer science and $60,000 of college loan debt, Chris was desperate for work. While attending a job fair, days before his college graduation ceremony, he made contact with his current employer, the National Security Agency, otherwise known as the NSA.

The NSA is a United States intelligence agency which specializes in the collection and analysis of signals intelligence (SIGINT). Signals intelligence is simply valuable information which can be gleaned from the analysis of data collected from ALL forms of electronic communications. In order for this agency to perform its job effectively, it maintains the ability to intercept and store radio, television, telephone, and computer data from around the world.

Chris immediately knew the NSA would be a perfect fit for him. They offered a nice starting salary, the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology, and would pay off all of his college debt if he committed to work for them for a period of five years. However, he was informed that the becoming a member of the NSA would require a lengthy approval process which would require both rigorous physical and academic training. Chris always loved a challenge and signed up without a second thought.

Upon successfully completing his initial training, Chris was assigned to a computer company in New York City, US Technologies, which acted as a cover for the NSA. To the outside world, the company produced business-related software which was utilized by companies and governments around the world. To members of the NSA working there, their software was instrumental in obtaining data vital to American national security.

For the first few years, Chris worked exclusively from the office. However, after having proven himself, he started being sent into the field to work directly with "clients". While in the field Chris would typically install, upgrade or troubleshoot software problems. Every time he performed such duties, it was for the purpose of surreptitiously obtaining data from a client or its customers. It was a dirty business, but one that all industrialized nations of the Earth engaged in.

Ring-ring, ring-ring! Chris was startled from his sleep by the sound of a ringing bell. Still drowsy, Chris checked his alarm clock. He saw that it read 5 AM, an hour before his scheduled work wake-up time. Chris then quickly realized that the ringing he heard was from his cellphone. He quickly answered it.

"Good morning," answered Chris in a raspy voice.

"Good morning Chris - it's me, Olga!"

Chris immediately sat up in bed and all traces of drowsiness left him. "How are you my dear? I would imagine you received my text? I miss you so much."

"I am fine honey, I miss you as well, " Olga said tenderly. "I know it's early for you, but I was wondering if now might be a good time to try out the toys I purchased for us?"

Chris leaped for joy inside, but unsuccessfully tried to not sound overly enthusiastic, "SURE...uhhhhh - just give me a few minutes to get set up on my side."

"Sure honey, I am all set here. I set myself up shortly after receiving your text. I've been waiting for this moment for hours. I need you so badly," said Olga hungrily.

"Excuse me Olga, but speaking to me in that fashion is very distracting - I'll be done in a moment," said Chris with a smile in his voice.

Three minutes passed and Chris proudly announced, "Finished!"

"Great baby!" announced Olga happily."I think we should do one more thing darling. We need to establish a Skype session. That way we can see and talk to one another."

"Great idea Olga!" Chris exclaimed." Let's exchange information."

A few minutes later, a Skype connection between Olga' s laptop and Chris' internet connected television was established. Likewise, both of their "toys" were now connected via their phones. They were now both ready to have fun.

Chris could see Olga sitting in an opulent bed. It appeared to be king-sized and had a massive, ornately decorated headboard which appeared to be made of mahogany wood. The bedding was white and made of silk. A large painting of a nature scene hung on the wall behind the bed, about half a meter above the top of the headboard. Olga wore nothing, except a pair of pink, lacy panties and a broad, seductive smile.

Olga spoke first, "Hi my darling Chris, so happy to see you again. Please turn on the lamp next to your bed so that I may see you better?"

Chris quickly obliged and said, "Is that better dear?"

"Oh yes, now I can see my sweet Chris clearly," Olga replied happily while studying Chris carefully on her laptop screen. She stared at Chris' broad shoulders and athletic build, which were apparent despite the fact that he wore a t-shirt and briefs. She could also see that Chris was excited by the growing bulge in Chris' briefs. Seeing Chris in that moment made her reflect on her past sexual encounters with Chris. Without her realizing, Olga began slowly masturbating herself through the thin material of her panties.

Chris spoke and broke the spell of Olga's lecherous thoughts and actions. "Olga, what are you doing? Are you starting without me?" said a smiling Chris.

"Sorry dear, I just want you so much, I could not help myself.

"In that case, I forgive you for being driven crazy by me...it is a common occurrence you know?" said Chris jokingly.

"Don't get too full of yourself mister, I may just change my mind?" Olga said with a broad smile.

"Please don't tease me like that baby, I will do whatever you want, " Chris said jokingly while holding his arms up in mock surrender. Chris then pulled out a small bottle of lube from the side table drawer next to his bed and poured a small bit into the sleeve of his cylindrical-shaped toy. Next, Chris removed his briefs and carefully slid the toy over his raging erection. At first, there was a bit of friction between the flesh-like material of the toy and Chris' cock, but after Chris stroked his cock with it several times, the toy moved effortlessly up and down his shaft.

Without a word being spoken, Olga followed Chris' lead. She applied lube to the outside of her toy, pulled aside her panties, and slowly inserted the toy into her already wet pussy. Olga shivered with delight as it slid in. She experienced further stimulation when a small, vibrating projection at the top of her toy made contact with her clitoris. It drove her wild.

Chris watched intently while Olga inserted her toy. Just watching her was so incredibly arousing, but what he would soon find out, he could feel her as well. You see, sensors in Olga's toy measured the force with which her vaginal walls squeezed her toy and then sent that data, via cellphone data link, to Chris' toy. Chris' toy then took the data transmitted by Olga's toy and applied an equivalent amount of squeezing force to Chris' cock. Because of the distance between Moscow and New York City, there was about a 10 second delay in the receipt of data from Olga's toy, and vice versa. However, as soon Chris' toy started receiving Olga's data, he gasped and stopped stroking momentarily. "Olga - this machine is fucking unbelievable...it feels like I am actually in you."

At just about the same time, Olga's toy reacted to Chris' stroking. Each time he slid his toy up and down his cock, it caused three balls within Olga' s toy to slide up and down the length of her toy. The rate at which the balls slid to and fro was controlled by the rate at which Chris stroked himself. The vibrating projection at the top of Olga's toy, which made contact with Olga's clit, also had its speed of vibration controlled by the rate of Chris' stroking. After about four or five strokes by Chris, Olga groaned out loud and said, "Damn this feels good baby," as her pussy involuntarily contracted hard around her toy.

"I felt that baby. It has only been a day or two since I was last with you, but I have missed you so much," said Chris.

"Me too darling, I need to see you again in person... soon."

"Agreed darling, let's just enjoy this moment for right now," said Chris.

After speaking those words, Chris immediately increased the tempo of his stroking. He could tell that she appreciated his efforts by the way she bit her lower lip and squirmed in the bed. He also felt the rhythmic squeezing being applied to his prick by Olga's incredible pussy. On his television screen, Chris studied Olga's physical features and was mesmerized. He looked at her flowing black hair, her stunning grey eyes and her extremely kissable, red lipsticked lips. He marveled at her suntanned, smooth complexion and her perfectly shaped breasts. Chris' mouth watered at the thought of sucking on Olga's delicious nipples. Chris could not get enough of her.

Likewise, Olga studied Chris on her laptop. She thought he was incredibly handsome. She loved his gentle, brown eyes, his dark-brown skin, his bald head and strong arms. However, what she wanted most at that moment, was that gorgeous, long, cock of his. She so much wanted to hold it, suck it and have him fuck her with the full length of it. She watched intently as Chris stroked himself at a frenetic pace. She could feel her toy pulse up and down within her pussy, in time with Chris' stroking. Her toy buzzed like a bee as it vibrated intensely against Olga's clitoris. A little voice in Olga' s head began quietly whispering to her, "Cum! Cum! Cum!"

Chris was thoroughly enjoying his new toy and he enjoyed watching his partner even more. Olga was now moaning loudly and a light sheen of perspiration could now be seen covering her forehead. Chris was captivated by the way Olga held her toy in place with her right hand while she used her left to play with her left breast. The scene he watched turned him on so much, that without his noticing, he had greatly increased his stroke rate. It was an unconscious decision which moved he and his partner quickly towards an explosive finish.

Olga was excited by more than just the vision of Chris' right hand rapidly maneuvering his toy up and down his lengthy cock, Olga could feel the difference. Her toy now pulsed within her like a jackhammer. She knew she could not hold out much longer, before she gave in to the uncontrollable pleasure building inside her.

"Chris this feels so good...don't stop baby...you are going to make me cum!"

" I can tell Olga ... I feel you!" stammered Chris breathlessly.

Just as Chris finished speaking those words, powerful orgasmic contractions overtook Olga. She wailed in ecstasy and writhed violently in her bed, as her toy continued to stimulate her love box.

At nearly the same time, Chris felt the first of the powerful contractions generated by Olga's orgasm. Chris grunted and his body reflexively tensed and shook, as he finally came. Each pleasurable squeeze generated by Olga's orgasm caused Chris' cock to fire off another glob of warm semen into his toy. When all was said and done, Chris' cum had filled his toy, causing it to leak from the bottom.

"Oh baby that was great!" exclaimed Chris. "Your gift is amazing."

"I would never have imagined long-distance sex could be so - GREAT! You excite me like no other!" said Olga with a great big smile on her face.

"I feel the same way about you Olga. I wish you were not so far away, I find myself always thinking of you," said Chris a bit bashfully.

Somewhat reluctantly, Olga echoed Chris' feelings. "I too think of you all of the time. Sometimes, I think I am falling for you, but that can't be possible, we have only known each other for a short time?"

"To be honest with you Olga, I don't know what is going on between us, but I know I love it and I do not want it to end," said Chris sincerely.

RINNNGGGGG! went Chris' alarm clock which was set to awaken him for work at 6 AM. Chris immediately reached over and turned it off.

"Damn, time for me to get ready for work," said Chris disappointedly.

"No need to be mad my dear, we will talk later. Both you and I have other matters to attend to right now. Thank you so much for the incredible time. Hopefully, we will get together in person soon? Take care my love."

"No, thank you my dear! I can think of no better way to be awakened in the morning," said Chris before laughing. "I will text you from work. Have a great rest of your day my sweet Olga," said Chris cheerfully. "By the way, what time is it in Moscow?"

"It is 1PM my darling...time for me to get back to work."

"Ok Olga, I will let you go now, love you."

Olga surprised by Chris' "love you" blurted out in reply, "I love you too...bye bye."

"Bye," said Chris before hanging up the phone with a broad smile on his face.

Chris hurriedly jumped out of bed, showered and prepared for the day ahead. He thought to himself, if the rest of the day lives up to the way it started, this was truly going to be a day to remember.

The Big Bang - Chapter 6. Coming Soon!

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