tagFetishThe Biggest Finale

The Biggest Finale


I gave a start as I whirled to see the blonde stranger who'd been watching while I was being drowned in a steaming jizz ocean before an audience.

The first thing I noticed looking into his face, is that he was a cutie! He had a baby face, and nice big eyes. If only I cared about big things besides the obvious anymore.

Still, I was too dazed to scream or protest as he put his hands on my shoulder and helped me to my feet.

"Cute message he left." Said the stranger, smearing the streaks of cum with his foot.

"A shame it's not going to be true anymore."

I blinked. "Who are you?" I asked.

"The name's Eric Lowman."

"Why are you here?"

"Because I saw an arrogant asshole abusing a beautiful woman. And I decided I wasn't going to stand by."

I didn't know what I thought of anything anymore.

"If you say so. I'm not sure I don't like it."

Eric shook his head.

"Come with me. This ends tonight."

I had no idea how he knew all this, but my all cum diet had left my knees feeling a little weak. He led me into a big warm coat, and then into a cool white car.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"To freedom." He explained, starting the engine.


Apparently freedom lay somewhere near Aaron Black's house. Together we flew, making small talk on the way.

"I'm Veronica." I said.

"About time you told me that." He nodded curtly.

"Sorry, It's been days since I've slept…or stopped being fucked for that matter."

"It's okay. It will all be over soon." His confidence was something awesome to behold. This observation led me to the obvious question.

"Hey Eric…"


"Do you perchance…have a really big dick?" I managed.

He laughed.

"I'm hung like a barnacle." He explained.

The shriveled, pale and tiny mollusk entered my imagination clinging desperately from a thatch of hair between his legs.

I don't think I did much to hide my disappointment, but he didn't seem bothered.


Eric grabbed me by the hand, and led me up the steps at an alarming rate. He took them faster then I ever had, going up and down in my cum-covered, cock-beaten shame.

Then he banged his fist on the door.

"Ah, Veronica, We've been expecting—" Katherine just stared at Eric, obviously not expecting his presence.

"Who are—" She started to ask. Eric placed his hands on her waist and lifted her gently, setting her outside the door with a stunned expression on her face. He pulled me by the hand and close the door in her face.

Then suddenly, there he was.

Aaron Black.

He was stripped to the waist, in black shorts that emphasized his muscular thighs, and the giant package that was nestled in between them.

Eric did not look impressed.

"Who are you?"

"This is payback time Black. You don't know me, but you finally stuck your neck out too far."

Aaron Black looked equally un-swayed. "Have you come to take try taking Veronica from me?" He sneered his arrogant I-Have-A-Sixteen-Inch-Cock, sneer, showing that he clearly didn't think that was possible.

"No." Eric answered.

Suddenly I trembled…was this all another part of Black's mind games?

"Then why have you come?" Black asked.

"Veronica is getting away from you, with my help, make no mistake…but I'm not ‘taking' her. She's her own person."

Black rolled his eyes, giving a laugh.

"Don't be stupid. She's a stupid big-titted slut, with a nothing between her ears but fantasies about cock."

"You take that back?"

Black laughed louder.

"Oh what, did I hurt your dumb little cock-whore's feelings? Do you even think she has any besides pleasure on the end of my prong?"

Black cupped his own nuts, grotesquely thrusting their ego-destroying mass towards Eric…and presumably his ego.

"You have one more chance to take that back you arrogant life-support system for a over-hyped dick!'

"Fine. You can have her. Take your pathetic bitch-bag from my sight. Let her ruin your brain by pining for what only I can offer until she dies for all I care."

Eric launched across the room in a fighting charge, but Black deftly sidestepped him and swung to face him in one of his own graceful poses.

Eric whirled, ripping his outer shirt from his body to free up his arms, revealing thick, cut muscles that put Black's to shame in definition and curvature.

The two titans lunged for one another, their speed and grace rivaling snake-strikes and cat-leaps.

But Aaron Black launched one of those punches. Even before it hit I realized it would be over… the force of those blows looked for all the world that they could tear foundation out of a skyscraper, and somehow I knew that even if Black's muscles couldn't back up such a feat, his confidence surely could.

Only Eric wasn't there. I blinked, and realized that somehow he'd stepped totally form the line of the mach-breaking fist and ended up behind black.

Then a meaty fist was lodged into Black's kidney…you could tell the blow was hard.

I've seen Black take cock sucking, screams, and even orgasms barely cracking a moan.

But this punch transformed his whole face into something I'd never seen before…pain… fear.

He quickly let it drop and whirled on Eric with an arching kick that threatened to cleave head from torso, or maybe even torso from leg.

This time the blonde man swayed back and actually caught Black's heel (I would sooner have expected someone to catch a bullet) and dumped him back on the ground with a graceful toss.

Now fear and doubt took a more permanent home on Black's face, and he launched clumsily up for his opponent.

Eric calmly spun Black's shoulder with his own momentum, smashing him into one of his own ornate mahogany bookshelves.

Whatever he might have done to retaliate was quickly forgotten as Eric's fists suddenly machine-gunned into his stomach. I must have blinked because I lost count of the blows. All I know is that Eric was working Black's midsection like a boxer against a helpless bag, the deep impact of his strikes causing book after book to topple onto both of them.

Doubling over in agony, Black looked like he was about to be sick.

That was when Eric caught him with an uppercut of such grace and beauty, it actually pushed the cock out of my mind for the first time in weeks.

I was free.

Haughtily I stalked across the room and gently pushed the now panting Eric back. I stood over Black with a feeling of power surging through me.

"You've lost, Black."

He tried to sit up, but groaned holding his punished abs.

I reached out a leg and placed my heel on one of his tremendous nuts, firmly threatening to grind it into the floor.

"Don't forget this moment, Aaron," (I took such a naughty thrill from just using his first name) "I could have done it."

I released the testical, turning and not even looking back as I strode from the room.


Eric and I were in the car again, and while I didn't know where we were going, this time, I didn't care.

"That was incredible Eric…but how did you know all about Aaron Black already?"

"Ever see the girl he has setting his tables?"

"Yes, once."

"She's my sister. She has been covering up what he does to women whenever we've talked, though I've had my suspicions. When I saw you in the park, that was the last straw…it was time to take him down."

I grinned.

"And you did!" I said as we stopped outside a nice apartment complex.

"You know what?" I said.

"What?" Eric asked as he got out with me, smiling too.

"I don't care how you're equipped. I'm going to give you a blowjob right here and now."

"Well I don't know…" He started, actually blushing a little. So cute!

I didn't give him time to respond as I pushed him up against his car and sunk to my knees, not even bothering to undo his fly as I yanked his pants down.



I gaped.

He grinned.

"I thought you said you were hung like—"

"Like a barnacle?" He asked, "Almost their entire body's are their sex organs. Look it up."

I didn't have time to look it up…I was too busy looking up and down a cock that was not only bigger then Black's, or Brit's, but that dwarfed them.

A horse would have been embarrassed to pee standing next to him.

His titanic head dangled down to his knees, the thickness of him really giving him that three-legged look.

In a shaved, wrinkly sack there were what appeared to be nut-shaped grapefruits their awesome weight evident in his every sway and twitch.

The she shaft was an astounding sight, easily over a foot long, soft, and covered in a maze of veins that I was going to have a very fun time navigating with my tongue.

I looked up at him with nothing but worship in my gaze.

"Look, I might be a nice guy and all" he chuckled "But I really do like having my dick sucked."

So I slowly started the Herculean task, running my tongue up and down his scrumptious schlong, savoring the taste as I gradually lowered myself to the level of his balls.

I reached out to lift one of his balls to my mouth, and found the tremendous orb rolling right off my hand. Amazed that I needed to, I lifted it up with both hands, grunting slightly from the weight. It was a little like lifting a gallon of water in a condensed cup of space.

But it was a tasty nut, it's rich flavor making my every sense scream, "Now THIS is a MAN"!

I dropped it with a heavy bounce, and feasted on the other fat ball, lewdly smacking my lips on it as I tried to coax it to fill with more baby batter.

Finally I dropped the coat and scooped his nuts into my cleavage, letting the firm heavy sacks settle deep into my soft bosoms. He must have liked that a lot, because his snake slowly started to lift into life, just in time for my to stretch my jaw and engulf his whole head between my dicksucking lips.

I treated him to quite the sight as I worked his legendary cock to its full epic proportions. He leaked a steady stream of precum into my mouth, which I in turn, drooled out around the tight seal his cock was making and dripped into my own cleavage, sopping both his milk-makers and my tits with natural lube.

While I rubbed my lubed boobs all over his juice filled low-hangers, I bent my neck to take in more and more of him. It was difficult to get him through my mouth, and by the time I'd reached my throat I realized I was going to have trouble.

*Gluck!* *GUK!*

*Cough Cough*

I pulled off completely to gasp for air. A long rope of precum snapped from my lower jaw and formed a small pool between his balls and my tits.

I lowered my face and slurped the whole mess up before giving his cock another go.

I jammed my head down hard, but again I gagged, and pulled back with another drooling strand of precum to devour.

Which I did.

"You don't have to do it Veronica… I mean, nobody can." He said, smiling down at me and caressing my head.

"Oh yes I do and yes I can." I said. I grabbed his hands and tangled them in my hair.

"When I slurp, you pull and pull hard. Is that clear?"

"Are you sure?" He asked.

"I want your gigantic cock in my throat." I explained.


and he yanked. It was like there was a roller-coaster ride in my throat, and when I stopped gagging uncontrollably finally I was doing my swallowing on fifteen inches of thick, neck-wrecking meat.

Precum poured down my throat, and I swallowed hard to keep up.

Finally he yanked in reverse, pulling me off.

"I can't take anymore. Time to give you a cuntfull!" He declared, proudly, his monumental meat jutting at full erection.

As he scooped my up and stuck my bare asscheeks on the hood of his car, I fondled his head like a gearshift a moment to hold him back.

"Wait stud…first…just tell me how big that thing is?"

He grinned.

"You think your pussy is ready for 22 inches?"

I think my brain exploded.

I'm not sure, but what I do know, is that suddenly his humongous head was parting my nether lips to find a not very accommodating home within me. I drew my knees back up to my shoulders, cussing a blue streak.

"Oh Jesus fuckfuckfuckfuck FUCK! IT hurts so good stud! Don't stop! I want you deeper than any man has ever gone!"

I hyperventilated, cursed, and did reverse lamonz breathing in the off chance this really would feel like giving birth backwards.

Inch after inch crawled into me, the thick shaft spreading me wider and wider, fireworks of pleasure shooting all through me.

Eric reached out and grabbed my tits, his large hands mashing the mammaries around. He was rough, but that took my mind off the fact that I was getting railed by nearly two feet of cock.

Soon he was stroking in and out, masterfully adding quarter inches here and there to fully sink as much as he could into my pussy. I admit that it wasn't much… but it didn't matter to matter to me. I was cumming around him so hard that my juices sprayed from the pressurized environment, coating us and his car in steaming pussy punch.

This inspired him on, and with a roar he began to fuck me in faster and faster increments, soon his thrusts beating into me with such ferocity that my own tits became a bouncing blur before my eyes. I was being reamed at the speed of fuck!

After cumming for the umpteenth time, I wilted beneath his pounds and slide from the hood.

Nice guy that he is, he held me there a few moments, letting me catch my breath.

Not too nice though…he suddenly spun me and bent me over the hood, spreading my legs fast for another assault.

As he shoveled miles of man meat into me, I tried to brace myself for the impacts, but only found my hands slipping as he rent my womb into pieces.

But it was like each piece was cumming, a crescendo of simultaneous orgasms carrying me through the last of what my body was capable of.

To this day I don't know if it was echoing in the little parking garage, or if I just moaned that much. Both seem equally plausible to me.

As over the top as it seems (and was) my pleasure doubled again as he began to fire inside of me.

Those bulky balls lobbed groin-goo into me with such force that I thought he'd been replaced with a clamped fire hose a moment. When I finally crawled off of his dick, the dripping backflow that spilled from between my legs ran down the front end of the car in a river of mixed juice.

He was done yet though. Each of his arching shots carried through the air, splattering my body parts with boiling hot spunk. I lay there and writhed in ecstasy in all the goo, soon so covered in his scrotal scum that I blended in with his car where it was also covered in jizz.

Eric dutifully carried me up to his room and proceeded to fuck the remaining metaphors out of me.

As he did so though, I realized that maybe it doesn't take a 22-inch cock to please a woman like me.

But it sure fucking helps.


(Well all, that brings the Aaron Black saga to an end.

Those of you who like my work, don't worry, I'll be doing more stories with other characters and situations after a brief sabbatical.

Those of you who can't live without Aaron Black, don't despair, I might someday revisit him in his younger days and rise to power.

As always, I am open to any and all suggestions, criticisms, and even a few compliments and those who have written me know that I reply promptly, loyally, and lustfully.

Stay hard, studs. And girls…. Keep ‘em that way! *Winks*

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