tagGroup SexThe Birthday Gift

The Birthday Gift


It was your birthday and I wanted to surprise you with the best gift ever! I had everything planned, things were falling into place perfectly. I had asked you to meet me at our special motel room promptly at 8:00 p.m., no earlier, no later. I had stopped by your office earlier and left a key to the room with you and a whisper in the ear that this was going to be your best gift yet!

Your drive to the motel was not long in distance but it seemed to take forever in your mind.... what was this woman up to? Your only instructions were to be there at 8:00 and to open the door and walk inside. You parked in the back of the lot and went quickly inside the motel, heading to our room. It was promptly 8:00 pm when you reached the door and slid the key in the lock and opened the door.

The room was dimly lit so you stepped in a bit further, closing the door behind you. As you walked further into the room you realized that, yes, indeed, this was going to be the best birthday ever! There before you on the king size bed you see me, laying quietly along another women. We were both nude, only covered in a sheet. Candles were burning on the night stands and soft music was playing in the back ground. You didn't say a word, you just stood there.

Slowly we moved to you, letting the sheet fall and revealing both our nude bodies. I quietly introduced you, her name was Nicki and she was a good friend of mine... she was here to help make this the best birthday ever for you.

You stood frozen as the two of us slowly began removing your clothes, careful to never touch your skin. When you were completely nude we guided you to the bed, having your sit on the edge. As you sat there we had you watch as we began to touch each other.... her fingers traced the areolas of my breasts as I ran my tongue down the sides of her neck. I moved down her neck to her breasts and sucked gently on a nipple as she placed her hands in my hair, guiding my head. We continued to explore each other as you watched.

Then we turned our attention to you. Nicki was on one side of you, I was on the other. We began kissing you, running our tongues over your neck and chest, pressing our bodies against yours. We encouraged you to lay back on the bed which you did with little resistance.

Nicki moved to the side, caressing your chest, rubbing your skin. I moved down your body and took your cock in my mouth and sucked you until your shaft was completely hard. Nicki had moved and was feeding you her breasts as I raised off of you. I opened my legs wide and lowered my wet cunt over your cock, sliding down very slowly on you. I heard your moans of pleasure... this was Nicki's queue.

She pulled herself from you and moved quickly. You assumed she was pulling away and that you and I were going to fuck while she watched.... not so. Nicki stood above you, her cunt dripping juices down onto you face. Slowly she lowered herself onto your mouth, begging you to fuck her with your tongue. You lapped at her like you had me for so many times... and you ground your hips into me as I rode your cock. I was sitting up on you, riding you hard, Nicki was over you, fucking your mouth... she was facing me. You couldn't see but you knew that we were touching each other... her lips were on my nipples, my chest arched to her as I fucked you harder and harder. We continued the motion for the longest time. But there was more to the gift..... Reluctantly Nicki moved off your mouth and I pulled myself from your cock.... you were almost disappointed.

I whisper in your ear that there was one more gift for you.... you had to turn away and close your eyes for a few moments which you did. When I gave you the okay, you opened your eyes and turned back to us. There on the bed Nicki and I lay, our legs spread wide and a big red bow stuck on our cunts. You had to "unwrap" the boxes... As you pulled the bows away your eyes opened wide.... We had both shaved our boxes for you and we wanted you to taste us. You quickly buried your head between my legs, lapping and sucking at my clit. And as quickly as you buried your head between my legs, you turned your attention to Nicki and did the same to her, then alternating between us.... eating first me then her and then back to me again. We had you turn and straddle our faces... as you moved from box to box we took turns sucking and licking at your cock. You would plunge your tongue into my wet, hot cunt and your cock into Nicki's mouth then your tongue into Nicki's box and your cock into my mouth. To add to the enjoyment when you were eating my cunt you would slide a finger into Nicki's cunt and then do the same to me when you were eating her. Nicki and I came over and over on your face, soaking your face so badly you looked like a glazed donut, but you staved off your cumming until the last minute. When you could stand no more you pulled your cock from both of us and had us lay on your backs next to each other. You gripped your cock tightly and began to stroke yourself.... you could feel the cum building deep and when you exploded you shot over both Nicki and mine's cunt, squirting your hot seed over our shaved boxes. We both reached down and rubbed your cum into our cunts, enjoying every drop you had to offer.

As you slumped onto the bed between us you commented that, yes, indeed, this was the best birthday gift you had ever received!

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