tagToys & MasturbationThe Box in Jillian's Closet

The Box in Jillian's Closet


Jillian had a man. He was a perfectly good man: older by 10 years, kind, hardworking and good to the kids. Their life together was good; they'd been together 12 years and she loved him as much as always. In bed, she did her duties and he did his, once a week, usually Thursday nights after WWE Smackdown, when Jerry would have a few beers and come to bed in the mood for love. Jillian never turned him down; after all, he worked hard as a union pipefitter all day, enabling her to live in a nice house in a new suburb and be a stay-at-home mom to their two girls.

It was a perfect life, and perfection had its drawbacks: perfection was boring. Jillian loved Jerry but she had traded off a wild sex life to be with him; and after one brief, meaningless fling with her best friend's cousin the year after she and Jerry were married, Jillian had never strayed again. After all, men weren't exactly lining up to get to her. She'd always been voluptuous rather than thin; and after the two girls, and too much soap-opera watching, she looked... well, like a housewife.

A bored housewife... an empty house all day. Jillian usually waited till mid-morning, after the girls were gone to school and Jerry had left for work, and she had her laundry started or the floor vacuumed. She felt like she had to get something done before she could reward herself. BonBons were no good; they only added to what was already too much cushion for the pushin'. No, Jillian's reward was fat-free, calorie-free, and cost nothing more than a few fresh packs of C-batteries.

Upstairs, in a place where Jerry would never look (the closet where the cleaning supplies were kept), Jillian kept her reward box. Now she opened the closet and moved aside the Clorox and the Mop'N'Glow, her nipples beginning to tingle in anticipation. She took the shoe box into her bedroom and shut the door, but left the blinds that faced the street open. At first this was to make sure no one drove up unexpectedly, but it had grown into an idea, that if someone looked in the blinds they might see her, and that only increased her excitement.

Like a kid at Christmas she dropped down on the bed and eagerly opened the box. The first thing she pulled out was a pair of black satin thong panties she'd secretly bought at Frederick's of Hollywood. Jerry didn't know she had them; her usual panties were much more modest, and he never seemed to mind. These weren't for Jerry. These panties were only for Jillian.

The next thing she pulled out of the shoebox was an old, battered copy of a VHS tape called "Where the Boy's Aren't." It wasn't that Jillian was a lesbian; she liked men well enough. There was just something about watching the girls on screen, sucking each other's nipples and licking each other's pussies, that drove her wild. This was another thing Jerry had never seen. An ex-boyfriend of Jilly's had left it behind when he moved out, before she met Jerry. There was also a hand mirror she placed next to her pillow.

Reaching the bottom of the box, Jillian smiled fondly, her eyes lighting up. She had three vibrators: The Silver Bullet, Purple Passion, and the Jelly. The Jelly was expensive, a real investment, but Jilly had finally admitted that the size was too much for her; it hurt rather than felt good, no matter how much lube she rubbed on it. It was just too long, it bumped her cervix painfully when she pushed it too far in. So she left it alone. Purple Passion was her very first vibrator, kind of a junior model. It was cute, but it was short and slender, for beginners. Something had broken in it and it no longer vibrated anyway, so Jillian mainly kept it for gentle anal insertion.

The Silver Bullet was by far her favorite toy, her companion to while away the boring hours while the kids were at school. It was shiny metallic silver, generously sized, about 8", and nicely thick. Lately the batteries had been getting low and the Silver Bullet wasn't taking her to its usual heights. Well, she had a special treat today. She unscrewed the top and dropped in 2 brand-new copper-top batteries.

Eagerly, she pulled off her capri pants, t-shirt, size 42D bra and white cotton panties. Pulling the thong over her legs, she turned and looked at herself in the mirror over the dresser, turning around to see her back view, the way the thong rode up her ass crack and disappeared between her cheeks. She gave it a tug, feeling it dig deliciously against her asshole. When she was wearing this thong she didn't critically study the roll of fat around her gut; she felt sexy and feminine, a goddess. Her big, peach nipples were getting hard as she jammed the tape into the VCR and turned on the TV.

Grabbing the remote, she lay back on the bed and put a pillow under her hips, fast forwarding absently to her favorite scene of the movie. There was a blonde and a red-head sunbathing by a swimming pool. Jillian watched the screen, squirming in anticipation, as the blonde began rubbing tanning oil all over her friend, whose tits were overflowing from her triangle bikini. In no time flat the two onscreen were making out, then they were naked and the blonde was on her belly with her face between the other girl's thighs.

The redhead had a shaved, hairless pussy, bald and shiny. Jillian watched the blonde's tongue thrust in and out, and then her fingers, and then suddenly she had a big dildo in her hand. Jillian held her breath: her favorite part was coming. She loved watching that fat, oscenely pink dildo being shoved in and out of that redhead's bald pussy until it was shiny with her juice, and the blonde lapped up the wetness with her tongue.

The movie went on but Jillian didn't pay it anymore attention. She grabbed the thong and gave it another jerk, wedging it between her pussy lips. With the hand mirror she admired how it looked, swallowed up by her neatly trimmed labia, her hard, pink clit almost visible. Then she leaned back, spreading her legs as wide as they'd go. She smiled as she watched her cunt open up in the hand mirror, a little drop of juice dribbling down, down her crack, down to her asshole, soaking the crotch of her thong.

Dropping the mirror, her fingers slowly traced the slick sides of her clit as she thought about the thrusting dildo in the video. Sensations gathered as her juices flowed more freely, the wet thong wedged in her pussy. It pushed against her sensitive asshole as she gently rubbed the inner lips of her cunt, eyes closed dreamily. Her other hand twisted her nipple, cupping her big breast. After a moment she lifted her head off the pillow, pushing her nipple into her mouth, and sucked it while she strummed her clit with her fingers.

Her pussy twitched with need and it was finally time. Jillian picked up the Silver Bullet and turned it on low, placing it on her clit. Waves of pleasure started in her. She was careful not to push the vibe too hard against herself, she wanted to build up slowly. Over the last 12 years she'd trained herself to prolong her orgasm, building up a tolerance to the direct stimulation of the vibrator; at first she used to come almost instantly, but now it took sometimes 10, 15 minutes.

Slowly she increased the speed. The Silver Bullet hummed busily as Jillian pushed her other finger deep into her cunt, then pulled it out, wet. She always kept her nails short, unlike her friends, and this was why: she gently inserted her middle finger into her ass.

That used to drive her over the edge instantly, but she'd gotten used to it too. She turned the speed on the vibrator up higher, louder. It surged, causing her to gasp.

"Oh, shit!"

She tensed up; the orgasm was crashing like a wave, coming closer. She thrust the finger deeper into her ass, as deep as it would go, and turned the speed up even more. It was as high as it would go, as loud as a chainsaw.

"Jesus Christ!"

Jillian couldn't believe the power, the extra kick of the fresh batteries. She let out a scream as she orgasmed, pumping her asshole with her own finger as she bucked against the relentless hum of the vibrator. She came so hard she almost pissed herself; and then right after that, for the first time ever, she came again!

"Oh God, oh fuck!"

Her entire body spasmed against the bed as she came down from her high, finger still inside her, vibe still humming. She lay there for a long time, smiling dreamily and holding the wet, slick vibrator against her stomach.

It was Thursday. Later that night, after Jerry fell asleep, Jillian reached down into her white cotton panties and delicately touched her still-aching clit. Tomorrow was another school day.

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