tagLesbian SexThe Car In My Sex Life

The Car In My Sex Life


The car looked familiar as I walked to the drive at the side of our house. Mine was parked further back as if to make room. I was intrigued.

"I had been away for a few days on a business trip to Belgium and I had got a flier to return early after completion of the job. My mobile was not getting a service so I could not do an ET. I was in a hurry to get home to my lovely wife so I took a taxi from the station and was walking the last few yards."

That car rang a bell but no I could not place it. I went to the door and inserted the key and turned it but the door did not open. "Damn she must have left the bolt on." I circled the house and noticed that the curtains were closed. I glanced into the living room but no one was there. No I was alarmed. I got to the kitchen door, that too was locked. Fortunately I had my key with me this time as I usually did not carry such a heavy key.

I opened the door and entered quietly as I was apprehensive about what I would find. My mind raced and fear made the adrenaline rise. With heart racing ever faster I looked around in each room as I came to it. I went to the front door and indeed the bold was on. I moved down the hallway and heard muffled voices from the bedroom. I opened the door. I can't remember how but it seemed to be in slow motion.

I could see my wife lying back on the bed with her eyes closed. She had a head seeming to be attached to her left breast and a body was face deep in her pussy. Her body was jumping up and down and she moaned.

The body between her legs came up to kneeling position and I saw that is was our friend Helen. She had always shown an interest in my wife, Emma. "It is her car in the drive" I thought. A little weird to think of a car at this time. She looked around, I must have mad a sound.

"Oh Fuck" she said. My wife opened her eyes and was looking straight at me with a horrified look in her eyes. She was frantically trying to dislodge the head from her breast as I advanced into the room. I could now see that it was Helen's friend Paula. She had short dark hair and was very pretty. Helen was backing away to the corner of the room trying to cover her large breasts with two slim arms without too much success and I could now see that she was not a natural blond but not far from it. She had a nice, smallish beaver.

"Oh Fuck" said Paula. Original I thought. Where had I heard that before. My wife was perfectly still. I looked down at her. "I don't have to ask what is going on" I said. Hardly able to get the words out from a constricted chest. I looked at my hands. They were shaking from the rush I had just had.

Paula said "Don't hit Emma...it's our fault. We made her do it" Helen had her back to me trying to hide her body which was flushed right to her thighs. She mumbled something.

"What was that" I said. She half turned and said "Smack me if you have to get it out of you, but leave them alone."

I growled at my wife and Paula. "Get on the bed and stay there." In two steps I had grabbed Helen by the wrist and pulled her over the bed end bottom up. I swung my hand and felt her tender buttock squash and roll as my hand slapped full on to her raised ass. She screamed and wet the end of the bed as she had a massive orgasm.

Tears sprung from her eyes and a red mark, in the shape of my hand, came up on her right buttock... She looked up and said "Do it again but not so hard..."."Do it as if you mean it"

I struggled with that for a moment. What to do next was a large problem. I now had a massive hard-on that I was hoping to conceal by moving closer to the bed. I wanted to kiss her ass, Helen's that is, and I wanted to fuck my wife. I could not take in Paula who had her hand squeezed between her thighs looking totally puzzled. I wanted to do something to them all, all at one time.

Time, for me stood still again. I watched the small pool of pee grow on the floor. I watched as the line of wet down her thighs got thicker and glistened in the light. I watched as Helen waited for more.

Suddenly I knew what to do. "Help me" I said. "Now Paula" I barked as they hesitated. We took one arm each and pulled Helen up onto the bed, still face down. They had been using some oil so I poured some on my hands, rubbed them together and gently started to massage Helen's swollen buttock. She shrank away at first and sobbed a little. "Yes, Please." I rubbed and massaged her mounded ass and moved quietly between her legs and massaged both of those glorious orbs. I was getting deeper and deeper into the valley between her legs and was now spreading her cum every which way. She raised up to meet me exposing the most exquisite, tight little rosebud. I became aware that both my wife and Paula were snuggling up to Helen on each side, kissing and nudging into her neck and shoulders.

I brushed Helen's ass and down into her wet pussy and then stepped away. They thought that I was stopping but I just wanted to get rid of some clothes that were causing me some pain in the groin area. Helen turned over on her back and I had the most perfect view a man could ask for. I said "Wait just a moment while I undress." Usually I like to be undressed but today I just got rid. When I became aware of them again Paula was nibbling at Helen's nipple. Helen was gently stroking my wife's pubic hair and my wife was touching both of her own nipples at once, looking at me with glazed eyes.

I took control like a choreographer. I lay down on the bed face up. My wife came over on top of me easing her very wet pussy down onto my mouth. Helen, I think started to play and lap at my cock and someone was playing so softly with my nipples. Hey, don't knock it till you tried it.

They must have had some practice with each other because I was getting a lot of first class pleasure. I had to move to stop the orgasm that was building. I guided hands, I don't know whose, to my wife's pussy and then others to her breasts. I lifted her slightly and began to lick back and forward from her pussy to her ass. She liked that. Before this she would not let me near her ass. I circled it. Moved over it. Lightly licked past it. And suddenly pushed my tongue right into it. She purred like a cat. I could faintly hear that. I thought that she would cum but no she started to rock slowly drawing my tongue inside her. I had to pull away. I moved to her clit. I knew that she liked that. I barely touched it when I felt the fingers working back and forward. Rubbing and slopping in the wet. Within a few seconds she hit her first "O." She was grinding into my face and riding my mouth like a steer. I nearly suffocated. I could feel the wet but nothing like Helen had cum. Slowly she stopped fucking my mouth.

My wife got off me and then Paula said "I want to do that." I thought that she meant me to repeat but she lay down quickly and pulled my wife back to the same position that we had just been in. She said in a very muffled voice "Guide me darling Emma. Please let me do it too." Helen picked up a vibrator that I had not noticed lying among the rumpled bedclothes and started it buzzing. It sounded like a very busy bee. Helen moved the tip of it to Paula's pussy lips. There was a definite movement to accept it and my wife leaned down to take hold of Paula's nipples. I saw a look of lustful aggression pass over my wife's face. She twisted first one nipple and then the other. Then two together. As she did so Paula shuddered and worked harder at the wet pussy. As she controlled Paula by the pleasure she gave she also controlled when she would cum. Helen was gentle by comparison, moving the vibrator out and in to a rhythm of her breaths.

I was mesmerised and nearly found myself without a role. But I moved forward and took hold of my wife's nipples. Softly and rolled them gently between fore-finger and thumb. She liked that. But I was not in that mood so as she became more aggressive to Paula I squeezed and pulled harder on her. I thought that she would not agree to it, she never had in the past, but she controlled me by what she did to Paula and a series of sharp intakes of breath. She cum very suddenly. It was like she was still up from the first one and now went higher. She sat heavily on Paula and this seemed to be a signal to Helen. As she started to pump in and out faster I moved away slightly to watch her cum. She did. Flailing about on the bed and knocking the vibrator onto the floor. She subsided and My wife said. "Geez... I do like my ass tongued." She leaned up to give Paula some air and I saw the cum over her face and mouth. I leaned down and kissed her. Soft at first and the greedily with tongues seeking any vestige of human fluid.

I eventually moved away and stood up. My wife stood on the other side of the bed. She put two fingers into her pussy and moved about over her ;G; spot. She let out a long gasp and shuddered. Paula stood up in front of her and took my wife's wrist. Gently she pulled the fingers out and looked down at them reflecting highlights from 100% female ejaculate. My wife seemed to know what was wanted. She softly rubbed the wet fingers over Paula's lips then away. Paula licked lightly at first but the greedily slurped it all. Then she grabbed my wife's hand in inserted the woman scented, wet fingers into her mouth. Deeper and deeper she pushed until we could hear her choking on the fingers before pulling them out, gasping for air.

They both then scooped cum from their pussies and offered it to the other. I stood there watching this and wondered what I was doing. I should be angry but instead I was taking part and watching my wife indulge in the type of sex I always wanted. I felt high and still fully stimulated but rooted to the floor.

I came back to earth when Helen, standing behind me, started to rub my chest. "would you like to taste me." Would I ever. "Helen...I would like to do lots of things with you but lets save them for just us two. Another day? Yes." She said " But what about now and something else to remember rather than just a sore ass?

"Come here" I lay back down on the bed. Positioned Helen, nearly blond, over my mouth but facing the top of my head. At first she had to lean on the wall over the head-board to stop from falling. Then she settled in a comfortable position and leaned back, hands on my chest. This opened her up like a flower and presented me with a choice of ass or pussy. I reached up and took her nipples in to my favoured rolling position and started to massage first one the other and then both together. Helen used one hand to open the lips further and let them cover all of my mouth. I was breathing through my nose which was buried in her bush.

I started to lick the inside of her pussy. I knew that this would be slower to bring her off than on her clit. I wanted this to be a good one. For both of us. I felt her fingers find my nipples and felt the pleasure hit my toes and back up, We seemed to stay like this for an eternity. I let go of one of her nipples and reached down to my cock. I started to wank it in time with her movement against my mouth. She felt me speed up a bit and ground her pussy hard onto me. She was wanking her clit on my upper lip and the rest of her pussy on my chin.

I exploded and felt her gasp. My cum had hit her back. She shuddered and lifted slightly and my mouth filled with hot liquid. My throat constricted and I felt it run down my chin and neck. Again she cum this time with more noise and more movement. Not just pee but a mixture shot forward, all over my mouth, firmly closed this time. "Oh Shit... Oh Shit... Oh Shit... Oh Shit." She then rolled off me. "I am sorry...Oh I am sorry"

"Shut up and come here." I said. She sat beside me and leaned over to kiss me full on the lips. I knew that there were better things to come and I would watch out for her car, next time with anticipation.

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