tagErotic CouplingsThe Chess Piece Ch. 07-08

The Chess Piece Ch. 07-08


Thanks again to MaaddMaaxx for editing. And a special thanks to marklion for offering praise when I needed it the most!

Jason could hardly wait to get to the bakery. He felt that over the last month he and Laysea had made great strides and he thought that they might be falling in love with each other. Well, at least he was falling in love. He did not seem to feel complete until they were together. He knew that Laysea would need more time and had to build more trust in him. They had shared their childhood memories with each other one night, and she had gotten the shitty end of the stick in everything. He still chuckled when he thought back to what he referred to as her rebellious period when she tried to break him. He knew that she was grasping when she came up with the excuse about feeling like she was peeing outside after using the bathroom with no problem for 3 weeks. He just told her to do what ever she felt she needed to so that she was comfortable.

As they pulled in front of the bakery Jason could tell something was off. Without even waiting for the truck to stop he jumped out and ran at a dead speed. He came to a quick stop just a few feet into the bakery, a quick look around confirmed his worst fear. One of the ladies behind the counter brought an envelope to him. He took it numbly opening it he scanned the page that held very few words. It simple said "She is fine, wait for my call. – M". He handed it to Ty and turned around and walking slowly back to the truck. As the trucked pulled a u turn heading back to the apartments, Jason did not even notice what was going on or where they were even going.

As the truck pulled up in front of the building he turned to Ty and with the calmest of voices simple said, "We pay back tenfold."


This was so much bullshit! How could she end up almost exactly where she started? Well not exactly, she was not running just stuck back in the dream parent's house room. She had truly begun to think that Mitch would just let them be, but sure enough he shows up today threaten everyone at that bakery.

She had never been so scared in her life before – but not for herself she knew that they would never really hurt her. They needed her safe and sound. And as long as she did exactly what they wanted then no one in the bakery would be hurt. But what would have happened if Jason showed up early? She had no idea if they would have taunted him with her or just killed him. She was sure that Jared would find some way to blame her for this. She still believed that he was a jerk but apparently every jerk has a soft side and his was named Trista. She was a sweetheart who would go out of her way to make anyone feel more comfortable. She also shared a similar opinion of Jason that Laysea shared for Jared.

She looked at the clock and saw that it was now 5:25 pm; she knew that Jason had received the envelope that Mitch left for him.

"He has to be frantic with worry! After telling me a million plus times in the first few weeks that this very thing might happen and here it does. If he gloats I am gonna punch him!" She spoke out loud hoping to calm herself down some and if nothing else at least cut the silence.

She had asked Mitch on the way to the house what he wanted.

The memory of his answer still gives her a shiver on the inside, "It is not personal honey, and you served most of your purpose. I am a firm believer that when a person reaches their fullest ability, well, they should be put out of my misery."

After that she sat back and was quiet the rest of the way. In her mind she was certain that he was telling her the only thing left for her to do was get Jason to the house then he would kill both of them. The door was thrown open again and in walked the two guards that had tied her down last time for the exam. Lady followed them into the room while the doctor lingered just outside the door.

Lady looked her over from bottom to top, "Are you willing to do this the easy way or do the boys need to help out here? Oh, by the way, since it is not important that you not be touched, I could shut the door and let them help 'get you ready'. Your choice though, so no pressure."

Well it was not hard to read between those lines. She either had to do it willingly or the two guys got to rape her! Great this day just keeps sucking. "What do you want me to do? I will not cause any problems."

The stockier of the two men gave her a pouting look. "Ohh, come on. We can make this so interesting. Something is telling me that DeGeo didn't pop your ass cherry yet. Who knows you might like it."

"T-that is okay, I will do it the easy way." She said in a whispered voice. When he had described what they would do to her she felt the blood drain from her face.

"Fine, you two out." Turning back to Laysea, "You strip then lay on the bed. If you move or resist the doc in anyway I call them back in. Got it?" Lady said.

The two guys did not look like they wanted to go but finally started moving faster after she yelled "GET THE FUCK OUT!!!" Then she turned to look at Laysea.

True to her word Laysea removed her clothes and laid on the bed waiting on the doctor to come and inspect her. Unlike the last time this doctor had examined her this time Laysea felt that she was trying to check her breast to see if she had implants. Finally the doctor stood up and pulled a needle from her bag with a tie to draw blood. Laysea hated needles but she laid as still as possible so that those two guys would not have to come back in to 'subdue' her. Then the doctor walked over to the dresser swirling the vial of Laysea's blood. She pulled some out more bottles and syringe looking things from her bag.

After about 5 minutes the doctor stood up and turned to look at Lady, "Without a doubt, she is not pregnant."

"Well I could have told you that." Laysea smarted off. Lady turned and burned holes in to her with her eyes.

"What in the hell did you do?" she demanded.

"I did nothing; Jason gave me the Plan B. Something about him being sure Mitch would pull some crap like this."

"You little bitch." With that Lady smacked Laysea so hard she spun around and fell to the ground. "How dare you fuck this up for us!" With that she stormed out of the door.

The doctor running after her. Laysea knew it was now time to get her ass in gear and get the fuck out of Dodge! She dressed faster then she ever had in her entire life then ran to the window. Looking out the window she knew that she was three floors up, but then she spotted the drainage pipes that ran down the house just a foot away from one of her windows. She was not scared to climb out windows. She once ran away from a foster home leaving via her fourth floor window. Without a thought more about it she looked around to see if anyone was coming, then climbed out grabbing for the drain pipe. She shimmed down the pipe like she had been doing it her entire life. When she reached the ground she quickly looked around to make sure that no one had still seen her and she ran for cover in the bushes several feet from the house. After sliding into her hide spot she looked back at the house. She was looking for signs that someone had witnessed her get away but nothing. Then she listened to see if she could hear anything – nothing. She began to grin, she had done it. That was pretty easy, now she had to get a hold of Jason so he could come and finish saving her. She was feeling pretty good with herself as she slide further back into the bushes.

She made it to the privacy fence and was looking for a way to get over it. This could be a problem she thought to herself. But luck seemed to be on her side today after a few minutes of looking for a way over the fence she found a hole dug by a big dog that would allow her to go under the fence. Even better she smiled to herself after she wiggled under the fence she stood up trying to see anything but she was once again in the bushes. Well better the bushes then that house.

As Laysea was walking further away from the she was trying to get her bearings. Now which way was the road? If it was to the west of the house and I came out of the north, then I need to go this way! She was so happy she almost skipped, the birds were singing. . . wait a minute the birds were not singing! Just then someone grabbed her and covered her mouth.

Without missing a beat, Laysea stomped her heel on the person's foot and threw her elbow back into the person's stomach. Teach them not to get so fuckin grabby! To her pleasure she did hear the guy's spoken truth that she had succeeded. As soon as he let her go she took off like a light. No sense in staying around to see if he was pissed. She ran further in the bushes. The little branches scratching at her bruised face, snagging her clothes and just generally whipping at her. Laysea did not even want to turn around to see who grabbed her or even if he was following her. She just kept running.

Feeling the freedom and the control that she always felt when ever she would run. She did not hear anyone behind her so she concluded that either he was still in pain or she ran faster than he could. She did not care as long as she got far away from him and that house. Suddenly she broke through the bushes. The bushes that now surrounded her manicured and there was a. . . Damn! She thought to herself, who in the hell puts a maze on their property? Remembering an experience that she had with in a maze when she was 12 she shuddered with her disdain for the stupid maze. She tried to remember what the key is suppose to be to getting out of the maze. She just could not remember if she had to touch the left or right wall. She touched the left wall with her left arm walking still towards where she thought that the road should be.

It felt like she had been walking forever, when it had actually been a couple of hours. I swear if I ever meet the idiot who thought they should put a damn, stupid maze here I am gonna slap them!

Crack! Snap!

Oh shit! Someone else is here! She thought to herself as she tried to slow her heart. It sounded so loud in her ears. She looked around, wondering if she ducked into a bush if the wall would be thick enough to hide her. Damn maze! there is not even a good place to hide. She could hear the footsteps coming closer. Suddenly she remembered an exercise video that she and a friend did when they were 16 it showed the basics of kickboxing as a workout. She slowly and silently inched towards the corner, striking the pose and waited. She did not know if she was going to be effective but hell better to try then just stand there and wait for them notice her. She waited until she saw the person barely coming in sight and she swung her leg high and spun hoping to kick the person in the chest.

Thunk! The heel of her foot made contact with exactly what she was aiming for. Her happiness was very short live since she was then face to barrel with a pistol. All she could see was the hole that she knew at any second a bullet would fly out of and end her life. The gun dropped out of her face as quickly as it was put there, that was when she realized that it was Ty who had put the gun in her face.

"If you're here then. . ." she glanced around the corner. There sitting on the ground rubbing his chest was Jason! "Oh my God! I am so sorry, I didn't know. . . I thought. . ." she was so frustrated right now. "Jason, if I had known it was you. . ."

"It's okay Laysea. No one could see around corners but apparently you can kick around them. Damn woman where they hell did you learn to kick like that? I mean I knew that you had a heavy foot and a sharp elbow based on what Jared told me about your attack on him but honey I never knew you could get your leg that high! Sweetheart, that gives me a lot more ideas when it comes to making love."

Laysea blushed as she knelled beside him, "How did you find me in this death trap of overgrown hedges?"

Jason laughed pulled her head to him and pressed his lips against hers. With the touch of their lips it felt like the World had been put right again. He pushed it deeper by slipping his tongue into her mouth rubbing seductively against her tongue. Had it only been this morning that they had made love? It felt like a month. Jason could feel himself getting harder, he needed to get her back to the house. But first. . . he pulled her into his lap. Just then she decided it was time to talk again, completely interrupting his plans.

"Jason how did you find me" she pulled back looking into his eyes – those beautiful eyes that seemed to lighten up in color when he was aroused.

"Baby I have a country house out here and my land borders Mitch's. When you crossed the fence you were on my land. Jared found you and tried to move you further away from the fence but he said that when he grabbed you well you stomped on his toes and slammed your elbow into the area right above his dick. He said that had you been another inch shorter that you would have crippled him and pissed Trista off."

"I didn't know that it was him or I wouldn't have done any of that."

"Its okay. Come on let's go back to the house. You can have a bath, get something to eat and then we can go to bed."

She smiled at him, "Okay. Wait if you own the land on this side of the fence then is this your maze?"

"Yeah. My dad use to have a fascination with mazes. Whenever we went where there was a maze near we would go through it. So I had one built." He smiled at her.

Trying to keep her temper from exploding, she stood up slowly. He still grinned up at her like an idiot.

Smack! She could not stop herself. She smacked him in the back of the head.

"Why in the hell would you think that walking blindly through over grown hedges would be fun? DON'T YOU KNOW THAT PEOPLE CAN DIE IN THESE STUPID THINGS!" she screamed at him then stomped off the way that they had just come from.

"Laysea! Laysea stop! Damn it Laysea." He grabbed her arm; she swung the other around to hit him. He easily caught it. "Listen to me! No one can die in a maze you just simply touch a wall and follow it until you find the exit. It is simple. Wait why the hell are you scared of a maze?"

She sighed heavy "When I was 12 I went to a field maze with my foster family. One of the boys in the family agreed to go through the maze with me but he thought it would be funny to get me deep in the maze then abandon me. I ended up stuck in there until the next morning when the people who ran it found me."

"Wow! Honey there is only one way in and out of this maze. Anyone can walk the whole thing in a total of 4 hours. Come on let me get you out of here."

"Okay, just don't expect me to go for long walks in this death trap anytime soon."

He laughed, "Okay, as long as you stop trying to beat the crap out of me."

"Just shut up and bath me, feed me, then make love to me." She whispered to him.

A couple of hours later she was clean, relaxed, and full. Jason had called the house – which was really a big country estate. When they first came into view of it, Jason asked her if she wanted to redecorate it, just so he could have his check book ready. She laughed at the joke and assured him that she was not really in the mood to redecorate anything.

Jason was leaning against the headboard of the king size bed when she walked out of the bathroom.

"Do you feel better?" he asked her as she dried her hair.

She climbed up on the foot of the bed crawling up to him until she straddled him. She leaned in and kissed him lightly on lips before leaning to his side to whisper in his ear.

"Not as good as I will when you are buried in me." He grabbed her hips starting to grind up into her. "No, no not yet." She whispered. She kissed him lightly on the lips then slid down and kissed him on his throat continuing to kiss him down his chest. She took time to lightly flick her tongue over his nipples noting that they became hard. When she reached his belly button she began to kiss down his 'happy trail' of hair leading to a very hard rod that was being very alert right now. She pulled the front of his boxers open and pulled his cock out. It was so smooth, especially when it was hard. She seen a clear drop form at the top of the head and she snaked her tongue out to collect it. He grabbed her and rolled over on top of her.

"I will cum if you continue." He whispered against her lips. He leaned back and opened her robe up to see that she was completely naked. "Mmmm, you should always wear this outfit." He began to flick her nipple with the tip of his tongue.

"Jason. . ." she moaned as he slipped one finger in her find her slippery wet passage then pulling the finger out and bringing it up to his lips. He sucked it clean of her juices.

He said in almost a groan, "You taste so good." He climbed between her thighs aligning himself with her. "Laysea, honey, I can not lose you again. I have fallen in love with you."

"Jason – oh my gosh, Jason I – I love you too."

With that he broke into a huge boyish grin, leaned down and kissed her deeply. Their tongues sliding and dancing their own erotic dance. Jason slammed his cock into Laysea's tight passage, both moaning from the pleasure that was radiating from their union. After three thrust he was fully seated in her. They began the erotic dance as old as time. Thrusting separately to become one.

Her arousal was so high that her juices were coating him heavily. Jason suddenly stopped and without removing himself from her depths grabbed one of her legs and spun her around so she was on her hands and knees and thrust into her from behind. The different angle gave way to stimulation that she had not felt before. Laysea felt her orgasm building and knew she would not last much longer. She felt his finger glide down to her clit, giving it a little flick then rubbing the exposed pea. She felt her orgasm boil over just as she felt him begin to shoot streams of hot, wet cum inside of her depths. Laysea fell down to the bed in exhaustion. Jason grabbed her hips and roller her onto her side and settled behind her, still inside of her. They fell asleep in this position.

Later that evening Laysea woke up at the sound of yelling outside. She got up and put some clothes on her naked form. As she walked over to the window she saw that one of the guys that had been with Mitch was outside talking – or more like yelling – at Jason and his men, his head and shoulders poking out the roof of a car like a tank commander.

She could not make out the words but she could tell that there was anger in them. The door burst open and she spun around to face the door. There stood Jared, she knew it was Jared because he had a different look in his eye than Jason.

He walked over to her fast, "Come on – I gotta get you back to the penthouse. Jason will follow in a bit."

"Jared what is going on?"


She spun back around looking to where Jason had last been and only seeing his guards standing around someone laying on the ground. A quick look at the man that had been yelling at him and she could see he was slumped over the moon roof that he had been standing in. She turned and ran past Jared before he could stop her, down the stairs and out into the yard, running to see if Jason was all right.

Ty jumped up before she got around the car that was between her and Jason. Ty held her back just saying "No, No don't go over there."

"Ty damn it! Jason needs me! Get him help." She cried even as she saw the little rivers of red liquid running away from where they stood.

"Laysea, I am so sorry but. . . no one can help him. He is gone."

"Well, where did he go?" She asked looking around frantically.

Maxie came up behind her quietly and leaned into her back. With tears streaming down her face, Maxie told her what her mind and heart refused to accept, "Sweety, Jason is dead."

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