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The Dancer & The Fallen Angel


Hi everyone, these are two short stories that Ive submitted as one because Literotica only accepts stories of a certain length. I hope you enjoy and please feel free to give me feedback, but go easy because these are only the first and third stories that Ive ever written. You can find my second story "Icy Hot" which is much longer and more detailed on my profile page.

The song begins.... "Closer" by Kings of Leon.

You are sitting on the couch while I stand against the wall across from you. I'm wearing knee high calf skin boots, very short brown shorts and your red plaid snap front shirt with only the 2 middle snaps fastened so above it you can see the top of my lime green lace bra, and below my navel ring peaks out at you.

My left hand is above my head against the wall as I run my other hand slowly over and down my body. Over my breasts all the way down. I lower myself, knees spread, to the floor and as my hand reaches my hot center, I slowly close my legs and drop to all fours crawling towards you.

We never loose eye contact

Now I'm kneeling between your legs slowly running my hands up your thigh, over your cock, under your t-shirt as my tongue follows its path.

I stand, turn around and sit in your lap slowly grinding on u while leaning back against you so my head falls over your shoulder and I touch myself as I feel you lengthening beneath me.

I turn back to face you and sit straddling your legs, pushing you back and putting your hands back by your sides because you are not allowed to touch me... Not yet.

I press my body against yours and slide up your chest slowly, my lips almost touching yours, my breath hot against your skin, I rise above you.

My breasts are now level with your lips and as I slide down with your face buried between my breasts, you realize that the long silver chain I was wearing is now around your neck instead.

As I lower myself completely into your lap, I grab hold of the chain so that it tightens around your neck like a collar. I rip open the last two snaps on the front of my shirt and ride you until you cum inside your pants.

The song ends, and while your eyes are closed and u come back down off of the high I just gave you, I take my chain from around your neck, give you back your shirt and walk away from you leaving a trail of what's left of my clothes on the floor behind me as I go.

As I disappear behind the bedroom door my panties are the last thing you see hit the floor before the door snaps shut.

Come get me...



Its Halloween, I'm dressed in a black satin and lace boned corset with matching lace panties, garter belts attached to torn black fishnet stockings underneath a very short leather skirt. On my back is a pair of black feathered angel wings and on my feet are red, patent leather, 4 inch platform heels.

You don't want to go out, you don't want to see anyone tonight, you just want me.

You push your hands under the shoulder harness for my wings and slowly slide them down my arms tugging at the straps so that they tighten as they pass my shoulders and reach my elbows where they're now stuck. My arms are now bound behind me by the tightened harness, pushing my chest forward and giving you a better view.

I'm annoyed and trying to get it off, but you just stare, slightly amused because you know I can't move and I'm not going anywhere.

You step closer and press your lips to mine while wrapping your arms around me. While I'm lost in your kiss, you're pulling my skirt up to my hips and sliding your hand into my panties.




You back me up against the wall, while slowly kissing down my neck. Your other hand is unfastening the top of my corset, quickly pulling one side down so that you can devour one breast at a time. My nipples pebble against your tongue as my arousal heightens.

I'm mindless with the pleasure washing over all of my senses from you touching and kissing me everywhere.

I feel you raise my leg and hook it over yours pulling my panties to the side sliding your thick, hardened cock along the length of my outer lips, coating it with my juices. You use the tip to slap my clit and I jump involuntarily at the sensation - once... twice.

You slide your shaft down again, positioning it at my centre. I feel that sweet pressure, and the pleasure builds as you start pushing into me.

Wait.... was that the door bell? Damn! Our guests are here.

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