tagMind ControlThe Designer Pt. 02 Ch. 23

The Designer Pt. 02 Ch. 23


Author's Note:

All good things must come to a middle. I hope you enjoy this final chapter of Part Two.

As with previous chapters in this middle, the Past storyline explores the origin of Jeremiah's family, their reconciliation with their awakened powers, and the interconnection of their lives and loves.

The Present storyline continues exploring the awakening of Isaac (Zac) and the issues that echo of how his power domino into other's lives even his own family.

Thank you for reading, commenting and voting.

Past: Jeremiah

While Kelly and Alyssa were helping form an identity of Jerry for Jenn to start to think about, I was investing rolls of quarters in long distance charges calling Jerry to tell him about Jenn. He sounded excited to meet her, but was still curious about how I managed to get along with so many women. I had to really try to keep him on topic.

As we made the turn south at Portland a couple hours before dusk we stopped to fill the tanks with gas. I called Jerry and told him we'd be at the house in a couple of hours. I asked a favor if he could buy some things for us at the store, I'd pay him back. I really just wanted him there, so I could see if our ploy had any chance of working.

"Hey," Jerry asked, "Will Jenn be there?"

"Yeah, Jerry," I laughed, "She will be living with us until she can find a place of her own. We're not going to leave her in Portland."

"Right, right," Jerry said, "I'll be there, I needed to run to the store myself. See you soon."

It had been a long day watching the miles stream past. Carmen and I took turns driving, and the final leg was my turn. The sun was low on the western horizon, as I drove south. Midsummer in Oregon was hit-or-miss when it came to sunny days, today was a wonderful hit. The few clouds low on the horizon glowed purple, red and orange as the sun slowly dipped towards the horizon. The lower lip of the orb was just disappearing when I pulled the coach into my driveway.

The house looked different, the upstairs had been expanded, and several construction jobs were still in process. I pulled all the way to the back, parking just in front of the garage, which allowed a good view of the upgraded backyard. The grounds looked amazing, a wide grassy space ran through the middle of yard. A broad deck wrapped around the rear of the house, with a wooden trellis that overhung the few steps to the grassy knoll. An open gazebo was centered along the new wooden fence that surrounded the private space.

"I'll be getting married in that gazebo in a few days," I thought to myself.

"It's beautiful," Kelly said from behind me, hugging me tightly, "It's perfect."

I shut down the cruiser, and Carmen opened the door. I wanted to check out the progress on the house. We filed out, then I saw Jerry coming out of the side door from the kitchen that exited onto the driveway. He smiled and waved.

"Jerry!" Kelly said, walking to him and giving him a warm hug, "It's good to see you, I want you to meet our friend Jenn."

Jerry was blushing, being near Kelly always made him a bit speechless, but at the sound of Jenn's name his eyes brightened, and looked around. I was scanning him and Jenn as they met, if this was going to work, my adjustment needed to be almost immediate.

Jenn looked around at the sound of Jerry's name, then smiled as she walked towards him. I saw the sparks mingle around the concept of Jerry we'd manufactured over the last week, and ramped up her connection as she identified him. I shifted her and did the same to Jerry.

It was incredible, how it worked almost instantaneously. Jerry could only look at Jenn, despite Kelly's arm around his side. Jenn smiled bashfully, which was a bit strange for her lately, and looked demurely at Jerry. His awkward smile seemed to endear him more to her, and she held out her hand.

"I'm Jenn," she said, "You must be Jerry."

"Hello Jenn," Jerry said, lifting her hand to his lips for a chivalrous kiss.

His eyes drifted down Jenn's body, and he took a thought vacation as he drank in her curves. She was wearing a tank top that bared her mid-drift and her star tattoos were just visible at the low neckline of her tight shirt. He barely breathed towards her, and her nipples engorged. His eyes finally lifted to hers, and he pulled her hand, and wrapped her into a hug.

"Jeremiah has told me a lot about you," he said, "I'm glad to finally put a face to a name."

"Likewise," Jenn breathed, and I could feel her attraction and arousal to my old friend.

Alyssa stepped behind me, and kissed behind my ear as she watched. Kelly drifted back and wrapped her arm around my waist, leaning against Alyssa

"Looks like it worked," Alyssa whispered, and I felt her release Jenn from the mesh.

Jenn could only pay attention to Jerry as we toured the house. There were construction lights hanging in places, as the main electrical systems were shut down. The illumination from the lights cast odd shadows in the twilight.

We toured the main floor, the kitchen had been emptied, and new counters and shelves lined its periphery. Cutouts for the new appliances were in place, but it would still be a few weeks before any cooking would occur. Carmen looked around, and touched the surfaces. I could tell she was imagining how she would use the larger space.

"Love it," she said shortly, with a beaming smile.

We moved into a large dining area, a pass-through bar connected the two spaces. The area was large enough to have people walk through the bar, and still have room to sit around a table. I pictured how that would work in my mind and smiled.

The two rooms on the main floor were on opposite sides, and exited into the main living space behind the dining area. From the main entry to the kitchen, there was no sign of a second floor. We had to walk back through the kitchen, and wind around to walk up the staircase to our master bedroom suite.

The stairs emptied into a parlor area, large enough to have a couple of sofa's and a built in entertainment shelves could hold a large TV without invading the small footprint. To one side was a small entrance into the bathroom, that passed through into a larger open shower area with built-in seat. We continued through to a large closet and dressing area, that was as large as a single room. Through another door lead to a large space that stretched across one side of the house.

The main entrance emptied back into the parlor at the top of the stairs, and another door led out onto a private deck area that overhung the main deck below. The rails hadn't been installed, and night had fallen, but I imagined the view of the upgraded backyard would be incredible.

All of us gathered back in the large master suite, we talked. Each person had a different idea of what we should do, the options were interesting, but it was still too soon to fix anything permanently. We had a few more weeks before construction finished. I suggested we head down to check out the basement.

Jenn suddenly yawned, and stretched.

"Oh, I'm tired," she said, not looking tired at all, "I'm beat, would it be okay, if I slept at Jerry's tonight?"

She looked at him and squeezed his hand. Her nipples were hard and her chest flushed, two of the telltale signs she was very aroused. A smile slowly spread across his face, and he nodded.

"That would be great," he said, not looking at anyone else but Jenn.

"Sure," I said, "Don't forget to take a change of clothes for tomorrow. Jerry, I'll call you around noon we need to get fitted for our tuxedos. Get some rest."

They barely said goodbye as they scrambled down the stairs and out to the coach. We were turning to head to the basement when we saw Jenn sliding out of the coach, prodding Jerry ahead of her, and heading to his car.

"That went better than expected," Alyssa said.

"She seems very smitten," Lexi said, "Does that mean she's not family anymore?"

"I guess we'll see," I said, "I think we'll always have a connection with Jenn. She can choose to leave if she wishes though. None of you are captives."

Lexi smiled and leaned up to kiss me, "No," she said, "but some of us are slaves."

We all hugged in the basement, remembering our days down here with our large bed. Then filed up to the coach, and slipped out of our clothes. The curtains had been drawn, and for the first time in two weeks, the five of us again simply fell into our blissful circle. Hands, fingers, mouths wandering around familiar and supple flesh. Moans and groans of arousal, that heightened as the room glowed, bathed in Kelly's aura. We slept and then awoke and re-engaged. Everyone was unhurried, everyone was satisfied.

I slept peacefully, and rested peacefully.

Present: Leah

I woke with a start, sitting up remembering something.

I needed to be doing something.

The warm bodies around me felt like the remnant of the dream I was having. I looked around and combed my fingers through my hair. There was Carmen, Lexi, then Jeremiah, his cock uncovered next to Lexi's mouth. Kelly's head rested above Lexi's on Jeremiah's chest. Alyssa was facing Kelly resting opposite of her. Alyssa's body was curled around mine, her hand slowly caressing my hip as she stirred.

"Naomi!" I thought to myself, "She must be awake now!"

I slowly disentangled myself from the warm limbs and fleshy parts, and slid off the bed. I was still trying to reconcile if I was dreaming, or if that had really happened. I found my jeans and pulled them on, then my t-shirt, forgoing my bra. I wrapped my sweater around me, then looked for an exit.

The room spread across the whole rear of the house, and I had to think a moment to figure out which door would lead to the stairs nearest Naomi's room.

"Go through my room," Alyssa said pointing to the second door from the right, "I'll come down in a few minutes."

I nodded and didn't know what to say, and left, shutting the door quietly behind me. I looked around as I passed through Alyssa's parlor. The clock on the wall said it was half-past two. I'd lost two hours, and that was about the most Naomi slept during the day. I hurried down the stairs to her room, and she was peeking above the toddler gate, looking the other way as I approached.

"Leah!" she said hearing my footsteps, "Out, pwease! I wanna eat!" she shook at the gate.

I smiled and lifted her from her room, looking behind her to see if everything was all situated. A small mess of books and dolls had kept her occupied.

"Did you sleep good?" I asked, smiling at her.

I loved Naomi, she was a sweet child, and taking care of her fulfilled a deep need I felt at a primal level. She nodded and hugged me, her warm breath against my neck. A neck that until just a few moments ago was resting on her father's thigh. Her arms wrapped around my shoulders, where her mother's breasts had pressed until I had sat up.

I went into auto-pilot as my thoughts swam, and made her a sandwich, some cut up apples, and two small oreo cookies. She smiled as she started eating and leaned against the counter.

A: I'm on my way down, are you okay.

L: Leah, I love you.

C: That was wonderful, I need to start working on dinner

J:Aly do you need me to come too

A: No, but you're welcome if you want to

J: I'll come

L: No stay, please Master

J: In a little while

The stream of thoughts filled my head, and I tried to make sense of it. In the dream it was easier, just doing what I was told. Flowing from one body to another, seeking to please each of these people now in my brain. I must be going crazy.

A: You're not going crazy. How is Naomi?

She's fine, she rested well, and is eating her lunch. Wait, you can hear me?

A: I'll explain it all, just don't run away.

I'm not going anywhere.

I combed both hands through my hair, then pulling the length into a ponytail, then wrapped it into a loose bun. I must look a mess. I know I smelt like sex and sweat. I need a shower. I walked through my state of mind. Was I a homewrecker?

A: No.

L: I love the taste of your cock in my mouth.

J: Do that with your tongue again, mmmmnnh yess...

I could feel the pictures in my mind, and couldn't help being aroused. I tried to focus on just Alyssa's mind.

C: Something easy, steaks maybe, with asparagus, and a nice salad.

Carmen came in and saw me, then hugged me close, "Pretty wild, isn't it?"

I nodded and she kissed my forehead, "We love you, Leah, I know it's confusing at first. I'm always here if you need to talk."

"Thank you, Carmen," I said, and couldn't help remember her tongue between my nether lips.

C: I liked that too

She winked and walked downstairs Maria's room.

C: What has Maria been doing? laundry I hope, that's never ending

Can I turn this off, or mute it?

A: No, but just ask me, and I can.

Alyssa appeared at the counter, and was holding my letter of resignation. Naomi squealed and hugged her mother, her small arms wrapping around her thigh.

"Hi Mommy," she said, "I'm eating!"

"Is it good?" Alyssa asked smiling down at her daughter.

"Yes, yes, yes," Naomi said, "LEAH made me a sammich, and apples and cookies. I don think she made cookies, but she gave me some..."

Alyssa smiled and looked at me as Naomi continued the running commentary of our last few minutes together.

A: Go take a shower, clean up, clear your mind. Then we'll talk... can I burn this?

She held up the letter, and I nodded. I didn't exactly know what had happened. But I didn't want to leave, or quit. Suddenly, or really, it felt more like a foregone conclusion, this was my family.

A: Okay, I'll take care of it. I'm going to let you have your own thoughts for a bit. When you're ready we'll talk.

I nodded still getting used to talking without opening my mouth. I turned and went to my bedroom. Both Maria and I had suites, which meant small bathrooms and showers were attached. I closed the door behind me and leaned against it.

The quiet in my mind felt suddenly like a vacuum. It should feel normal, but I felt more alone. I shook my head and undid my haphazard bun. I stripped tossing my clothes into the chute, and headed to the bathroom naked. It felt sensual to walk naked through my room. I'd normally wrap a towel around me before going to the bathroom. Now I felt comfortable in my body. My heavy breasts bounced which felt nice. Their gentle sway reminding me how it felt as I ground onto Jeremiah's cock.

The images of our afternoon flashed through my mind as I tested the water. Lexi's firm body pressing against mine, her mouth sucking on my nipple. Carmen's fingers as she combed through my hair, pulling me to her warm breast. Alyssa's fingers gripping my ass, spreading the cheeks apart. Jeremiah's gentle eyes watching me as I rode him. My fingers curling into his chest hair.

Once in the shower, I masturbated. Reliving the feelings, the pictures, the arousal, the orgasm. Then I settled into my task, and shampooed my hair, hair that had brushed over Alyssa's thighs before I tasted her pussy. Scrubbing my breasts and abdomen, soaping up my brown tangle of pubic hair, which seemed like a forest compared to all the others.

I should shave.

I had never thought to do that, and I leaned against the wall, and using my fingers felt carefully as I worked the blade tenderly against my mound. The bush at the top fell away easily, and the smoother flesh felt exotic now. I worked more soap into a lather, and felt with my fingers for stubble, stretching the outer labia and running the blade over the surface until it felt smooth. I inhaled a ragged breath, the task was arousing. I continued until I was satisfied, then finished my arousal with a tour of my now slick lips. My clitoris seemed more sensitive and I groaned out as my insides convulsed.

I shook my head, "I've become a nympho," I said to myself.

I finished cleaning my flesh, and rinsing. Then shut off the water, and stood in the shower. I worked my brown hair into a tail, and wrung out the water. Then with a toss of my head, my hair fanned across my damp shoulders. I exited the shower, naked. Stepping on the absorbent mat, and slowly reaching for a towel, I looked at myself in the fogged mirror. An apparition. I examined my flesh as I slowly toweled off the moisture. Taking my time, and appreciating each curve.

The others were flawless, and in some way that made my flaws stand out. My breasts sagged, but the nipples were perky and upright. My abdomen had a slight swell too it, which only made the dip into my now hairless valley more alluring. At least to my eyes. For every little flaw, I found a compliment, and felt comfortable in my own skin. I smiled at myself. So much had changed.

I dressed, jeans and a t-shirt were enough. I didn't cover myself with a sweater or sweatshirt. The only jeans I had were loose fitting, maybe I could buy new jeans. My t-shirt stretched over my bare breasts, my nipples firm bumps under the cotton. I walked out and Alyssa was sitting at the counter alone.

"I asked Zac to take her downstairs to watch cartoons until dinner," she said, answering my unasked question about Naomi.

I looked at her, and she rose and walked back to the living room, settling into her seat at one end. I moved and sat next to her. Then I curled my feet under my thighs and leaned against her, resting my head on her shoulder. She wrapped an arm around me, and I felt a deep belonging. I was ready for her to tell me everything.

She did, and I listened. Special powers, telepathy, angels, demons, the terms she used sounded familiar, but how she used them was unique. Unique to her... no our ... family. She included me in everything. I was part of their circle. It is something that happened before, for a time. One other needed their help, then left when they had found their true place. I was part of them now. She didn't know why, she just accepted what it was. Did I understand?

No and yes, merged together into a thought - I'd have to have faith. Faith in them, and in myself. I would need to trust them, as she had trusted me, showing me their secret, then welcoming me into their circle. It was more than just sex, it felt whole. Sex was a part, unashamedly. I was looking forward to more of all of it. I kissed her softly, and she returned it.

"We'll figure it out," she smiled, and combed my hair from my face, "We always do."

Past: Kelly

Tomorrow I'd become Mrs. Jeremiah Jackson.

I smiled at my reflection in the mirror. I kept smiling thinking of the strange series of events that had gotten to this point. I couldn't have planned any of what had happened. I think that thought would have driven the me that was crying in the stairwell over a breakup into a panic at the thought of something so unplanned. Today, looking back, I don't think I would have had it any other way.

There is probably a lesson there, if I poked at it enough. I was too distracted with the arrangement for the wedding. My parents had driven down and gotten a hotel the day after we had gotten back. My mother was at our house the first thing in the morning, banging on the camper's door.

That wasn't a welcome move to the rest of my housemates. We'd stayed up too late enjoying Jenn-free sex. I'd gotten up and closed the door to the back, letting my mother in while I made a pot of coffee. Carmen had at least taught me how to do that, though with several laughs. My mother sat impatiently at one of the tables.

"There is too much to do Kelly!" she said, "I have a walk through with the contractor in an hour, the flower person will be here in thirty minutes and you're telling me you don't have a ring yet?"

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