tagMind ControlThe Dhanush Ch. 03

The Dhanush Ch. 03


CHAPTER 3: Continued from Chapter 2 where Hadad begins to explain Franklyns' past.

Hadad took a deep breath and started his story – my story as it turns out.

"A long time ago, right here in this very location was a metals and blacksmith stall – your stall. You were the master alchemist of your day – any day in fact. You had the power to make the most beautiful metalwork ever created. Your only source of pride was your skills with the magic of metal and chemical bonding. So skilled were you that Emperor Constantine himself came to you for all his fine metal works – from armory to jewelry."

"You were a wealthy man but were not allowed to lead a life of leisure due to your skills and knowledge by order of the Emperor. Frustrated at your attempts in love you spent many years discovering the secrets of how to attract women – all of which failed until you finally created the amulet – which you named Dhanush – or rainbow - in your current tongue. Please do not take this the wrong way but you were not an attractive man; disfigured and wan you were. All of the women that you fell in love with refused your advances – even though you were wealthy. It broke your heart – one time too many."

I had been silent through all of this nonsense. Ok – so I am not the best looking guy in the world but so what. I'm kind, considerate, thoughtful... yeah the whole boy scout thing. "How do you know all this Hadad?" I asked.

He cleared his throat and looked at me for some moments both with interest and intensity. "I was your apprentice Franklyn – although I prefer the name the gods gave you - Karamat; for over 40 years we toiled in this stall secretly crafting techniques with chemistry and metallurgy that no one has discovered or created since. We took a solemn oath, bonded in blood and magic that we would never reveal any of our secrets, and the arts and magic that you founded was lost, until now."

"I know that this is all deeply shocking but I have been awaiting your return for a very long time to return the Dhanush to you – its rightful and only owner – for you see Karamat – the bigger part of your soul has been living within that object for centuries. It too was awaiting the vessel to which it could return. I must say that the intervening years have been good to you. You are much more handsome now than in your previous incarnation" he smiled – for the first time one of genuine caring and friendship.

I was reeling. "What the hell is this?" I thought to myself. When Hadad spoke the name Karamat it clicked in my head that indeed that was my name but everything that was happening to me was just too much. I felt my head spinning, thumping, pounding, and then as I felt myself falling, sliding into nothingness, everything went black.

I awoke at home in my bed. I felt refreshed and alive and full of energy. "What an amazing, strange and vivid dream that was" I thought to myself. I literally bounded out of bed and went to the window. Another beautiful hot and sunny day was just starting with cars bustling about and people wandering off to their daily lives. I decided to check my palm to make sure it was all a dream but when I opened my hand – it was there. Not only was the tattoo there but I could now read the fine lettering clearly and the line of color was now bright yellow. It was only then that I realized that I was standing there in full view of anyone who cared to look up, that I was completely naked. "How the hell did I get back here?" I wondered aloud.

"Your thoughts and wishes brought you back to the present Karamat – but I brought you back to your oyu" a voice said from the doorway behind me. I almost jumped right out of my skin and upon turning I found Hadad entering the room with a tray of finely sliced fruits, juices, coffee, jams and a croissant.

"What the hell Hadad? Do I ever get rid of you?" I shouted, more out of being startled than anything else.

I looked into his eyes and he was crestfallen. A deeply saddened look lay in his eyes as he gazed back at me. I felt terrible immediately. "Look man – I'm sorry alright? I'm just not used to having anyone around me all the time – especially someone who is waiting on me. I feel so out of place dude! I think I need to just pack up and go back home and chalk this up to someone slipping me some really good acid or something."

"If that is my masters wish then so be it - but know this; your true identity and nature will bring you back again and again and then, if you wish to truly understand the nature of what and who you are ... well you will have to channel the Dhanush to find your answers. After all – who better to teach you about yourself – than yourself."

I donned some clothes and asked "If what you are saying is true, how do I channel the Dhanush?"

"You merely have to concentrate on the power in your hand and now in your mind and the answers will come to you Karamat" he replied. "Since it is you, talking to yourself, you will understand the enormous power that you have reclaimed. Be careful though ... as has been said since time began, with power comes responsibility."

I thought for a moment and related a passing moment to him. "In the market I watched a woman for a moment and then wishing I could see her naked, I did" I said quietly.

"Such trifling and inane use of your power is base master. You have so much more at your command – but should you wish – yes it is true – anything you desire is yours. You just have to learn how to use your strengths and more importantly, recognize your weaknesses before both get you into a lot of trouble. You see master, this is the reason why you placed your powers into the Dhanush before you..." Hadad was saying before he went silent and stared down at his feet.

"Before I did what Hadad?" I asked.

"Before you took your own life master" he replied.

"What? Why did I do that?" I asked.

"The Emperor was having you watched and as your power, fame and influence grew he became furious and ordered your death ... and mine as well. You knew that if you did not have the time and privacy to create the Dhanush that all would be lost but you also knew that no matter where we hid, they would find us and kill us on the spot. You saved my life master."

"I did what? How did I do that?" I asked.

"By transforming me into who you see before you now" he replied. "It took a long time to complete but after many days I am as you see before you" he replied.

"And I am assuming that you did not appear so prior to my changing you?" I asked.

"Your thoughts are sound master. I was not only your apprentice but your bodyguard as well. The only way that you could truly hide me was to change me into a physical form that was completely different than what I had previously been. When the palace guards came for you I was sitting at a table across from your stall watching them tear the place to pieces. They were furious and started to round us all up for questioning. Since I resembled nothing of what I was previously they let me go after some mild torture and questioning for several days."

"I managed to conceal the true nature of the Dhanush by pretending it was nothing more than a hobby carving. Since it didn't do anything when they examined it they gave it back and released me without further harm. The emperor was crazy and had the entire realm searched for ten years high and low. When at last the court gave up due to the expense of the search I knew it was my time to wait for your return, as you said you would before you died in a flash leaving no trace of your earthly body."

I was stunned. Not only was this absolute fantasy but I knew as he spun the tale that he was telling me the truth. My palm was warm and throbbing in a most delightful, almost happy way like a puppy wagging its tail, radiating power and wellbeing throughout my body.

"So what am I supposed to do with this... power?" I asked Hadad directly.

"Anything you wish master but as I said earlier please be careful – you have no idea yet as to your abilities and that could lead you into harm's path. I recommend some simple tasks first – trying some mind manipulations, maybe bed a few of those beautiful women you are so desirous of ... that is easy and should prove no more taxing to you than a brisk walk up a steep hill" he winked.

"Taxing? You mean this thing ... this ... Dhanush you call it ... will drain me?" I asked.

"Oh yes –but only for a while. You will need perhaps a little more rest after using it to accomplish really big and marvelous things but for everyday tasks you will not even notice the drain as long as you take care of yourself."

"What kind of big things are you talking about Hadad? I mean right now I just want to go find that rust haired beauty and pardon the expression, fuck the smirk off her face for a few days. That's pretty big in my book dude" I illustrated.

"That would not be anything taxing to your powers master" he replied.

"Hey Hadad – stop with the master stuff ok?" I smiled at him gently.

He looked at me fondly and after a sidelong head tilt he said quietly "something that may drain you for a day or two might be changing me back to my old self, curing someone of a terrible disease, or making a poor crop bountiful" he smiled.

"I can do that?" I asked thinking of all the good I could do for so many.

"Oh yes mast ... sorry Karamat ... that and much more. But always keep in mind – every action has a reaction. You cannot change the laws of nature anymore than you can change the nature of the gods or the universe. Magic and power always come with a price. But you can manipulate things around you to your liking. Some reactions are wonderful and some may turn out to be disastrous. As I said prior – responsibility is your great burden once again" Hadad finished.

I went to the balcony and decided to try a few things. I concentrated on the warmth in my hand and then looking at an older Peugeot parked across the street, willed a dent to pop out and become flush with the body, looked at the faded paint job and revitalized the color and depth of paint at the same time. Looking through the glass I saw that the upholstery was worn so I revived it and then as a final touch made the car sparkle as if brand new. As I was standing happily looking at my 'work' a man came strolling by, passed the car by a few paces and then turned around to look at it and comically did a true double take. He walked back to the car and inserted a key into the door. It swung open for him and now he stood there scratching his head and looking the car over again and again. I chuckled and turned back to the room. Hadad smiled and said "that was a nice thing you did master."

I looked at him a little sternly. "My apologies but after lifetimes of that being our relationship I am hard pressed to change" Hadad replied.

"No worries Hadad but now I think I am going to go have some fun... but carefully I assure you" I smiled.

"Will you be needing anything else Karamat?" he asked.

"No but how do I get in touch with you Hadad?" I asked.

"Just think and I will come sire" he replied.

With a roll of my eyes I grabbed a few things and headed outdoors to explore my new world.

To be continued in Chapter 4...

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